iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera &One Plus 8 Galaxy

iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera &One Plus 8 Galaxy
iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera &One Plus 8 Galaxy

what’s up everybody this is Danny and it’s a beautiful day I hope everyone is staying safe out there today I’m going to be doing a camera comparison between the

brand-new one plus a pro I’m gonna stack it up against the Samsung galaxy s 20 altra Samsung’s best and then we’re gonna throw the iPhone 11 Pro Macs in

the mix so let me know which video looks better it looks like the iPhone has the best crop out of all of them’s the widest but they all seem

to be looking pretty good right now let me know which microphone sounds better to let me know what looks better and then we’re gonna test out these cameras in all

different kind of lighting conditions I’m gonna limit in my time out so there’s not gonna be as many photos and videos but we’re gonna still get in-depth and we’re

gonna see if the one plus 8 pro is the camera to get this year so let’s get started all of these images were taken in auto mode because I think it

represents the average user best no edits made to the photos whatsoever the one plus and Samsung phones do have a pro mode built-in so if you have the time

to adjust for that perfect shot you can wear the iPhone does not do that without third-party software let’s start with the daytime pictures it’s no surprise but they all

take excellent photos during the day and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all in any of these phones all are sharp full of detail and dynamic range but

after looking at almost 200 pictures side-by-side here are some key differences that I noticed almost every shot shows the difference of the way that these cameras expose the overall

scene the iPhone 11 probe max usually ends up with the brightest overall image which I think a lot of people appreciate straight out of the camera but sometimes it

does backfire on the iPhone here it messed up the overall exposure but just like any other camera comparison this will be a preference thing for sure the dynamic

the range is great on all three but sometimes smart HDR on the iPhone handles the bright areas better with less clipping just look at my shoe and the detail here

on the toe box area, the other two cameras just completely clip this portion when it comes to things like greenery Samsung ends up with the more contrasty image which

I know some people will love but in some scenarios, the one plus eight ends up with the heavy contrast so let me know which one that you think looks better

a noticeable difference between the one plus and Samsung phones and the iPhone 11 pro max is the natural depth of field that you get without special modes due to

their much larger sensors look at the building behind the tree the win those are much more visible with the iPhone one plus and Samsung I would say are closer

in terms of processing style but after the new updates on d1 plus a pro I like the shots better in a lot of scenarios compared to the s20 ultra

even with the bigger sensor I like the focusing better take a look here it’s blurry with the s20 ultra from the same distance it does go back and forth

though look at the edge of this flower on the ultras image it’s sharper from this distance

but when you get closer the one plus does a better job with fringing the iPhone having that smaller sensor though just handles this like a boss with the best edge

the detail and even though you don’t get that insane background separation it doesn’t suffer from the same issues here’s another example I would say the iPhone 11 pro has the

the best shot here which is incredible because this is the oldest phone out of the bunch the closer you get the fringing gets worse on the one plus and Samsung but

one plus does have that excellent macro mode so you can get super close and look at how much detail there is there so with one plus you have that option the

colors are generally great on all three phones but the one thing that I noticed is that the one plus is still suffering from the magenta or pink cast over the

picture in certain scenarios if you look you can see it in the whites like the clouds here in certain scenarios it’s noticeable like here where there is actually

pink in the building itself it’s not a deal-breaker because in a lot of scenarios it is nowhere near as pronounced or you don’t even see it at all

but I hope they improve this with more software updates in the future when it comes to straight detail out of the auto mode they are all extremely sharp and

full of detail even when cropping in with 400% scale and then moving on to 1000% scale the detail is great on all three but the one plus 8 pro

has a 48-megapixel mode on the main and wide-angle camera which is fantastic it is not as wide as the other two cameras I wish it was a little

a bit wider but then when you crop in you can see the difference that the 48 megapixel makes just look at the building the doors are still clearly visible

on the one plus a pro, they all have nice wide-angle cameras though which I love but the Samsung is the best in the business in my opinion here is a

comparison of the galaxy s 20 ultras monster 108-megapixel mode on the main sensor versus the one Plus is 48 megapixel and the apples 12 megapixels the one plus holds

a fairly well but it’s no match for the Samsung we’re in the trees and the water the details are incredible so for high-resolution shots Samsung is still boss

in this picture look at the skater shot, of course, I didn’t want to get too close but that 108 megapixel shows the details of the Gator it’s incredible

all three phones have zoom options but they are all different the iPhone is limited to 2x telephoto and 10x digital zoom where the one plus has 3x telephoto and 30x

digital zoom which looks pretty terrible in my opinion the galaxy s 20 ultra does have up to a hundred times zoom which I wouldn’t use because it looks like

an oil painting but here’s a case scenario where the very usable 5x zoom shines on the ultra look at the amount of detail here just so good the zoom

