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Top Cool Tech In Mid- Range

Top Cool Tech In Mid- Range
Top Cool Tech In Mid- Range

What’s up, everybody, And today we’re gonna kick things off with top tech under one hundred dollars. I feel like this is a perfect price point where you can start really getting some quality products. I got a lot to show you. Let’s not waste any time.

Let’s just get right into it. The first set of products that I want to show you is something you’re definitely going to want from our channel sponsor, LaBron.

I’m going to show you some fresh new Allard’s from their radiant collection.

But first, I want to talk about their smart lifes, which is you might have already seen this on a channel, but I’ve moved houses since then, so I definitely had to get these for the new house.

There are a ton of smart switches out there on the market, but I can tell you off of using these switches all last year. They are solid. There is no hub required, which is awesome.

And you have support for Amazon, Alexa and Google assistant. So you have choices. If you decide to change up voices later, this switch should grow with your smartphone.

These switches are well below one hundred dollars. But I figure that most people will pick up more than one. They are easy to install.

You duty to make sure that you have a neutral wire setup in your home to make this work.

Some simple wiring is all it takes, and I absolutely love this crewless plate system. It gives a switch such a clean and modern look. It’s a really simple thing, but they look so much better than the switches that came with the house.

So I love the way it fits my modern home. I’m really happy with it. My favorite in the kitchen is the smart dimmer switch. This gives my pendant lights with Edison bulbs, the ability to dim and also have smart control.

And just one of these switches control six can lights in the ceiling. So if you’re looking for a more affordable approach to building a smart home, this is definitely it.

Let’s just be generous and say that one of these B-R 30 bulbs cost between 20 and 25 dollars apiece. You know, it can cost more than that.

But if you had enough time, six, that’s going to be a lot more money than just buying one smart switch after setup.

The LeBron app will give you smart control of your lighting. You can turn them on and off with just one tap from anywhere in the world. You can group lights for convenient control, create seems to automate your daily lighting like having your lights come on 10 minutes before you come home and you can make this lighting a part of your normal smart home routines with your favorite voice assistant.

I’m going to leave a link down below so you can check out the entire radiant collection to see which products fit your smartphone best.

But I want to show you something that is one of the coolest add ons to my kitchen, and that is the wireless charging outlet that Lagrand makes. Not only does it have a USD four for easy wire charging, but then there’s a built in cheap wireless charger.

I use this every single day. It has that clean design language. It just keeps my kitchen counter nice and power brick free.

I also changed out all of my kitchen outlets to these built with USP ports. I opted for a few combo with the USP a tenuous B c, but I did get brave and installed most of them with just pure USGBC because I’m hoping everything will be USGBC in the next few years. These are loaded with six AMP charging, so the charging times are great.

I will also leave these link down below so you can check them out.

Next up is the Sega Genesis Mini and this is bringing back all kinds of memories. I’ve seen this go as low as fifty dollars on Amazon, so make sure you check that link because I’m not sure what’s gonna be going for when you pick one up.

But if you’re a retro gamer, you should definitely check this out. This console is so tiny but has all those little details that I remember. It’s got the on and off switch. It even has the volume slider. There’s a nice selection of games, too.

There’s 40 included classics like Echo, the Dolphin, Sonic, Shinobi, Three Earthworm Jim, Streets of Rage, Streetfighter to Special Championship Edition. There are few games missing that I wish were included, but this is a great start, man.

I remember playing Altered Beast in the arcade. Man, this just brings back so many memories. But it does come with two controllers, but only with the three button configuration.

So if you’re gonna play a lot of streetfighter, I would probably get the six button configuration controller. It’s about 20 bucks add on, but that’ll still keep you way under a hundred dollars. This is a definite yes.

A lot of people want active noise canceling on a budget, but they also want it to sound good and it’s portable and comfortable.

So here’s my recommendation. These are the Sennheiser HD 4.0 50 BEATTIES NC for noise canceling.

And I’ve been using a variant of this for the last couple of years. This is just the newer version. For 99 bucks, you get a simple carrying case, the headphones themselves and a three point five millimeter audio cable. So you can listen to them wired if you want to.

But the battery is decent on this. You get twenty five hours of music playback, so that should be good for an entire trip.

The cushions are nice and soft. They are around that year headphones, but they are extremely comfy. I wouldn’t say that the act of noise canceling is as good as some of the Hyorin models out there, but they definitely do the job and has NFC one touch pairing, which makes it easy for setup.

So for ninety nine dollars, these are a great pickup when it comes to fully wireless earbuds.

I still like the air pods pro the best. That’s just my opinion. They don’t sound the greatest, but for the convenience of connectivity, I do like them better.

But you can also pick up a pair of Galaxie buds. These are obviously not regular galaxy bugs because these are Cullowhee. Custom painted, but you can pick up the regular versions for about ninety nine bucks or even less these days.

And they sound pretty good as well. But if you like this next scrap type design, then I would definitely pick up these. These are the one plus bullets wireless too.

When it comes to sound, in my opinion, I think they sound better than the Galaxy buzz and the most expensive air pods.

And what I like is that there’s quick charging built in 10 minutes charge from these 10 hours of music playback, which is really awesome. And I love this magnetic design. Once you’re listening, all you have to do is clip them together. Pauses the music and it turns them off.

And then when you take these back apart again, the music resumes. Plus, I’m digging the design on these is nice and shiny on the actual earbuds themselves. But a nice matte finish here on the rubberized portion. And this green is incredible.

I would definitely say go for the green when it comes to a fun Bluetooth speaker.

I really like this one from LG. I’ve had a variant of this speaker for the last three or four years, and I love this white color. The price is great. It’s portable.

It sounds much better than you can imagine with a nice amount of bass and come on RGV while the music plays. That’s a nice touch. My kids love this speaker. We use it every single night for an hour or so. And I only have to charge this thing once every couple weeks.

So the battery life is legit. But the good thing is when you need to charge it, it charges by USGBC. So thank you LG for that. USGBC everything.

This last one is a little bit overkill, but I like it. This is the Emberg temperature control mug and I did skip it on the first round because I just didn’t think it was necessary. They were a little bit pricier, but now it’s under a hundred dollars.

But what this does is it keeps your coffee or tea or any liquid hot while it’s in the mug.

So I really appreciate this because when I’m drinking coffee, it usually takes me about 20 to 30 minutes. And, you know, after about 10 minutes or so, it gets cold.

So this here solves that problem for me. It comes with a disk that you can place the mug on two to charge it. It has a built in battery. When you turn it on, it defaults to one hundred thirty five degrees Fahrenheit or fifty seven degrees Celsius. But you connect this to the app and control that temperature manually if you want to customize it. I love the quality of this.

It feels very premium. So I guess it all depends on how much coffee or tea that you drink.

It’s actually perfect for the holidays because this is perfect for a hot chocolate. And that sounds good right about now. One last bonus item. This is not even close to a hundred dollars is a super cheap. But this is not tech, but it’s for your tech.

