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Protect Apple iPhone 11 Pro, iPad, MacBook Pro!

Protect Apple iPhone 11 Pro, iPad, MacBook Pro!
Protect Apple iPhone 11 Pro, iPad, MacBook Pro!

It’s no secret that I’m deep in the Apple ecosystem I edit my article on final cut pro I own a MacBook pro I iMac pro-iPhone 11 pro for iPad pro that’s a lot of probes.

I don’t want to be called a fanboy because I do own PC’s everyone knows that gaming on a mac it’s pretty terrible, so I own gaming laptops in the service line up is one of my favorite laptop lines.

In the end, I just like mac OS better it’s just a personal preference you can ask me if you want to. Still, I want to clear up a big misconception that Macs are safer than PC’s they all need to be equally protected, and one piece of software Bitdefender 2020 can protect all of these devices.

The channel sponsored bit defender, and I’ve teamed up to give you a chance to try this free for 90 days no strings attached let me tell you what this software does and why you needed even for your apple devices.

I think PCs get a bad rap for not being secure in viruses and malware running rampant we have to think about the number of PC’s running windows in the world its staggering self course you have a higher chance of getting malware through windows.

But as the popularity of Max increase and the more macs that are out there, of course now vulnerabilities are targeted towards the mac is had more malware and threats come to it over the years Max used.

The same Intel chipsets and were affected by the identical spectra and meltdown vulnerabilities that PC’s work played by, and while that debate of iOS being safer than android was more comfortable to prove.

Before apple’s had its share of data leaks and vulnerabilities in the last couple of years and we all use web browsers on these phones, so while some of this fishing and attacks can be prevented.

If we are more cautious about what type of emails and types of links that were clicking, having a security pact is still essential, so let me tell you my three favorite features of Bitdefender total security.

2020 number 1 is straightforward to use. It works across mac or PC. You don’t have to be tech-savvy it runs seamlessly in the background if there are any problems.

The software will let you know I’ve been running this for about three months now, and I’ve seen 0 performances from it so.

As usual, it’s business. You get a beautiful dashboard where they give you all of your necessary information you can run a manual scan if you want a quick one or a total system scan you can also protect essential files right from this interface.

Which is helpful and if for some reason someone steals or takes. X. 1 of your devices can wipe that device right from the web interface and locate that device.

When it connects to wifi, so this is especially great for devices that don’t have a service like find my iPhone or find my mac so.

You can have this extension all across your devices, which is excellent Bitdefender 2020 is called total security for a reason you get real-time data protection ransomware protection anti-fraud anti-phishing and so much more.

If I went over every feature, we’d be here all day, so I’m a legal link down below for you so you can find out more information and also try this out free for 90 days second, it comes with a VPN service included VPN is a virtual private network.

If you don’t know what that is, if you’re not using a VPN, you’re making it easy for prying eyes to get all your sensitive information like passwords your banking info, so that’s why it doesn’t matter.

If using iOS or android mac or PC, they are all vulnerable unless you protect yourself. I hate to admit this, but I wasn’t even using a VPN and sold this year, and also as a tech person, I didn’t know how vital 80 PM.

Is the more that started connecting to public wifi spots traveling all over the world, editing videos sending secure emails things like that I started becoming way more cautious about what I’m putting out.

There on public wifi so a VPN is a must, and it couldn’t be more comfortable with Bitdefender every time that I connect to a new network. It lets me know, and with just one tap, I can be on a secure VPN.

I can browse on public networks without worrying about the threats of hackers. Usually, VPNs are a separate service that you have to pay for separately. It was the bundle with total security in 2020.

You can protect your computer’s your laptops your tablets and your phone and browse securely no matter where you’re at in the world, with one total security count you can protect up to 5 devices for you and your family. Hence, no need to pay for every individual device the third thing that I love is even when I’m at home, bit defender helps me stay secure.

So the chrome is my browser of choice I can enable safe web browsing right from the desktop interface or directly in the app if you’re on a smartphone I can see a green check next to the safe and secure websites.

If you don’t see that, you probably shouldn’t click on that link. You also get eight anti-tracking features. Hence, if you’re worried about sites collecting your data without you knowing you don’t have to any more tons of privacy features, you get a microphone monitor, so you know precisely what has access to your microphone on your device.

Safe banking, so you know your money is going to be safe. I’m a father of 2. While they are a little too young to take full advantage of the new apparel features, I love the features built into total security 2020 this service can help prevent and scanned for cyberbullying and threats across the network and social media.

So what you do is you make a profile for your children in a sign the devices to their name. Then you download the bit defender Parenteau app on their devices that they’re using, and you get a ton of features that help you keep your children safe online it will help detect threats on their social media accounts.

You can limit the time that they are on that device. They get that same secure browsing protection that the adults get. You can monitor their calls and manage the apps that they use. You can also use location tracking and geo-fencing to see.

If your kids leave a particular area and there’s a check-in feature on the app, when they come home safe from school, they can check in on the happy to let you know that they got back safe.

I’m going to do a follow up after I use this service even longer. I’m impressed with it. Just one service can protect all of your devices, including computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. I love the fact of getting all of this protection. Still, then you also get a built-in VPN that will help you browse securely no matter where you’re at, especially.

If you’re on a public wifi network, you need a VPN, so I want you to try it yourself. It’s super easy to use is not intrusive, so hit that link below and try it free for 90 days. And let me know in the comments what you think.

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Note 10 Plus Camera Test!

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Note 10 Plus Camera Test!
iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Note 10 Plus Camera Test!

Everybody is standing today. You see, a highly anticipated camera comparison wants to see. That is the brand new iPhone 11 Promax versus the Samsung galaxy note ten plus, so they both shoot in 4 K.

What you see the Samsung galaxy note ten plus with portrait mode video, you can see that background blur looks pretty good to me, in my opinion, so I’m going to start walking around.

I’m going to switch the audio to see which audio sources better tell me which microphone picks up better. Let me know what the dynamic range looks like. I know this might not be a fair test comparison are when you switch out of.

To better mobile, you can see that there’s a crop now on the notes and but soon. There is ultra full on the iPhone, 11 as well, so that’s going to be cool to test out, and there is also one night.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 World Series saw him with a check that also let us go in testes cameras in all lighting conditions, and let’s see which camera system is. Let’s do this.

Before we get started, I want to talk about the settings both were left in pure auto mode seen optimizer is left on the No ten plus since it comes on by default remember the note ten plus does have a pro mode so if you want to fine-tune your photos before snapping.

You can do that in the Eiffel still does not offer a pro mode in the stock camera application, but I wanted to make this test as fair as possible, so I kept them both on auto in good lighting.

They’re both fantastic full of dynamic range beautiful colors and lots of detail you can’t go wrong with either, but let me break down the differences that I saw after reviewing over 350 images side by side.

They are both very similar, but you will notice that the no does favor the more substantial saturation and contrast is not in every shot, though, so it does go back and forth but the most significant difference.

I noticed across all the photos is the white balance in a lot of the shots; the iPhone favors the warmer tones, so that is a preference thing in the end but it does go back and forth so I can’t say it happens all the time, but that’s the most significant difference.

I noticed after looking at so many images generally didn’t know ten plus takes a brighter image, and it tends to overexpose by half a stopper, so in harsher lighting conditions, the iPhone tends to have a more balanced approach.

When it comes to highlighting preservation and, in some instances, shows a higher dynamic range, but once again, it keeps flip-flopping, so it’s hard to make a generalized statement like that here.

The no ten plus is brighter and has a better dynamic range and is a better overall balance shot, and here is the No ten plus. preserving blow out and balancing. The whole seem better than the iPhone; you can see why this was hard the two times the telephoto lens on both are celebrated in good lighting.

I had to call it though I think you know ten plus has the sharper telephoto lens. I’m sure that you can ask some sharpness on the iPhone shot to make them look similar, but this is an autotest a lot of the camera the no-look sharper.

This is the first year that the new iPhones get an ultrawide camera. It’s about time the images look great. I like how the shuttles aren’t crushed on the iPhone in the series of pictures better overall exposure here, but once again, it goes back and forth.

I can’t say it does this all the time the note is brighter and better expose here when it comes to detail on the ultra-wide shots and no ten plus is a little sharper when you punch in you’ll see that the I.

Phones are a little bit softer when it comes to portrait mode things are beautiful and fair because they both can shoot a portrait with the telephoto and ultra-wide lens, which is nice.

I like having that choice. I do like the colors better on the iPhone skin tone is generally more balance where the No ten plus tends to overexpose.

