Wireless Charger Huawei P40 Pro

Wireless Charger Huawei P40 Pro
Wireless Charger Huawei P40 Pro

What’s up, everybody? The long awaited Barway P forty pro plus is now here in my hands. And I know I know it’s all about the monster camera system with this incredible camera array and the true optical tenwick zoom.

And it will be my focus moving forward. But I really wanted to try out this new whiteway 40 watt wireless charger. So I ordered it from eBay. It came a little earlier than I thought.

So I wanted to see how this compares with the 30 watt wireless charging on the one plus apro and the Shadmi meet 10 pro five G. Nothing else comes in.

The pack is just the charger itself. It looks clean and minimal. A decent sized fan inside to dissipate the heat.

And the one thing that I do like about this charger is that looks like it has two main contact points. You can charge at full speed in landscape, which is really great, just in case you want to charge while you’re watching content.

And these other chargers that I’m testing today cannot do that.

So you have to stand it upright while charging all of these phones are draine to zero.

So I’m going to place them on their proprietary chargers to get that full speed. If you use other wireless chargers, you can not get these type of speeds.

Of course, my camera died at this moment, so I had to capture this on my phone. After 15 minutes, the P 40 pro plus has 30 percent, which is really impressive, 20 percent on the one plus a pro, which has been my speed leader in all my other tests.

And the jow me with twenty five percent, which is really great. OK, swap batteries on the camera and after 30 minutes we have fifty one percent on the whiteway, which is great.

So that’s nice. Top up speeds for wireless charging. The one plus apro only at thirty nine percent, which is weird because it’s been faster in my previous videos. But these tests do fluctuate and not every charge is going to be the same.

And on the ME 10 pro 5G, we have 42 percent. So very similar to the one plus when it comes to temperature.

All of these phones are pretty warm at this point, but the whiteway did seem a little bit hotter than the others. And I didn’t have anything to measure this with. So the next time I will definitely do this. But they’re all warm to the touch.

So. Forty five minutes into it, we have seventy five percent on the whiteway P forty pro plus. So is things steady? Maybe it will charge in one hour which would be awesome.

And we have sixty one percent on the one plus a pro so it’s catching up.

And on the meat ten pro we have 60 percent. So neck to neck on the 30 what side. So here we go. The one hour mark. Did the whiteway charge in one hour.

Nope, it did not. It’s really close though and 90 percent still good. Then we have eighty two percent on the one. Plus a proso is steadily catching up. And on the show me we have eighty two percent as well.

So now they are neck to neck. Ten minutes later. Ninety four percent on the Y way. So it’s slow down quite a bit. And on the one plus a pro it is a ninety three percent. So here we go. It’s a race to the finish. And on the meat ten pro we have ninety four percent.

So it has completely caught up to the wall way even with the bigger four thousand five hundred million power battery at one hour and 16 minutes.

Surprisingly, the show me is at one hundred percent full charge. So that is impressive.

So on this test, we will call that the winner and then we will put that down. Check the one plus and it is at ninety eight percent and on the Y way it’s at ninety seven percent.

One hour and twenty one minutes later the one plus eight pro finishes charging and at one hour and twenty eight minutes the P forty pro plus finishes with this four thousand two hundred million up our battery.

And it just didn’t seem right that it would take this long. So what I did is I drain the battery overnight and then I tried the test again in the morning and here is the second run.

After 15 minutes we have thirty one percent. Thirty minutes later we have fifty three percent. Seventy eight percent after forty five minutes. So it’s very similar to the test yesterday. Ninety three percent after one hour. So this run is a little faster.

Checking again at one hour and eleven minutes we have ninety nine percent.

So this is for sure faster than last night’s run. And at one hour and 14 minutes it charges to one hundred percent. So like I said, it varies. This is 14 minutes faster than the first time. So I thought I would include this.

Even though this is not wildly different from the 30 watt charging from the competitors or even their own twenty seven watt charger. I tested with the P forty pro. This is still one of the fastest wireless chargers out there right now.

Let me know if you think the 40 watt wireless charger is worth it. There is a good chance that software will optimize wireless charging with updates so it can improve.

But at this time, it doesn’t look like that extra 10 watts makes a huge difference. But regardless, the wireless charging has progressed so much. And to put it all into perspective, these chargers are faster than the wire charging on the iPhone 11 pro.

So that is a win for a wireless charging. I think we can clearly say that wireless charging is worth it in 2020.


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