Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Screen Protector Review!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Screen Protector Review!
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Screen Protector Review!

can you tell the difference between these two galaxies Eclipse let me know what’s up everybody this is Danny I hope everyone is staying safe and I have two galaxies

eclipse here and for a good reason before all of this madness happened I got to check out something very cool for galas easy flip owners I know some people

were concerned about the durability of the foldable glass even though it is glass there is a polymer layer on top that makes it easier to scratch and it behaves

like plastic so I know some people are hesitant to make that purchase because of that but I think there are two things that people don’t know about when they

purchase as he flipped with the premier service that you get first is a reduced $119 complete screen replacement if anything was to happen to it which is nice but

I’m betting that people don’t know that there is an official galaxy siii flip screen protector that is absolutely free to Z flip owners and I got an exclusive look

on how they install it and I’ve been using it for about a month now so let me share my experience with you what’s great is that you don’t even

have to install this screen protector all you have to do is either contact a local Samsung experienced store or a local you break I fix Samsung partners with them

to repair their devices and I even have one right by my house or to make things even easier you can just contact Samsung you can send in your Z

flip they’ll have one of these screen protectors installed and then they’ll ship it back to you and they’ll even cover the shipping cost so there’s no cost to you

this is much more appropriate with all of the stuff that’s happening right now shout out to the team after you break I fix in Plano Texas for letting me

see how they do this you can see that this is a thin plastic screen protector perfectly designed for the Z flip they have a custom holder jig and roller

jig to make sure that the install is perfect first thing they do is wipe the screen down and make sure there is no dust or dirt on the screen

before applying if you’ve ever applied a screen protector before and you aren’t in a dust free environment you know the struggle this jig makes it easier to get that

accurate install they just lay it across the Z flip with the two cutouts that hold the screen protector in place then they use the roller jig to get that

bubble free application then they use a little squeegee to make sure all of the edges are down completely and no micro bubbles are present they really took their time

to make sure everything was perfect but it’s an efficient process so it doesn’t take long at all so the screen protector is on my Black Sea flip I’ve been

using it with my deep brand tear down skin it looks amazing on the black one I highly recommend it it’s not just because they are a channel sponsor but

it looks great and it feels so much better than that raw glass that gets super mucky so either get this or the official Samsung leather case it has some

bulk but it does feel luxurious shoot why not just get both and both will be linked down below if you’re interested here they are side by side the purple

one does not have the screen protector and the black one does and you really can’t tell the difference at all the only way that you can tell is if

you look at the camera cut out it does have a cutout around that but that’s it it looks the same it feels the same it has no effect on

clarity or touch response at all I can’t even tell that it’s on there it just basically gives you that extra thin layer of protection so don’t expect crazy type

of protection like you would from a glass screen protector but it should help you with small surface scratches and it’s free so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try

it but there is a caveat Samsung does not want you to try to remove the screen protector yourself so you don’t damage the screen if you need to get

this screen protector replace you can get it professionally replaced and install for 20 bucks but in the one month time that I’ve used it I don’t have any major

damage to it so the first one is absolutely free and then after that it’s $20 for a replacement so that was a quick one let me know what you

think about the Galaxy SIII flip screen protector down below you don’t have to get this done it’s just a choice but if you want to get it done you

know that the option is there so if you want to get it done I’m gonna leave a link down below for you where you can apply to have this

done they’ll have all the information I just wanted to share this information with everybody that owns the Z flip if you have any questions let me know in the

comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer them subscribe for more videos like this hit that like button if you enjoyed it and I will see you


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