The skin, but once again, is a preference thing for sure, but I prefer the. iPhone here I think I’ll give the edge detection of winter the note though look here between the arms of the iPhone he missed that totally where the node nailed.

It so in most pictures, I like the edges better on the note.
I’m not a huge selfie taker, but both are very good. They both can shoot a full angle selfie but the I.

Phones a little bit wider both detail, but the iPhone has more information. The smoothening, especially on the portrait mode shots, is more noticeable on the No ten plus front-facing camera, but once again that’ll be preferred, they both do a great job with edge detection and background blur.

When it comes to video, it’s a little bit clearer cut. They both shoot 4 K. Up to 60 frames per second, the No ten plus has some of the best video quality when it comes to android devices.

The iPhone edges it here with a better dynamic range and better balance. They both have optical image stabilization in 4 K.

Both do an excellent job of stabilizing this handheld walkie footage, but if you look at the sky, the No 10 plus is wholly blown out. When you change the setting to 4 K. 60 frames per second, you lose stabilization on the No 10 plus.
The iPhone 11 pro has stabilization, so shooting video with the ultra-wide-angle is going to be smoother on the iPhone, but if you’re willing to go down to 1080 P.

There’s a mode on the No 10 plus call super steady it has a legendary stabilization this is me chasing by the sun after asking him to run as fast as he can I am jumping over bushes and all kinds of stuff and while.

The iPhone does all right. It’s not even close. When it comes to the super steady mode, it’s fantastic that No ten, plus can shoot portrait mode articles in certain conditions.
It can look great, just like this. They both have 240 frames per second slow motion in 1080 P.

Standard on most flagship phones if you look close enough though the iPhone slow motion looks smoother and sharper but on the No 10 plus.

You do have a super slow-motion option at 960 frames per second is not great looking, but you can capture some epic moments like this if you time it right.

They both have an audio zoom feature where if you zoom in on the video, the audio is amplified to listen.

Microsoft Surface X & Surface 7 & Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft Surface X & Surface 7 & Surface Laptop 3
Microsoft Surface X & Surface 7 & Surface Laptop 3

What’s up everybody this is Danny and Microsoft blew everyone away by announcing their future foldable line up the surface neo and the android power surface duo.

I did not see a phone coming, but it looks incredible, but the catch is that these are coming out until the end of 2020. Microsoft wanted to showcase it to get developers on board, which I think is a smart idea the announcer surface your buds.

Which have some cool features but are designed like a pop socket, but besides all of that, they did announce the brand new surface lineup the surface pro seven the surface laptop 13.5 in 15-inch variants and the super-thin arm-powered surface pro X.

If you’re in the market for any of these, let me break down the differences between them and compare their features so you can pick the best surface product for your needs the first product is the surface pro seven this is a routine spec upgrade the kickstand design is super.

Familiar has that same beautiful 12.3-inch pixel sense touch screen display with new studio mikes to help pick up voices better finally we get a USB C. port there is a U. S. B. A
There too as well along with the headphone Jack we also get temp Gen Intel ice lake processors dual-core I. 3 and quad-core I. 5 and I. 7 options with up to 1 terabyte of storage and I’m greeted with fast charging that goes from 0 to 80 percent in less than an hour so a decent spec bump.

If your surface pro fan and some new type cover colors that look very lovely, these will start at 700 $49 the service program I’m excited about this year is the arm-powered surface pro X.

This is a full redesign that is extremely thin at 7.3 millimeters has much smaller bezels and has a larger 13-inch touch screen pixel sense display with the new studio mikes still that 3 to 2 aspect ratio that makes.

This familiar to surface users you get 2 USB C. ports, which is excellent I feel like one port isn’t enough, so I’m glad there to hear the approach on this is different because this surface is built.

To behave more like a smartphone, the arm chip inside is a modified version of the Qualcomm AC X. chip that we saw announced earlier this year call the Microsoft S. Q. 1 chip clocked. At three gigahertz, this one is beefed up in engineered for performance with the Adreno 685 GPU and windows 10 X.

There is built-in gigabit LTE with nano sim, and ECM will always be connected, and the battery life will be much better with this model since the power consumption will be lower. Microsoft is claiming up to 13 hours of battery life.
I can’t wait to get this 1 in and tested to see if that’s true this feels like the surface of the future they have a brand new slim pen as well for this model it’s more like a flag carpenter’s pencil compared to the browned real surface pen.

I’m sure this will be a preferred thing on which one will be more comfortable while sketching or planning and checking this out there is a hidden housing made for this pain in the new signature keyboard.

It wirelessly charges so that is a double with, and that’s not it. There is a removable area in the back, or you can remove the SST so you can upgrade later I think this is game-changing available in 100 28 to 56 and 512-gigabyte variants.

When you pick one up, this for sure is the service that I’m most excited about new design it so clean with these decorative edges it’s light it’s been more prominent display it’s always on connected windows 10 X.

Fast charging, so it’s loaded with features available only in matte black, but I think that’s okay. I can’t wait to try this 1 I believe this is going to be the winner this starts at 900 $99 the surface laptop gets a nice bump up this year.

There’s now a choice of either. A 13.5 or 15-inch models, so I’m glad that there’s a choice for the end-user. The design is updated with super, clean lines. There are no breaks anywhere, not even an indent for opening the lid on the body.

There’s no rubber or plastic rim around the display is so smooth when you open it up. I think this might be the cleanest laptop designed to date hello. Of the way, it looks both the displays look great three by two aspect ratio different resolutions.

But both 201 PBI is available in 4 different colors for the 13.5-inch model platinum cobalt blue-black and the new sandstone finish or for the 15 inch you get fewer choices just the platinum or the black.

But you do have a choice of either alcon terra or metal for the keyboard, which is excellent, and this keyboard has 1.3 millimeters of travel. It’s super comfortable, so I can’t wait to type on this laptop the trackpad is more prominent this year for me.

This is a welcome change much more significant than the surface pro seven trackpads which I find to be still a little too small for my taste you get 1 U. S. B. A. and 1 USB C. port I would love to see more ports here it would have been nice to have to like the surface pro X.

Service port on the other side for that quick charging in terms of power the 13.5 inch has the tenth generation Intel ice lake processors I. 5 or I. 7 with Intel plus 950 graphics up to 16 gigabytes of DDR 4 X. ram but the 15 inch is the one that I’m interested in these are powered by AMD either Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 with either Vega 9 or Vega 11 graphics.

Which should be appealing, you should be able to casually game on this, which I can’t wait to try out, and video editing might also be decent on this, so stay tuned for the full review it does have slower DDR 4 ram here at 20 400 megahertz but.

It goes up to 32 gigs of ram, so I can’t wait to see what this machine can do. I do appreciate the upgrading, and repairing this laptop is going to be much more comfortable. There’s like to keep more plates on the top comes off so you can see all of the components there should be much easier to repair and upgrade your S. S. D.

It’s going to be pricey though it looks like the highest end with 32 gigabytes of ram and one terabyte SSD with Ryzen goes up to 2799. but the surface laptop 13.5 stars at 999 and the 15 and starts at 1199 so. What do you think of the new surface lineup for 2019? I think they are looking solid at the best list.

That they’ve had in a while, but I think the winner here is the surface pro X. this is the smooth surface that I’ve been waiting for, but also that 15-inch surface laptop three is calling my name inquisitive.

About the aim of the partnership and the performance, let me know which is your favorite. It is in the comments section below and which one you’re thinking about picking up.

If you want to see more on the dual-screen surfaces, the surface neo and the cover will let me know in the comments, and I’ll do a separate article; these look incredible, and I’m sure.

That we’ll see some slight changes to these designs before they drop in late 2020 but I am very excited about both of them thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next 1

Tineco S12 Plus vs Dyson V11 Torque Drive!

Tineco S12 Plus vs Dyson V11 Torque Drive!
Tineco S12 Plus vs Dyson V11 Torque Drive!

What’s up everybody this is Danny and today is an exclusive video because I have a special guest with me today she never wants to be on these videos hold on hold on hold on.

What’s up everybody this is Holly and today my tent to be on camera like that hijacking up any way he what we’re going to do today is going to compare. Two of the best smart home vacuums out there are the typical S. 12 plus and the Dyson V. 11 torque.

So she does all of the cleaning this house. Thank goodness as he does because we have two kids too so. It’s a lot of cleaning right so. We’ve been using this for like two months now.

