Top Tech Tour!Best of CES 2020:

Top Tech Tour!Best of CES 2020:
Top Tech Tour!Best of CES 2020:

What’s up everybody this is Danny and today we’ll be taking a look at the best tech here at C. S. 2020 there’s so much to do because if you’ve never been there, it is humongous.

I’m going to do all that work for you so you can just watch it all in 1 place, so thumbs up for that is a lot to show you let’s go and get started.

Let’s start this madness off at the South Pole, and I want to thank sky word for sponsoring my coverage here at C. S. 2020. All M. G. is that a giant NBA jam arcade machine.

The memories the book chock a lot because the big heads I got him over the house but maybe not that big, so this isn’t something that is I guess tech that you can take home or is tangible.

But damn is this awesome I mean take a look at this is the royal flex pi remember that that thing they the first foldable last year but this is their foldable OLEDs all put into a tree.

And it’s imposing is very very cool only a C. S. you see cool stuff like this I’m here at the sky worth booth the most significant buzz word and probably the most significant theme of CS is 8 K. and they have this crazy 88 inch 8 K. Olin that rotates not just a case but big 8 K. 20 inch 8 K.

Max, this thing is enormous. I want this at my house but even being this close. It is so razor-sharp still, so the sky was this not known in the U. S. for a TV manufacturer, but they have been doing it big in China for a long time and this TV right here at the Q. 918 K. TV in a 75-inch model is coming to the U. S.

This is great at a competitive price, and this 1’s unique because it has an excellent bezel design here, and it depicts a different color; this is a navy blue color.
This looks beautiful, and this TV can do real 8 K, so this has a new media attack a K. 900 processor HDMI 2.1 Dolby sound with the built-in soundbar.

I mean this thing is wholly loaded also coming to the U. S. is the old lead wallpaper W. 81 NW 81 pro series is super thin 4.6 millimeters.

It’s going to give you that amazing all that contrast that color pop, and there’s also a secondary display that pops up on the soundbar that offers you all types of information you can control your smart home from there. There’s a Sony camera that’s built-in; it does body tracking.

You can take pictures of your family with it it just kind of comes on when you put on the TV it’s beautiful and hidden sky worth is also big into a smart home they have their A. I. O. T.

Service call swatch is basically what they’re doing because they connect all of their devices that they make together, so they don’t just make T. V.’s if you look over here in the setup.

They make all types of different smart home stuff from washers and dryers refrigerators to lamps smart bulbs air conditioners.

They’re showing how everything can be connected with Google Assistant, and they have a routine set up here so they can change the lighting they can open the curtains and 1 of the things.

I saw here a gas detection unit that’s there, so if your house the techs the gas leak, you can automatically open the window.

I think it is neat for safety, so what I like is that’s what takes care of all of the skies were stuff and connects it all, and then everything is patching routines with all the other smart home products would go.

Will assistance so they’re working together to create the ultimate smart home experience they have way too much cool stuff here this boot to cover, but I dropped the full video on the lineup of TV’s coming to the U. S.

I’m a letter card come flying around here. I’ll leave a link below for more information on sky worth in their products check them out. Hence, it looks like audio Technica has some genuinely wireless noise-canceling headphones here. I don’t see a listening room for three things. I wish I can listen to these, but they look a little bit bulky.

But I think that’s because they have significant drivers, says 5.8-millimeter drivers. Active noise canceling, and they look pretty sweet, so I wish I could listen .to these because that I can determine if I want these, but these look promising.

I like audio Technica, so these are something that I need to look out for this year I had to stop by the arm removed if you remember last year I played 4 VS I think that 1 I don’t want to kick for fees.

But again, for 2020, there are some significant improvements here. If you look up there, there are some things that for peace now can do, which is set to move the heart rate.
All the staff and let’s say that you are getting frustrated at losing back off a little bit and let you win, so that’s excellent advances in A. I. every year.

I was looking forward to coming to C. 4 VS, maybe next year I’ll play for please let me know if you only do that all. Just a Hyundai helicopter over no big deal.

The next biggest thing here at C. S. 2020 is the insane amount of concept cars their stuff from Audi. There’s some dope stuff from Sony, but the one that took it this Mercedes A. B. T. R.

You can see that is the avatar and I’ve never seen a concept car like this got to go inside there literally this is not even a car it’s just like living and breathing like you become 1 with this car the accents the details like.

The car has lighting that makes it feel like it’s alive it everything just adapts. These wheels are just absolutely insane.

They can crab walks. I decide if you control it with just your hands, and I’ve only never seen a design this incredible I hope we see this an avatar too, but I just cannot believe.

The amount of detail in this car like the backcast scales on its like its breeding it’s moving it thinks it’s just literally blowing my mind this is 1 of the coolest things I’ve seen in CS.

