Tech Tour at CES 2020! Best Smart Home

Tech Tour at CES 2020! Best Smart Home
Tech Tour at CES 2020! Best Smart Home

What’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’m going to show you the best smarter products here at C. S. 2020 there’s a lot here, but I want to show you the best, and I want to thank Amazon for sponsoring my trip out to sea yes so I can show you the best of the best of smart home S. C. S. 2020.

Let’s do it when it comes to voice assistants Amazon Alexa just stole the show as you already know there are so many products that they released it refreshed a lot of their queue line up already in 2019.

But they’re celebrating over 100000 devices now P. compatible with Amazon Alexa, so I got to do a lot of cool stuff here. I even got to have a cocktail party with Shaq and guy fieri that was amazing.

You got to look at all of the different products there some of the stuff that I haven’t seen or just personally as Amazon echo.
I had a smart microwave and stuff that you get to see before, and then right behind me as you can see, there is a Coca Cola energy.

Amazon wall and this is awesome because I’ve been coming every day to get an energy drink and it’s easy to let me just show you how easy this is cool I want all my shopping experiences to be like this. Alexa order coca Cola energy.

This stuff is likely learned powerfully can one small step for man one giant leap for humanity yeah yeah that easy Alexa was also really big in automotive this year lots of partners it makes a lot of sense because when I’m driving home.

I can have all the stuff automated for me.
I can open my garage door. I can have my lights come on. It makes a lot of practical sense for everyday life, and there are some cars, and I never got to see before, so there is a lot to build into a Lamborghini.

My first time in a Lamborghini was excellent and things I’ve never seen before, like radiant the fully electric. The truck I’ve never actually seen a ruby in real life, and it was there at the Amazon Alexa booth that was cool to see, so it’s nice to see.

What Ms on lex’s doing how many partners that they have and how they are tying all of the smart homes together and it pretty much everything I’m going to show you today I can almost guarantee.

It is going to be Alexa compatible, so for voice assistants, there really is pushing for the pure ease of use and just connecting your entire life, so I’m excited to switch back to Amazon Alexa in 2020.

So stay tuned. I’m here the color blue, and there are many products that they dropped here to see. Yes, they have a touchless toilet, and they also have some water filtration options underneath your sink.

Which is fresh, but the big hit of the show moxie voice shower head speaker I got to see this a little bit early. I feel proud about a month soon, and this thing is fantastic.

It has premium audio with Harman Kardon sound whenever you’re done. You can just pull that off and use it as a smart home speaker, which is cooling the build quality phenomenal.

It feels good, and all of the sound right now in this booth is powered by those moxie speakers, which is pretty incredible, so I can’t wait to get this into my home, and I think you should look into it.

Suppose you’re into singing in the shower. Who is the internet? I found something cool here at the Legrand bills, and actually, the company name is NetApp mold that mold sorry fun messing this up.

Mole, but this is a new kind of smart lock that I’ve never seen before. It’s kind of like a weird hybrid, but the big deal about this is that it’s minimal, which I like, but the key itself is NFC based.

You know when you lose a key, you have to go and change a lot right, but this has a unique code every NFC key, so basically, if you miss this key, you can reprogram it and be fine.

I like this part of it, and I think that’s the revolutionary part now it’s only compatible with a home kit at launch is going to come out at the end of 2020, but hopefully there said that he might add on Alexei Google system.

Later on, I hope they do, and there are no motors inside of it, so the batteries last forever. I think like four years basically, if you were to unlock it by the app.

You can, and you can lock it by the app you have to physically go there and turn it to close and open, which could be you know hit or miss for some people.

But I feel like if you want to secure a slot with a physical key if you’re into the physical key, this will be the ultimate smartphone lock. It’s been a while since the ring released this many products so.

That’s why I came to this wall over here. There’s quite a bit to show, so the biggest thing for me is that I don’t have path lights; I think the smart lighting path lights are going to work out well.

So what they’re going to do is turn on and work with other ring cameras and things like that to help detect motion into light your pathway when you’re coming in, which I think is excellent. It’s battery-powered, so I guess that’s also cool. You also have the ring X.line, so this looks very familiar.

But what I like is the look is slightly different, but it’s going to give you a three-year limited warranty. It’s also going to provide you with a ring essential protect plan for the life of the device and professional installation.

Which is also really lovely over here; there’s a ring video doorbell elite access with cellular. I think that’s a big deal because a lot of people can’t have a connection or they don’t have links to the internet and having cellular on there’s a considerable deal plus even if you have.