I think we’re going to do compare the tech all the good stuff that’s inside of these two vacuums and then we’re going to tell you which one that we think is a better value overall let’s do this.

When it comes to the ten colons the Dyson that roughly around the same price, the Dyson does give you quite a few accessories and tools that you need for every day cleaning the different says with the ten co you get so much more.

They’re even schools that you don’t even think that you need, but now I tend to use them daily too, so when we’re talking value for money you get so much more with the ten co versus the Dyson all right both of our teams in hand obviously that both.

When it comes to style a very sleek very modern they feel good in the hands if I give it one over the other, I would say that Tenco feels better well the dice is about a pound heavier okay just kind of noticeable but not this is not that the account is locked so yes.

I feel like the weight is distributed differently between the two, so I feel like this one is a lot easier to handle buses. I feel like this one ‘s a little bit more, maybe bottom heavy.

Hey, come the all-important sound test, so I’m going to do the ten co fast. And now comes the Dyson. The Dyson sounds like a jackhammer.

Okay, so at night which one would you go for when it comes to sound when the kids are asleep? If I don’t wake the kids up, I will take the ten co only because it has a little bit less of a high pitch.

The difference between the ten coal and other cordless vacuums I’ve used in the past is this right here. The removable battery is a game-changer because it gives you double the battery life, so the Dyson once it’s done their target yet, you have to wait for the charge.

This gets this extra one from the dock. It’s already charged put it right back in their bowl game changer my opinion, and the best part is at the end of the night.

When you’re done cleaning, you pop this back on the dock and automatically charges it for you, and they’ll charge the extra battery to the Dyson comes with a charging dock as well, but it’s very plain you just use the power adapter stick.

It on the wall that’s all you get, but with the ten coke, you get a docking station so you’re going to get a couple of places where you can put your favorite accessories, and the 2 of my favorite ones are the head itself.

There’s a light on the front of it so you can clean in between corners you can see all the third that’s in there good thing or bad thing and at night we clean a lot when the kids go to sleep.

So that’s perfect because when I turn on every light to clean soak the head is excellent and also filter system in here with the Dyson it’s very traditional you are going to pull off the back you going to pull that filter out of there.

You can have to clean it wash it, and you have to wait for it to dry with this one. You can remove the filter on the bottom. It comes with an extra filter, and then there’s a tool that auto cleans the screen for you, which is also another game-changer.

You’ll have to get built the doing it there’s an extra one on deck pop it back in there, and you’re ready to clean so you can see how efficient this is I’m not sure why a lot of these other vacuums don’t have this type of design I feel like this is one of the better modular designs.

It’s pretty credible actually when it comes to tech both of these are fully loaded this is the first Dyson to go with an LCD it is a little bit limited though you can see the different modes eco medium and Foust and you can see.

The battery life also that is left while you’re running sold 37 minutes here if you run it on medium at least you get some kind of an info display which I’ve been asking for dice in a very long time the V.

Ten wasn’t that good with a 3.indicator the temple has a much larger circular display. You see, all of that information on here battery life suction power you get a lot more information here on this display.

This is a nice one of the most practical uses for this display because it shows you filter condition brushed condition or any other type of malfunction you can troubleshoot directly to the screen. Hence, if no colors are lighting up, everything’s cool.
If you see colors start to change then, you know that you’re going to have to do a little maintenance, and there is a manual control for your section here.

It’s straightforward. So the Dyson. It’s a full trigger, so you have to hold us down while you’re vacuuming, but another game changer for me with the ten coal it is there is a trigger lock.

Now you don’t have to sit there and hold it down anymore so that the team that you might get from long cleans no more with the 10 Kerr.

They both have a high intelligent auto mode. All you have to do keep on auto in just our cleaning, but they do work a little bit differently than Tyson goes from hard surface to a carpet, and once the detects carpet in ramps up the suction.

But when it comes to the tentacle different, there are dirt sensors that detect the amount of dirt no matter what type of service.

You’re on, so what is going to do it is to ramp up that suction to clean that dirt, and after you’re done with it, it goes back to the reasonable aspiration to save battery life.

When it comes to the auto mode, the technical one-ups the dice when it comes to Ross section on the motor that Dyson is a little more powerful, but that’s something that you’re not going to notice day to day basis.

So we’re going to do see all this mess here to simulate what our kids do trust me is worse than this, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to clean one section with the Dyson one section with the ten calls when you get started right now.

You can hear that in Colorado ramping up. Home. Both fantastic vacuums no issue with either one of them. So that about does it for this comparison video, I think they are both high vacuums but me personally.

I think that the temple is a better value, and the tech side of it appeals to me more so I would choose a tent both amazing vacuums though you will not be disappointed the Dyson either I mean what’s your choice.

I’d say the Tenco just because of just everyday use I much prefer I I will reach that over this any day that’s all you have to say that’s it but for me mobile battery trigger lock filter clean the app as well which is pretty cool.

So I’m going to pick a tango, but both of these will be linked in the description section below, and there will be a coupon code for you to save a little bit of money, so make sure you check those links every time.

Because you never know when these things will go on sale, I’m not going to do the outro hit me with an outro. Suppose you want to see more of his face, probably if you’re going to see more of her face, not mine.

It was like comments on which one was your favorite. Yeah, which one would you choose already 2 were right now already we’ll see you guys in the next one hopefully you enjoyed this C. later.

Google Pixel 4 XL Review!

Google Pixel 4 XL Review: My 2 Week Experience
Google Pixel 4 XL Review: My 2 Week Experience

I’ve been using the Google pixel for excel for the last two weeks, and I want to clear some things up. Yes, there are some definite downsides, but they’re also some good signs.

I want to ask the question, is it worth buying over another android flagship or even something like the iPhone 11 series right now, so let’s start with the design some might say.

It isn’t charming, but I have mixed feelings because, in the world of culture, curved displays, and fancy designs, I kind of like fresh, simple approach the back has an excellent matte finish to it the sites also have that same feeling to it.
It’s nothing extraordinary, but it does feel good using it, and the flat display is refreshing, but I’m not a massive fan of this prominent forehead on the top.

Let’s be real this is so much better than the giant notch that was on the Pixel 3, but when you compare to other flagship phones today it just looks more like a retro phone from the front which is something that Google should not be going for there is a reason for that prominent forehead.

That is to fit the radar sensor inside, which we’ll talk about a little bit later, but I’m glad to say that the display itself is excellent. It’s a Samsung LED 90 Hearst display, and it’s incredibly sharp, and I love the colors the dual speakers are excellent.

When you are watching content, the front-facing speakers are a thing of the past. However, they still sound good if I had one complaint about this display: it doesn’t get bright enough in outdoor conditions; I think the panel is less than 500 nits on maximum brightness, so if you use an iPhone or a Samsung phone.

Lately, you’ll notice the lack of brightness I’ve been using to speak an ultra hybrid clear case to protect the phone because I am known to break phones immediately.

If I don’t put a case on it on this phone, I like the transparent approach because it lets that orange color shine through it, It also gives excellent protection around the entire phone and getting a subtle lip around the top to protect the screen.
I love the way it looks let me know what you think what’s even better is that the channel sponsor speaks. I have teamed up to give away a pixel for excel so that you can try for yourself all you have to do like this video follow speaking on youtube business begins website and pick 2 of yours.

Fever cases from their line up and leave a comment below on your choices because that’s the only way they’ll know what to send; if you win, the winner will be chosen from the comments. They will also throw in their wireless Chargers you can wirelessly charge your pixel for excel.

This is a complete package all the directions again will be down below good luck to everyone out there when it comes to performance this is precisely what I expected from a pixel device last year’s Pixel 3 was a little shaky.

When it came to bugs but so far for me, this has been a much smoother experience the gesture navigation is a love it or hate thing. Still, I got used to it in just a few days the global assistance even faster now with an onboard assistant the voice response, and timing is noticeably better.

I always welcome dark mode. I love the way it looks. It’s fantastic that all that displayed there’s also new on the fly dictation in the recorder app. Well, I won’t be using this often. It’ll be great for interviewers. And students recorded lectures the text is searchable as well makes things super easy to find the Qualcomm snapdragon 855 does well.

As you would expect and we finally get more ram is 6 gigabytes, and that doesn’t sound like much, but this is so much better than last year’s 4 gigabytes what that 90-hertz display does feel smoother, but there’s a considerable cabbie ought to that because if you don’t force it on to 90 hurts like.

I did here in the developer settings. You really won’t notice the low refresh rate because Google’s adaptive mode is just basically keeping. This display at 60 hertz 90 percent of the time, and this was done to save battery life. And even on the larger pixel for excel with the bigger battery.

