Minimal 49″ ULTRAWIDE Desk Setup 2019

Minimal 49
Minimal 49" ULTRAWIDE Desk Setup Tour 2019

What’s up everybody this is Danny not teamed up with LG to show you the most significant set up that I’ve ever done it’s the perfect ultra-wide set up when I’m at home for productivity and a fabulous large 17-inch display.

When I’m on the road, welcome to my ultimate 49-inch ultrawide setup test tour, and I want to thank LG for sponsoring this episode first let’s start with the heart of this setup, and that is the LG gram 17 being a long time mac user I miss the 17-inch display and this laptop.

Does it well because the footprint is so much smaller than you would expect for such a big display if it’s inside my standard backpack entirely, and it only 2.9 pounds I can’t even feel it in my bag so with my camera and everything else.

I need to put in my bag; this makes a huge difference the display is bright and vibrant with 2560 by 1600 resolution, so everything looks nice and sharp. Two windows side-by-side are no problem for the Graham 17 lots of room for professional applications like the Adobe suite.

I also appreciate the port selection there’s DC power USB HDMI and USB C. with thunderbolt three, which is a significant win which I’ll show you later. On the other side, to get two more USB 3.0 ports, a headphone Jack and a micro SD card slot, this laptop did come out earlier this year. However, the eighth generation core I. 7 processor still has plenty of power.

You can go up to 1 terabyte of SSD storage, and 16 gigabytes of ram the keyboard is beautiful and comfortable and is also back later, and I know some of you will appreciate the number pad on the right-hand side. The trackpad is also silky smooth uses precision driver still is excellent and responsive with a gentle click, and I also love the fingerprint scanner.

That’s on the power button, so it’s super easy to sign in with windows, hello the best part is that you can get a great deal on this laptop right now since it’s been out for a little while so I’ll leave some links down below for, you you can pick one up at a bunch of different retailers and even. At 1 of my favorite places in the world, Cosco seriously.

It’s not a joke Costco is life if you’re there check out how lightweight. This thing will blow your mind when I am at home, and in the office, I want to make sure I have the most power I can get and with that thunderbolt three-port on the Graham 17.

I can connect to my eGPU enclosure with the GTX 2080 inside that one cable drives the ultrawide display and also charges the laptop at the same time, so it keeps things nice and clean this gives me a lot of flexibility.

Because this gives me way more rendering power for video editing over the integrated graphics also gives me way more gaming powers off, I want to enjoy ultrawide gaming. I can this in itself trust me there is an experience I’m still enjoying years 5 in this set up comfortably lets me play at higher settings at 60 frames per second.

I love it, by the way. If you’re wondering what that stand that the Graham 17 is on, it is the 12 south curves excellent laptop stand I think it looks perfect with the set up if you’re wondering more about this ultrawide monitor.

LG also makes it if you saw my last alter white poor, the 34-inch model, and I thought that was big, but this 49 inch is next level. This is an excellent resolution of 5120 by 1440 with HDR 10 support. They also have a gentle curve to it, so it does feel immersive on the desk.

I can comfortably fit three windows side-by-side. Even more, 512 having all of that screen real estate is great because you can efficiently run multiple programs side by side, perfect for productivity with audio and video editing. The built-in speakers are surprisingly good so.

It works for me I usually use headphones when I edit audio, so it’s not a big deal, but I do feel like I need some studio monitor set up so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below so I can include those in my next set up to work.

If you saw my last set of tore, you might have seen this arm already by a human scale with the M. power charging station. This monitor is massive. This monitor arm has no problem holding it up it adds to U. S. B. A. and a USB C. port to the desktop to charge my phone or peripherals quickly.

This is especially handy when my keyboards and mice need charging just so much easier to do it directly on the desk. The manual that I’m using is the critical crime K. to this compact mechanical keyboard is something that I wanted to try.

And I’m digging it so far I’ve only been using this for about a week I have the RGB version their ton of different lighting options which are like you can cycle through them to see which one that you like I did offer the red switches I like the way.

It sounds and feels, but it’s available with the blue and brown switches as well. The layout is beautiful, and I think that this is the best compact mechanical keyboard that I’ve used so far. I’m using it wirelessly, but you can connect to 3 different computers.

If you want to and switch easily between them with the function plus the 12 or 3 keys, but you can also use it wired, and it connects via USB C. so that’s another win there’s a 4000 power battery inside so that’s nice it’s a little fake what I like it if.

You are a mac and PC user like I am. They do provide Max specific critical caps in the box, so if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard, then definitely check this out the mouse that I’m using is the older amex master.

I don’t think I need to go over this now since I’m sure that you’re not new to this the M. X. master 3 is out, but these older models are so affordable, and I think they’re still great I may operate later.

But I’ll stick to this. For now, the mouse is excellent for editing because you can use a custom map. These buttons control two computers with the same mouse has extraordinary battery life. I highly recommend the does that I’m using is still the BDI central lift; it hasn’t changed all year.

Because I love this motorized desk, it has that clean white finish with satin etched matte glass top; if you want to know more about this desk, I’ll leave my first set up for the year you can check it out because I go into more detail.

There but still 1 of my favorite features, is that your unit has that nomad wireless charger inside the charge my iPhone 11 pro. This is a feature that I use every day. I know a lot of people wanted me to do something different besides the Max set up so here.

It is I know it’s not a vast change-up. I’m still using that all some human scale good lamp that’s in the corner also, the chair is the same, but I think this is my favorite set up, yet I want to know what you think.

I mean, would you use this or would you change it up and go back to the last set up that I had let me know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for a lot more set up content like this and let me know what computer and display combo that you want me to check out next hit that like button.

If you enjoyed this check the links for the LG gram 17, if you’re interested, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and see you guys in the next set up toward.


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