This power, perche, goes right on to an outlet. And what it is, is is perfect for something like an Amazon Hecho or a Google Nest hub. It just basically makes a little shelf that goes right above the outlet.

All you have to do is take the face plate off and and just screw the face plate back on.

Right over this. And you can put anything on top of there if we want to. Looks really clean. You can tuck the wires underneath there if you want to. I really, really like this.

So anything toothbrushes, whatever you want to put on top of here, you can do that. I just thought I’d throw that in there because it’s interesting. So that about does it for this episode of Best Tech under one hundred.

I wanted to really throw in that IKEA and Sotos collaboration that I have going, but I did not want to fight that holiday traffic to go down there.

So I’ll probably include that in a smart home wrap up somewhere. So let me know what price point that you want me to hit next or what I missed under a hundred dollars. Leave that in the comment section below and I’ll definitely follow up on my second one coming up in twenty twenty. So subscribe for more content like this.

And also make sure you follow me on social because I really don’t need all of this stuff, so I’ll definitely be giving some of the stuff away.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

I just got back from Chicago, had a few amazing days there. I could not wait to visit that city again. And while I was there, I was able to shoot my one month experience with the Samsung Galaxy s 10 five G.

And what it’s like to use that phone on a day to day basis, more like a real world test.

So if you’re interested in picking that phone up, you definitely need to watch it. And while I was there, I was able to test out five G for a couple of days.

And I was so impressed with it that I wanted to make a separate experience video on what it was like to use five G. I was able to test it out on the Horizon network, but all major carriers should be launching five GS sometime this year.

So if it’s coming to your city, I want to give you a glimpse of how this is going to change the way you use your phone. Before I show you some tests, I feel like a breakdown of 5G is necessary.

There are two types of 5G that you will see coming to a city near you.

They will both work together to make a seamless experience. But the one I’ve got the test was the high band millimeter wave transmitted by nodes like these all throughout the city.

The spectrum is bandwidth is incredibly high and it’s meant to give you superfast directional data, very precise, beaming directly to your phone. But signal can be easily blocked by light poles, trees and other obstacles. So having multiple nodes will be key.

So you can adaptively change between beams while you’re walking.

The second will be sub six gigahertz bands. So to explain it easily, it’ll be like a boost upgrade to existing towers to increase speeds and bandwidth and coverage. So this is how I’m most likely to see 5G in my area because I don’t live in high traffic cities like New York City, L.A. or Chicago.

But in theory, this is really smart, if you think about it. If everyone outside is consuming all of this data on the high band millimeter wave, then this frees up bandwidth inside for existing networks, alleviating congestion.

So the speeds inside get better as well. So both of these working together should make the experience better overall, fire enough speed tests and testing these network speeds throughout the city.

Just mind boggling. I almost saw two gigabits per second down at one point, which is just insane. This is faster than most people’s fiber connections at home.

That is who I use. And that 5G is not real 5G. I have that icon here on my iPhone. So don’t be fooled. You can see how fast real 5G speeds are in comparison to it. I also ran a speed test against 4G LTE. So you can see the difference here, which is already pretty fast in my opinion.

But 5G just blows it away. Here it’s almost four times as fast on download, which is a game changer. If you don’t care about technology, don’t understand it, or that’s just not your thing. That’s OK. I’m going to give you some real world examples of what it’s like.

It wouldn’t be fair if I just found the fastest node and did all my tests there.

So I moved all throughout the city. Speeds varied from 500 megabits per second, down to almost two gigabits per second. So it did vary. But here’s how it will make a major difference. So faster download speeds for big games like fortnight, downloading full episodes of Stranger Things.

And about five seconds or so, you could download an entire season quick before you hop on that plane to binge watch. And some apps like Spotify. I don’t think are fully optimized yet or any of these apps are really fully optimized.

But this is an entire album in extreme quality. Downloading and it took about 20 seconds or so. But that’s nothing to be angry about.

That’s for sure. So, for example, if you wanted to catch up on boss, just download the entire season. Look at how fast those episodes are downloading.

This will significantly cut down on time spent waiting for downloads to happen, even though millimeter wave can be fickle with windows and inside buildings. I was actually able to get five G in the Starbucks next to the window.

If you love watching content on YouTube, look at this. Zero load times an instant for resolution. This is just a dream.

So low latency and fast speeds is what you can expect from five G. Some real world differences here. I have to admit, every time I saw that ultra wide band logo pop up at the top.

That’s what you’re gonna see if you’re on the Horizon network. I just got really excited because it is really that fast.

And I just can’t imagine what it’s like to use this on a day to day basis with 5G live all the time. So let’s talk about some of the downsides on my experience with five. I think the biggest thing about it right now is that it’s too early. It’s in its infancy.

So the commercial rollout is happening only in a few cities. This network is really not built out the way it’s supposed to be quite yet. So the experience is going to be different.

Down the line with millimeter wave, it did depend on where I was standing.

Maybe if I was standing behind a light post or something like that, it did affect it. Sometimes the connection would cut in and out.

But that’s just because it’s not robust enough yet to kind of handle that switchover. So once all these nodes come up sub six gigahertz and everything starts working together should be a seamless experience. Also, if you notice in these speed.

Tests, you’ll see that the upload link is still in 4G, so that 5G upload transition has not happened yet. It will happen eventually. But as of right now, the upload is still in 4G.

Of course, there are debates about the safety of 5G. And I don’t really want to get into that here. But I want to point you to Linus’s video. You did a really good job on the myths of 5G.

And if it’s safe or not, I think you should watch that video because he does a really good job of breaking that down. So if you’re concerned about 5G, I would definitely check out that article.

After the glimpse I got in Chicago, I’m really hyped for it. I can imagine phones, tablets, computers being connected, but also other things as cars, drones, cameras, medical equipment. I mean, the possibilities are endless. So let me know, what do you think about 5G?

Looking at these speeds and just using it, it really just blew my mind because these are the type of speeds that we dreamed about in the home and now we’re getting that in the wild.

What I want to know is, would you pick up a Samsung Galaxy s 10 5G today based on what you saw and if five GS live in your city? Let me know in the comment section below.

The iPhone Wireless Charging Test

The iPhone Wireless Charging Test
The iPhone Wireless Charging Test

What’s up, everybody, Today we’re going to do the ultimate iPhone wireless charging test.

They know three hundred and ninety nine dollar iPhone s e is out now, and some of you might not know that wireless charging is included in this more affordable iPhone. So it’s a perfect time to test it with the rest of the iPhone lineup.

The only one not here is the iPhone TNR, but the iPhone 11 has a similar battery size.

So we can use those numbers. If you have a 10 are all of these phones are currently drained at zero percent. And I’m going to put these on a wireless chargers and start the timer now. He usually takes a little while to get these up and running during this test.

I wanted to make sure that the phones were on. All of them were connected to Wi-Fi. All have SIM cards inside of them and also getting notifications because this is how we charge phones in the real world.

And I wanted the results to be accurate. The wireless chargers that I’m using for this test is from the video sponsor anchor. If you’re looking for a quality wireless charger that won’t break the bank.

