Wireless Charging Speed Test iPhone SE (2020)

Wireless Charging Speed Test iPhone SE (2020)
Wireless Charging Speed Test iPhone SE (2020)

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today we’re going to do the ultimate iPhone wireless charging test the new $399 iPhone SE is out now and some of you
might not know that wireless charging is included in this more affordable iPhone so it’s a perfect time to test it with the rest of the iPhone lineup the only
one not here is the iPhone 10 R but the iPhone 11 has a similar battery size so we can use those numbers if you have a ten are all
of these phones are currently drained at 0% and I’m going to put these on the wireless chargers and start the timer now it usually takes a little while to
get these up and running during this test I wanted to make sure that the phones were on all of them were connected to Wi-Fi all have SIM cards inside
of them and also getting notifications because this is how we charge phones in the real world and I wanted the results to be accurate the Wireless charges that I’m
using for this test is from the video sponsor Ankur if you’re looking for a quality wireless charger that won’t break the bank these are it they’ve been making quality
wireless chargers for a very long time all of the charges used here will give any of these iPhones full charging speeds up to 7.5 watts super easy to use
just lay your phone on top and just like that you’re topping up anchor has a ton of wireless chargers to fit your needs from the simple single charger to
the dual charger you see here that can charge two devices at the same time which is perfect for the bedside overnight with some air pods on the second side
the stand is nice for desk setups and I like this one with two USB ports on the back so I can charge other devices at the same time if
you don’t use an iPhone that’s ok too these Chargers are compatible with Android phones as well so I’ll leave a link down below for you if you’re interested no
reason to overpay for the convenience of wireless charging after 15 minutes we have 15% on the iPhone so we have 7% on the iPhone 11 Promax 10% on the
iPhone 11 pro which is not bad and now 5% on the iPhone 11 after 30 minutes the iPhone SE is at 25% so based on this it should take
about two hours or so for a full charge let’s see if that’s true we have 16% on the iPhone 11 pro max so I’m wondering how long this will
take to fully charge the iPhone 11 Pro has 19 percent and the iPhone 11 is now up to 16 percent so now you have an idea what a 30
minute Wireless charging session will give you on these iPhones now let’s go ahead and jump to every 30 minutes after 1 hour 44 percent on the iPhone se almost
half 29 percent on the iPhone 11 Pro max iPhone 11 Pro at 34% and the iPhone 11 also at 34 percent right around the hour-and-a-half mark the iPhone SE
is at 64% the iPhone 11 Pro max is now at 43% so that almost four thousand milliamp-hour battery is slow to replenish here wirelessly the smaller iPhone 11
pro with the bid over 3000 milliamp hours is now at 50% and now 51% on the iPhone 11 which has a slightly bigger battery so it’s taking the lead
here out of the 311 series phones at two hours the iPhone SE has 77% charge this is surprising with a very small 1821 milliamp-hour battery 56% on the
iPhone 11 Pro max 65% on the iPhone 11 Pro and 67% on the iPhone 11 two hours and 30 minutes in 88 % still on the iPhone se so
that 2-hour estimate that I had was wrong 68% on the iPhone 11 Pro max 78 percent on the iPhone 11 Pro so only 10% behind the S
II which is interesting and the iPhone 11 now at 84% which is almost as fast as the iPhone SE and has a much larger battery so this is very
weird but interesting 3 hours in we have 98% on the iPhone se so we are almost finished here the iPhone 11 Pro max at 81% iPhone 11 at 90%
so all these numbers are getting closer together and the iPhone 11 at 94% so we’re almost there I kept checking every five minutes or so but it took three
hours and 18 minutes to fully get the iPhone set to 100% so that is the first iPhone to finish so we can put this to the side now at
about 3 hours and 32 minutes the iPhone 11 finishes to 100% this is not too bad for the size of the battery in comparison to the SE 3
hours and 43 minutes later the iPhone 11 Pro finishes to 100% charge and I checked back at four hours and the iPhone 11 pro max is still at 98%
then finally at four hours and 11 minutes the iPhone 11 Pro max reaches 100% so this test shows that no matter what the size of the battery is
the iPhone seems to charge at a consistent speed in the beginning and trickle charges at the end probably great for battery longevity but surprised at the speed of the


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