Macbook Pro 16 Review vs 2020 Macbook Pro 13

Macbook Pro 16 Review vs 2020 Macbook Pro 13
Macbook Pro 16 Review vs 2020 Macbook Pro 13

what’s up everybody this is danny and this is the new 13-inch macbook pro but this is the super specked out version with the 10th generation quad-core i7 32 gigabytes

of ram what i want to do is take that and compare it with my 16-inch macbook pro this is a core i9 a core 64 gigabytes of ram and

let’s be real we all wanted that 14 inch macbook pro but it didn’t happen and with all the leaks it looks like it might not even happen until next

year so let’s take a look at the most powerful macbook 13 inch that you can buy versus the most powerful 16 inch that you can buy i want to

help you make a buying decision between the two if you were thinking about wanting a smaller form factor let’s take a look at all the major differences that you

need to know about and then we’ll have some fun with some performance testing the obvious difference here is size you think that they wouldn’t be this different but is

definitely noticeable they are both made of the same beautiful aluminum but there’s a huge difference in size and weight 3.1 pounds versus 4.3 pounds thank goodness that the keyboards

are improved on both of them the 13-inch now has the improved magic keyboard that the 16 got last year so much better you get the inverted arrow keys the

escape key is back the travel is better tactility is there so the keyboards on both are excellent with touch id and the love it or hate it touch bar

the bigger size on the 16 inch gives you two major advantages on day to day use both track pads are oversized and basically the best in the business but

the 16 inch is noticeably bigger and the size of the speakers on a 16 inch are also much larger and the 13 inch does have improved speakers and they

sound great but take a listen when you compare them you can definitely tell the difference especially on depth [Music] when it comes to ports they both have four thunderbolt

3 ports two on each side so you aren’t missing out when it comes to connectivity for the most part i’ve moved to usbc but i still use a usbc

hub every single day the one i’ve been using lately is from the channel sponsor anchor the power expand direct does take up two ports but it’s totally worth it

you get seven total ports including thunderbolt 3 that can charge up to 100 watts so you’re completely fine for the 16-inch macbook pro that demands more power 2 usb

3.0 an additional usb-c port a micro sd card and a full-size sd card slot which is much needed for us content creators there’s also an hdmi port just in

case you need it on the road or even at home the build quality is great and it matches so well with the space gray finish on the macbook if

you need that ethernet port go with the power expand plus you get three usb 3.0 ports and an hdmi port with a dongle design so between these two you

got everything you need for either of these macbooks so i’ll leave a link down below for you so you can pick one of these up i highly recommend it

if you’re gonna buy one of these macbooks besides the screen sizes being different they’re roughly about the same density so they’re going to look pretty much the same the

16 inch does have smaller bezels on the side it exhibits a more modern design language and also just has a much bigger display they both cover the wide color

p3 color gamut and both are 500 nits in brightness so they get plenty bright and both have true tone where the screen adapts to the environment around you which

i personally turn off but some might appreciate it but only on the 16 inch do you get the customization of refresh rate they both have a 60 hertz refresh

rate but on the 16 inch you get some custom choices which can be good for video editing to exactly match the frame rate that you’re working on unfortunately both

of these still have the 720p webcam the new studio mics i think really do sound good but the quality is still classified potato so i hope we see better

cameras on the next iterations of the macbook pro so let’s talk about power the new 13 inch macbook pro is more powerful this year with a 10th generation core

i7 quad core but it’s nowhere near as powerful as the core i98 core on the 16 inch macbook pro the core i9 is an hk processor which draws more

power but the differences in battery sizes make up for that we are looking at a 58.2 watt hour battery on the 13 inch versus a 100 watt hour battery

on the 16 inch this is pretty much the biggest battery that you can fit in a laptop to take on an airplane when we used to fly and the

power brick itself is 96 watts so not every charger will work here but the 13 inch is less power hungry at 61 watts on the brakes so you can

charge this with some power banks if you want so that’s a bonus if you didn’t know out of these two the 16 inch macbook pro is the only one

that you can get with a dedicated gpu and at this time the most powerful is the amd radeon pro 5500m there could be a more powerful option and it