These are it. They’ve been making quality wireless chargers for a very long time.

All of the Chargers used here will give any of these iPhone’s full charging speeds up to seven point five watts super easy to use. Just lay your phone on top.

And just like that, you’re topping up. Anchor has a ton of wireless chargers to fit your needs from the simple single charger to the dual charger you see here that can charge two devices at the same time. Which is perfect for the bedside overnight with some air pods on the second side.

The stand is nice for desk setups and I like this one with two USP ports on the back so I can charge other devices at the same time.

If you don’t use an iPhone, that’s OK too. These chargers are compatible with Android phones as well. So I’ll leave a link down below for you if you’re interested.

No reason to overpay for the convenience of wireless charging. After 15 minutes, we have 15 percent on the iPhone s e. We have seven percent on the iPhone eleven pro Permax, 10 percent on the iPhone eleven pro, which is not bad.

And now five percent on the iPhone. Eleven after 30 minutes, the iPhone essy is at twenty five percent. So based on this, it should take about two hours or so for a full charge. Let’s see if that’s true.

We have 16 percent on the iPhone 11 pro max. So I’m wondering how long this will take to fully charge the iPhone 11 pro has 19 percent and the iPhone 11 is now up to 16 percent.

So now you have an idea what a 30 minute wireless charging session will give you on these iPhones. Now, let’s go ahead and jump to every 30 minutes after one hour. Forty four percent on the iPhone s e. Almost half.

Twenty nine percent on the iPhone 11 pro max. IPhone 11 pro at 34 percent.

And the iPhone eleven also at 34 percent. Right around the hour and a half mark, the iPhone essy is at 64 percent. The iPhone 11 pro max is now at 43 percent. So that almost 4000 millionth, our battery is slow to replenish here wirelessly.

The smaller iPhone eleven pro with the bit over 3000 million hours is now at 50 percent and now 51 percent on the iPhone eleven, which has a slightly bigger battery.

So it’s taking the lead here out of the three eleven series phones at two hours.

The iPhone Essy has 77 percent charge. This is surprising with a very small. Eighteen hundred and twenty one million. Our battery, 56 percent on the iPhone 11 pro Macs. Sixty five percent on the iPhone 11 pro. And 67 percent on the iPhone. Eleven.

Two hours and 30 minutes in 88 percent still on the iPhone s. E. So that to our estimate that I had was totally wrong.

Sixty eight percent on the iPhone, 11 pro Macs, 78 percent on the iPhone. Eleven pro. So only 10 percent behind the S. E, which is interesting. And the iPhone 11 now at 84 percent, which is almost as fast as the iPhone S e and has a much larger battery.

So this is very weird, but interesting. Three hours in, we have 98 percent on the iPhone, Essy.

So we’re almost finished here. The iPhone 11, pro Macs at 81 percent, iPhone eleven at 90 percent. So all of these numbers are getting closer together.

And the iPhone eleven at 94 percent. So we’re almost there. I kept checking every five minutes or so, but it took three hours and 18 minutes to fully get the iPhone essy to 100 percent. So that is the first iPhone to finish.

So we can put this to the side now at about three hours and 32 minutes.

The iPhone eleven finishes to 100 percent. This is actually not too bad for the size of the battery in comparison to the s.E.C. Three hours and 43 minutes later, the iPhone 11 pro finishes to 100 percent charge that I checked back at four hours.

And the iPhone 11 pro Macs are still at ninety eight percent.

Then finally, at four hours and eleven minutes, the iPhone 11 pro Macs finally reaches 100 percent. So this test shows that no matter what the size of the battery is, the iPhone seems to charge at a consistent speed in the beginning and trickle charges at the end.

Probably great for battery longevity, but surprised at the speed of the SC on this test.

But I hope this video helped you out. Wireless charging on iPhones should be used bedside before bed. I think this is the best application in. My opinion is not fast enough for a quick top ups, but is still convenient regardless.

Let me know what you think in the comments below about the iPhone’s wireless charging speeds in 2020. I’m going to leave a link down below so you can pick up one of these anchor charges for your iPhone. There’s no need to overpay since you’ll get the full seven point five watt speed out of these hit that like button.

Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next one.

Smart Home Lights

Smart Home Lights
Smart Home Lights

What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to another episode of Ultimate Smart Home. And today I want to focus on budget smart home lighting. And if you caught my last tour, I showed you this starter kit for a gift guide.

And a lot of people have been asking me about it. So I’ve partnered with saying glad to show you how I have my lights set up here in the new office.

And this is not quite done yet. And there’s going to be some changes. But I think it’s OK to give you a little sneak peek. There are a lot of smart bulbs on the market right now.

It can be overwhelming and confusing and most of the popular brands are pretty expensive. So I think that’s the biggest barrier for people trying to start their smart homes.

But I think singlet is hitting that perfect, sweet spot, especially when it comes to price.

You’ll find that this lighting is literally a fraction of the price of major competitors, but give you all the features that you need. And if you happen to catch his video on Prime Day that you can get these kids and other bulbs for a steal, some will leave a link down below for you. They have a big lineup of smart lighting.

So you’re going to be hard to find what you need. SINGLET has bulbs that have Wi-Fi built in.

So if you don’t want to use a hub, you can grab these. It’s good either way. But in my experience with smart bulbs, using a hub actually makes experience a little bit more reliable. It’s super easy to set up in the single at home map.

These hubs come with these kids and you’re more than likely only need one hub because you can connect over 60 lights, I believe. Just add lights in the app. A QR code scan is all you need. Just rename and group them and you’ll have control over all of these connected lights right from the app from anywhere in the world.

I have a B-R 30 multi-color bulb in my lamp behind the TV setup. I have a multicolored light strip and my ceiling lights are a 90 multi-color in my bathroom.

I have the white version connected so I can see all of that in my app. I can turn them on and off. I can dim them all the way to 10 percent.

I have full control over the possible 60 million colors and all of the color temperature so I can customize to any vibe.

I have a gaming mode setup through the app so I can do a little bit of RGV look when I’m gaming. But right now I have just the daylight look for that fresh and clean look.

So for me to demonstrate this, let me go ahead and close the blinds first. Hey, go close office blinds. Sure.

OK. Closing four blinds in office.

So let me go and show you that game mode. I have it right here. Oh, my single at home app. All I have to do is just hit one button and boom rgv just like that when I’m ready to play games.

But I don’t have to use my phone. I could just use a voice assistant. I have everything hooked up through Google assistant in here, but you can use Amazon. Alexa is support for that too. So let’s say that I want to change colors.

Well we’ll get change office lights to white. OK. Six months to like. Change office lights to blue. OK, keep six lines constant loose change. Office lights to read. He learns to read turn off office lights.

Just like that is super quick. Really easy. So I just find myself just doing it through a voice assistant. Being able to control all my lighting in here just by voice is so convenient.

But putting it into routines and automation even better. So when I’m done working in here or playing games, watching a movie or whatever, when I leave this office, I can put everything into one good night command so it will turn off all of my lights in here, change the temperature on my thermostat, go ahead and close all of my blinds in here.

