Skyworks Made Their Own OLED

Skyworks Made Their Own OLED
Skyworks Made Their Own OLED

What’s up, everybody,I’m here at CBS 20/20, enjoying the incredible amount of tech that’s being announced.

And one of the biggest trends of CBS this year is AKCA. I feel like this is the year that ACA becomes important in the home.

So today I’ve partner with Skyworks to show you some of their incredible TV’s because this is a company that you should definitely get familiar with because this super thin four k o lead and this a.k.a. bad boy is coming to the United States with a very competitive price tag.

Sky Worth isn’t a household name in the U.S., but they have been strong in the Chinese market for a long time and they are finally making their splash into the U.S. market in 2020.

But before I get into the ACA, let’s look at the incredibly thin W 81 and W 81 pro.

This is a four point six millimeter thin wallpaper olad that is magnetically wall mounted and it looks seamless on the wall. It looks beautiful with four K resolution and Dolby Vision Support Skyworks made their own OLED basic modules this year and is the first to be used in the W 81 series.

This is a big deal because they are the first Chinese manufacturer to accomplish this.

You get all of the picture quality that you would expect from a premium old TV, vibrant colors and Inky Black’s amazing viewing angles and infinite contrast.

But this is something that you don’t see often. There is a secondary display that is built into the sound bar and that gives you all of your necessary information, like the date, the weather, your smart home status.

So it doesn’t distract you from your content on the TV. Both of these displays worked together for a better experience, so I’m totally digging this. The audio from the sound bar is premium as well, with support for Dolby at most two point one point two and creates multi-dimensional sound by firing audio from all angles with Skyworks Wonder Audio Sky Echo technology.

There’s also a twelve megapixel camera built in that reveals itself when you turn it on.

This is called the Trends A.I. 2.0 camera. This is a flagship Sony sensor with F one point eight aperture. So you gonna get some really nice quality here and some good low light performance. This is going to give you TV to TV.

We can also do TV to smartphone video calling, which is even more convenient, and you can take photos on your TV. So if you want to take a family picture real quick on the couch, you can do that. And then just scan a QR code and it will send it straight to your smartphone, which is nice. The camera can also be used for body recognition.

So the demo they had here is for exercise to help you improve your form.

And his camera can also be used for motion sensing games. So the possibilities are definitely there.

There’s also a separate SWAT panel, which is a supplement display that automatically syncs with the TV and the content that you’re watching on it. So you can switch seamlessly between them. You can control your smart home appliances from there as well.

It’s available in a four inch. So it’s more like a smartphone form factor or a ten point one inch version. So the bigger one is going to give you that tablet view.

So let’s get into what I’m most excited about. And that is the 75 inch cute 91 eight KTV.

The resolution is 76, 80 by 43, 20, which is four times the resolution of four. This is an impressive IPSC LCD panel and it looks fantastic. It’s sharp, has vibrant colors, is bright and has all of the features that you’d expect from a flagship TV like HDMI.

Two point one AK sixty frames per second decoding even AK. Hundred and twenty frames per second emulation with their AAIB software and of course, AK upscaling to make all content look as close to a case possible. Even if it’s tiny DP or Fourcade, it’ll look great on this.

I was concerned about the viewing angle since it’s not an old, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The viewing angles are ultra wide on this. I did not see a significant fall off at all here.

It has an impressive 576 local dimming zones and is powered by the brand new mediatheque AK s 900 chipset. This is going to give the TV the power of real AK concent playback, along with some awesome A.I. upscaling capabilities.

There is an API you built in specifically to handle the AK signal processing, which is able to analyze whatever’s on the screen and improve all parts of the picture, including contrast, color and clarity. So things look very promising for this panel. I also like the design of this TV is very different than what’s currently on the market.

It has this very interesting curved metal framed with decorative bronze colored lines. They went with Navy Blue, which I think is classic in terms of color. And you can see that on the built in sound bar, which is a part of the stand, which is very unique.

The Sound Bar also supports Dolby at most two point one point two. So you’re getting that premium audio. Other things I appreciate are the hidden chord base for cleaner cable management, and they school is backplate for the TV.

The best part about all this is the price. The retail pricing for these super thin W 81 OLAD is 35 99 NCW 81 pro with the secondary display will go for forty five ninety nine.

But the biggest surprise to me is the 75 inch AK model.

This will go for five thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars. To put this into perspective, this is coming in at about 50 hundred dollars less than what competitors did. Last year. So this is great, considering that you’re getting a premium sound bar with the TV and true AK. Playback. I totally get it. AK isn’t for you.

For most people, it still isn’t something that they’re thinking about quite yet. But competition is fantastic. And I welcome it with open arms because the more competition there is, the better it is for you and me.

The tech gets better and the tech is cheaper. So I’m excited to see a Kagle mainstreamed in the home. I have an AK TV at home right now and I absolutely love it, so I can’t wait to try this one out.

So let me know what you think about these TVs from Sky Worth. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.


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