LightingEdition(2020):Ultimate Smart Home Tour

LightingEdition(2020):Ultimate Smart Home Tour
LightingEdition(2020):Ultimate Smart Home Tour

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’ve partnered with GE Lighting to show you their smart home setup here at CES 2020 I have Patrick with me here

from GE Lighting and he’s gonna give us a tour of the awesome stuff that they’re doing here in 2020 hi Patrick good to meet you so let me know

what’s going on here with GE what are they doing in 2020 yes so get Lighting’s come a long way we’ve been around for 130 years Edison invented the light

bulb hence GE we’ve decided to enter into the smart home category as well so a couple of years ago we started with smart bulbs and we’ve evolved quite a

bit since then so we’ve added a line of plug switches now wire-free products that’s really what we have set up here at CES so we’ve created an entire

the smart home that showcases our products and how they interact with each other and that’s what we’ll walk through this is a nice setup out here so what do we

have going on here so what we’ve got outside we have a number of our bulbs that are set up on the automatic schedule so that at sunset they turn on

at sunrise they turn offset it up once you never have to think about it again you’ve already added a lot of security to your home at that point

coming in here we walked in and our lights turned on in our entryway here so we have our new Wire-free motion sensor product that’s coming out in

q1 this year this gives you a ton of flexibility in how you mount it so the back of this is magnetic it’s a very small dot on the wall

I have total flexibility in how I and all that motion sensor so it detects just the motion that you want it to detect the size of this is

amazing that flexibility to put it anywhere this is something that I have a thing before this is cool yeah a lot of motion sensors historically have been really

bulky and you don’t have a lot of flexibility and where you mount them so you don’t get that control over what motion they’re detecting you’ve got a

a ton of range of motion with this you also have the ability to side motion response schedules so let’s say it’s in a hallway late at night and you don’t

want the lights to come on at full blast when you’re walking down the hall you can set this so that maybe after 9:00 p.m.

I only want the lights to turn on it let’s say 15% brightness so you have a ton of flexibility it can control our bulbs switches and plug so

it’s a really easy way to set it and forget it and now you’ve got the kind of lighting control that you want in your house and when what is

this here so these are new Wire-free switches from the front looks very much like a traditional light switch but if we turn it behind there’s nothing back there

but 3m tape to mount it to a wall so no wiring required this is powered by Bluetooth you can add this to a space in your home or maybe

you thought you should have had a switch you can add it into an existing junction box it has the right mounting points for that gives you a ton of

flexibility to also group products together so it doesn’t just have to control a single light like on a regular electrical circuit they can control again more plugs switches bulbs

from C by GE so you get to define what that plug controls this is set up to control our lights in the entryway here so I have easy off

control easily on the control I can go ahead and dim the lights down if I want to and what’s unique to C by GE is that we also have the

ability to control the temperature of lighting so these are all bulbs that are tunable white you can go from a very warm temperature to a very bright temperature if

I press a button here we can see that we’re at the warmest temperature and I can cycle through up to the brightest Wow so this is

an all-in-one solution I like this a lot because you don’t have to buy all these separate products it’s just right there on the wall, yeah it’s it gives you

tons of flexibility especially if you’re renting or you know if you’re in a dorm room or something like that you don’t have to do any wiring and if you

think about even our exterior lighting which is controlled by this switch most homes are gonna have you know garage lighting front porch lighting maybe a light off the back

a deck you’ve got multiple switches to control all of that if you put C by GE light bulbs in those enclosures

r the couch here I’ve got our different color lighting and these recessed cans and it creates the kind of mood that you want in the living room so you

have a ton of flexibility to initiate that from our app and you can initiate these scenes from Amazon Alexa or the google assistant so the other thing that

that I think is cool about c by g is that while our bulbs are Bluetooth all of our Wi-Fi enabled devices it should be our plugs and switches

they act as bridges to our Bluetooth devices you don’t have to go and buy a separate hub as you do with many other manufacturers it’s not something that

a typical consumer I think wants to have in their house it’s just a box that doesn’t seem to do anything we’re trying to make it simple for people

to come in and create an entire smart room without all of that extra equipment so our main focus is making it easy for someone to go to the store

buy these things they get home and they just work well that’s good because that’s pretty much to Barry or smart home right now is just because it’s complicated people

just want something easy and smart and looks like you guys are accomplishing that that’s nice so this is exciting tell people how awesome this product is yes we’re

excited about this so we originally launched with our four-wire smart switch which is what a lot of what you’ll see on the market today it requires that

white neutral wire in the back of the box that’s great if your home was built after 1980 for those who haven’t a little bit of older of a home

about 40% of homes in America were built before then you traditionally couldn’t install a smart switch because you don’t have that white neutral wire so we’ve spent the last

year developing a new kind of smart switch so this is our 3 wire no neutral switch that we have here you don’t need that neutral wire which means that

it opens this up to work in virtually any home in the United States and Canada we’ve got a much smaller form factor as well in the back of the

box here so older junction boxes tend to be much smaller than newer ones we’ve made it easy to install this it even as entered changeable line and loads so

you don’t need to do testing to see which is the line which loads the switch does that for you it literally could not be easier to install this yep

yeah we’re excited about that we won a CES Innovation Award this year for that switch there’s a lot of innovation that goes into that excited to launch

this in q1 it’s right around the corner so that’ll be hitting the market pretty quick here this is something that I get questions about all the time I

don’t have a neutral wire you know I cannot do this in my home and this solves that yes so this is the first smart switch that doesn’t

require a no nutri doesn’t require a neutral wire and it doesn’t require a hub so it’s sticking with our hubless strategy we don’t want to make this complicated for

people it has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio in the switch it’s the same kind of functionality you’d have with any of the traditional 4 wire smart switches yeah this

is very exciting so let’s go ahead and run over to the bedroom real quick and see what they got going on over there so the smart bedroom is

something I need to step up in 2020 so I’m looking forward to this what do you have here yes so this is the C by GE smart bedroom

so everyone has a little bit of a routine when they’re going to bed you know I like a little bit of background noise with the fan I like it

to be a much cooler temperature so you’ve got these steps that you go through and you have an opportunity using our products to automate all of those steps so

that when you get in bed you don’t have to realize oh I didn’t turn the fan out I gotta get back up there’s a light in the hallway on

that I should have turned off so just make it easy to get in bed relax and create that routine that’s perfect for you and what we’ve really

highlighted here is the ability for smart plugs to control other devices meaning maybe my fan my humidifier a heated blanket those kinds of things so I can build that

into my kind of nighttime routine just using C by GE smart plugs, okay so what we’ll do here is we’ll trigger our bedtime scenes so we’re gonna dim down

those lights we’re gonna go to a warmer color temperature that supports the circadian rhythm that’s telling your body you know there’s less blue light it’s time to rest and

relax and get ready for bed we’ve got our humidifier that’s pumping out some nice cooler and moist air we’ve got a fan that’s turned on up here we’ve got

a heated blanket running as well so with a single press in our app or you could do it via voice command I’ve got my entire nighttime routine automated and

I can just get in bed and relax that’s sweet I need this right so most importantly


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