Modern Minimal Desk Setup Home Office

Modern Minimal Desk Setup Home Office
Modern Minimal Desk Setup Home Office

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’ve partnered with Qualcomm to show you my updated desk and office setup tour for 2020 I made a few modifications because

I’m working from home every day and before all of this madness happened I was traveling quite a bit so most of my content was being produced and edited on

the road but I’m enjoying this setup and while it’s different I love being home if you haven’t seen my previous setup tour the heart of the setup hasn’t

changed this is still the dream setup the desk is the BDI central lift with a beautiful sudden edge glass top I added a wireless charger inside of my desk

drawer unit one of my favorite things I use everyday computer power comes from the very overkill Mac Pro which gives me plenty of power for video editing is

the 16 core version the monitor is Apple 6k Pro display XDR I added eight Logitech magnetic 4k camera for video chats since it feels like I’m in a meeting

every other day in my previous setup tour I had the Nano edge matte version of this display and I want to talk about why I switched to the glossy

a version later on in this video and why I decided to go with the infamous $1,000 Apple stand overall it’s a beautiful and minimal setup with incredible cable management I

know a few of you asked what this wire cover is and I will leave a link below it’s cheap and effective and the chair is still human scale this

is an awesome chair so airy and comfortable there is no doubt that the biggest adjustment working from home is having my family in the same space and I know

a lot of you can relate I have two young children at home and with school being canceled and distance learning I’m just learning to adapt to the ever-increasing noise

the level that’s in my house I’m not sure where they get all this energy from so I was super excited when Bose reached out to let me try their noise

canceling headphones 700 and here are some reasons why those have become a permanent part of my setup I don’t know about your kids but mine are loud and these

make it so much easier for me to concentrate because the noise cancellation on the Bose 700 headphones are fantastic I love how easy it is to customize the level

of noise cancellation so you are in full control that you’ve called number ten kids mode or you can go down to zero that allows transparency mode so if I

am working but I want to hear what’s going on this is perfect for it it’s great because I can conveniently toggle noise-canceling directly from the headphones it’s

hard to demonstrate what the experience sounds like but I’ll do my best so here is an extreme test of what it can be like in my house so I

have my kids back there cue music this is what it sounds like for real okay cube at you [Music] pretty incredible isn’t it also if you’re anything like me

music helps me stay motivated and helps me power through these edits so sound quality is extremely important to me and the Bose 700 headphones sound great the vocals are

nice and crisp it’s a nice balanced sound I like the more neutral approach to sound compared to their previous noise-canceling headphones and I love that they recently added

an equalizer to customize the sound to your liking I think this is important because of Qualcomm’s connectivity tech built inside the connection is reliable every time Qualcomm doesn’t

just make incredible chips that power the majority of smartphones today they’re also making another everyday tech better with their technology like these headphones I’ve had zero drops or

choppy connections which are a personal pet peeve a Bluetooth headphone and they are extremely comfortable look at how plush the ear cups are it’s like clouds on your ears

I wear these for hours and I just forget that they’re on when I saw these in pictures I wasn’t sure about the design but the more I use them

the more I like the modern and clean look the design just flows and the lines are beautiful the adjustability is easy the touch-sensitive sides are intuitive for stopping

skipping tracks and you can also control the volume from here so I don’t even have to touch my phone when it comes to noise-canceling headphones

these are one of the best on the market it is lightweight it’s durable and it just checks off all the marks up to 20 hours of battery life don’t

just take my word for it we’re going to give one of you a chance to try them out for yourself so leave a comment to let me know what your

a favorite feature of the Bose headphones 700 are and hit that like button if you want to see more giveaways on the channel a random person will be selected and

contacted and I’ll pin it in the comment section below if you’re interested in picking these up I’ll leave a link down below for you you never know when they’re

gonna go on sale so make sure you check current pricing I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with these are a certified win this next edition was a good

one because I’m in my office more than ever this is my new mini fridge this is an insignia I believe I picked it up at Best Buy I picked

this up for two reasons number one it’s quiet it’s on right now and there’s not branding all over the front so just nice clean and minimal and also my

office doubles as a movie room so this is perfect to get a drink while taking a break from creating content right over there I made a little coffee station

I’ve gotten so lazy with coffee I’m sure a lot of people will be disappointed in me but I just use a Nespresso machine with a milk frother and also

the Ember connected coffee mug which keeps the coffee hot it isn’t cheap but I’ve grown to love it throughout the time I added a nest hub to my desk because

I could control all of the smart lighting and temperature in the office but I loved it because if someone rings the doorbell I can see an immediate feed this

is essential so I don’t miss important packages and communication with the family is really easy my wife can just let me know when dinner is ready with an announcement

and I can keep an eye on the kids if I need to then I can stream every camera that I have in the house right through this so I’m

glad I added this to my desk I’m still using the same Apple keyboard and trackpad combo I know some people think I’m crazy not using a mouse but I

love the trackpad for editing let me know if you do the same thing or you just think I’m crazy cuz I don’t use a mouse to edit I wouldn’t

blame you if you want to see in more detail what the entire setup looks like make sure you check out the Mac Pro test setup tour and I appreciate

the support on that but I want to talk about why I took the monitor arm off that I had in the setup and why I switched to the glossy

a version of the pro display XDR from the Nano etched mat version I’m gonna be 100% truthful the Apple monitor stand was a complete impulse buy I wanted to see

what all the hype was about and I’m gonna tell you right now it is not worth $1000 but I do enjoy its minimal and clean look and the functionality

it does keep the monitor still so I have zero movements while I’m typing and it’s very easy for me to adjust it when I stand up once in a

while to edit I started standing up a couple of times during the day while editing and it does make a difference and having that easy tilt on the monitor

and movement on their monitor helps but it is completely unnecessary there was absolutely nothing wrong with the monitor arm I just wanted to switch it up but when it

comes to the display it’s a little bit different so the Nano edge version I love the anti-glare properties on the matte display it was good but

I just couldn’t get used to the fact that the images looked soft I’m not used to the matte display so when I’m editing video it just looked soft overall

so what I did was I went to the store I looked at them side by side and notice how much of a sharpness difference there was on the glossy

version so I swapped them out and I couldn’t be happier it just looks so much sharper it’s exactly what I’m used to with using the MacBook Pro and the

reflections on the glossy version are not bad at all it’s quite good unless you’re just surrounded by a glass cage then I would go for this so

if you’re looking to buy a pro display XDR go to the store look at the two side-by-side before you decide because that’s what I did and now

I’m team glossy don’t hate me if you want to see a full office tour let me know the reason why I haven’t posted one yet because this could be

getting completely rearranged into a movie theater room so make sure you stay tuned for that but I do want to answer a few questions that I always get when

I post pictures of my office on social media the shoe wall a lot of people are interested in that these are on IKEA lack shelves they aren’t expensive and

easy to put together and I’m sure you’ve seen these before but I just get asked constantly what they are so IKEA lack the TV Media Console is the BDI

Ola, I’ve had this for four to five years already and I love


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