New 4K HDR Projector

New 4K HDR Projector
New 4K HDR Projector

What’s up, everybody? I’ve teamed up with Viewsonic to show you their new four KUAR HD projector. And the problem with Fourcade projection right now is that it’s pretty expensive. But this one comes in at a surprising budget price.

So I believe it linked down below for you. So you can check it out and take a look at current pricing. So it’s really nice to see that Fourcade projection is coming down.

And it’s more affordable. I am pretty excited to watch some content on this in four K since it’s four times the resolution of 10 ATP.

So should make a big difference when it comes to projections like this. But what I’m most interested in is how does games? And Falke says we have the X box one X now. And we also have the PlayStation four pro.

So we’re definitely gonna get into some Fourcade gaming.

And this can project up to three hundred inches, which is pretty crazy. I even tried it on my garage wall outside and just projected as big as I can. It definitely works.

So before I get into some gameplay, let me show you some of the features that comes with this budget for a projector. So besides the Fourcade resolution, which is a big deal, this is one of the brightest Falke projectors out right now at thirty five hundred lumens.

So you should be good for daytime use and nighttime use.

But I’m going to demo it here in this room where I think I’m going to set this projector up.

And another great thing is that this has HDR support. So if you’re playing back HDR content, you should get vibrant colors, more contrast and even more detail. This is a DLP projector and you can get up to fifteen hundred hours of lamp life on this.

And while this doesn’t have Wi-Fi built in, it does have a pretty good amount of connectivity on the back. So you have your audio in an audio out.

You have your computer in. You have two HDMI ports, one supporting HD, DCP two point two, and also a HDMI two that supports a DCP one point four.

So you should be all good here. You have a mini USB port and you also have an arrest, two 32 port, which I’m not sure if anybody uses that anymore.

You have a USP five volt one point five amps out and also a 12 volt out and also a Kensington lock on the top. You do have a zoom ring that gives you one point, two optical zoom. And then you have a focus ring here at the top.

Then you have your big power button right here to turn on the projector.

And then you have a bunch of buttons up here if you want to navigate from the projector itself. It does come with a remote included. It’s not the prettiest remote I’ve ever seen, but it definitely works.

And it’s backlit. So let’s go ahead and play some games on it here in four K. I would hook up the X box when X first. Let’s do this.

All right, so I have the X box one X hooked up right now. We’re going to play a little bit of forcer. All right. So right away, I can tell the difference in four K. And actually this 10 what speakers really loud. Let me go and turn this down.

There is a built in speaker here. So let’s go ahead and play a little bit of us a real quick.

All right. I do shoot in 24 frames per second, so you can’t really see what this looks like, but the X box one X supports four K, 60 frames per second. And this is looking buttery, smooth right now. And I don’t really feel a big noticeable gaming input lag at all. While I’m crashing and messing up here, let me see if I can recover. Oh, like a boss. But this is looking really good and it’s feeling really good as well.

So the X box one X test is working here. And I can definitely tell the resolution difference here, though. The four K, I can tell for sure. I did a little bit of tweaking on this profile and I can get a lot of color off of it now. I thought it was a little bit flat before, but now it’s really starting.

Look punchy and you can see the detail on here for sure. So the X box one, X and four is a test. Definitely a go on this.

All right. So I have God of war loaded up right now on the P.S. for Pro. And this is looking stunning on here, man.

Wow, this looks really good. So right now, what I have this out to be is I think that we measured it. It’s about eighty four inches right now on a projection. So for a lot of people, you’re going to meet in here and in one hundred inches.

So this is looking really crispy in four K. This is 10 year old son. You can’t use that built in 10 watt speaker if you want. It actually sounds pretty good, but what the audio inputs back there, I’d probably go with something else. OK. No one I got from you.

Cross this bridge. So here’s an idea of what God of war looks like on this projector, so I think this is also a major go.

All right, guys, so what do you think about the Viewsonic for K, you HD budget projector?

I definitely did spend a little bit more time on this. Watch some more movies on it. Mess around the calibration a little bit more to make a final decision on this. So if you want to see a full review on this projector, let me know in the comments section below or if you have any questions on it.

Also, leave those in the comments section below as well, and I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ll leave a link down below if you want more information on this projector.


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