Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs OnePlus 7T Camera

Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs OnePlus 7T Camera
Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs OnePlus 7T Camera

What’s up everybody this is Danny, it’s early morning early flight time, but it’s also time for the while we make 30 pros versus the one plus 70 camera comparison and I’m excited about this one because.

The 70 is about half the price of the May 30 pro, which arguably has the best camera on android right now, so I can’t wait to test these things out, so let me know which microphone sounds better one looks better on the front-facing camera.

And then I’m going to go out and test everything including night mode and let’s see who has the better camera for the price let’s do this.

Before we get started, I want to talk about the settings in both of these cameras. Everything was left in auto, and I was left on the May 30 pro since.

It’s on by default both of these cameras have pro modes and can shoot in raw, so whatever downsizing to talk about today, if you have time to adjust the photo, you can get that perfect shot.

I leave things on auto to make these tests as fair as possible in the daytime. Both these cameras are great. With most mid-level to flagship phones, it’s hard to get a camera these days that doesn’t take a good picture in good lighting.

The one thing that I would love to see what we do is implement some auto-HDR. This is a separate setting in the menu, and it does suffer in the auto mode sometimes in specific scenarios like this look at the dynamic range on the one plus 70 it’s better.

Because of that auto HDR but that doesn’t mean that the meat 30 pro doesn’t have fantastic dynamic range look at this rooftop shot in these clouds the bigger sensor on the mi 30 pro shows in most of the shots allowing more light in so let me know which one that you prefer.

Just generally speaking, I notice that the meat 30 pro likes to land colder on white balance, and the one plus 70 leans towards the warmer tones this is a preference thing for sure well when switching between the wide-angle the main and the telephoto lenses and noticed.

The one plus does keep a more consistent white balance and exposure while the ships in white balance between the lenses the thing that surprised me.

The most is how similar the shots are, considering that the one plus 70 is half the price. It goes to show you how far one plus comes when it comes to camera processing. I feel like this is where they should have been earlier this year.

When it comes to the front-facing camera like the way that the May 30 pro Rangers my skin tone gets warmer but more accurate, the depth of field is also more massive on the May 30 pro.

When it comes to portrait mode, so I give the edge here to the May 30 pro, but it all depends on preference the one plus likes to create brighter skin exposure, so I know some like that better as well.

When it comes to portrait mode with the rear camera, they both can shoot portrait mode with the wide-angle and the mainland’s what the may 30 pro the five times zoom with portrait mode looks excellent great focal length for further away portrait shots even though.

The one plus 70 does a great job with edge detection and looks excellent overall; the skin tones are oversaturated out of the camera, so I do like the look of the meat 30, pros portrait mode better. Let me know what you think in the comments section below when it comes to the altar Y.

Camera the one plus has a slightly wider angle at 17 millimeters, and while it’s not drastic, you can get more in the frame when it comes to quality and sharpness when you punch in heavy.

You can see a little more detail in the May 30 pro-shot, but it’s not a drastic difference besides color in white balance they both look very similar when it comes to a video they both can shoot up to 4 K. 60 frames per second.
This year, the new cine camera helps with the video on the May 30 pro, nowhere near is supersaturated, so that is a welcome change. The one plus 70 is still shooting in rec 2020, so when you take the video off the phone.

You will notice that the colors are extremely saturated, and while it might give it a film-type look, he looks terrible on skin tone, so if you convert this video to rec 709 in post-production.

The article looks fantastic great neutral and accurate color, so I hope one plus gives a fix soon for this. The May 30 pro still looks more careful with a better ready-to-share video, so let me know which one you like better when it comes to 4 K.

Articles and stabilization they both do a great job walking, but this is what I was talking about earlier with skin tones on the one plus Tim looks like he was stung by 1000 fire.

Ants that walk through crushed Nacho cheese Doritos but the stabilization looks to be smoother on the May 30 pro both of these are shot in 4 K. I wanted to do a wide-angle 60 frames per second 4 K.

Test which you can do with the one plus this year, which is great they listened to it looks like you lose that steady stabilization all. On the one plus and while it’s not bad at all, it’s noticeable how much better they meet 30 pros.

But don’t count out one plus because they have a new stabilization mode that drops the quality slightly as we saw on the Samsung phones this year, and when you switch to that, you’ll notice a significant difference on the 1 plus 70 looks at how smooth.

It is it looks like it’s on a gamble, so you have that option here on the 70, and it matches up better with the May 30 pro you do not get 4 K., and you have to get 1080 P. which is fine okay so let’s get to the low light performance.

This is where the meat 30 pros bigger sensor did take the lead, but the one plus 70 held up well here I was surprised how closely the one plus kept up when he came to moderate low light conditions the one plus once again.

Favors the warmer tones while the meat 30 pros algorithms push the whites to cool white I prefer the warmer tones at night because I think it reflects the more accurate color capture, but this is a personal preference.

But where you see the difference is the night mode here are some shots before night mode and here are some changes after night mode I do like most chances without night mode on the mi 30 pros I feel like the A. I.

The best job of balancing color and exposure where night mode is just going to give you the brightest picture with the most detail is that you can make the photo look super unrealistic.

But if you want to turn night into day time there’s no better phone than the mate 30 pros it’s awe-inspiring what this camera can do the shadow detail is insane, and it does all of that with less noise if you look at the one plus is nightscape shots they do have more sound look in the cloud in the sky area here.
I know that a lot of people are going to argue with me here, but I think that the one plus is night mode takes a more balanced approach representing the night look better.

The while we capture more detail and information in terms of low light, the walkway takes an edge here look at the sky area here with the picture of the bridge the Wally shows cloud detail was the one plus doesn’t.

You can even pick up on it, and you can do night mode with the 5 X. zoom, which is also impressive, so it gives you even more flexibility what’s crazy is that when it comes to video, the one plus 70 is sharper.

At night take a look at the trees so much more detail where the may 30 pros look soft and muddy the one plus is also showing higher dynamic range if you look at the store windows.

It’s not drastic, but it’s slightly better. If you convert this to rec 709 colors, the shadow detail is also great on the 70 videos, so if you want to add in post-production, the 70 articles will be more flexible. What do you think which camera takes it this one is crazy because if these two cameras were the same price.

It would be different, but the one plus 70 is almost half the price and keeps up very well the May 30 pro no doubt has more high-end features like the incredible 7000 830 frames per second slow motion even though that’s not the sharpest.

Article it’s an insane foot per smartphone look at how slow that is the daytime video and audio pick up is better on the May 30 pro the images have slightly more detail and the night mode is brighter with more information.

But you have to ask yourself just how much better is it almost double the price better that is something that you’re going to have to weigh in if you’re in the market for.

One of these phones is not the slave that I was expecting; this tells me that the consumer wins even mid-tier phones are not here to play around with their customers giving them.


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