happened now there is a 5600 m option by amd which uses eight gigabytes of hbm2 memory which is going to be a lot faster than the performance test that

which will cost you heavy and the 13 inch also goes up to a 4 terabyte option which will be very pricey as well but you do have options the

speed of these discs are about the same so both really fast storage and you will have no issues with speed but if you look at pricing as a whole

even when you deck them out the maxed out 13 inch version comes in at about 3 500 and the maxed out 16 inch is over 6 000 so almost

half the price here that’s a big difference so the big question is is the performance of the 16 inch worth the money over the performance of the 13 inch

well if you’re into benchmarks you’re going to see a pretty big difference geekbench 5 shows a much higher multi-core score over 6400 on the macbook pro 16-inch as expected

compared to the macbook pro 13-inch which does have a very respectable 4770 but the 13 inch has a much better single core score of 1321 over the 16 inches

can make a difference let’s do cinebench first the eight cores really help here on the 16 inch macbook pro with the score of 3360 while the quad core i7

on the 13 inch gets 1900 so that again shows a significant bump in cpu capability so that is something to consider having a dedicated gpu also helps in performance

the opencl score of the improved graphics on the 13-inch is 8635 which is a huge jump over the previous generation but no match for the 16-inch with the amd

radeon pro 5500m that’s 25964 that’s three times the potential performance nobody really games on a mac but here’s unigine heaven to test the gpu performance and you can see

just how much smoother the 16 inch is so when it comes to graphically intensive tasks the 16 inch is still the way to go so what about real world

performance while i don’t do a lot of photography work max tech did an awesome video on photoshop testing and also goes into more depth of the test that i’m

doing right now so i’ll leave a link to that video go watch it it looks like it didn’t have much impact on photo editing because most photo editors use

the cpu more than the gpu so if you’re a photographer and you want something powerful but in a smaller form factor then the 13-inch macbook pro is probably the

way to go but what i do know is video editing so can you edit video on the 13 inch macbook pro and the short answer is yes it just

depends on what you’re doing with it if you’re editing 4k footage then the 13 inch is going to be a decent choice the scrubbing and playback of 4k footage

is really smooth so i think a lot of people will actually be happy with this but adding on some effects stabilization and working with plugins like tracking you will

notice that it takes longer to render the bruisex benchmark is a decent way to measure performance on final cut pro 10.

on the 13 inch it took 40 seconds to complete and the 16 inch only took 10 seconds so that is a dramatic difference let’s do a quick export

test of a 3 minute and 8 second 4k clip with just color correction applied this is pre-rendered with background rendering on and surprisingly they are only a few seconds

apart so super impressive for the 13-inch macbook pro but here’s that same test with background rendering off and you can see the difference better here the 16 inch finishes

at 1 minute and 20 seconds and the 13 inch finishes at 1 minute and 51 seconds but this is still impressive where i see the major differences where it

involves more gpu intensive processes like adding stabilization this is a 12 and a half second 4k clip from my iphone 11 pro and it takes seven seconds on the

16 inch macbook pro and almost 19 seconds on the 13 inch macbook pro and that doesn’t seem like a lot in a short clip but for fun i took

that same 3 minute and 8 second 4k clip and added stabilization to that and the 16 inch macbook pro finished at 2 minutes and 7 seconds but the 13

inch took 5 minutes and 36 seconds which shows that clear gap i think this is pretty self-explanatory but if you’re editing anything above 4k then definitely go for the

16-inch macbook pro just for fun here is a short ak red raw clip with 7-1 compression and with high quality playback both don’t do a great job but at

least the 16 inch is playing it back with skipping instead of just locking up on the 13 inch it eventually does play back but it’s not usable if you

drop it to lower quality though it is a much better experience on the 13 but it’s still stuttering like crazy but the 16 inch is actually playing back like

a boss so it’s very impressive okay so super outlandish test to differentiate the power between both of them i decided to take this ak clip with seven to one

compression and stretch it out to 35 seconds and exported it to h.2.64 i know this is brutal and took a long time but this also gave me a chance

to monitor what the computers were doing during export both of the fans were cranked up and sounded pretty loud take a listen the 13 inch looks like


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