Huawei Matebook X Pro Review

Huawei Matebook X Pro Review
Huawei Matebook X Pro Review

Today, I want to share with you my long term experience with the war way mate Book X Pro, and I feel like this was a really slept on laptop. It came out in the summer of 2018 and even laptops that came way later in the year.

I just feel I could match the super screen to body ratio. The plenty of power for the form factor. It was also priced competitively for both the entry level in the high end model.

I wish that more people could actually try this laptop because if you tried it, you would absolutely love it.

And the last time that I was at an event with my good friend Joshua Vergara, we talked about the best tech and the best laptop to 2018 and the walkway maple Gex pro came up plenty of times.

So we both got an amazing opportunity to team up together and also to partner with Y way to give you a chance to win a meet for your mate. So there’s got to be two of these up for grabs.

One on my channel and one on his channel. And we both use it for different purposes.

So make sure you go out and check out his perspective. But you definitely need to watch mine first. Stick around it to the end to find out how to win after using this for an extended period of time. I really appreciate just how balanced this laptop is.

First of all, the hardware is incredible. It’s really well-built. It’s compact. It’s portable.

The all metal bill feels really premium. I love that there is a fingerprint scanner and power button combo all in one. And when you started up, it just read your fingerprint at that same time. So when it boots up, you are right and you really don’t appreciate the small things until you just use it again and again and again.

You actually get a USP aiport on the right hand side, which makes things a little bit easier.

And on the left you get to USGBC ports. It also charges through USP and one of the ports is a venerable three ports. So that opens up the possibility with AGP use.

So if you want to play some more Grauwe with the intensive games or you want to crunch out a huge Fourcade edit and not render for days, you can definitely do that with this couple, with that eight generation core ie seven quark or processor.

You can definitely get pro work done and that’s how Josh is using his right now. That’s his workflow. He’s using it for his everyday edits so makes you check out his article and that if you’re interested in this type of form factor in that you could actually extend the power if you want to when you need it.

Definitely. Check out his video. My favorite really is this display.

I mean, look at the bezels or lack thereof. Really the screen a body ratio is crazy at ninety one percent. It’s a really stunning view in this thirteen point nine inch, three thousand by two thousand display is nice and bright at 450 NYTs.

It covers 100 percent of our GDP and I even like that three to two aspect ratio.

And even though I don’t use the touch screen that much, I think it’s really handy to have some time. So it’s nice that it’s there. And this hinges nice and sturdy, too, which really makes the touch experience nice. The Quartz speaker is also really nice.

There’s two on the sides and there’s also two here at the bottom, and it supports Dolby Atmos.

I’m not sure how effective Atlas’s in this type of scenario, but let me tell you, the speakers sound fantastic. Using a laptop is not my first choice when it comes to watching content, but with a screen like this and speakers that have nice range and clarity.

It makes me watch a lot more videos on this. So the overall multimedia experience with the Maple Gex pro is really nice.

I use this laptop mostly for productivity. I write a lot of scripts on this. I do a lot of research on this and I do a lot of typing. So I’m happy to say that this laptop has a nice backlit keyboard on it. Typing is easy. There’s plenty of key travel.

I do like the feedback from me, but if I had one tiny complaint about it is that the keys are a little bit on the mushy side, but overall it’s a nice typing experience.

There is one odd thing about the keyboard, though. On the function key role, you’ll find a little hidden Pop-Up camera in the middle and that is awesome for security and privacy. And I really like the super secret location.

But I do have to say that the one megapixel webcam isn’t the clearest in the view of the camera is kind of unflattering, but it will work when you need to in a clutch situation.

I’m also happy to say that the trackpad has been fantastic. It’s a precision trackpad. It’s really responsive. So that’s my biggest complaint about most Windows laptops is the inconsistency between the track pads.

But this one’s been fantastic so far. Precision for the win when it comes to specs, you’re gonna want to configure how you want it.

I have the higher in a generation core ie seven model here with 16 gigabytes of data or three ram and a 512 gigabyte SSD and the two gigabyte Invidia Imex 150 g.p you.

There is an entry model with the four five eight gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabyte SSD and the Integrated Intel 620 graphics. And that should work for a lot of people. But if you have the money, I would definitely bump up to the higher end model.

There is a fifty seven point four one hour battery and has done extremely well in my usage since I’m not doing a lot of processor intensive or GraphicLy intensive work.

I’m easily getting eight to nine hours everyday from this. So no problem when it comes to battery life. So I feel like the together. I feel like the make look explode.

Nails it when it comes to the ultrabook form factor. When it comes to power, I feel like there’ll be plenty of it for people who are looking for this type of form factor.

I’m glad that while Way was one of the first to go with the Amex 150 for the GP, you, while it’s not the most powerful, dedicated GP you, you can play some light to moderate titles when it comes to gaming.

And if you’re editing easier and less intensive for K video or if you’re strictly editing Tinti P, then you’re gonna be just fine with this.

Gonna be buttery, smooth. And if you’re a photographer and use Lightroom and use Photoshop a lot to edit your photos, then you can definitely going to be fine with this as well, because it’s plain powerful for that.

There will get little warm here on the top. But overall experience on this laptop as a whole has been great. I’ve used plenty of laptops in twenty eighteen, but this is one of the machines that stood out to me is so balanced and ahead of its time. Like I said earlier, it came out in the summer of twenty eighteen and I feel like it’s still a fantastic buy in twenty nineteen specs wise is plenty powerful.

The display is great with super thin bezels. It’s even a touch screen, the keyboard and trackpad or nice. The speakers complement the user experience.

There’s a clean version of Windows here with no bloatware fast Orridge Thunderball three great bill quality and a great price too.

So when you compare this to the competition, the make books process still looks pretty good. I’ll leave a link down below for you to check current pricing because now that it’s been out for a while, you could probably get it at a discount and that’s even more of a win.

And you should definitely pick it up for a discount because this is still a great laptop.

I’m pretty sure this is not the first time they’ve heard good things about this laptop. There’s plenty of other article out there to validate this, and other reviewers love this laptop as well.

So don’t just take my word for it or Joshes word for it even.

We’re gonna give you a chance to try it for yourself. So all the directions for the giveaway will be listed in the comments section below. So good luck. Let me know what you think about the while we make Book X Pro and I’m getting text here.


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