I love that when I travel, I can set up schedules for these lights to come on at certain times to make it look like I’m home. Or if I just told you, forget to turn off the lights or don’t say that. Good night command before I fall asleep.

And then I have a schedule for midnight every night to turn off so I can save energy.

The app is really simple and easy to use. It’s not too complicated with too many features that you probably won’t use. They do have scenes that you can add. So I have my gaming and my daylight scenes on here with one touch. I can change it up.

I would recommend picking up one of these started kits. I like the multi-color myself, but they do have white, if that’s your preference.

The kids come with the hub and adding on extra bulbs are cheap.

So hit that link below for updated pricing. I think you’ll be surprised on how affordable it is. So if you’re not trying to break the bank and you want some quality smart home lighting, then give single it a try. As promised, here’s a little sneak peek at the new office.

This media setup video is coming soon. Is the new 60 five inch twenty nineteen LG oh let’s see nine paired with the new LG Sound Bar.

There’s a Beadie. I love media cabinet that I still love. I’ve had this for years and I still think it’s the perfect modern central piece for this room.

There’s tons of gaming there too, with all of the major consoles. I’m sure that there’s a lot of V out there. Curious about the shoe wall. Yes, I am heavily into sneakers. These rotate per season. So for the backdrops of my videos, you’ll see them change.

I still need a wall mount these shelves so they can be elevated a little bit. And I also still have to warm out the TV. I do have an IKEA couch in here right now with a chaise, but I decided to change it out for theater seating, so I’m psyched for that.

When I first got the space, I knew I wanted to elevate my movie watching and gaining experience in here.

So I can’t wait to show you the full thing. It’s gonna be awesome.

But right over there is my editing station. I already showed you my desk setup, still rocking that laptop docking combo. You can watch that full video if you’re interested in this setup.

I’m so proud of the look and especially the cable management. But I’m going to stop right there because I don’t want to give it all away. And I’m still working on this, especially the garage downstairs. Yes, there’s going to be a smart garage. So this is a garage apartment. This is gonna be a full tour thing. So I don’t want to rush it.

I want it to be awesome. So make sure you stay tuned for that. I’m still organizing all of my gear and finding the best places to put it. So what do you think about the space so far?

I think it’s coming out pretty good myself. And I’m going to be testing out a lot more smart home products in here, especially more budget smart bulbs. I know there’s a lot of requests for that and also for me to compare them.

I’ll definitely do that as well. But make sure you hit the links below and check out singlehood.

I like the multi-color kit, and if you’re watching this on Prime Day, you’re going to get 40 percent off, which is wicked for that price. It’s a major win. So Schoop those up before they disappear.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

What’s up, everybody? I’ve been using these Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra five G for a couple of weeks.

It’s a beautiful phone with premium bill Quality has a fantastic camera system that takes incredible photos and video to prove that this article is being shot with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. So you can experience what the video quality is like today.

I partner with Samsung to show you the benefits of 5G connectivity that come standard on these phones.

If you’ve always wondered what 5G can do for your phone, you’ve come to the right place.

The world is changing. Staying connected is more important than ever. And this reduction in latency and faster speed is going to impact the world of technology in many ways.

But today, I’ll tell you five ways that 5G can change the way you and I use our phones and what it does to make your experience better. The first thing is clearly the speed benefits.

Here’s a side by side comparison with the 4G LTE phone on the left and the 5G enabled Galaxy Note 20 ultra on the right.

This is the best case scenario with Verizon’s ultra wideband 5G. But those speeds are incredible and faster than most people’s home internet. So think about this kind of power in your pocket. Faster speeds and lower latency is the biggest gain with 5G.

And this is how it makes a difference in real life. The biggest change that you’ll notice is just saving time on the things that you do every day.

So you can dramatically reduce the time that it takes to download a podcast or download an entire music album. Here’s a great example. If you want to download an entire season of your favorite show while you’re on the go, you can just see how fast episodes are downloading just in seconds.

Basically, it’s actually mind blowing, how fast it is when you first use it. Here it is next to 4G. So you can see how much longer it takes.

So these are real, tangible speed differences that will impact your everyday experience if you have access to 5G.

Next, gamers will be super happy with 5G. Mobile gaming is being revolutionized right now with cloud gaming and low latency. And super fast speeds will be very important when you’re gaming on the go with Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft and X Box Game Pass.

You can play for X box games on the go. You aren’t just limited to your normal mobile games. I enjoy playing a couple of games outside, enjoying this beautiful weather and silkie gameplay from the cloud because of the speed and reduce latency of five g no stutters or drops.

Just awesome gameplay. So this is an amazing experience.

This is the future of mobile gaming. There are still amazing games you can download. And here’s just how much faster 5G is at downloading.

Large games like this one is just mind blowing how fast this is. So again, save a ton of time, not waiting forever for a new game to download that you always wanted to try.

Another big gain from 5G is from content creators like myself. I’d like to go live on social media and having that fast and consistent connection makes a huge difference in a lot of people commented on how crisp the stream was.

It never dropped connection or even slowed down once. Also, having this type of speed helps you share the creative content that you make right then and there.

I can take some crisp ACA video and if I feel like uploading it right then and there right from my phone, I can edit it quickly.

On the note, 20 ultra five GS builtin video editor and right from the app, I can upload it straight to my channel and just look at how fast this upload is.

This is going to be amazing for content creators and to round things out the fifth way five G changes my life and the way that I use my phone is when I’m on the go. I can’t say that I’ve had the best experience with Alltel Wi-Fi. Sometimes as fast, sometimes as slow. You’re not sure if it’s secure or not. It’s expensive.

It’s always a gamble. But when 5G is available with my Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5G, I was able to turn my phone into a 5G hotspot and these were the types of speeds that I was getting.

This is so much faster than most hotel Wi-Fi. And this is much more secure. So this is something that I look forward to as times change and 5G gets progressively more widespread.

So let me know, what do you think about 5G? Are you looking forward to using this on your Samsung phone?

And do you think it’s going to dramatically change the way that you use your phone? I’m happy that Samsung is offering this and a lot of their phones.

I believe 5G is going to dramatically improve customer experience, so I’m glad that they’re moving forward with it.

So if you have a Samsung compatible 5G smartphone, let me know what your experiences like and if you’ve used it before. I’m curious to hear about it in the comment section below. Thank you to Samsung for partnering with me on this article.

Wireless Fast Charger

Wireless Fast Charger
Wireless Fast Charger

What’s up, everybody,Today we have an exciting article, wireless charging has come a long way and these are some of the best phones that money can buy right now.

So let’s see which one charge is faster. All of these charges, unfortunately, are proprietary, which means you just can’t use any wireless charger.

You have to buy these particular chargers to get these type of speeds. The reason is that all of these phones charge superfast wirelessly, unlike iPhones, where they only use seven point five watts regardless of the charger. So you’re okay with using something like this anchor charger and you will still get that full charging speed.