I’m getting between 4 to 6:00 hours of screen on time, and that is pretty much middle of the line when it comes to flagship devices, so if you force it on to 90 hurts, you are going to get that lower-end spectrum 4 to 4.5 hours of screen on time.

That’s not very good, but if you use adaptive display you’re going to get between 5 and 6:00 hours of screen on time, so if we’re going to put this into perspective my phone 11 pro-Max gets about 10:00 hours of screen on time, and the galaxy S. 10 plus gets around 7 to 8:00 hours screen on time so the battery life on.

This is significantly less. That’s one of the biggest things that I was disappointed about, and pixel for the smaller version is probably going to be roughly the same or even worse when it comes to battery life.

I don’t have that version, but from what I’ve heard from other people the battery life is about the same or a little bit worse there is new tech in the pixel for and that is the radar sensor that is on the top this is the sole technology that Google showed off years ago.

Where you would get fine, I control over gestures with just your hands. He looked amazing. If you’re looking for that type of control today, you won’t find it on this phone. It’s limited to skipping songs, and some playback controls little things like.

That but right now, the most practical thing that the radar sensible gives you is the incredibly fast face unlock when you pick up the phone. It wakes it up, and by the time they even get close to your face. It’s already opened. It’s one of the cleanest experiences on the android period.

I don’t even miss the fingerprint scanner, which I thought I would, so that’s a great thing with radar-based scanning. It’s secure, but it looks like the phone can be unlocked without your eyes being opened, so that’s something that they need to fix soon.

When I find the face unlock to be extremely useful if the pixel devices are known for any one feature, it’s for the camera the prior pixel devices of the only had one camera in the back and have produced some of the best images and this year.

You get sort of a confusing square on the back with just two lenses. It looks like more, but there is a telephoto in there and while.
The images are just as you would expect with the pixel lots of detail contrast the inconsistent the experience has me a little bit confused hear me out the pixel for doesn’t have an alter my camera.

This can be found on popular phones like the iPhone 11 and the galaxy note ten, and Google was visible on stating that the ultrawide was not as crucial as the telephoto. I could see that from a personal preference standpoint, but there are some things in the software.

That doesn’t match up to this philosophy; if the telephoto was more critical, it doesn’t. Seem like it in the app because there isn’t even a button to take it to 2 X. you have to zoom in to get there.
I’m sure since I’m saying this on camera goals, probably pushing out a software update right now to add that to X.

The button I’m assuming that the telephoto camera was placed there to get better portrait photos, but when you put it into portrait mode, it does crop in. However, it doesn’t even use the 2 X. lens if you cover it still works, so it looks like that second lens only to gain extra depth information.

But does it need to be there second if zoom was more important there is a feature called super resume that already works fantastic when you go above 2 X. even into 8 X. and you take that picture. Some Google magic is happening there to keep the photo sharper than a standard digital.

Zoom would look like on other smartphones that feature already existed. Why couldn’t they put an ultrawide camera here to give the pixel users the most flexibility?

Yes, I know you can do a panorama. Still, there’s nothing faster than just switching to the ultra-wide lens in taking that shot, so I have to treat Google like any other manufacturer can you imagine if the iPhone 11 series didn’t come with an ultralight Campbell.

This year the internet would be burning up right now from all the keyboard warriors. Smoke in that keyboard, regardless of how. You feel about that topic. The images are still some of the best out there.

You can rely on this camera to give you a great shot almost every time I feel like this is something that’s not going to change with Google; the portrait mode is excellent, but I’ve made extensive comparisons with other flagships the iPhone 11 pro.

Which you can watch it, I’ll leave a link to that or card will come flying out of the corner, but where Google used to lead in the space with night time photography in the past is no longer the case here. Because eventually, other companies caught up in arguably can say that.

They are very similar or even better, but as I showed in my night mode shots compared to the iPhone 11 pro, I found night sight shots may be slightly sharper but also found the noise to be worse in most cases, so these tests show that Google’s lead is no.

Nowhere near as drastic as used to be if you take account video capture maybe the argument can be even worse because Google needs to work on this during the day it’s not too bad there are some improvements. However, there are things like a dynamic range of colors that still need work, but at night is where it just falls apart for me. The video is noisy on the pixel, for the details aren’t there.

It is just doesn’t look good when you digitally crop in; you can see what’s happening here, so I’m hoping that video to prove it is a huge focus for Google in the future. After using this phone for two weeks, what’s the verdict? Would I recommend this phone and thinking about it.

It’s harder than ever this year. I do like the minimal design, and the 90 hurts a LED display great camera the update latest and most significant android software experience with the radar sensor’s potential.
We can’t forget that awesome face unlock, but I can’t ignore the fact that none of this is what we hadn’t seen from other manufacturers in 2019 and when you consider the price point.

The pixel for starting at $800 in the bigger excel version starting at $900 this is a pretty hard sell the competition has gotten pretty crazy this year phones like the OnePlus 70 and the iPhone 11 are cheaper and provide you with the same or even more features so at this current state.
I really can’t recommend this phone but if history repeats itself.

We’re going to see some discounts soon on the pixel. When that happens, then we can reconsider this. Does that mean the pixel for is a lousy phone not? It’s a good phone. It’s just not a great phone, and with Google being who they are, the expectations were way up here. They didn’t meet that expectation.

Simple as that don’t count Google out though because they are a software company at heart in a lot of these problems can be fixed with software updates, and this phone is the only way to get the latest and greatest with Google so if your heart for Google and enjoy fan.

This phone won’t be a wrong choice at all, but for the average smartphone consumer I think there’s better out on the market right now so there’s a truth on the pixel for in the pixel for excel after using this for a couple of weeks let me know if you agree in the comments.

If you don’t agree, everybody’s going to have a different outlook, so totally understandable here makes you go into the description section and make sure.

That you can enter to win that pixel for excel and all those goodies, then you can try it out for yourself and let me know to subscribe for a lot more videos like this.

I’ll make sure I follow up with the pixel for excel if he gets any software updates because you never know what’s going to happen. Even if you enjoyed this and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

HP Envy x360 15″ Review: Affordable (2019)

HP Envy x360 15
HP Envy x360 15" Review: Affordable (2019)

What’s up everybody this is Danny, and today I partner with H. B. to share my experience of the 15 inches N. B. X. 360 laptops.

This is a 2 in 1 convertible perfect for business in everyday use. It’s available in a ton of different configurations and starts under $600.

But you never know when sales happen so make sure you hit that link down below to check current pricing and configuration options let’s start with the build of the 15 its envy X. 360 laptops.

It’s a beautiful metal build it feels excellent. It’s easy to open with one finger, so that’s always welcome due to its larger size a little heavier at slightly under 5 pounds, but I’ve had no problem putting it in my backpack.

So even for students, it’s part of the hinges that are dependable on this laptop I love the design and touches on the back the best thing about the 2 in 1 form factor is that you can use it as a regular laptop.

You get tempted to watch movies and catch up on your favorite content, or you can just lay it flat and use it as a tablet, so the flexibility is fantastic, especially if you get the compatibles pen. I love that this is a full HD touchscreen IPS display.

It looks beautiful in laptop mode there is some wobble when you touch the screen, so if you want the best touchscreen experience I would suggest a tent mode or using it in tablet mode it’s not a deal-breaker.

Whatsoever I don’t use the touch screen that much but when I do I didn’t notice it the display is brighter than 13-inch envy that I reviewed earlier this year, so that’s nice to see, but you still might have a problem regarding the screen outside with the laptop due to the glossy display.

The overall brightness, but if you’re primarily,k using this inside at the office or a coffee shop, it does the job. I watched a few movies on this laptop and looks suitable for the price point.

It is nice to have a more massive 15-inch display instances IPS we do get better viewing angles if you like watching content on your laptop you’ll be happy with the speakers tuned by Bang and Olufsen.

They are loud. They sound Chris nice and clear highs and mids. I wish it were a little more rounded with some more bass, but I think I will be happy with the speakers on the. 15 inch X. 360 when it comes to ports, you get an excellent selection on the left side you get a D. C. N.

For charging, I do love how HP has slimmed down the power brake. It’s a 65-watt charger, but it’s cute and portable, which I like to get a USB 3.1 port the power button ventilation grille and a headphone Jack and also a full-size SD card slot.

Which is fantastic for content creators on the right side you get HDMI ports another USB 3.1 porta USB C. port, which is excellent, and yes you can charge the laptop with a USB C. port and with the USB a and USB C.

