Buy The Galaxy Note 9

Buy The Galaxy Note 9
Buy The Galaxy Note 9

This is the Galaxy Note ten end note ten plus, if you’re thinking about buying this little guy, I’m going to give you my thoughts on why you should probably buy the Galaxy Note nine instead. The smaller Galaxy No. 10 is getting a lot of heat and for a good reason.

It’s got a smaller attended P display. It doesn’t have a micro SD card slot. Nobody knows why.

Because look at that room. It makes no sense. It has no headphone jack. Even a smaller three thousand five hundred miles an hour battery.

And it almost cost one thousand dollars. It’s not all doom and gloom for the smaller No. 10, though this smaller model is absolutely perfect when it comes to size. I didn’t think I had an issue with the No. 10 plus size until I started using this. It fits in the hand.

Perfect. And I just love the form factor. It’s got the new updated design language, which is beautiful, by the way.

I don’t mind the single camera hole in the front for that near Basileus. Look, and it gets a faster processor with the Snapdragon eight. Fifty five has ultrasonic in display, fingerprint scanner you Feste 3.0 storage, which is a lot faster, faster wireless and twenty five watt wired charging and you get that really great triple camera system with that incredible wide angle camera.

It’s basically the best ultra wide on the market and I absolutely love having that in my pocket.

So it depends on how you look at it. It’s a nice upgrade from the previous. No, Samsung kind of shot themselves in the foot by making such a legendary note last year with the note nine.

I said this last year and I’m going to say this again. This could be the last Samsung phone with zero compromises. It still has a modern look, great glass and metal build. Yes, it does have larger bezels on the top and bottom, but the display is still gorgeous.

It’s big, bright. It’s sharp. Still one of the best displays out there. It still has a headphone jack.

This honestly could be the last one. Large 4000 million power battery, SD card slot, superfast fingerprint scanner on the back. Wireless charging, water resistance.

Still great performance with the Snapdragon eight forty five. And while you might get that occasional stutter here and there, for the most part, this phone has performed perfectly. This is the last Samsung phone that has the secure iris scanning facial recognition, which I really enjoyed.

And if you look now, you can get the note nine brand new for about six hundred bucks and the refurbished ones for way less than five hundred dollars, which is an insane deal for what you’re getting in this phone.

I’ve been using the note nine off and on for about a year, and I have to commend Samsung on how many updates that they note nine has gotten over that years time.

Right now, I’m on the latest security patch. And last update, Brotton dedicated night mode to the camera. And even though this only has a dual camera system on the back and you are going to miss that wide angle, it is very capable.

I just did a full camera comparison between the note nine and the No. 10 plus.

Yes, you do miss out on features like Portrait Mode video. But I was very surprised how well the note nine did even in the comments. A lot of people pointed out that they like the note. Nice images better. That’s a true testament of how well Samsung optimized the note.

Nice camera over the years time. So if you buy the note nine now, you’re still getting a great camera. I had a lot of fun making it. The only downside to the No.9 experience over a year is the battery life.

And even though it has a large 4000 million power battery, I was able to make it through the entire day, most times with 10 to 15 percent battery life left before I go to sleep.

But if I push this phone really hard during a day, sometimes it would run out of battery before I went to sleep.

So if you have a note nine, let me know if this is the same for you and the smaller No. 10 will probably be similar in battery life to the note nine. But you will be missing on some features like reverse wireless charging.

The Espin is everything and the experience is very similar between both of them.

You do get a unibody espin this year and you do get some new gesture based controls for the camera and other apps. That’s really great. But if you can live without it, I honestly don’t think that you will miss them too much since you can still use the No Nines Espin as a remote shutter button.

The note nine in twenty nineteen is still Obie’s. So if you still have one, you’re probably okay to skip on this generation and wait for the next one.

But if you decide to upgrade, I would definitely pick the bigger No. 10. Plus, it is the closest to the legacy of the note nine in terms of features just minus the headphone jack.

But this smaller No. 10, as much as I love the form, factor and size. If you don’t care about having the latest and greatest, I think you should buy the note nine instead. Because I think it’s a better overall phone.

Plus, you can get it for almost half the price right now if you get the smaller No. Ten, though, don’t worry.

You won’t be disappointed. Not everyone’s needs are the same. So if it fits you better, by all means, buy one and use it.

I just think the price is a little bit too high for what you’re getting. If they wanted to make a note for the masses, they would have made it cheaper. But Samsung is in a weird state right now because the S 10 E was seven hundred fifty dollars at launch.

So if this smaller note came in at that price, it would tear up the.So I’m not really sure where this belongs in the lineup. So let me know if you skip the No. 10 and kept your note nine or if you decided to buy a note nine instead of the note, tend to save some money.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts or if you just totally agree, let me know in the comments below. Don’t worry, I have my full thoughts coming on the bigger Galaxy Note 10 plus, which I think is one of the best so far in twenty nineteen.

Thank you for watching. Let me know what your opinion is and I will see you in the next one.


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