But I will leave a link to all of these wireless charges that you’ve seen as video Downbelow.

Today, we’re testing out the Jammey Meet 10 pro five G with the factory, 30 watt wireless charger, the one plus a pro with this 30 watt warped wireless charger. The Wiley P 40 pro with the whiteway. Twenty seven watt wireless charger.

The Pro plus we’ll use a different charger and the Galaxy s 20 ultra with the Samsung 15 Watt wireless charger.

All of these phones are draine to zero where they shut off completely.

So I’m going to place them on the charger and start the timer. And also going to turn all of them back on. So they will receive notifications and cellular signal, just like we would charge in the real world.

After five minutes, we have six percent on the meet, 10 pro five G, then we have nine percent on the one plus eight pro 10 percent here on the whiteway P forty pro and three percent on the galaxy. S twenty ultra 15 minutes and we have 22 percent already on the mi 10 pro five G. That’s really good.

Then we have 26 percent on the one plus a pro so that’s even better.

And on the Y way P forty pro we now have twenty seven percent. So taking the lead in on the galaxy s twenty ultra we have 15 percent.

So not bad at all for having the biggest battery out of the bunch. Checking back in at the thirty minute mark. And this is an important mark for marketing purposes. So let’s see if they live up to the hype. They meet 10 pro has 42 percent.

So almost half the one plus a pro has forty nine percent. So basically living up to the claims of their marketing, the Y way P 40 pro now has 46 percent, which is faster than the Jammey, which is surprising at 30 minutes and the Galaxy s 20 ultra has thirty one percent, which again is not bad for the five thousand amp our battery.

Forty five minutes in we have sixty two percent on the meat.

Ten pro five G on the one plus a pro we are at sixty eight percent so we’re starting to take that lead.

Checking in on the Y way P forty pro we are at sixty one percent and on the galaxy s twenty ultra we are at forty four percent at the one hour check in we are at eighty six percent on the ten pro on the one plus eight pro we are at eighty eight percent.

So the show me and the one plus almost neck to neck on the P forty pro we are now at seventy four percent. So we’re starting to slow down a little bit here and on the S twenty ultra we are at sixty percent.

So checking back ten minutes later we are at ninety nine percent on the one plus.

So we’re almost done and on the show me we are at ninety seven percent so only a few percent off. Just a few minutes later at the one hour and twelve minute mark. The first one to finish is the one plus eight pro with this four thousand five hundred and ten million up our batteries. So very impressive. This is faster than the iPhone.

Eleven pro max is wired charging which is really awesome. Two minutes later, at one hour and fourteen minutes, the show me is now finished with this four thousand five hundred million up our battery.

So basically those two are the same with the thirty watt wireless charging.

I think these times make wireless charging usable during the day for a quick top up. So kudos to these two companies continuing on one hour and sixteen minutes. We are at eighty nine percent on the wall we p forty pro one hour and thirty minutes in the P forty pro is at ninety seven percent so it’s almost finished.

The Galaxy s twenty ultra we have eighty eight percent. So it’s really starting to catch up, which is really impressive for only 15 watts of wireless charging at one hour and thirty seven minutes.

The Whiteway P forty pro finishes with this. Forty two hundred million our battery.

Also not bad at all but I really want to test the forty watt wireless charging on the P forty pro plus.

I hope I can get one of those to test out soon. What’s impressive is the ultra is at ninety three percent so really catching up and about ten minutes later it is now finished at one hour and forty eight minutes. So wow.

Samsung with the five thousand millionth our battery and wireless charging in less than two hours. That is really great. This in my opinion is totally usable. So kudos to Samsung on this.

If you haven’t seen the forty five watt wired charging, it takes the ultra from zero to one hundred and fifty one minutes. So really nice numbers here across the board. Wired and wireless, so. You know what you think about these times?

I appreciate these manufacturers pushing wireless charging tech forward.

This proves that wireless charging is awesome in 2020, just over an hour is totally usable in any situation. It’s only going to get better. And I’m looking forward to it. So thank you for watching.

Minimal 6K Mac Pro

Minimal 6K Mac Pro
Minimal 6K Mac Pro

What’s up, everybody,Today I want to show you my six K Mac pro setup. I have the Nano Etch Pro Display XDR. I skipped the 1000 dollar stand and went with the Vaisse amount adapter. It’s a clean but powerful setup. I can’t wait to show it to you.

Let’s go ahead and get started. My last setup had the forty nine inch ultra wide monitor.

It actually works great with the Mac Pro, but I wanted to try the pro display XDR to complete the setup. It’s a 32 inch six K display that can get up to sixteen hundred nit peak brightness.

This is perfect for content creation. It has a million to one contrast ratio and y color gamut. This is nano edge. So this is Apple’s version of antique layer. It works really well. Here it is next to the glossy iMac pro.

And you can see the difference here right away. It does a fantastic job at reducing glare.

The only downside is that you do lose that color pop that you get from a glossy display and you do lose a bit of viewing angle because of this. But I’m really enjoying it so far and don’t regret going with the nanotech version.

As I said earlier, I skipped the 1000 dollar stand. Apple’s Vaisse amount was super easy to install. The bill quality matches the display and it’s magnetic. He just clips on and you just turn it with the key that was included. And that is literally it.

I love this display because it just takes one Thunderball, three cable. That’s all it takes. Three more USGBC ports there as well. I’m really thinking about getting a second display for a twin six K setup.

Let me know if you want to see that. If you have a 16 inch MacBook Pro and wondered if it can power the new pro display XDR, it can beautifully at full 6k resolution and also gets that for 96 watts of power from the display. So this is also a sweet, sweet setup.

The monitor arm I’ve been using is from human scale. I’ve been using this monitor arm all year. Absolutely no problem holding this monitor up.

I can also flip it and put it into portrait rotation if I want to. And it switches automatically.

So this is a nice features and still give me options. I have the mPower charging station for the monitor arm. This is perfect for convenient charging on my desk. There are two USV ports and also one USV sea port.

Perfect for that braided USGBC the lightning cord that comes with a Mac pro to charge the keyboard and trackpad the keyboard and magic trackpad aren’t new in terms of design.

But you do get a new color scheme, a silver and black version of both. They come in the box with a Mac pro, if you can figure it that way.

I do still have the space gray one from the iMac fro. But I like these as well. It matches the new Mac pro very well. I was honestly on the fence about buying the new Mac pro because this is totally overkill for a normal content creator like myself.

This is for sure more of a luxury buy for me. A total one over a need. But I’m going to tell you some of the reasons why I went for the new Mac Pro after a word from today’s sponsor.

Whenever I buy a new Mac, the first thing I do is install a bit Defendor Total Security 20-20. There’s a big misconception that Macs don’t need protection against malware, and that’s absolutely not true.

They’ve definitely been some decent vulnerabilities that have hit the Mac in the last few years.

But Defenders Total Security 2020 will not only keep your computer safe with an easy to use interface, you can scan anytime. It helps you safely browse the web with anti phishing and protect your information for safe online transactions.