Ports from that side you can’t charge other devices such as laptops and phones there’s also a fingerprint scanner on this model that I have you can securely log in it does take getting some used to with the positioning. Still, it works perfectly fine, and there’s also a volume rocker there, and on some models, you might see a webcam kill switch.

This is a new option for privacy. The keyboard layout includes the number pad on the right side. This is great for business professionals who need this. If you prefer to have it there, the keyboard is beautiful and comfortable with soft keys and lots of travel? It’s a little too sweet for my preference.

But it’s a comfortable keyboard trackpad that is reasonably responsive scrolling works well for everyday use. I wish it were a tad larger and broader, but I think a lot of people be happy with this trackpad there are plenty of power options for the X. 360 line up.

You can go all the way up to the tenth generation Intel processors. They are AMD Ryzen options as well, and you can get dedicated graphics up to the M. X. 250 so.
You can have to take a look and see which configuration works best for you. The back is removable with some screws that are hidden behind.

These rubber bumpers, but I wouldn’t because most things are not upgradable like ram but in terms of performance.

I can only talk about the model that I have in this is configured with the Intel quad-core I. 78565 U. processor with 8 gigabytes of ram and a 200 56 gigabyte M to SS tea which has excellent speed by the waist opening out.

Locations and overall performance are excellent everyday use like web browsing or standard computing. It’s no problem so that the office suite will work correctly here. This is not meant for gaming, but you can also casually game on the Intel 620 integrated graphics like titles like overwatch place surprisingly.

On this laptop, but don’t expect it to play anything demanding in my testing with everyday use, the computer stays very cold, so heat management is right on this when you do play games the fans do ramp up get a little bit warm. Still, I’ve never had it to the point where it gets too warm the problem I was laughing.

Like that, I haven’t done a lot of demanding things like video editing because, honestly, for the type of work, you’ll need to bump up to a better GPU, but if you want to do some photo editing or Photoshop or Lightroom on. This is doable on this laptop, so let’s round this out with battery life; the 15-inch envy X. 360 has a 561-hour battery. It is rated up to 10:00 hours, but I got between 5 to 7:00 hours of usage on mixed uses.

It depends on what I had to display at so if I kept the display is between 60 and 70 percent, I was able to get about 6:00 hours of usage, but the good thing is the laptop charges very fast with that included charger.

So you’ll be happy with that so if you’re looking for an affordable to anyone and you want that larger 15-inch display the H. P. X. 360 line up could be a good fit makes you check the link below because specific configurations make this an excellent deal especially for the performance.

That you’re getting for that price so make sure you scroll through and see if it makes sense for you and they pick one up if it does let me know what you think about this laptop and let me know which other laptops so you I take a look at next and I will see you in the future.

Minimal 49″ ULTRAWIDE Desk Setup 2019

Minimal 49
Minimal 49" ULTRAWIDE Desk Setup Tour 2019

What’s up everybody this is Danny not teamed up with LG to show you the most significant set up that I’ve ever done it’s the perfect ultra-wide set up when I’m at home for productivity and a fabulous large 17-inch display.

When I’m on the road, welcome to my ultimate 49-inch ultrawide setup test tour, and I want to thank LG for sponsoring this episode first let’s start with the heart of this setup, and that is the LG gram 17 being a long time mac user I miss the 17-inch display and this laptop.

Does it well because the footprint is so much smaller than you would expect for such a big display if it’s inside my standard backpack entirely, and it only 2.9 pounds I can’t even feel it in my bag so with my camera and everything else.

I need to put in my bag; this makes a huge difference the display is bright and vibrant with 2560 by 1600 resolution, so everything looks nice and sharp. Two windows side-by-side are no problem for the Graham 17 lots of room for professional applications like the Adobe suite.

I also appreciate the port selection there’s DC power USB 3.no HDMI and USB C. with thunderbolt three, which is a significant win which I’ll show you later. On the other side, to get two more USB 3.0 ports, a headphone Jack and a micro SD card slot, this laptop did come out earlier this year. However, the eighth generation core I. 7 processor still has plenty of power.

You can go up to 1 terabyte of SSD storage, and 16 gigabytes of ram the keyboard is beautiful and comfortable and is also back later, and I know some of you will appreciate the number pad on the right-hand side. The trackpad is also silky smooth uses precision driver still is excellent and responsive with a gentle click, and I also love the fingerprint scanner.

That’s on the power button, so it’s super easy to sign in with windows, hello the best part is that you can get a great deal on this laptop right now since it’s been out for a little while so I’ll leave some links down below for, you you can pick one up at a bunch of different retailers and even. At 1 of my favorite places in the world, Cosco seriously.

It’s not a joke Costco is life if you’re there check out how lightweight. This thing will blow your mind when I am at home, and in the office, I want to make sure I have the most power I can get and with that thunderbolt three-port on the Graham 17.

I can connect to my eGPU enclosure with the GTX 2080 inside that one cable drives the ultrawide display and also charges the laptop at the same time, so it keeps things nice and clean this gives me a lot of flexibility.

Because this gives me way more rendering power for video editing over the integrated graphics also gives me way more gaming powers off, I want to enjoy ultrawide gaming. I can this in itself trust me there is an experience I’m still enjoying years 5 in this set up comfortably lets me play at higher settings at 60 frames per second.

I love it, by the way. If you’re wondering what that stand that the Graham 17 is on, it is the 12 south curves excellent laptop stand I think it looks perfect with the set up if you’re wondering more about this ultrawide monitor.

LG also makes it if you saw my last alter white poor, the 34-inch model, and I thought that was big, but this 49 inch is next level. This is an excellent resolution of 5120 by 1440 with HDR 10 support. They also have a gentle curve to it, so it does feel immersive on the desk.

I can comfortably fit three windows side-by-side. Even more, 512 having all of that screen real estate is great because you can efficiently run multiple programs side by side, perfect for productivity with audio and video editing. The built-in speakers are surprisingly good so.

It works for me I usually use headphones when I edit audio, so it’s not a big deal, but I do feel like I need some studio monitor set up so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below so I can include those in my next set up to work.

If you saw my last set of tore, you might have seen this arm already by a human scale with the M. power charging station. This monitor is massive. This monitor arm has no problem holding it up it adds to U. S. B. A. and a USB C. port to the desktop to charge my phone or peripherals quickly.

This is especially handy when my keyboards and mice need charging just so much easier to do it directly on the desk. The manual that I’m using is the critical crime K. to this compact mechanical keyboard is something that I wanted to try.

And I’m digging it so far I’ve only been using this for about a week I have the RGB version their ton of different lighting options which are like you can cycle through them to see which one that you like I did offer the red switches I like the way.

It sounds and feels, but it’s available with the blue and brown switches as well. The layout is beautiful, and I think that this is the best compact mechanical keyboard that I’ve used so far. I’m using it wirelessly, but you can connect to 3 different computers.

If you want to and switch easily between them with the function plus the 12 or 3 keys, but you can also use it wired, and it connects via USB C. so that’s another win there’s a 4000 power battery inside so that’s nice it’s a little fake what I like it if.

You are a mac and PC user like I am. They do provide Max specific critical caps in the box, so if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard, then definitely check this out the mouse that I’m using is the older amex master.

I don’t think I need to go over this now since I’m sure that you’re not new to this the M. X. master 3 is out, but these older models are so affordable, and I think they’re still great I may operate later.

But I’ll stick to this. For now, the mouse is excellent for editing because you can use a custom map. These buttons control two computers with the same mouse has extraordinary battery life. I highly recommend the does that I’m using is still the BDI central lift; it hasn’t changed all year.

Because I love this motorized desk, it has that clean white finish with satin etched matte glass top; if you want to know more about this desk, I’ll leave my first set up for the year you can check it out because I go into more detail.

There but still 1 of my favorite features, is that your unit has that nomad wireless charger inside the charge my iPhone 11 pro. This is a feature that I use every day. I know a lot of people wanted me to do something different besides the Max set up so here.

It is I know it’s not a vast change-up. I’m still using that all some human scale good lamp that’s in the corner also, the chair is the same, but I think this is my favorite set up, yet I want to know what you think.

I mean, would you use this or would you change it up and go back to the last set up that I had let me know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for a lot more set up content like this and let me know what computer and display combo that you want me to check out next hit that like button.

If you enjoyed this check the links for the LG gram 17, if you’re interested, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and see you guys in the next set up toward.

