OnePlus 7 Pro Camera vs OnePlus 8 Pro Camera

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera vs OnePlus 8 Pro Camera
OnePlus 7 Pro Camera vs OnePlus 8 Pro Camera

there’s a lot of people that are stacking up the 8 Pro versus the flagships out there and that’s cool and I have one coming too but I want to

show you guys if the 8 Pro is worth upgrading to over the 7 Pro when it comes to the cameras there are a lot of improvements when it

comes to the Pro in terms of hardware in the entire package but I want to see how good the pro camera is versus the older one so

let me know which one sounds better to let me know what video looks better and then we’re gonna test this in all types of lighting conditions to see if the

8 Pro is worth upgrading to let’s do this before we get started let’s talk about the testing process all of the photos were taken on auto mode with Auto

HDR on I know there is a pro mode on both of these phones so if you have the time to dial in that perfect shot you have that choice

but the auto mode is what most of the general public will use so I feel like this represents the averages are best one of the biggest differences I saw right

away is the white balance the new one plus a pro generally lands cool on white balance during the day while the 1 plus 7 Pro favors the warmer tones

so this will be a preference thing for sure most of the shots I prefer on the 8 Pro and then some I prefer on the 7 Pro but the

7 Pro heavily over saturate sometimes so I’m glad that that part has been toned down on the pro, for the most part, the white balance does go back

and forth so it’s not a golden rule but for the majority of the images that’s what I noticed next thing is the dynamic range the 1 8 Pro is showing

a nice improvement overall if you look at the sky in cloud detail the highlight control is better but what I’m surprised to see is that the sky color

is oversaturated on the pro versus the 7 Pro the older phone has the more accurate sky representation so I would like to see one fix this in a

future software update the 8 Pro has a larger sensor so you’ll notice a nice depth of field difference some shots you will love this there are some advantages

of the smaller sensor though if you look at this lock shot the 7 Pro gets a lot more of the subject in focus while the depth of field isn’t

as great it produced a better picture in this scenario in this flower shot you can see the depth of field difference but the seven pro gets more of

the plant in focus but the pro has that handy macro mode that the 70 has and you can look how close you can get it’s incredible there’s so

much detail up close a huge improvement overall is on the sharpness on these images side by side in most scenarios the 8 Pro creates the much sharper image

and is very noticeable especially in the portrait mode shots is not that the 7 Pro does a bad job there’s just more detail on the pro another

thing is that there’s an option of capturing a 48 megapixel shot in Auto without going to pro mode on the new 8 pros and if you crop in you

can see better detail all around some of the images the difference is very noticeable with less noise in much better detail while some of the images don’t show drastic

changes but the reason why I’m showing you one thousand percent scaled crops is to show you what improvements are happening not because I expect you to crop in this

heavy but it is an option for reframing and what’s great is that 48 megapixel is also available on the wide-angle as well on the pro where you

don’t have that on the 7 Pro so if you want pure resolution the 8 Pro is the way to go this is a nice upgrade in some shots you

can see a drastic improvement and the 8 Pro is a no-brainer upgrade but sometimes the 7 Pro just produced a better shot and it did have me scratching my

head while I was editing this I mean the contrast level might be a little bit too heavy on the 7 Pro for a lot of people but sometimes the

7 Pro just produced a sharper and more pleasing shot the good thing is that this isn’t the majority so I wouldn’t worry about it when it comes to the

skin tone overall in the front-facing camera it looks like the 8 pro is the one bumping up the skin brightness when it comes to brighter conditions like outdoors but

when we go inside the pro seems to have better balance overall where the 7 Pro seems to brighten the skin heavily so it depends on the scenario I

think the 8 Pro is a little too dark and I think that the 7 Pro is a little too bright especially on the hair so I would love to

see one plus update the cameras to give me something that’s in the middle of these two let’s talk video 4k 60 frames per second is the top end on

both of these phones which is fine aka is cool

but in rec 601 which is odd but it does fix the colors on the pro it’s way more natural with better balance all around and while it’s jerky

during recording, you do have the ability to change to the wide-angle camera and also to the telephoto camera for more flexibility where you have to choose the focal length

before you hit record on the 7 Pro also improvements in stabilization are noticeable as well on 4k video I didn’t realize how rocky the 4k video was on the

1 7 Pro until I was editing this the pro has the newer optical image stabilization and electronic stabilization working together which makes a big difference as you can

see they do both have super stabilization mode so I enabled them both it does drop it at 1080p but it makes the footage so much more stable while running

the pro is noticeably better though way smoother all around so nice upgrades here in stabilization so let’s get to the low-light performance which is one of the things

that I wanted to 7 Pro to be better at and I’m happy to say that the low-light performance overall is better on the pro the biggest differences that

you will see here white balance and sharpness this whole thing does a flip-flop where the 7 Pro is now landing cooler and the 8 pros are now landing warmer

this will be a preference thing yet again but I’m going to say that the pro was more accurate when it comes to the actual environment but neither

of them nailed it I’m going to say this again if one plus gave us something in the middle of these two it would be perfect in almost every shot the

a pro is sharper and has more detail all around the nightscape shots on the 7 Pro helped with sharpness because the main shots are especially muddy outside

of the focus area when it gets even darker you can see how softly 1 7 Pro is and then when you crop in heavily you can see the

a pro has noise in much better detail also that extra detail doesn’t sacrifice on noise level either the 1 8 Pro does a great job of controlling noise in

comparison to the seven pro look at the difference here on the crop it’s a major jump look at the window to the dynamic range is so much better you

can even see the ceiling detail in the room there is that random occurrence where the seven pros will take a better shot but it’s 99% unlikely this is a

definitive upgrade when getting the 8 Pro Way more decisive than the daytime shots so I’m giving this a total win to the one plus a pro from landscape even

to the portrait mode shots in the dark the pro just crushes it you’re going to get a lot of that not enough light error on the 7 Crowe

where you don’t get that on the 8 Pro same goes for a nighttime 4k video the colors are just so saturated without color conversion on the 7 Pro where

you can see more natural colors right off the bat with the 8 Pro the bigger sensor shows here by letting in more light and capturing more detail dynamic

the range is better on the harsher lighting conditions and this end shot shows the improvement in light capture this is night and day while it’s not the sharpest video

that I’ve seen the 8 Pro is a huge improvement over the 7 Pro in a nighttime video the last thing to talk about is the night time selfies and the 1

plus 7 Pro does have an advantage because it is much wider I prefer that but when it comes to the images themselves I prefer the 1 plus 8

Pro I have to say they are not the best front-facing cameras out on the market right now some of them just look pretty terrible but on portrait mode and

regular shots the one plus a pro does look better so after all of that should you upgrade to the 8 Pro if you have a 7 Pro right now

on comparison alone with the improvements all-around in dynamic range sharpness and detail, I would say yes I think this is a nice upgrade from the 7 Pro the

70 might be a little bit different but if you have a 7 Pro now and one a better camera experience go for it I think this is a certified

win but on the flip side of that coin if you don’t have any complaints about the performance of your 7 Pro I will stick with it I think the

the biggest upgrade here is the night performance it’s big enough to call it a generational leap if you’re looking for a new one plus phone and can afford


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