Samsung Galaxy A80 Best Phone/Cover By Manha Awais

Samsung Galaxy A80 Best Phone
Samsung Galaxy A80 Best Phone

This is the Samsung Galaxy 80. I was super excited about this phone when it was announced because flip cameras are a thing nowadays. And having the option of using the same high-quality camera for the front-facing camera is a great concept.

But does mid-tier effort from Samsung knock it out of the park, or is this the best Samsung phone that you shouldn’t buy?

So let me start with the things that I do like about this phone. The bill quality is very nice. It’s heavy. It feels substantial. And it feels really high quality in the hand.

The last 6.7-inch Super Amila display is really nice. Since this is Basil’s design, you really do get all of that screen. So watching content or playing games on here is a good experience. It’s 10 ATP.

So at this size, I really would have liked to have seen Quad HD, but it’s not terrible by means. I think most people be very happy with this display.

The new 8 nanometer Snapdragon 730 brings a lot of the performance features from the Qualcomm 800 series chipsets. For instance, the gaming performance of the Adreno six 18 does well with most games and plays them smoothly.

The Computer Vision ISP is built into this chipset well. So combined with the time of flight sensor, you can do portrait mode video, which is only found on flagship phones like the Galaxy s 10 five G.

And this phone is also Wi-Fi 6 ready with that built-in. So this phone is very capable.

I’ve really enjoyed Samsung’s approach to Android with one UI. I can’t wait to see this chipset on other mid-tier phones this year. I think you can really bring that flagship type of performance and connectivity to cheaper phones.

And that’s a great thing for the consumer. So this is where the magic ends for me with this phone. This is a cool concept and I applaud Samsung for doing something new and something fresh. But here, a couple of reasons why I’m disappointed with the execution of this phone.

I think this phone is a great idea, but it falls short of the price.

The biggest excitement for me was the camera. And it’s a good camera. Don’t get me wrong. The main 48-megapixel sensor with F 2.0 aperture can produce some nice-looking shots.

But after looking through a bunch of photos that I’ve taken, there’s just nothing extraordinary about these pictures. I see a lot of sharpening the HDR is pretty nice, but I expected more from this camera at this price.

The good thing is all of the features from the flagship camera experience are here, like the portrait mode. And of course, you get four K videos and that looks pretty good well. But my biggest disappointment with this phone is the ultra-wide camera.

This is a super wide-angle camera, 12 millimeters, eight megapixels 2.3 shooters, and can’t make some decent pictures in daylight.

But I will just let down by the image quality that it produces, especially for selfies.

You can really see this in indoor situations. Just look at the shot with the main lens and then take a look at it with the wide-angle, the wide-angle shot.

This has a lot more noise in it. It’s muddier, not sharp. The color temperature changes, all kinds of funny stuff happening here where the wide-angle just looks worse every time. I’m sure this can be improved with software updates, but that was the 1 thing that I was really looking forward to because having that wide-angle on the front, I’m really a fan of wide-angle selfies.

So I was just disappointed in the image quality there. And the image quality with the main lens at night is really not that good either.

If you take a look at pictures right here, just in a queue at Universal, you can just see it’s not super dark here, but you can just see a lot of compression artifacts and just I don’t know, I just thought it would be a lot better at this price if Samsung got anything right about this phone.

It should have been the camera because that’s what they’re marketing, this flip camera.

So maybe that’s the reason why I feel the way I do about this phone because I really expected this camera to knock it out of the park. And with this camera mechanism, you don’t really have a chance of getting any kind of water resistance. And that’s understood. But this is also not the fastest camera mechanism.

It’s not the fastest, but it’s not the quietest. Can you hear this?

It’s pretty loud. I do think it’s really nice that at this price point, they included it in-display fingerprint scanner. But I do have to say this is one of the most inconsistent fingerprint scanners that I’ve used this year.

I’m sure an update can be applied to make us more responsive. But I’ve had a lot of fails more than usual during my testing phase and did not see a face unlock lock option.

It’s either this or this. This is a big phone and it does have a decent battery to match 3700 million hours. But with this bulk, I would have expected a little bit larger capacity despite having a Tenet display and an efficient chipset. I expected a little bit more out of this battery.

I do end up lasting to the entire day, I said, and I end up about 15, 20 percent at the end of the day. So don’t expect legendary battery life. Just expect good battery life.

The nail in the coffin for me was the lack of dual speakers. You only get a single firing downward speaker. And I know that some will say it’s bezels. So where are you going to put this speaker?

But there are dual speaker systems on phones like the 1plus 7 pro and the open Reno Teneycke Zune. It might not be a big deal to you, but when I watch content on the phone, I use the phone speakers a lot.

And it would have been cool if there was a headphone jack here, but there is no headphone jack. Now they do include a pair of USGBC headphones in a box, which is really nice, but I personally would have rather had stereo speakers.

So don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is a terrible phone.

It’s a decent middle-tier option. But when you look at the price, that’s when things really don’t add up.

So if you want to import this phone, I think it costs almost 600$ if you were important in the U.S. So for this price point, you have a lot of other choices. Even in the U.S., you have the Pixel 3A, which is a lot cheaper, has a better camera, you also can spend just 75$or so more and buy the 1 plus 7 pros.

And it’s literally better in every way you get a better display with a faster refresh rate, bigger battery, better performance. And you also get a popup camera.

And internationally you have phones like the K 20 pro and the MI 90. And then you have phones like the Zen iPhone six, which is less money. And you’re still going to get that flip camera. And you’re getting a much larger battery and you’re getting flagship performance.

So if you’re a Samsung fan and you want something more unique for a smartphone in the mid-range price category, I would go ahead and buy this phone. I just think there are better choices out there for the money.

Maybe when this phone goes on sale. It’ll be a killer deal down the line.

But I think right now you’d have better choices than the Galaxy 80. Cool concept, bad execution. So let me know what you guys think about the Galaxy 80. Have you tried it before? Let me know if your experience is the same as mine.


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