And it also comes with a built in VPN, which is very important for me because I travel all the time. Public Wi-Fi connections can be risky, so having this built into my devices gives me that ultimate peace of mind.

What’s great is that I worked with Max PCs, laptops, smartphones. It’s an all in one solution. So why not give it a try for free? I’ll leave a link down below for you. I think you’re gonna love it.

So the reason why decided by the Mac Pro for the new office setup is basically this.

This is the dream, Mac, that I’ve been wanting for ever. The case just pops off and easily reveals all of the components inside eight PCI Express expansion slots. Basically, everything is upgradable in here, including the processor, the GP, you, the SSD and RAM. So this machine should grow with me as the years go on. I ended up with a 16 Cawsey on W. Kept the ram at 32 gigs because I’m going to upgrade it myself.

Bump the storage to four terabytes and got a single radion pro Vega too.

This is plenty of power for editing high resolution video. I skipped on the afterburner card because I don’t work with a raw workflow right now. So when I get into progress Rawle, I’ll look into it. It was expensive for sure, but I felt like this was the best thing for buck configuration.

At lunch, I decided to keep it underneath the desk because this machine is large and while it is a showpiece.

I thought it looked weird on the desk itself. It is whisper quiet even when it’s at full load. You can’t hear anything. And editing video on the setup is an absolute dream.

So I can’t wait to use it more because this is a dream setup for a final cut pro editor. The one thing that I wished Apple included wasn’t SD card slot at the top of the machine. There are two Thunderball, three ports at the top, which are super handy, but an SD card slot there would have been cool. So I don’t have to do this for those of you that are new to my setups.

The desk is still the beady eyes. Central live. It’s a clean sit and stand desk that has a beautiful Saturn etched glass finish on top.

I have the optional draw unit that I love in place, a nomad wireless charger in there to charge my phone while I’m working. I love this little hack. I use it every day.

I absolutely love this desk because my cable management is so easy since it’s basically all built in. While I can’t hide every single wire, I’m really happy with the way that it turned out.

There is a Phillips new life strip on the back, but I only use it when I want some ambient lighting. It is a cool way to switch things up. I have the human scale nova lamp on the corner. This is the Klamt version for a cleaner look.

It’s motion activated and has nice touch sensitive controls on the top. The chair is still the Fordice world by human scale love. The white frame and the mesh is extremely comfortable and airy. It matches so well with the setup and the color scheme. I love it.

Last but not least, I still have my headphones setup. Still, my two favorites are the bare dynamic DTV 990 Pro and the Sennheiser HD 800 s, and it’s powered by the Wu Audio W8 seven Firefly’s tube amplifier and also on a few audio all metal headphones stand.

I’ve been using this for years and it’s been a solid audio setup.

So there is my Mac pro 6k setup tour. I hope you enjoyed it. There’s one thing missing and that’s external audio. I really need some studio monitors, so please give me some suggestions in the comments below since the Mac pros internal speaker sucks.

I use headphones mostly, but I would love to get some speakers on top of this desk, so let me know what you suggest. That will look good with the setup.

You might see a modified version of this with dual pro XDR displays coming soon. I need to use the single display first to see if I even need a second display.

The Sony A8F 4K OLED TV Review

The Sony A8F 4K OLED TV Review
The Sony A8F 4K OLED TV Review

What’s up, everybody? This is the Sony AAF. Sixty five inch OLED TV. I’ve been using this for about two months now, almost three.

So I want to share my experience with you guys. And yes, I know the master series has been announced and the A nine F and they look absolutely incredible. And I can’t wait to get my hands on those, but they will be in a different price category.

So I know a lot of people still be looking at this one, the successor to the A one E. So I want to talk about all the things that this TV does extremely well and maybe some of the things that Sony could improve on as well in the next generation.

So let’s go ahead and get started. First, let’s go ahead and talk about design. It is absolutely gorgeous. And the panel is super thin.

And the one thing noticeably different from the A one E is the back design.

This is a much thinner approach. No large kickstand. It is slightly tilted back, but it does not affect the viewing experience.

And it looks great on my body elements, media cabinet, but I like the minimum gap. It’s a simple but very clean look with thin bezels. So I think you’ll appreciate the design as much as I do. You do get good port selection on this TV.

You get four HDMI ports with support for HD, DCP two point two. And you do have to go into the options to enable this.

Then you also have your audio options and USV and even one arrest to 32 sea port. If you need that, the most important thing on a TV is the picture quality. And this is where I feel like the eight F definitely excels. With one exception.

And I’ll talk about that in just a little bit. But of course, this is an old.

So you get those deep, incredible blacks, vibrant colors with incredible viewing angles, even at extreme angles.

This panel is exceptionally sharp with the processing being handled by the X1 extreme processor. I notice that the motion is being handled very well by this TV. Much better than my 2017 LG O led.

But I have not tried the 2018 LG old yet, so when I get one in, I’ll definitely do a comparison.

One of the things that stood out to me right away is how well this TV upscaled in this house. My kids watch a lot of tennis content, lot of all DVD and non Fourcade Netflix streaming.

And sometimes I just have to double check because it looks like Fourcade to me. That’s how sharp it looks. So I’ve tested out a ton of TV’s this year, but this is definitely one of the best TV shows at upscaling that I’ve tested.

I also liked how easy it was to get this TV to look great. I just had to do a few tweaks.

I said it into Cinema Pro and then just adjusted a few things for more vibrant color and it was already looking fantastic. The colors are punchy, but not overwhelming. The sharpness is there. The contrast is there.

So this is how I’ve been enjoying this TV for the last few months now.

But of course, you can calibrate to your liking. Of course you have support for HDR, so you have HDR 10 support HMG and you do have Dobi visual support on here now.

They got pushed through a firmware update in my time of testing so I can confirm that Dolby vision works on the AAF. The dynamic backlight control does well to preserve highlights.

In high contrast, it seems to give you a really balanced image without crushing tumor shadow detail and will look incredible in most rooms.

But the one downside that I was talking about earlier is whatever algorithm that they’re using to protect, burn in or to balance this picture is affecting the overall brightness of the panel. I notice it when I go back to the 2017. LG Olad is significantly brighter.

And even though that this panel can reach seven hundred nitz and it’s not as prevalent when you’re playing back Fourcade Blu ray, I definitely notice that this panel is much dimmer than some of the other outlets that I’ve tested before.

So if you have a big open space with lots of natural light, then you may want to go take a look at this before you purchase it to make sure that it fits. But if you’re in a more controlled environment, like if this is going into a bedroom or if it’s going into a theater room, then you probably don’t need to worry about it at all.

But I thought I would mention it because it is noticeable. If you’re not familiar with Sonis acoustics surface technology, then you should be, because this sound output is different than what I’ve experienced the first time that I’ve experienced this.

There’s actuators behind this panel and that means that the entire TV panel is a speaker.

And I can confirm with that built in subwoofer in the back and the TV surface that this is one of the best built in speakers sets that I’ve tried so far. There’s plenty of bass. There’s plenty of clarity here. And for most people, I can say you probably do not need a sound bar.

