iPhone 8 Camera Test & iPhone SE (2020) vs

iPhone 8 Camera Test & iPhone SE (2020) vs
iPhone 8 Camera Test & iPhone SE (2020) vs

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’m doing the camera comparison between the iPhone 8 then the new 20/20 I phone se so I know there’s gonna be
a lot of people out there that have an iPhone 8 and even though that the se 20/20 looks like the iPhone 8 there are some nice improvements especially in
the processor so I want to see what the 813 actually does for the SE and see if this camera is any better and worth an upgrade over the iPhone
8 series let’s go ahead and check this out and see how this camera stacks up pretty curious Wow what about that audio difference I forgot how much the audio
has been improved since the iPhone 8 series so that is noticeable right away doing this comparison test it made me realize how well the iPhone 8 held up overtime
during the day it keeps up well with the new iPhone se and this is what I expected but there are some key improvements so let’s go ahead and break
those down a first big noticeable difference in the picture quality is a dynamic range the 813 processor shows that leap with smart HDR consistently there is more cloud detail when you
are taking landscape shots the highlight preservation is better with less clipping and in direct sunlight, you can see how much better the new site is handling dynamic range so
this alone I think is a major leap between the two generally speaking after looking at about a hundred or so pictures side-by-side the iPhone 8 tends to process with
more contrast while the iPhone se 20/20 brightens up the image with more shadow detail this can make shots of greenery a little nicer out of the camera on the
iPhone 8 and this is going to be a preference thing for sure but I’d rather have extra dynamic range and detail coming out of the iPhone SE and add
some contrast later but this is a pure auto test so let me know what you think I don’t blame you at all for liking some of these iPhone 8
pictures better but even though sometimes I do prefer the iPhone 8 just look at how much sharper the s East pictures are looking at this rope here you can
see every fiber where on the 8th it’s nowhere near as detailed so the improved processing will sure give you the better shot over 90% of the time so
on this alone think it’s worth to jump with people and skin tones much haven’t changed again beside the contrast level but you do get an advantage with the SE
over the iPhone 8 because you can do portrait mode even with a single lens which I think is nice just like the iPhone 10 are done before sometimes it
can brighten a little too much like here but it does look good with decent edge detection it even got in between my son’s arms here in the shot
but just like the 10r, you can’t take portrait mode pictures of objects which is a bummer because with third-party apps you can do this so I hope Apple
adds this in with the future or software update same with the front-facing camera you can do portrait mode with selfies where you can’t do that with the iPhone
eight skin tones do go back and forth but overall I like the S II better on the balance with skin brightness and contrast their portrait mode isn’t bad either
so if you want this feature and you do have an iPhone 8 this is something to consider that is a quick breakdown but let me know what you guys
think of the daytime pictures overall sometimes the white balance does go back and forth but for the most part, they are both consistent for some it might not look
wildly different but when you do a 400% scale crop you can see the detail difference here just look at that leaf during the day the new iPhone SE
for sure takes the win when it comes to 4k video they can both shoot 4k 60 frames per second this is how far the iPhone 8 was it was
ahead of his time with this feature but this is 4k 30 frames per second that you’re seeing now you can see that extended dynamic range on the new
iPhone se 20/20 you do lose this feature when you go into 4k 60 frames per second and that is a bummer but look at that dynamic range difference in
the sky there but the Sun peeking through is night and day difference, in my opinion, another one on the video side is the stabilization you can see that
in this handheld walking shot that the iPhone se 20/20 is so much more stable, you can see the bounce in the iPhone 8 where these is less
pronounced and smoother all around and again you can see that nice improvement in dynamic range here let’s get to the low-light performance what I was most curious about and
let’s get this out of the way you don’t get night mode on the new iPhone SE and night mode recently only made it to the iPhone so you won’t
see this on the iPhone 8 but I am glad to say that there are some nice improvements even without night mode the same thing


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