Camera Result Comparison

Camera Result Comparison
Camera Result Comparison

What’s up, everybody,Today I’m going to be doing my first one plus six comparison, and that is with the iPhone 10. And this is really interesting because the iPhone 10 is about a thousand dollars, while the one plus six starts at five hundred twenty nine dollars.

So pretty much half the price. So we need to see how well the one plus six stacks up for half the price. So that crap on the one plus six still looks pretty huge.

So in terms of the front facing camera, you’re going to see that the one plus six has dual microphones. You should Bill to hear the difference in audio. So let me know which one is better.

And let me know which one is better on the stabilization. So I’m going to go out today. I got to spend a lot of time with the one plus six in London. You’re going to see a lot of shots from that.

And let’s see if double the price equals double the image quality.

First, let me start off by saying that all of these shots were taken in full auto mode. I feel like this represents the average consumer best. There is a full manual mode on the one plus six. So keep that in mind if you need that. But both of them look great in daylight.

Both sharp, full of detail and nice dynamic range. But what I noticed is that the one plus six tends to land warm, even warmer than the iPhone sometimes, which is known to land on the warmer side of white balance anyway.

But I feel that the twelve megapixel sensor on the iPhone is producing higher contrasted images straight out of the camera, while the one plus six leans towards giving you more shadow detail. So this is a perfect thing for sure when it comes to any camera comparison.

But some shots on the iPhone just look more balanced with better overall image processing when it comes to dynamic range.

They do go back and forth sometimes worthy one plus does a better job with less clipping.

As seen here in this scenario. But consistently, I feel like the iPhone shows better balance with harsher lights like the sun, less haling like you see here on the one plus image. But it’s very impressive that the one plus this time around is competitive with the iPhone.

Images are very comparable, even though I feel like the one plus six is still oversaturating the sky to a more hyper blue where the colors remain more natural on the iPhone.

But once again, this is all preference to what you like. But during the day, I will give the slight edge to the iPhone. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. They are both great.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in either. They both have two X options, but the iPhone tens is optical where the one plus six uses a digital zoom.

So the iPhone two X tends to be a little sharper. I feel like the balance of colors and the white balance are more consistent with the iPhone. But they do go back and forth sometimes because in some shots the one plus six looks sharper.

They both have portrait modes on the rear cameras. The one advantage of the one plus six is that it has no crop on the camera.

When you go into portrait mode where the iPhone, you’ll definitely need to back up a little bit to get the portrait mode to trigger. They both do a great job with separation of the background.

But the iPhone does give you again a more contrasted image crushing of blacks, which can be good or bad. If you edit images before you share them.

But I personally think that the iPhone is more ready to share out of the camera. When it comes to daytime talk video, the one plus six gives you a slightly overexposed but flatter and brighter image. But the iPhone Ten’s colors are more accurate.

So it all depends if you want to take this work into post or not,the stabilization is great on both. But the one plus six uses electronic stabilization in Fourcade, 30 frames per second as seen here.

But it only uses oh, I guess when it’s in four k 60 frames per second, which both of these cameras can shoot. So if you want to know what they look like. I will leave some links below for you.

But I think the one plus six is smoother overall, almost like a gamble.

They both shoot slow motion at 240 frames per second intented DP. They both look great. They’re both smooth. That one plus six does look a little sharper to me, though.

And the one plus six also has a four hundred and eighty frames per second option in seven twenty P. And while it’s not the greatest quality, it’ll be a lot of fun to play with. And you can record up to one continuous minute of slow motion. Unlike other cameras.

So that’s nice. The iPhone ten has a seven megapixel front facing camera and the one plus six has a 16 megapixel front shooter. The one plus six still has that beauty filter. Look where its smoothness the skin and brightens it up.

I feel like the iPhone does a better job overall with skin tones more pleasing to me. In my opinion, at night they’re both pretty terrible. But the one plus six creates the brighter picture.

And even with the front facing flash feature, the one plus six produces the brighter image.

The iPhone ten has front facing portrait mode and the one plus six will add this in a feature software update. And if you care about this feature of the iPhone 10, it has portrait lighting mode where you can customize that portrait, selfie with a few different modes.

So keep that in mind. So let’s move to low light. My favorite part.

And from looking at a ton of these images, they are very similar in low light, which really impresses me considering the price point of the one plus six. What surprised me the most is that they one plus six is showing higher dynamic range on most shots. You can see here in the windows, and even though that the iPhone shots show more detail, especially in the shadows.

I personally like the one plus six shots more because I feel like the image is more balanced overall with less clipping of harsh light sources.

Better contrast. And while some might not like the warmer and more saturated image of the one plus six, I think it’s more ready to share out of the camera where the iPhone.

I feel like we need to add some contrast and some saturation and do a little editing to make the image ready to post. This caused quite a conversation on social media, where some prefer the iPhone because it does show better overall exposure.

But I prefer the overall color rendition of the one plus six. So I’m very curious to see what you guys think, because I think the one plus edges it. When it comes to video, though, it’s a little different because the iPhone 10 does a much better job at color replication and noise reduction.

The one plus lands really cool on the white balance, giving off some funky looking color sometimes. I prefer the iPhones.

You can see everything inside, but the video on the one plus is very hyper saturated in colors and it just looks unrealistic. Low light does go back and forth and in some situations, the iPhone does show better results. Look at the smearing here on their bed, CocaCola building on the one plus image.

But again, I’m genuinely impressed with a one plus six and being able to even stand toe to toe with the flagship like the iPhone 10, especially low light shows how far that one plus has come.

And finally, they created a phone with competitive imaging. So I hope this helped you out.

If you’re planning to pick up a one plus six, if I had to make the call, I think I was still pick the iPhone 10 because it has a more balanced camera appearance overall. So if I had to pick just one, I would pick the iPhone 10 due to the better video quality.

Slightly better image processing overall and the overall quality of the images on consistency.

But the one plus performs very closely at half the price, even beating the iPhone 10. In low light pictures, in my opinion. So feel confident in picking up a one plus six if you want to save a lot of money.

The iPhone 10 is better, but it’s not double the price better. So let me know what you guys think in the comments below.


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