The internet went out of the house this is cool, and I’m digging rings line up, so I got to hit them up because I got to get some of the stuff at home a big surprise for me I didn’t know was coming was Samsung’s Bali it’s an autonomous robot looks like a little softball.

A bunch of different colors it kind of rolls on its own, but it’s supposed to be a part of the family, so it does a lot of things that you don’t even have to tell it to do.

We can communicate with your dog that the family sees a spill there, or if there’s something that needs to be sanitized, maybe like dog poop, you can do that or initiate.

Which is cold, so I didn’t get a full demo of it, but it’s running around over there looks cool, and I’m more interested in how it’s going to integrate into the smart home segment.

It’s supposed to connect to smart things so supposed to automate things and help do automation’s maybe that you didn’t set, so if you wanted maybe.

The windows open at a particular time you do that all the time you do yourself, then you could see that and automate that I’m interested in what this is going to do I don’t think there’s any pricing or any kind of timing on that yet.

I want to try that out. I can’t believe how practices for the last 8 CS one LG over the take-you home site have a fantastic smart door. Hence, as different apartments for people dropping off packages, there’s even a refrigerated portion where like hello fresh and stuff like that, AmazonFresh can write them.

Drop off your groceries, and yet they won’t go wrong at all, and there’s also a bio authentication for the front door some facial recognition vein recognition so safe to go in, and they also showed off what in.

The door would look like with all types of graphics weather information all that stuff with the refrigerator at all just sinking up with the smartphone, so that was great. Unfortunately, since it is the last day of CS, there some boots.

I wanted to visit, but they’re no longer there, but I’m going to talk about the party because I think they’re excited about the first year going on an adventure. After all, many people don’t give your Rica part a chance, and we’re going to see what’s good stuff is here.

All around the world down here I’ve been to Korea I’ve been to France and Israel, and I still haven’t found anything. Well, the first lightsaber with Alexa.

So you Rica park wasn’t much of a success, but there’s one thing here called the tale, and I think that this could kind of change how we look at the smart home and smart scales smart bathroom type stuff so this puts a range inside of your bathroom mat which is kind of fresh they can detect your posture.

You can detect and weigh and even determine your shoe size instead of stepping on the mat every day, and it’s going to show your actual weight. They’re going to show you the fluctuations in weight, so like for me that’s good.

I’ll just feel better about myself because I don’t see the weight every day. So this product is coming this year, but it’s going to go on Kickstarter. First, which is kind of a bummer, but the reason. Why I can’t get a demo of this because of the C.

All right now is pitching a shark tank, so you’re going to see this probably again the second find here anything at Eureka Park. I want to talk about the highlights and stuff that I couldn’t see, but I want to try August’s lock. I love their products.

I’ve been using them for a very long time, but this year, they’re finally going to put out a version that doesn’t look like a tank on the inside; it’s pretty much half its size you don’t need a bridge anymore to get wifi connectivity.

It’s a lot sleeker looking forward to checking that out, and also, I think they have a cabinet door lock or a smart lock sensor thing that’s happening there. It looks cool too, so I think that’s going to be suitable for safety when it comes to smart locks.

I think Lockley’s vision took it to the next level because it has everything you need. It’s afforded a lock. Still, a lot is going on. I also think the big deal is that is integrated HD cameras allow for two way talks are taking the place of a video doorbell.

Then, of course, you can unlock my fingerprint scan, which is cool a digital key or code or the app, so this lock is going to be the ultimate lock of a product that I did get to check out its C.

By GE light switches and these things is next level because number 1 you can have light switches that don’t need any type of wiring at all and they work by Bluetooth connects to all C. by GE lighting, and it works all great together, but the one that light switch that they had is pretty much is universal.

I think that changes the game. Because these smart lights which do not need a neutral wire at all, so all the questions. That I get why can I use an intelligent light switch because I don’t have a neutral wire it solves that problem you don’t have to do anything with this you’re going to be able to wire it in it’s going to work it’s going to be awesome.

So I’m going to leave a link down below to the full video that I did with them it’s very informative if you want some more information, makes you check that out so that about does it for smart home 2020 at C. S. let me know which product that you like best.

I know it’s a little bit not traditional in this wrap-up, but I thought it was fun, so subscribe for a lot more CS content and lot more smart home content in general in 2020, and I’ll see you guys in the next.


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