Sweet baby oda. Look at what’s L. G. is gone again. Look at all these LED panels. They told me it’s 255 inch OLED LED panels to make this whole what they’re calling the wave experience, and it’s fantastic, and people are about to bump into me.

But that’s alright because it is just that hot so fresh they do this every year L. G. you did it again.

This is the best way to show off what all they can do this is incredible breathtaking is using.

Remember that rollable OLEDs that I showed you last year it’s finally coming to market it was supposed to happen last year’s not but look at this show that you have back here now they’re coming down from the top as well in the bottom they’re all synchronizing.

Again absolutely incredible Colin is once still L. G. I need this in the house held you when it comes to consumer TVs they’re huge on A. K. this year so real A. K. new alpha Gen 3 processor, so they have a bunch of different TV’s here.
They even have some concepts from what I think that I don’t believe this is going to come out to market but looks awesome mini LED A. K. 40000 right now.

That’s what I need right there, but they have their X. line up they have their wallpaper line up all refreshed with beautiful designs I mean just updated they still have the Nvidia G.

Sync perfect for gaming and just high viewing angles and just impressive infinite contrast so. L. G. was doing their thing again but emphasizing that K.

So I got my friend Chloe with me and also got a robot over there this is you know that’s just how I roll.

Sit in a shared ride concept vehicle, which was mind-blowing. This is for autonomous driving shared rides in the future.

If you were not to drive it all go to work, this is what luxury would look like I mean it had drinks inside there was a place where you can put your coat I mean they had rollable LED displays.

I came from both sides with OLEDs in the armrest where you can control your seating patterns in the seats were super comfortable.

It was 1 of the coolest things that I’ve seen here at the show, which was also from LG. This is going to be 1 of the dope is gaining monitors at C. S. 2020.
This is the Samsung Odyssey G. 949 inches look at that all truckers.

It’s very immersive got fluid. It is 240 hertz, and it is 4048. This thing looks fantastic, and you got to see the back of this thing. It looks like something from Star Wars.

I mean usually, most gaming monitors any monitors look like crap in the back by Sam song I have to give you props nothing looks incredible in that blue light.

The monitor has multi-color light; it’s RGB back there, so I’m not sure what else talking about with blue light; it’s like the blue the best but here.

This is something that I probably shouldn’t be excited about as much as I am this is the Samsung T. 7 touch, and I use the T. 5 right now I love it, but this has a fingerprint scanner on there for biometric authentication.

Let’s say keep all your files photos everything safe, and they improved it in pretty much every way you get about 1000 right and 0 read so I think that this is going to be huge and the prices are the same so this is my next drive in typical Samsung fashion they got to do a big.

Music craziness. Still hot though 1 of the newest TV’s is the Cerro and in several Korean it means vertical or new, but that’s precisely what it is more for lifestyle right Jay Z.

If you’re not a millennial, then you probably shouldn’t buy this, but the coolest thing is it is meant to be like a big screen for your smartphone right so you can put your galaxy S. 9 plus or even your iPhone.

It doesn’t connect the same, but you could do that, and it’ll vertically change and as a motor inside any changes to the orientation of your phone.

So it is cool if you want to scroll through Instagram watch a movie it’s still too late it’s not their top of the line TV in the technology is not as good but having that built-in stand with the speaker and everything looks pretty cool.

I’m not sure if it does not apply to the home right now, but I can see this being real hate in retail stores, so Samsung decided to release like 400 TVs here at C. S.

2020 but my favorite one is the 8 K. modeled after 2020, it is 2950, and it is incredible like the build quality all-metal perforations where the speakers are and, of course, again that amazing A. K.

Quality and you get through a cave this year, which is fantastic, so this TV is almost as a list I mean I was blown away when I saw the TV. The design is just breathtaking.

So I need this in the house this year, Samsung, you know the shipping address on my quest for the A. 7 S. 3.I doesn’t have that here, but they got Ghostbusters.

Those buses, not a 73 man, I’m exhausted, but we’re going to play a game and see how many people walk in front of me when we do this last shot finally at the end.

I had to check out the Sony vision as I’ve seen a lot of other electric cars here, but this is more of a concept again, but Sony is fascinating to me because obviously.

There’s not making a car, but they want to show off their tech that’s the site, but I’d like to look at the car looks beautiful; it seems more like a regular car.

I dig when it comes to like your cars, but I love the infotainment system that’s inside the screens wrapped all inside of there is typical Sony.
It looks clean; it looks modern, so I’m digging the vision as Sony; if you listening just make this car partner with somebody make these cards, I think it’ll be a hit.

But anyway that’s it for me I could have made this video like 1 hour long is probably 1 of the best shows that I’ve been to so far so. It that sums up for these tired legs.


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