HP Envy x360 15- Review

HP Envy x360 15- Review
HP Envy x360 15- Review

What’s up, everybody? Today I partner with HP to share with you my experience of the 15 inch and the X 360 laptop.

This is a two and one convertible, perfect for business and everyday use.

It’s available in a ton of different configurations and starts under six hundred dollars. But you never know when sales happen. So make sure you hit that link down below to check current pricing and configuration options.

Let’s start with the build of the 15 inch N.V. X 360 laptop. It’s a nice metal build.

It feels really solid. It’s easy to open with one finger, so that’s always welcome due to its larger size is a little heavier at slightly under five pounds. But I’ve had no problem putting it in my backpack. So even for students, it’s definitely portable.

The hinges are solid on this laptop. I love the design touches on the back.

The best thing about the two and one form factor is that you can use it like a regular laptop that you contented to watch movies and catch up on your favorite content.

Or you can just lay it flat and use it like a tablet. So the flexibility is awesome, especially if you get the compatible pen. I love that this is a full HD touchscreen, IPN display. It looks nice in laptop mode. There is some wobble when you touch the screen.

So if you want the best touch screen experience, I would suggest a tent mode or using it in tablet mode is not a deal breaker whatsoever.

I don’t use the touchscreen that much, but when I do, I didn’t notice it. The display is brighter than a 13 inch envy that I’ve reviewed earlier this year. So that’s nice to see.

But you still might have a problem seeing this screen outside with the laptop due to the glossy display and the overall brightness. But if you’re primarily using this inside at the office or coffee shops, it definitely does the job.

I watched a few movies on this laptop and looks good for the price point, and it’s nice to have a larger 15 inch display instances eyepiece.

You do get better viewing angles. If you like watching content on your laptop, you’ll be happy with the speakers tuned by being and Olafsson. They are loud. They sound chryst nice and clear highs and mids.

I wish it was a little bit more rounded with some more bass, but I think I’m gonna be really happy with the speakers on the 15 inch x 360 when it comes to ports. You get a nice selection on the left side.

You get a DC in for charging. I do love how HP has slimmed down the power.

Brick is a sixty five watt charger, but it’s nice and portable, which I like. Get a USB three point one port, a power button, ventilation grille and a headphone jack and also a full size SD card slot, which is awesome for content creators on the right side.

You get an HDMI port, another USP three point one port, a USV sea port, which is awesome.

And yes, you can charge the laptop with the USB port and with the USGA and you SBC ports from that side. You can’t charge other devices such as laptops and phones.

There’s also a fingerprint scanner on this model that I have so you can securely log in. It does take getting some use, too, with the positioning, but it works perfectly fine. And there’s also a volume rocker there.

And on some models you might see a webcam kill switch, which is a cool option for privacy.

The keyboard layout includes the number pad on the right side. This is great for business professionals that need this or if you just prefer to have it there. The keyboard is nice and comfortable with soft keys and lots of travel.

It’s a little too soft for my preference, but it’s a comfortable keyboard and trackpad is fairly responsive.

Scrolling works well for everyday use. I do wish it was a tad larger and wider, but I think a lot of people will be happy with this trackpad. There are plenty of power options for the extra 60 lineup. You can go all the way up to the tenth generation Intel processors.

They are HMD rise and options as well. And you can get dedicated graphics up to the imex to 50. So you gonna have to take a look and see which configuration works best for you.

The back is removable with some screws that are hidden behind these rubber bumpers.

But I wouldn’t because most things are not upgradable like RAM. But in terms of performance, I can only talk about the model that I have. And this is configured with the Intel quad core ie seven eighty five sixty five you processor with eight gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabyte M2 SSD, which has nice speed by the way.

So opening applications and overall performance is nice. Everyday use like web browsing or normal computing is no problem. So. Office Suite will work perfectly on here.

This is not meant for gaming, but you can also casually game on the Intel. Six integrated graphics like titles like Overwatched play surprisingly well on this laptop, but don’t expect it to play anything demanding in my testing with everyday use, the laptop has stayed very cool. So heat management is good on this. When you do play games, the fans do ramp up.

It does get a little bit warm, but I’ve never had it to the point where it gets too warm to put on my lap or anything like that.

I haven’t done a lot of demanding things like video editing on here because honestly, for the type of work you’ll need to bump up to a better GP, you. But if you want to do some photo editing or Photoshop or Lightroom on, this is definitely doable in this laptop.

So let’s round this out with battery life. The 15 inch and the X 60 has a fifty six one hour battery and is rated up to ten hours. But I was getting between five to seven hours of usage on mixed usage. Depends on what I had to display at.

So if I kept the display at between 60 and 70 percent, I was able to get about six hours of usage. But the good thing is the laptop charge is very fast.

Would that include a charger? So you’ll be happy with that. So if you’re looking for an affordable two and one and you want that larger fifteen inch display, the HP X 360 lineup could be a good fit.

Make sure you check that link below, because certain configurations make this a really good deal, especially for the performance that you’re getting for that price.

So make sure you scroll through and see if it makes sense for you. And then pick one up if it does. Let me know what you think about this laptop.

And let me know which other laptops that you may take a look at next. And I will see you in the next one.


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