Top Tech Under $50 (2020)

Top Tech Under $50 (2020)
Top Tech Under $50 (2020)

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today let’s take a look at the tech that’s under $50 there’s gonna be some way below some right at $50 but there’s some
great products to show you so let’s go ahead and get started the first product that I’m going to show you is well below $50 and I partnered with Chamberlain
to show you their smart garage hub there’s a huge misconception that adding smart functionality to the existing garage door is expensive it’s not this add-on is compatible with most garage
door openers that are out there everything that you need come inside of the box all you need to do are Mount the hub and then plug it in you
just use 3m to stick on the door sensor and in just a few minutes you’ll have control over your garage door directly through the app no matter where you
are in the world the reason to get this add-on is the convenience and peace of mind there’s a lot of times where I second guess if my garage door
is open or not and then I can just check it with a voice assistant if it’s closed or not and then just close it by voice and if you
check this product out in the past they did use to charge for smart home functionality with voice assistance but that is now gone since free summer so
you no longer have to worry about a subscription if you’re worried about safety then don’t be I love that on my iPhone that I can use face ID to
authenticate before I open the door and I do appreciate that you can’t open the garage door by voice because if somebody is just yelling outside and catches that voice
assistant, they might field open your door but you can close the door by a voice which is nice if you buy from Amazon which is pretty much all of
us Chamberland partner with Amazon key to giving secure access to the garage door for package safety the delivery drivers are granted one-time access per delivery it’s never a
code they make sure that your garage door closes before they move on to the next delivery and you get a notification that that door is closed and the packages
are safe this is such a great add-on for the smart home once you have this convenience and functionality you’ll never want to go back so make sure you check
that link down below because you will not believe what this is priced at right now the price is insane so go ahead and pick one up you will not
regret it alright so here’s a fun gift that’s gonna bring a smile to your face yes you are seeing this right this is a torquing and bear the
bear itself is cheap it’s about ten dollars but if you have an Amazon echo you can link this up with Alexa music through Amazon music and it will just
start dancing automatically I love it when you say that a word the bear perks up and when you set a timer through your echo when the timer is up
the bear will shake it and let you know yeah I know it’s a novelty product but if you have kids they will love it you can get this and
an echo dot together as a package for less than 50 bucks so pick this up if you want a good laugh next up is the Roku premier this 4k
streaming stick is about 30 bucks right now and it’s a no-brainer this is great if you have a TV that doesn’t have smart features or if you don’t like
the interface that came with your TV it just plugs into an HDMI port it comes with the remote and the set up is incredibly easy you get access to
all the great streaming services like Netflix Hulu Disney Plus and what I like is that you can use your smartphone as the remote and also privately listen on
your headphones through the Roku app which is incredible for nighttime view the next thing is something that I’ve been using for years and this is something that I cannot
live without this is the Nomad universal cable and this solves a lot of problems for me especially when I travel because I own too much tech and while I
wish everything was USB see that is just not the case so that’s why this cable is so cool because it has all three micro USB USB C and Apple’s
lightning which makes your life a lot easier it’s tough the quality is nice and this is my travel court of choice because I can take one cable and not
worry if I need to charge something that has micro USB in 2019 and 2020 it doesn’t make sense but it’s still here if you don’t want to wire charge
your compatible device a good wireless charger is key I’ve been using this spigen one for a while now and it’s affordable


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