Ultimate Smart : Beginner’s Edition (2020)

Ultimate Smart : Beginner’s Edition (2020)
Ultimate Smart : Beginner’s Edition (2020)

what’s up everybody this is Danny and welcome back to another episode of ultimate smart home and today it’s all about the beginners if you have no idea on how

to build or even start a smart home you’ve come to the right place we’re gonna talk about some of the products used to start with and I’m gonna give

you a few recommendations along the way and you’re gonna see that a lot of these products are budget-friendly so let’s just go ahead and jump in the first and

the most popular thing you should probably pick up is a voice assistant so you have voice assistants built into your phone already but these are way more convenient because they

have far-field mics built-in and they’re always available to listen to your command there are more but the three most popular are google assistant Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri

or home kit platform which one you should pick is a whole another video on its own so if you want me to do that comparison I will let me know

in the comments below, they’re all intuitive and easy to use I started on the Amazon Alexa platform and now I’m using the Google assistant to run my smart

home a lot of it is personal preference when picking one up the choice that you need to make is if you want a screen to display your information or

if you just want a smart speaker I prefer the display so I’m using the nest hub max it’s a great speaker it has a large display and a camera

built-in but it’s not cheap there are cheaper options like the Amazon echo 5 it’s a perfect size and looks great or you can go with something like the Lenovo

smart clock more than likely you own more than one of these there is just so much to choose from you should have no issue finding one for your knees for controlling smart lights with motion sensing that possibilities are endless and I’ll leave a few more that I like in a description section below if you’ve never owned one

of these it can make your life so much easier you can go as simple as asking what the weather is simple facts setting timers and getting recipes but you

can get as complicated as running your entire smart home with chained voice commands and full routines so stay tuned for the next episode where we’ll get a little bit

more advanced where I’ll show you how to build these routines and how to run your entire smart home with these so a lot of people ask me to do you

need to buy a hub when I first start and the answer is no because most people can just use the voice assistant as a and I think a lot

of people will just be happy with that but the further that you get in smart home hubs do have an advantage a must-have smart home product that you

need to consider is smart lighting so there are two different ways to get this Smart Switches and smart bulbs and there are advantages to both with either you can

control your lighting from anywhere in the world either through a respective app or a new voice assistant that you just picked up but first let’s talk about smart switches

because this can be the most cost-effective in a lot of scenarios there are a ton of choices out there but the smart lighting switches that I use are

from the channel sponsor lagoon, I’ve been using the radiant collection now for over a year and they have been solid design is very important to me and as you

do your research you’ll notice that not every Smart Switch looks this nice the screwless play gives us such a clean look and fits in perfectly with my modern home

the switches are high-quality and have a nice subtle click to them when you press them and they’re really easy to install and set up so it’s not intimidating so

here’s an example of how going the Smart Switch route will save you a lot of money in my kitchen I have 6 BR 30 bulbs so in a situation

like this, if I pay 20 to 30 dollars per bulb it can get pricey real quick or I can just get one Smart Switch & gain smart control of

all six bulbs for a fraction of the price this is great because you can just use it as a normal switch so you don’t have to change your daily

routine if you don’t want to but the LaGrant lights app gives you many options like operating your lights with a single tap grouping the light so you can mass

control rooms to make things easier and you even have the power to set scenes I have a good morning routine where all of my lights downstairs turn on before

I wake up so when I come downstairs I’m ready for the day the smart switches can be controlled by Google Assistant or Alexa so when I first started building

you may want to consider ecosystem when you start picking up these smart home products like for example for my cameras I use nest cam IQ indoor and I use

the nest hub max so I can access these cameras by voice directly to the hub at any time I can use this for two-way talks so even on my

smaller nest hub I can do the same from my office to the kitchen and I also have a nest hello video doorbell so as soon as someone rings that

doorbell I can see it right through the max hub immediately Danny is that front door then I can speak to them if I want to I don’t have to

have my phone it’s convenient unfortunately that’s what I think is one of the biggest problems with smart home is that not all products work this seamlessly together because

if you pick up different manufacturers they may not all speak to each other correctly even though you can tie them in through the hub it’s not the same experience

as in say nest which I just showed you so just think about the ecosystem when you’re purchasing sometimes buying the same brand can give you some advantages especially if they’re

from the big tech giants like Google and Amazon continuing with doorbells the most popular is the ring video doorbell I used one for 3 to 4 years and it

worked well I love the ring community feature I switched over to the nest hello when it launched and I love the way it works with my Google ecosystem

and the 24/7 video recording is why I keep using it it does cost money but it treats the doorbell as a security camera which I like but this is

one of the more expensive offerings but there’s still some solid ones that are much cheaper from our low euphony August remo there’s a ton of them so I’ll leave

a few link down below that I like I tell the same story about video doorbells to everyone it is your first frontline security product on your home and it’s

the perfect example of what smart home is supposed to do it solves a problem and it gives you convenience because of the popularity of these things you no longer

have this problem where you’re gonna miss a delivery worker or if somebody steals your package then at least you have some footage that you can give to the

police a smart video doorbell is something that you should add and look into when you’re building a smartphone a smart lock is something that you should also

consider if you want that convenience of not carrying a key around I know a lot of people don’t think this is safe because I get comments about it all

the time but think about if you lose your keys you’re kind of under the same predicament and a lot of people use their phones to open or lock their

doors and if you’re trusting your bank account to your phone with all the security you have there with biometrics face ID then I think you could probably trust your

front door access to it and let’s just keep it real if somebody wants to get into your house they’re gonna get in they’re just gonna throw a rock in

your window was that too much but if you want to use a physical key there are still choices with smart locks like auguste lock and the new level lock

I have experienced with the August lock so you only change the interior part of your lock so on the outside it looks like a normal lock but you still

have all of that functionality of smart control I use the nest Yale lock which is super simple with just a number pad on the outside and before that I

used a slake neck lock which has the number pad and the key so it has the best of both worlds smart locks in my opinion also are a big

problem solver a perfect example of a smart home because there’s a lot of times where you leave your home and you think did I forget to lock that back door

and you don’t know so you end up driving back around to check if that door is locked or not but with a smart lock you can just check on

your app and if it’s unlocked then you can just lock it right through the app and not have to worry about it the last thing I want to talk

about is the most expensive but worth it is the smart thermostat again I also think this is a problem solver and a convenience piece because the last house that

I had had the thermostat upstairs so every time that we want to tell you the temperature we had to go upstairs I know first of all problems but there

are other advantages this level of control is especially great for vacations and saving energy because there’s no reason to heat and cool to certain levels when you aren’t home

and when you come back in the temperatures change you can just heat or cool your house right from the airport before you get home so you greeted with a

the comfortable temperature which is awesome again there are a ton of them I use the nest thermostat but also had great experiences with ecobee and I’ll also leave a

few down in the description that I recommend alright one bonus product and that is a smart garage door opener and why I like this is solely


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