Modern Living Room Tour

Modern Living Room Tour
Modern Living Room Tour

What’s up everybody this is Danny into a day I partner with LG to show you my simple but use large screen projection set up in yes that is over 120-inch projection behind me.

It looks sweet in the last mortal tore a lot of you asked about the furniture that’s in the living room someone to bring my wife back by popular demand.

She’s going to let you know about her choices and maybe where you can take some of the stuff up the first.

Let’s get to the heart of the setup, and that is the LG cine being H. Q. 70 L. H. 4 K. projector this projector for having a crisp 4 K.

Resolution is much smaller than I thought it would be it has a beautiful modern design clean lines and while it can be ceiling mounted I just place mine right here on the console behind the couch I was afraid of the projector loud right behind the sofa.

It’s on right now, can you hear it. It’s tranquil, so you don’t have to worry about it being loud I have a beautiful big wall in the looks great just on the white wall there’s nothing like watching content on the screen is enormous.

It’s awesome. This is a realist LED projector color. It is careful with HDR .10 to support this project It’s 1500 lumens and looks fantastic in my set up, especially at night; it might not be quite bright enough for full daytime use but looks great, especially on a wall this big.

It’s effortless to set up in fact if you’ve ever used an LG TV before this is the same experience you get that excellent web west experience with all the smart features that you get in their TV line up there’s built-in wifi all the streaming apps are here.

I appreciate the number of ports on the back you get to HDMI, including one audio return channel you also get USB C. could say even that L. G. you also have to U. S. T. A. S.

Headphone Jack gets a cable in Ethernet. This thing is loaded, and you’ll be happy to know if the ceiling-mounted the remote will work with the I. R.
A port on the back, the remote magic experience is the same because I have quick access to the Google assistant.

Just hitting this one button on the remote, I can control my smart home, turn off the lights, and get ready to binge-watch Netflix or Hulu.
Gaming is also incredible on the screen is big.

So you can look up your Xbox one acts or your PlayStation 4 Pro, and that experience is like no other if you have compatible phones, you can even cast wirelessly which is excellent like on this L. G. G. 8 X.

This could be that perfect gift for somebody trying to bring that theater experience home with them and be honest with you. Instead, I watch on this week’s set up in the comfort of my own home the built-in speakers on a projector a decent buffer that movie experience.

You can ask any speaker that you want with Bluetooth or auxiliary input since this set up isn’t permanent; it will end up moving into my office for my LG soundbar and sub combo lives. Still, until then, I want to trial some portable sound for fun colors during the. It Will is for the kids I use the LG X.

Boom Bluetooth speaker won’t break the bank, but it packs a massive sound for the size, and the price will check this out, but when I needed just a little bit more sound.

I paired it up with the new Amazon echo studio and my head just as one speaker in the center of the room; this sounds fantastic deep bass and crisp highs and if the bills.

The living room well I know that you compare a couple of these together someone orders an extra one and try it out I can’t wait for that and just makes you follow me on social and I’ll let you know-how.

It goes I’m going to enjoy the rest of this movie, so make sure you check the links down below for the LG cine being projector you never know when they go on sale makes you check current pricing.

Then I’m going to hand it off to my wife to give you the rest of the tour. Now the techy parts over here come the fun part a lot of people asking all of Danny’s.
All the furniture and stuff from, so I’m going to give you a walk-through of the piece I got to choose for this living room, the peace that we get axed allow access.

Cool all right the piece that would probably get the most questions on, and I think it’s like the centerpiece of the room because.

We don’t have a fireplace because we live in Florida; it is the BDI elements storage console, and the reason that we went for this vest is the media version of it because there are two versions.

The media want just it’s a little bit lower to the ground, and I prefer the look of this works a little bit higher it just fits our living room much better than the media version.

The council has wheels, and the media council has wheels, which would make it very easy when Danny has to change all the components back here.
But I want to be difficult, and I got this one correct in all seriousness it is a beautiful place and the pot I probably love the most is all of these hello dolls.

And inside the dos. It’s all the wires, and all the junk that nobody wants to see am I right the reason I love.it is it’s got that warmth to it as you can see a lot of a living room a lot of the house is very cool-toned.

But this has the wants to it, but it doesn’t age the room it’s got a very modern look with the kind of luxurious look about to and that the legs on a recent the next piece that gets quite a bit of attention to are this beautiful coffee table.

This is from west elm, and it’s called the origami coffee table we got large there is a smaller size it’s been great we’ve had it for three years. It still looks brand new, so it also makes sense some beautiful Instagram shots for Danny, and this thing sits on top of it year-round, and we just changed out with seasonal to call.

It’s from the target, and they still have them that I was there yesterday, and I’m hoping to get some questions about little doggy here name is apple, and she’s from a local boutique here in Florida speaking of west elm and target that’s 2 of my favorite shops.

This is what this kind of corners from this land is just a tripod lamp that’s from west elm you can actually get a similar one to it and talk as well which is a little bit cheaper we also have this chess.

Which I ball on target they want install they would target.com and we got those when we first moved into the house, and that is my spot has become my favorite place to set so they comfortable despite them not looking very pleased you feel like a little kid in them but.

We contemplate the change in the lax, but we kind of like it now; it’s just stuck. I mean, they haven’t held up very well, but what does the kids right hello this again change out seasonally and those covers from Amazon.

Most of my pelicans come from the couch say what you will about an Ikea couch this one is incredible we pull a pot of this couch about three years ago and is still in fantastic condition.

It is super comfy, but we only have to sew for pot in our old house, and then we moved in here that we went back to the fullest about a sectional.
And I don’t know anyway, and we added on this section right here, so they do so in a full sectional Bucks we already had this pot so.

We just added on this little pot right here, and I think it fits the space correctly do you agree probably the best part of it and the reason that we kept this couch instead of buying something.

New is the fact that you can take every one of these covers off unzipped them, throwing your washing machine your line dry them, and it looks like a brand new couch the next day you can even watch the arms now that I’ve done it that much do not assume and.

As it is back but little kids, sometimes you forget spillage or something you have to unscrew a couple of things. You can pull off the arms and wash everything, and so it’s a fantastic couch, and for the price, I don’t think you can be too, and it looks nice the final part of the room the rock it is from Amazon.

It is called the Orian rugs I don’t know the exact style, but we will link that below for you but considering we have a 3-year-old and a five-year-old is held up pretty well in the past 6 or 7 months that we’ve been living here it needs a little bit TLC I’m not going to lie, but you get some results.

You can get almost any staying out of this is an indoor-outdoor rug. However, it’s still very comfortable. I think it looks beautiful. It’s just very neutral how my favorite thing that we did to this house was the blinds, and they’re not cheap, but they’re an investment, and they stay with the house, so we went full the plantation shutters.

We also went full the nontraditional without the stick we have the hidden tilts behind them, and we did the splits so you can keep the top open while the bombs close to give you a little bit of privacy, but you still gas lights N.

But I feel like they add that modern touch them the cool thing is you have to do to open them is like that and you can open your window.
And my second thing that’ll love about that is that when I’m close enough, I feel a lot of light on the wheel of fortune fast hello Lexus.

So that’s it for the living room, so I hope you enjoyed it if you want to see more of that kind of the furniture and the design behind someone down small home stuff, let him know in the comments below, and maybe I can pop in from time to time.

if you’ll have me everything that I mentioned today and maybe some other things on the link below and the LG projector, I hope you enjoy it thanks for watching hi

Tech Tour at CES 2020! Best Smart Home

Tech Tour at CES 2020! Best Smart Home
Tech Tour at CES 2020! Best Smart Home

What’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’m going to show you the best smarter products here at C. S. 2020 there’s a lot here, but I want to show you the best, and I want to thank Amazon for sponsoring my trip out to sea yes so I can show you the best of the best of smart home S. C. S. 2020.

Let’s do it when it comes to voice assistants Amazon Alexa just stole the show as you already know there are so many products that they released it refreshed a lot of their queue line up already in 2019.

But they’re celebrating over 100000 devices now P. compatible with Amazon Alexa, so I got to do a lot of cool stuff here. I even got to have a cocktail party with Shaq and guy fieri that was amazing.

You got to look at all of the different products there some of the stuff that I haven’t seen or just personally as Amazon echo.
I had a smart microwave and stuff that you get to see before, and then right behind me as you can see, there is a Coca Cola energy.

Amazon wall and this is awesome because I’ve been coming every day to get an energy drink and it’s easy to let me just show you how easy this is cool I want all my shopping experiences to be like this. Alexa order coca Cola energy.