Now, if you’re an audio file, you’re probably going to want something else but out of the box.

This is one of the best speaker systems that I’ve heard built into a TV. If you are a heavy gamer, you might be a little bit disappointed with this TV because while I didn’t measure the actual input lag, it was definitely noticeable and especially compared to the LG Olad that I have and dequeue nine F from Samsung that I tested early this year.

The input lag on there was indistinguishable, but I. We felt it on here. Now, not as bad on the X box when X with four K, 60 frames per second gaming and the gaming, though, on the panel looks absolutely phenomenal. By the way.

But it was more noticeable when I switched back to something like the Nintendo switch on 10 P. I felt like the lag was even greater on there.

So if you’re a gamer, then you might not be happy with this one. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I hope they can improve this with a software update on gaming mode.

This next topic is probably not going to be a big deal to some. And that’s why when you watch other TV reviewers, they’re probably not going to bring this up as much.

But when it comes to Android TV being on the TV experience on Sony, I feel like it could be a hindrance because it’s not that Android TV doesn’t offer a lot of awesome stuff to the Sony TV is like being able to access the App Store, even being able to game on here, which is pretty cool.

If you have a Bluetooth controller, which I have actually tried and I can confirm that works really well for me. Experience is very important.

So Android TV did get bogged down for me when I had things running in the background. So let’s say that you had three or four apps in the background. It could get a little bit sluggish and you can exit out and close out all your apps like you would do on a cell phone.

But I feel like it doesn’t work as well on a TV set. So I felt like dedicated Owens’s that don’t have this issue.

I feel like this is something that Sony definitely could improve on. And another thing is they’re remote. Some people might not care about the remote, but I feel like there’s a lot of buttons on this remote.

I feel like simplicity to the remote can bring a better experience to Sony TV. So it’s not just this panel in general, just Sony TV’s in general.

So hoping to see an improvement there on the remote and also move away from the eye.

Ah, method. Because then I won’t have to see here worry about if I’m pointing it directly at the TV front, pointing it right. Hopefully they move to Bluetooth or some like that to make it a lot easier like some of the other manufacturers have done.

So yes, I’m nit picking here, but this is just my experience that I wanted to share.

Overall, my experience with the ADF has been a great one and I definitely recommend this. If you’re looking for an old panel this year that definitely keep it on your shopping list. It’s got a fantastic looking panel. Awesome thin design, which I really dig.

I think it’s one of the nicest looking all LEDs that are out there. And with the acoustic surface technology and that built in subwoofer is definitely some of the best sound that I’ve heard as well, coming from a built in speaker system. It also upscaled very well.

And I know that’s important to a lot of people and it also handles motion well.

So for people that love sports. This is a great TV for that. There are some downsides like any other TV, but you never know.

They could be fixed to a software update like the gaming lag and the overall brightness. So you never know about that. But I think a lot of people will be happy with this TV.

This TV has been out for a little bit now, so if you can scoop it up on sale, then this would definitely be worth it. But if you’re looking for the newest newest, the A nine F is going to be out soon and so is the master series.

But those will be very expensive and I’m sure they’ll be amazing. But I would definitely keep this one on the list.

If you’re looking for an O lead in 2018, so let me know what you think about it. And if you own one, let me know if you’re having the same type of experiences that I am.

And if not, then definite, let me know in the comments, because for other people, experiences are totally personal. So if you want me to take a look at some other TV’s, let me know what TV you want me to do next in the reviews. There’s some budget ones in the pipeline. So for budget people, I definitely got you.

The Fastest Wireless Charging Test

The Fastest Wireless Charging Test
The Fastest Wireless Charging Test

It finally happened, guys, wireless charging on the new one plus eight pro. And while I wish they would have given this to us earlier, I’m glad they waited because their version of wireless charging is called Warp 30 charge, and it charges at 30 watts, which is among some of the fastest wireless charging out there.

And I think that’s why a lot of people don’t use wireless charging because it is so much slower than wire charging. But this looks serious.

Ventilation is proper and it looks like a nice sized fan on the back. So even though that this charger is proprietary, it looks solid.

We’re going to do something interesting instead of putting it up against other wireless chargers. I’m going to see how fast this new work charge, 30 wireless charging is against the iPhone 11 pro Max’s wire charging with the 18 watt charger that comes in the box.

And then we’ll stack it up against the Galaxy s 20 ultra with this massive 45 watt charger that you can buy separately just for fun, just for point of reference on a faster charging Android phone.

All of these phones are completely drained. As you can see, I’m leaving all of the normal functions on with connectivity on, notifications on and everything, because this is how you would charge the phone.

Of course, a ton of notifications come flooding in as I turn them on because I want them to be on since that’s how most people top up their phones, including myself.

So after five minutes, the iPhone is at six percent. Not bad at all. And the Galaxy s 20 ultra is at an impressive 14 percent. And it says super fast charging 2.0, which I’m not sure I’ve seen that before.

And the one plus eight pro is at eight percent. So already ahead of the iPhone’s wired charging at 15 minutes, the iPhone is at 23 percent, which is very respectable.

But the Galaxy s 20 ultra already at a whopping 40 percent. I don’t remember it being this fast before, so that’s awesome. And the one plus eight pro at 26 percent. So that is also very impressive for wireless charging.

So far, so good. At 30 minutes, the iPhone is at 44 percent, which is a pretty good pace for 18. Watch charging the S twenty ultra is at seventy one percent.

So that much charge and a half an hour is incredible. The one plus eight pro is at 47 percent. So almost hitting that claimed 50 percent in 30 minutes. I’m sure it varies with each test, but absolutely fantastic for wireless charging at 45 minutes.

The iPhone is at 66 percent charge, so keeping up at a good pace. But the ultra ham is at 96 percent charge, which I’m really blown away by.

I don’t think I’ve ever had it charge this quick. And on the one plus eight pro, we have 70 percent now. So just ahead of the iPhone’s wired charging, which again is impressive, at 51 minutes, the Galaxy s 20 ultra finishes at 100 percent.

This is a huge surprise because I’ve seen other tests that take much longer and the phone is relatively cool. I expected it to be a lot hotter than this. This is the largest battery at 5000 million hours. But this is wired and that one plus is wireless.

So think about how impressive that is. After one hour, the iPhone 11 pro max has 78 percent charge. So it looks like it’s slowing down.

The one plus eight pro is now at ninety one percent. So it takes a commanding lead over the iPhone’s wired charging and even has a larger battery at four thousand five hundred ten million hours.

While the iPhone 11 pro max has a three thousand nine hundred sixty nine million power battery. So that shows you what a leap this is in wireless charging.

Ten minutes later, the iPhone has 84 percent charge. So it’s literally crawl charging now. And the one plus a pro is almost done at ninety nine percent. So it’s going to finish at anytime now. It gave me no indication that it was done.

So it could have finished faster. So we could call it a full charge at one hour and 11 minutes, which is really impressive.

