Modern Living Room Tour

Modern Living Room Tour
Modern Living Room Tour

What’s up everybody this is Danny into a day I partner with LG to show you my simple but use large screen projection set up in yes that is over 120-inch projection behind me.

It looks sweet in the last mortal tore a lot of you asked about the furniture that’s in the living room someone to bring my wife back by popular demand.

She’s going to let you know about her choices and maybe where you can take some of the stuff up the first.

Let’s get to the heart of the setup, and that is the LG cine being H. Q. 70 L. H. 4 K. projector this projector for having a crisp 4 K.

Resolution is much smaller than I thought it would be it has a beautiful modern design clean lines and while it can be ceiling mounted I just place mine right here on the console behind the couch I was afraid of the projector loud right behind the sofa.

It’s on right now, can you hear it. It’s tranquil, so you don’t have to worry about it being loud I have a beautiful big wall in the looks great just on the white wall there’s nothing like watching content on the screen is enormous.

It’s awesome. This is a realist LED projector color. It is careful with HDR .10 to support this project It’s 1500 lumens and looks fantastic in my set up, especially at night; it might not be quite bright enough for full daytime use but looks great, especially on a wall this big.

It’s effortless to set up in fact if you’ve ever used an LG TV before this is the same experience you get that excellent web west experience with all the smart features that you get in their TV line up there’s built-in wifi all the streaming apps are here.

I appreciate the number of ports on the back you get to HDMI, including one audio return channel you also get USB C. could say even that L. G. you also have to U. S. T. A. S.

Headphone Jack gets a cable in Ethernet. This thing is loaded, and you’ll be happy to know if the ceiling-mounted the remote will work with the I. R.
A port on the back, the remote magic experience is the same because I have quick access to the Google assistant.

Just hitting this one button on the remote, I can control my smart home, turn off the lights, and get ready to binge-watch Netflix or Hulu.
Gaming is also incredible on the screen is big.

So you can look up your Xbox one acts or your PlayStation 4 Pro, and that experience is like no other if you have compatible phones, you can even cast wirelessly which is excellent like on this L. G. G. 8 X.

This could be that perfect gift for somebody trying to bring that theater experience home with them and be honest with you. Instead, I watch on this week’s set up in the comfort of my own home the built-in speakers on a projector a decent buffer that movie experience.

You can ask any speaker that you want with Bluetooth or auxiliary input since this set up isn’t permanent; it will end up moving into my office for my LG soundbar and sub combo lives. Still, until then, I want to trial some portable sound for fun colors during the. It Will is for the kids I use the LG X.

Boom Bluetooth speaker won’t break the bank, but it packs a massive sound for the size, and the price will check this out, but when I needed just a little bit more sound.

I paired it up with the new Amazon echo studio and my head just as one speaker in the center of the room; this sounds fantastic deep bass and crisp highs and if the bills.

The living room well I know that you compare a couple of these together someone orders an extra one and try it out I can’t wait for that and just makes you follow me on social and I’ll let you know-how.

It goes I’m going to enjoy the rest of this movie, so make sure you check the links down below for the LG cine being projector you never know when they go on sale makes you check current pricing.

Then I’m going to hand it off to my wife to give you the rest of the tour. Now the techy parts over here come the fun part a lot of people asking all of Danny’s.
All the furniture and stuff from, so I’m going to give you a walk-through of the piece I got to choose for this living room, the peace that we get axed allow access.

Cool all right the piece that would probably get the most questions on, and I think it’s like the centerpiece of the room because.

We don’t have a fireplace because we live in Florida; it is the BDI elements storage console, and the reason that we went for this vest is the media version of it because there are two versions.

The media want just it’s a little bit lower to the ground, and I prefer the look of this works a little bit higher it just fits our living room much better than the media version.

The council has wheels, and the media council has wheels, which would make it very easy when Danny has to change all the components back here.
But I want to be difficult, and I got this one correct in all seriousness it is a beautiful place and the pot I probably love the most is all of these hello dolls.

And inside the dos. It’s all the wires, and all the junk that nobody wants to see am I right the reason I is it’s got that warmth to it as you can see a lot of a living room a lot of the house is very cool-toned.

But this has the wants to it, but it doesn’t age the room it’s got a very modern look with the kind of luxurious look about to and that the legs on a recent the next piece that gets quite a bit of attention to are this beautiful coffee table.

This is from west elm, and it’s called the origami coffee table we got large there is a smaller size it’s been great we’ve had it for three years. It still looks brand new, so it also makes sense some beautiful Instagram shots for Danny, and this thing sits on top of it year-round, and we just changed out with seasonal to call.

It’s from the target, and they still have them that I was there yesterday, and I’m hoping to get some questions about little doggy here name is apple, and she’s from a local boutique here in Florida speaking of west elm and target that’s 2 of my favorite shops.

This is what this kind of corners from this land is just a tripod lamp that’s from west elm you can actually get a similar one to it and talk as well which is a little bit cheaper we also have this chess.

Which I ball on target they want install they would and we got those when we first moved into the house, and that is my spot has become my favorite place to set so they comfortable despite them not looking very pleased you feel like a little kid in them but.

We contemplate the change in the lax, but we kind of like it now; it’s just stuck. I mean, they haven’t held up very well, but what does the kids right hello this again change out seasonally and those covers from Amazon.

Most of my pelicans come from the couch say what you will about an Ikea couch this one is incredible we pull a pot of this couch about three years ago and is still in fantastic condition.

It is super comfy, but we only have to sew for pot in our old house, and then we moved in here that we went back to the fullest about a sectional.
And I don’t know anyway, and we added on this section right here, so they do so in a full sectional Bucks we already had this pot so.

We just added on this little pot right here, and I think it fits the space correctly do you agree probably the best part of it and the reason that we kept this couch instead of buying something.

New is the fact that you can take every one of these covers off unzipped them, throwing your washing machine your line dry them, and it looks like a brand new couch the next day you can even watch the arms now that I’ve done it that much do not assume and.

As it is back but little kids, sometimes you forget spillage or something you have to unscrew a couple of things. You can pull off the arms and wash everything, and so it’s a fantastic couch, and for the price, I don’t think you can be too, and it looks nice the final part of the room the rock it is from Amazon.

It is called the Orian rugs I don’t know the exact style, but we will link that below for you but considering we have a 3-year-old and a five-year-old is held up pretty well in the past 6 or 7 months that we’ve been living here it needs a little bit TLC I’m not going to lie, but you get some results.

You can get almost any staying out of this is an indoor-outdoor rug. However, it’s still very comfortable. I think it looks beautiful. It’s just very neutral how my favorite thing that we did to this house was the blinds, and they’re not cheap, but they’re an investment, and they stay with the house, so we went full the plantation shutters.

We also went full the nontraditional without the stick we have the hidden tilts behind them, and we did the splits so you can keep the top open while the bombs close to give you a little bit of privacy, but you still gas lights N.

But I feel like they add that modern touch them the cool thing is you have to do to open them is like that and you can open your window.
And my second thing that’ll love about that is that when I’m close enough, I feel a lot of light on the wheel of fortune fast hello Lexus.

So that’s it for the living room, so I hope you enjoyed it if you want to see more of that kind of the furniture and the design behind someone down small home stuff, let him know in the comments below, and maybe I can pop in from time to time.

if you’ll have me everything that I mentioned today and maybe some other things on the link below and the LG projector, I hope you enjoy it thanks for watching hi


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