This stuff is likely learned powerfully can one small step for man one giant leap for humanity yeah yeah that easy Alexa was also really big in automotive this year lots of partners it makes a lot of sense because when I’m driving home.

I can have all the stuff automated for me.
I can open my garage door. I can have my lights come on. It makes a lot of practical sense for everyday life, and there are some cars, and I never got to see before, so there is a lot to build into a Lamborghini.

My first time in a Lamborghini was excellent and things I’ve never seen before, like radiant the fully electric. The truck I’ve never actually seen a ruby in real life, and it was there at the Amazon Alexa booth that was cool to see, so it’s nice to see.

What Ms on lex’s doing how many partners that they have and how they are tying all of the smart homes together and it pretty much everything I’m going to show you today I can almost guarantee.

It is going to be Alexa compatible, so for voice assistants, there really is pushing for the pure ease of use and just connecting your entire life, so I’m excited to switch back to Amazon Alexa in 2020.

So stay tuned. I’m here the color blue, and there are many products that they dropped here to see. Yes, they have a touchless toilet, and they also have some water filtration options underneath your sink.

Which is fresh, but the big hit of the show moxie voice shower head speaker I got to see this a little bit early. I feel proud about a month soon, and this thing is fantastic.

It has premium audio with Harman Kardon sound whenever you’re done. You can just pull that off and use it as a smart home speaker, which is cooling the build quality phenomenal.

It feels good, and all of the sound right now in this booth is powered by those moxie speakers, which is pretty incredible, so I can’t wait to get this into my home, and I think you should look into it.

Suppose you’re into singing in the shower. Who is the internet? I found something cool here at the Legrand bills, and actually, the company name is NetApp mold that mold sorry fun messing this up.

Mole, but this is a new kind of smart lock that I’ve never seen before. It’s kind of like a weird hybrid, but the big deal about this is that it’s minimal, which I like, but the key itself is NFC based.

You know when you lose a key, you have to go and change a lot right, but this has a unique code every NFC key, so basically, if you miss this key, you can reprogram it and be fine.

I like this part of it, and I think that’s the revolutionary part now it’s only compatible with a home kit at launch is going to come out at the end of 2020, but hopefully there said that he might add on Alexei Google system.

Later on, I hope they do, and there are no motors inside of it, so the batteries last forever. I think like four years basically, if you were to unlock it by the app.

You can, and you can lock it by the app you have to physically go there and turn it to close and open, which could be you know hit or miss for some people.

But I feel like if you want to secure a slot with a physical key if you’re into the physical key, this will be the ultimate smartphone lock. It’s been a while since the ring released this many products so.

That’s why I came to this wall over here. There’s quite a bit to show, so the biggest thing for me is that I don’t have path lights; I think the smart lighting path lights are going to work out well.

So what they’re going to do is turn on and work with other ring cameras and things like that to help detect motion into light your pathway when you’re coming in, which I think is excellent. It’s battery-powered, so I guess that’s also cool. You also have the ring X.line, so this looks very familiar.

But what I like is the look is slightly different, but it’s going to give you a three-year limited warranty. It’s also going to provide you with a ring essential protect plan for the life of the device and professional installation.

Which is also really lovely over here; there’s a ring video doorbell elite access with cellular. I think that’s a big deal because a lot of people can’t have a connection or they don’t have links to the internet and having cellular on there’s a considerable deal plus even if you have.

The internet went out of the house this is cool, and I’m digging rings line up, so I got to hit them up because I got to get some of the stuff at home a big surprise for me I didn’t know was coming was Samsung’s Bali it’s an autonomous robot looks like a little softball.

A bunch of different colors it kind of rolls on its own, but it’s supposed to be a part of the family, so it does a lot of things that you don’t even have to tell it to do.

We can communicate with your dog that the family sees a spill there, or if there’s something that needs to be sanitized, maybe like dog poop, you can do that or initiate.

Which is cold, so I didn’t get a full demo of it, but it’s running around over there looks cool, and I’m more interested in how it’s going to integrate into the smart home segment.

It’s supposed to connect to smart things so supposed to automate things and help do automation’s maybe that you didn’t set, so if you wanted maybe.

The windows open at a particular time you do that all the time you do yourself, then you could see that and automate that I’m interested in what this is going to do I don’t think there’s any pricing or any kind of timing on that yet.

I want to try that out. I can’t believe how practices for the last 8 CS one LG over the take-you home site have a fantastic smart door. Hence, as different apartments for people dropping off packages, there’s even a refrigerated portion where like hello fresh and stuff like that, AmazonFresh can write them.

Drop off your groceries, and yet they won’t go wrong at all, and there’s also a bio authentication for the front door some facial recognition vein recognition so safe to go in, and they also showed off what in.

The door would look like with all types of graphics weather information all that stuff with the refrigerator at all just sinking up with the smartphone, so that was great. Unfortunately, since it is the last day of CS, there some boots.

I wanted to visit, but they’re no longer there, but I’m going to talk about the party because I think they’re excited about the first year going on an adventure. After all, many people don’t give your Rica part a chance, and we’re going to see what’s good stuff is here.

All around the world down here I’ve been to Korea I’ve been to France and Israel, and I still haven’t found anything. Well, the first lightsaber with Alexa.

So you Rica park wasn’t much of a success, but there’s one thing here called the tale, and I think that this could kind of change how we look at the smart home and smart scales smart bathroom type stuff so this puts a range inside of your bathroom mat which is kind of fresh they can detect your posture.

You can detect and weigh and even determine your shoe size instead of stepping on the mat every day, and it’s going to show your actual weight. They’re going to show you the fluctuations in weight, so like for me that’s good.

I’ll just feel better about myself because I don’t see the weight every day. So this product is coming this year, but it’s going to go on Kickstarter. First, which is kind of a bummer, but the reason. Why I can’t get a demo of this because of the C.

All right now is pitching a shark tank, so you’re going to see this probably again the second find here anything at Eureka Park. I want to talk about the highlights and stuff that I couldn’t see, but I want to try August’s lock. I love their products.

I’ve been using them for a very long time, but this year, they’re finally going to put out a version that doesn’t look like a tank on the inside; it’s pretty much half its size you don’t need a bridge anymore to get wifi connectivity.

It’s a lot sleeker looking forward to checking that out, and also, I think they have a cabinet door lock or a smart lock sensor thing that’s happening there. It looks cool too, so I think that’s going to be suitable for safety when it comes to smart locks.

I think Lockley’s vision took it to the next level because it has everything you need. It’s afforded a lock. Still, a lot is going on. I also think the big deal is that is integrated HD cameras allow for two way talks are taking the place of a video doorbell.

Then, of course, you can unlock my fingerprint scan, which is cool a digital key or code or the app, so this lock is going to be the ultimate lock of a product that I did get to check out its C.

By GE light switches and these things is next level because number 1 you can have light switches that don’t need any type of wiring at all and they work by Bluetooth connects to all C. by GE lighting, and it works all great together, but the one that light switch that they had is pretty much is universal.

I think that changes the game. Because these smart lights which do not need a neutral wire at all, so all the questions. That I get why can I use an intelligent light switch because I don’t have a neutral wire it solves that problem you don’t have to do anything with this you’re going to be able to wire it in it’s going to work it’s going to be awesome.

So I’m going to leave a link down below to the full video that I did with them it’s very informative if you want some more information, makes you check that out so that about does it for smart home 2020 at C. S. let me know which product that you like best.

I know it’s a little bit not traditional in this wrap-up, but I thought it was fun, so subscribe for a lot more CS content and lot more smart home content in general in 2020, and I’ll see you guys in the next.

Top Tech Tour!Best of CES 2020:

Top Tech Tour!Best of CES 2020:
Top Tech Tour!Best of CES 2020:

What’s up everybody this is Danny and today we’ll be taking a look at the best tech here at C. S. 2020 there’s so much to do because if you’ve never been there, it is humongous.

I’m going to do all that work for you so you can just watch it all in 1 place, so thumbs up for that is a lot to show you let’s go and get started.

Let’s start this madness off at the South Pole, and I want to thank sky word for sponsoring my coverage here at C. S. 2020. All M. G. is that a giant NBA jam arcade machine.

The memories the book chock a lot because the big heads I got him over the house but maybe not that big, so this isn’t something that is I guess tech that you can take home or is tangible.

But damn is this awesome I mean take a look at this is the royal flex pi remember that that thing they the first foldable last year but this is their foldable OLEDs all put into a tree.

