Warp 30 Wireless vs WIRED Charging Test

Warp 30 Wireless vs WIRED Charging Test
Warp 30 Wireless vs WIRED Charging Test

it finally happened guys wireless charging on the new one plus eight pro and while I wish they would have given this to us earlier I’m glad they waited because

their version of wireless charging is called warp 30 charge and it charges at 30 watts which is among some of the fastest wireless charging out there and I think

that’s why a lot of people don’t use wireless charging because it is so much slower than wire charging but this looks serious ventilation is proper and it looks like

a nice sized fan on the back so even though that this charger is proprietary it looks solid we’re gonna do something interesting instead of putting it up against other

wireless chargers I’m going to see how fast this new warp charge 30 wireless charging is against the iPhone 11 Pro max is wire charging with the 18 watt charger

that comes in the box and then we’ll stack it up against the galaxy s 20 ultra with this massive 45 watt charger that you can buy separately just for

fun just for point of reference on a faster charging Android phone all of these phones are completely drained as you can see I’m leaving all of the normal functions

on with connectivity on notifications on and everything because this is how you would charge the phone of course a ton of notifications come flooding in as I turn them

on because I want them to be on since that’s how most people top-up their phones including myself so after 5 minutes the iPhone is at 6 percent not bad

at all and the Galaxy S 20 ultra is at an impressive 14% and it says super fast charging 2.0 which I’m not sure I’ve seen that before and the

oneplus 8 pro is at 8 percent so already ahead of the iPhones wire charging at 15 minutes the iPhone is at 23 percent which is very respectable but the

Galaxy S 20 ultra already at a whopping 40 percent I don’t remember it being as fast before so that’s awesome and the oneplus 8 pro at 26 percent so

that is also very impressive for wireless charging so far so good at 30 minutes the iPhone is at 44 percent which is a pretty good pace for 18 watt

charging the s20 ultra is at 71 percent so that much charge in a half an hour is incredible the oneplus 8 pro is at 40 7% so almost hitting

that claim to 50% in 30 minutes I’m sure it varies with each test but absolutely fantastic for wireless charging at 45 minutes the iPhone is at 66% charge so

keeping up at a good pace but the ultra Dam is at 96% charge which I’m really blown away by I don’t think I’ve ever had it charged this quick

and on the oneplus 8 Pro we have 70 percent now so just ahead of the iPhones wire charging which again is impressive at 51 minutes the galaxy s 20

ultra finishes at 100% this is a huge surprise because I’ve seen other tests that take much longer and the phone is relatively cool I expected it to be a

lot hotter than this this is the largest battery at five thousand milliamp hours but this is wired and that one plus is Wireless so think about how impressive that

is after one hour the iPhone 11 pro max has 78 percent charge so it looks like it’s slowing down the oneplus 8 pro is now at 91% so it

takes a commanding lead over the iPhones wire charging and even has a larger battery at four thousand five hundred and ten milliamp hours while the iPhone 11 pro max

has a 3969 milliamp hour battery so that shows you what a leap this is in wireless charging 10 minutes later the iPhone has 84 percent charge so it’s literally

crawl charging now and the oneplus a pro is almost done at 99 percent so it’s going to finish at any time now it gave me no indication that it

was done so it could have finished faster so we could call it a full charge at 1 hour and 11 minutes which is really impressive most of the time

you would need at least twice the time to get other smartphones to 100% with wireless charging the phone is slightly warmed but not hot whatsoever so heat management is

done right I’m glad that oneplus waited to bring this level of wireless charging to their customers the only downside is that this Warp charging is proprietary so you have

to buy this charger to take advantages of these speeds but it’s an awesome option nevertheless the iPhone is still charging at 91% after an hour and a half thirty

minutes later at two hours it still at 95% and usually it’s finished by now I’ve done this test before we’re finishes is right around this time or a little

bit earlier so I’m not sure why this is happening in fact I checked again at 2 hours and 16 minutes and it still wasn’t done it finally finished at

2 hours and 23 minutes so that took a lot longer than usual but even if the iPhone took 2 hours to complete charge the oneplus a pro warp 30

wireless charging is basically twice as fast to 100 then the iPhone 11 pros wire charging and this is what I’m happy to see 20/20 looks like the year to

bring fast beats to wireless charging truly making wireless charging convenient kudos to oneplus on this one let me know what you think about the oneplus a pros wireless charging

in the comments below hit that like button for the camera comparisons dropping right after this subscribe for a lot more 1 8 series content and I will see you


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