Most of the time you would need at least twice the time to get other smartphones to 100 percent with wireless charging. The phone is slightly warm, but not hot whatsoever. So heat management is done right.

I’m glad that one plus waited to bring this level of wireless charging to their customers.

The only downside is that this work charging is proprietary. So you have to buy this charger to take advantages of these speeds. But it’s an awesome option. Nevertheless, the iPhone is still charging at 91 percent after an hour and a half. 30 minutes later at two hours. It’s still at ninety five percent.

And usually it’s finished by now. I’ve done this test before where it finishes right around this time or a little bit earlier.

So I’m not sure why this is happening. In fact, I checked again at two hours and 16 minutes and it still wasn’t done. It finally finished at two hours and 23 minutes. So that took a lot longer than usual.

But even if the iPhone took two hours to complete charge, the one plus a work 30 wireless charging is basically twice as fast to 100. Then the iPhone. Eleven pros wired charging.

And this is what I’m happy to see. 20/20 looks like the year to bring fast speeds to wireless charging, truly making wireless.

Charging convenient kudo’s to one plus on this one. Let me know what you think about the one plus a pro’s wireless charging in the comments below.

Some Great Products Under $50

Some Great Products Under $50
Some Great Products Under $50

What’s up, everybody,Today, let’s take a look at tech that’s under 50 dollars. There’s going to be some way below some right at 50 dollars.

But there’s some great products to show you. So let’s go ahead, get started. The first product that I’m going to show you is well below 50 dollars and a partner with Chamberlain to show you their smart garage hub.

There’s a huge misconception that adding smart functionality to existing garage door is expensive. It’s not.

This add on is compatible with most garage door openers that are out there. Everything that you need comes inside of the box. All you need to do is mount the hub and then plug it in.

You just use 3M to stick on the door sensor and in just a few minutes you’ll have control over your garage door directly through the app.

No matter where you are in the world, the reason to get this ad on is the convenience and peace of mind. There’s a lot of times where I second guess if my garage door is open or not.

And then I can just check it with a voice assistant if it’s close or not, and then just close it by voice. And if you check this product out, in the past they did used to charge for smart home functionality with voice assistance.

But that is now gone since somewhere that is free. So you no longer have to worry about a subscription. If you’re worried about safety, then don’t be. I love that on my iPhone that I can use face I.D. to authenticate before I open the door.

And I do appreciate that. You can’t open the garage door by voice because if somebody is just yelling outside and catches that voice assistant, they might open your door. But you can’t close the door by voice, which is really nice.

If you buy from Amazon, which is pretty much all of us. Chamberlain, partner with Amazon key to give secure access to the garage door for package safety.

The delivery drivers are granted one time access per delivery. It’s never a code.

They make sure that your garage door closes before they move on to the next delivery and you get a notification that that doors close and the packages are safe. This is such a great add on for the smart home.

Once you have this convenience and functionality, you’ll never want to go back.

So make sure you check that link down below because you will not believe what this is price that right now the price is insane. So go ahead and pick one up. You will not regret. All right. So here’s a fun gift that’s definitely gonna bring a smile to your face. Yes.

You are seeing this, right? This is a talking bear. The bear itself is cheap. It’s about ten dollars.

But if you have an Amazon echo, you can link this up with Alexa to play music through Amazon music, and it will just start dancing automatically.

I love it when you say that a word. The bear perks up and when you set a timer through your echo, when the timer is up, the bear will shake it and let you know. Yeah, I know it’s a novelty product, but if you have kids, they will love it.

You can get this and an echo dot together as a package for less than 50 bucks. So pick this up if you want a good laugh. Next up is the Roku premiere.

This four K streaming stick is about 30 bucks right now, and it’s a no brainer.

This is great. If you have a TV that doesn’t have smart features or if you don’t like the interface that came with your TV, it just plugs into an HDMI port. It comes with the remote and the setup is incredibly easy.

You had access to all the great streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Plus.

And what I like is that you can use your smartphone as the remote and also privately listen on your headphones to the Roku app, which is incredible for nighttime viewing. The next thing is something that I’ve been using for years and this is something that I cannot live without.

This is the Nomad Universal Cable, and this solves a lot of problems for me, especially when I travel because I own too much tech. And while I wish everything was USGBC, that is just not the case.

So that’s why this cable is so cool, because as all three micro USP, USGBC and Apple’s Lightning, which makes your life a lot easier, it’s tough. The quality is nice.

And this is my travel court of choice because I can take one cable and not worry if I need to charge something that has micro USP in 2019 and 2020.

It doesn’t make sense, but it’s still here. If you don’t want to wire charger compatible device, a good wireless charger is key.

I’ve been using this speaking one for a while now and it’s affordable. It is single device charging, but it supports up to 10 watts, which is great. So if you have an iPhone that will give it full power. It’s very simple.

Just put your compatible device on top and it just starts charging.

But if you want something that you can take with you, there is a ramp power battery bank with a wireless charger on top. This has a ten thousand four hundred million power battery and also charges up to 10 watts. So full power for the iPhone as well.

This is perfect for air pods. Galaxy Bugs two. This does have a USB ports you can charge.

Traditionally as well. But while you’re charging there, you can also wirelessly charge. You can charge two devices at the same time. This is pretty clutch.

The next thing is not for everyone, but if you have an older car without Bluetooth or erode noise is too heavy on your drive for your phone to properly hear your voice commands.

Then check out the role of Bolt. This powers do the cigaret lighter plug in allows you to add Google assistant to your car with a sensitive far field Mike. It uses your phone’s data connection, which is nice, and it also has an auxiliary port on the side.

So if your car is older but has a headphone jack, you can have all of that Google assistant goodness in your own car. Of course, with this in your car, you can do everything they can do with the Google assistance. You can play music.

You can skip. Tracks, you can control your smart home before you come home.

And what’s great about this is that it does add two USB port, so that is nice. So you can charge your smartphone when you’re coming home. The thing about this is that it works best with Android. I think ISIS is still in beta right now.

So I think this would be much more powerful if it worked better with ISIS because I personally like Google assistant better than Siri. But don’t tell Siri, actually tell her because I want Siri to get better. So the last thing that I want to show you is this.

If you have Philips, you lighting in your house, this wireless dimmer switch is awesome.

I can demand lights with this remote control which can magnetically connect to this plate, which you can put on the wall, and it can act as a light switch.

It’s really easy to setup in the new app. And of course, you can just turn the lights on and off, but you can also set four different scenes for your lights and just cycle through them with the on button.

You are limited to what you can set in terms of scenes. But I do like the fact that you can group your lights. So I can do all of my kitchen or I can just make this remote control all of the downstairs if I want. It’s affordable and it’s functional.

And sometimes you just don’t want to do everything by voice or pick up your phone.

So sometimes just nice to build a hit, a physical switch and things work. So that about does it for tech under fifty dollars. So let me know what you guys think about these products. Which one was your favorite.

And let me know which price point that I should add next. Should I go.

Twenty five. Should I go above with one hundred. Let me know in the comments section below.