goes to the ultra because even the 10x is very very usable portrait mode is nice on all three but here the iPhone miss where my daughter decided that

she wanted to use her middle finger to point at something not sure where she gets those tendencies from the iPhone here again messed up the shots so not sure

what happened here I took this picture a few times to make sure it wasn’t user error the background separation and edge detection is great on all three but with

the galaxy s 20 ultras if you don’t tap to focus before taking a live focus shot sometimes this can happen where the subject is soft and exposure is off

but I like the one plus a pro best here best overall exposure with the best balance for the scenario with the rear camera I like the skin tones and

exposure on the one plus better but when it comes to the front-facing camera I love the galaxy s 20 ultras at the best Samsung stepped it up this

the year I might go out on a limb and say that I think Samsung flagships have the best overall front-facing camera so far I’m not a huge selfie taker

so I wish I didn’t have to take them as much but I do this for you guys because I know selfies are super important to a lot of people

so I’m curious to see which one that you guys prefer in the comments section below

I’m running as fast as I can and you can see how smooth the one plus and s20 altra is and the iPhone is just a bouncy mess so I hope

we see something from Apple side on this very soon let’s jump into the low-light performance this one is a little bit tough because this one is going to

be a preference based but the one thing that is clear in low-light is dealing nighttime selfies the s20 ultra showing that it has the best front-facing camera even at

the night mode is something else and even though it can over exaggerate like this the sharpness and detail just cannot be overlooked here is another example of

just super terrible lighting but when that night mode kicks in to look at that sharpness it just doesn’t even compare so the ultra takes this one for sure when it

comes to the nonnight mode shots besides the white balance changes it doesn’t look too different until you start cropping in to see what’s going on the iPhone has

the noisiest shot which makes sense because it has the smallest sensor and sometimes the ultra does produce the cleaner and sharper shot but most of the time the one plus

a pro is the one creating the cleanest shot with the best noise reduction in detail at 4 times crop they don’t look super different besides the iPhone but at

1000% scale you can see the noise and detail difference the one plus is better here’s a street shot of a car and from first glance, it doesn’t look much

different but 400% scale look at the light source and the windshield and you can see how much cleaner the one plus shot is and then at 1000% scale you can

see it now so kudos to one plus on this improvement in-camera processing where the iPhone takes a hit is in wide-angle camera at night in moderate

low-light it isn’t terrible but when you get into low-light situations it is awful it’s soft and full of noise there’s no night mode on the iPhone wide-angle camera so

it hurts because you don’t get a chance to get a better shot like you do on these other cameras the galaxy s 20 ultra has the best performing wide-angle

even without night mode is sharper and has more detail and then you kick in that night mode and you can see the detail difference in the ultra shot

a lot of these shots I took one with night mode and one without the biggest thing is the way that they handled the changes in between sometimes there’s a

huge white balance change and saturation levels just go wild especially on the galaxy s 20 ultra one of my complaints about the s 20 alters night mode is sometimes

it processes with the heavy green tint it doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it looks weird I get flack for this all the time and I’m

sure I’ll get it again but I still think that the iPhone has the more natural approach to night mode all of it looks fake to a certain extent but

I think that one plus does a better job then the ultra most of the time when it comes to temperature change difference and saturation levels a lot of times

the ultra tends to over saturate too much and lean towards the warm side the one plus does this too don’t get me wrong but the ultra does this a lot

more and when it happens it can be a little too much but let me know which one that you think looks better in the comment section below because they

all have their funky traits so none of them are perfect when it comes to nighttime video the dynamic range looks to be higher on the iPhone but the green

tint on the iPhone is picking up way too heavy and it’s fairly noisy the Galaxy S 20 ultra has the right color but the video is also super soft

and is the noisiest out of the three the one plus has the best detail and contrast out of all three here you can see it on the tree impressive

the nighttime video even walking you can see a clear difference so the nighttime video is a go on the one plus a pro so that’s about it all of these camera comparisons

are just nitpicking the differences at this point because they’re all so good but here are a few takeaways the iPhone keeps up extremely well for being older but it

needs a night mode for its wide-angle camera the ultra is getting better with software updates but the night mode needs tweaking and the night video also really needs

some work the one plus a pro has gotten so many software updates to prove the camera and it’s working big-time I would love to see a reduction in that magenta

cast in the photos but it’s the best camera that one plus is ever released and it’s impressive so if you’re worried about the one plus a pro not having a good

camera don’t be because they improve this year and when you consider the price of the one plus it’s the cheapest out of the bunch so to me it’s the

the best deal in terms of the camera out of the three thank you for watching I hope this helped you make a buying decision let me know if this is

enough to buy a one plus a pro or are you sticking with the


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