And it’s imposing is very very cool only a C. S. you see cool stuff like this I’m here at the sky worth booth the most significant buzz word and probably the most significant theme of CS is 8 K. and they have this crazy 88 inch 8 K. Olin that rotates not just a case but big 8 K. 20 inch 8 K.

Max, this thing is enormous. I want this at my house but even being this close. It is so razor-sharp still, so the sky was this not known in the U. S. for a TV manufacturer, but they have been doing it big in China for a long time and this TV right here at the Q. 918 K. TV in a 75-inch model is coming to the U. S.

This is great at a competitive price, and this 1’s unique because it has an excellent bezel design here, and it depicts a different color; this is a navy blue color.
This looks beautiful, and this TV can do real 8 K, so this has a new media attack a K. 900 processor HDMI 2.1 Dolby 2.1.to sound with the built-in soundbar.

I mean this thing is wholly loaded also coming to the U. S. is the old lead wallpaper W. 81 NW 81 pro series is super thin 4.6 millimeters.

It’s going to give you that amazing all that contrast that color pop, and there’s also a secondary display that pops up on the soundbar that offers you all types of information you can control your smart home from there. There’s a Sony camera that’s built-in; it does body tracking.

You can take pictures of your family with it it just kind of comes on when you put on the TV it’s beautiful and hidden sky worth is also big into a smart home they have their A. I. O. T.

Service call swatch is basically what they’re doing because they connect all of their devices that they make together, so they don’t just make T. V.’s if you look over here in the setup.

They make all types of different smart home stuff from washers and dryers refrigerators to lamps smart bulbs air conditioners.

They’re showing how everything can be connected with Google Assistant, and they have a routine set up here so they can change the lighting they can open the curtains and 1 of the things.

I saw here a gas detection unit that’s there, so if your house the techs the gas leak, you can automatically open the window.

I think it is neat for safety, so what I like is that’s what takes care of all of the skies were stuff and connects it all, and then everything is patching routines with all the other smart home products would go.

Will assistance so they’re working together to create the ultimate smart home experience they have way too much cool stuff here this boot to cover, but I dropped the full video on the lineup of TV’s coming to the U. S.

I’m a letter card come flying around here. I’ll leave a link below for more information on sky worth in their products check them out. Hence, it looks like audio Technica has some genuinely wireless noise-canceling headphones here. I don’t see a listening room for three things. I wish I can listen to these, but they look a little bit bulky.

But I think that’s because they have significant drivers, says 5.8-millimeter drivers. Active noise canceling, and they look pretty sweet, so I wish I could listen .to these because that I can determine if I want these, but these look promising.

I like audio Technica, so these are something that I need to look out for this year I had to stop by the arm removed if you remember last year I played 4 VS I think that 1 I don’t want to kick for fees.

But again, for 2020, there are some significant improvements here. If you look up there, there are some things that for peace now can do, which is set to move the heart rate.
All the staff and let’s say that you are getting frustrated at losing back off a little bit and let you win, so that’s excellent advances in A. I. every year.

I was looking forward to coming to C. 4 VS, maybe next year I’ll play for please let me know if you only do that all. Just a Hyundai helicopter over no big deal.

The next biggest thing here at C. S. 2020 is the insane amount of concept cars their stuff from Audi. There’s some dope stuff from Sony, but the one that took it this Mercedes A. B. T. R.

You can see that is the avatar and I’ve never seen a concept car like this got to go inside there literally this is not even a car it’s just like living and breathing like you become 1 with this car the accents the details like.

The car has lighting that makes it feel like it’s alive it everything just adapts. These wheels are just absolutely insane.

They can crab walks. I decide if you control it with just your hands, and I’ve only never seen a design this incredible I hope we see this an avatar too, but I just cannot believe.

The amount of detail in this car like the backcast scales on its like its breeding it’s moving it thinks it’s just literally blowing my mind this is 1 of the coolest things I’ve seen in CS.

Sweet baby oda. Look at what’s L. G. is gone again. Look at all these LED panels. They told me it’s 255 inch OLED LED panels to make this whole what they’re calling the wave experience, and it’s fantastic, and people are about to bump into me.

But that’s alright because it is just that hot so fresh they do this every year L. G. you did it again.

This is the best way to show off what all they can do this is incredible breathtaking is using.

Remember that rollable OLEDs that I showed you last year it’s finally coming to market it was supposed to happen last year’s not but look at this show that you have back here now they’re coming down from the top as well in the bottom they’re all synchronizing.

Again absolutely incredible Colin is once still L. G. I need this in the house held you when it comes to consumer TVs they’re huge on A. K. this year so real A. K. new alpha Gen 3 processor, so they have a bunch of different TV’s here.
They even have some concepts from what I think that I don’t believe this is going to come out to market but looks awesome mini LED A. K. 40000 right now.

That’s what I need right there, but they have their X. line up they have their wallpaper line up all refreshed with beautiful designs I mean just updated they still have the Nvidia G.

Sync perfect for gaming and just high viewing angles and just impressive infinite contrast so. L. G. was doing their thing again but emphasizing that K.

So I got my friend Chloe with me and also got a robot over there this is you know that’s just how I roll.

Sit in a shared ride concept vehicle, which was mind-blowing. This is for autonomous driving shared rides in the future.

If you were not to drive it all go to work, this is what luxury would look like I mean it had drinks inside there was a place where you can put your coat I mean they had rollable LED displays.

I came from both sides with OLEDs in the armrest where you can control your seating patterns in the seats were super comfortable.

It was 1 of the coolest things that I’ve seen here at the show, which was also from LG. This is going to be 1 of the dope is gaining monitors at C. S. 2020.
This is the Samsung Odyssey G. 949 inches look at that all truckers.

It’s very immersive got fluid. It is 240 hertz, and it is 4048. This thing looks fantastic, and you got to see the back of this thing. It looks like something from Star Wars.

I mean usually, most gaming monitors any monitors look like crap in the back by Sam song I have to give you props nothing looks incredible in that blue light.

The monitor has multi-color light; it’s RGB back there, so I’m not sure what else talking about with blue light; it’s like the blue the best but here.

This is something that I probably shouldn’t be excited about as much as I am this is the Samsung T. 7 touch, and I use the T. 5 right now I love it, but this has a fingerprint scanner on there for biometric authentication.

Let’s say keep all your files photos everything safe, and they improved it in pretty much every way you get about 1000 right and 0 read so I think that this is going to be huge and the prices are the same so this is my next drive in typical Samsung fashion they got to do a big.

Music craziness. Still hot though 1 of the newest TV’s is the Cerro and in several Korean it means vertical or new, but that’s precisely what it is more for lifestyle right Jay Z.

If you’re not a millennial, then you probably shouldn’t buy this, but the coolest thing is it is meant to be like a big screen for your smartphone right so you can put your galaxy S. 9 plus or even your iPhone.

It doesn’t connect the same, but you could do that, and it’ll vertically change and as a motor inside any changes to the orientation of your phone.

So it is cool if you want to scroll through Instagram watch a movie it’s still too late it’s not their top of the line TV in the technology is not as good but having that built-in stand with the speaker and everything looks pretty cool.

I’m not sure if it does not apply to the home right now, but I can see this being real hate in retail stores, so Samsung decided to release like 400 TVs here at C. S.

2020 but my favorite one is the 8 K. modeled after 2020, it is 2950, and it is incredible like the build quality all-metal perforations where the speakers are and, of course, again that amazing A. K.

Quality and you get through a cave this year, which is fantastic, so this TV is almost as a list I mean I was blown away when I saw the TV. The design is just breathtaking.

So I need this in the house this year, Samsung, you know the shipping address on my quest for the A. 7 S. 3.I doesn’t have that here, but they got Ghostbusters.

Those buses, not a 73 man, I’m exhausted, but we’re going to play a game and see how many people walk in front of me when we do this last shot finally at the end.

I had to check out the Sony vision as I’ve seen a lot of other electric cars here, but this is more of a concept again, but Sony is fascinating to me because obviously.

There’s not making a car, but they want to show off their tech that’s the site, but I’d like to look at the car looks beautiful; it seems more like a regular car.

I dig when it comes to like your cars, but I love the infotainment system that’s inside the screens wrapped all inside of there is typical Sony.
It looks clean; it looks modern, so I’m digging the vision as Sony; if you listening just make this car partner with somebody make these cards, I think it’ll be a hit.

But anyway that’s it for me I could have made this video like 1 hour long is probably 1 of the best shows that I’ve been to so far so. It that sums up for these tired legs.