Google Pixel 4 XL Review!

Google Pixel 4 XL Review: My 2 Week Experience
Google Pixel 4 XL Review: My 2 Week Experience

I’ve been using the Google pixel for excel for the last two weeks, and I want to clear some things up. Yes, there are some definite downsides, but they’re also some good signs.

I want to ask the question, is it worth buying over another android flagship or even something like the iPhone 11 series right now, so let’s start with the design some might say.

It isn’t charming, but I have mixed feelings because, in the world of culture, curved displays, and fancy designs, I kind of like fresh, simple approach the back has an excellent matte finish to it the sites also have that same feeling to it.
It’s nothing extraordinary, but it does feel good using it, and the flat display is refreshing, but I’m not a massive fan of this prominent forehead on the top.

Let’s be real this is so much better than the giant notch that was on the Pixel 3, but when you compare to other flagship phones today it just looks more like a retro phone from the front which is something that Google should not be going for there is a reason for that prominent forehead.

That is to fit the radar sensor inside, which we’ll talk about a little bit later, but I’m glad to say that the display itself is excellent. It’s a Samsung LED 90 Hearst display, and it’s incredibly sharp, and I love the colors the dual speakers are excellent.

When you are watching content, the front-facing speakers are a thing of the past. However, they still sound good if I had one complaint about this display: it doesn’t get bright enough in outdoor conditions; I think the panel is less than 500 nits on maximum brightness, so if you use an iPhone or a Samsung phone.

Lately, you’ll notice the lack of brightness I’ve been using to speak an ultra hybrid clear case to protect the phone because I am known to break phones immediately.

If I don’t put a case on it on this phone, I like the transparent approach because it lets that orange color shine through it, It also gives excellent protection around the entire phone and getting a subtle lip around the top to protect the screen.
I love the way it looks let me know what you think what’s even better is that the channel sponsor speaks. I have teamed up to give away a pixel for excel so that you can try for yourself all you have to do like this video follow speaking on youtube business begins website and pick 2 of yours.

Fever cases from their line up and leave a comment below on your choices because that’s the only way they’ll know what to send; if you win, the winner will be chosen from the comments. They will also throw in their wireless Chargers you can wirelessly charge your pixel for excel.

This is a complete package all the directions again will be down below good luck to everyone out there when it comes to performance this is precisely what I expected from a pixel device last year’s Pixel 3 was a little shaky.

When it came to bugs but so far for me, this has been a much smoother experience the gesture navigation is a love it or hate thing. Still, I got used to it in just a few days the global assistance even faster now with an onboard assistant the voice response, and timing is noticeably better.

I always welcome dark mode. I love the way it looks. It’s fantastic that all that displayed there’s also new on the fly dictation in the recorder app. Well, I won’t be using this often. It’ll be great for interviewers. And students recorded lectures the text is searchable as well makes things super easy to find the Qualcomm snapdragon 855 does well.

As you would expect and we finally get more ram is 6 gigabytes, and that doesn’t sound like much, but this is so much better than last year’s 4 gigabytes what that 90-hertz display does feel smoother, but there’s a considerable cabbie ought to that because if you don’t force it on to 90 hurts like.

I did here in the developer settings. You really won’t notice the low refresh rate because Google’s adaptive mode is just basically keeping. This display at 60 hertz 90 percent of the time, and this was done to save battery life. And even on the larger pixel for excel with the bigger battery.

I’m getting between 4 to 6:00 hours of screen on time, and that is pretty much middle of the line when it comes to flagship devices, so if you force it on to 90 hurts, you are going to get that lower-end spectrum 4 to 4.5 hours of screen on time.

That’s not very good, but if you use adaptive display you’re going to get between 5 and 6:00 hours of screen on time, so if we’re going to put this into perspective my phone 11 pro-Max gets about 10:00 hours of screen on time, and the galaxy S. 10 plus gets around 7 to 8:00 hours screen on time so the battery life on.

This is significantly less. That’s one of the biggest things that I was disappointed about, and pixel for the smaller version is probably going to be roughly the same or even worse when it comes to battery life.

I don’t have that version, but from what I’ve heard from other people the battery life is about the same or a little bit worse there is new tech in the pixel for and that is the radar sensor that is on the top this is the sole technology that Google showed off years ago.

Where you would get fine, I control over gestures with just your hands. He looked amazing. If you’re looking for that type of control today, you won’t find it on this phone. It’s limited to skipping songs, and some playback controls little things like.

That but right now, the most practical thing that the radar sensible gives you is the incredibly fast face unlock when you pick up the phone. It wakes it up, and by the time they even get close to your face. It’s already opened. It’s one of the cleanest experiences on the android period.

I don’t even miss the fingerprint scanner, which I thought I would, so that’s a great thing with radar-based scanning. It’s secure, but it looks like the phone can be unlocked without your eyes being opened, so that’s something that they need to fix soon.

When I find the face unlock to be extremely useful if the pixel devices are known for any one feature, it’s for the camera the prior pixel devices of the only had one camera in the back and have produced some of the best images and this year.

You get sort of a confusing square on the back with just two lenses. It looks like more, but there is a telephoto in there and while.
The images are just as you would expect with the pixel lots of detail contrast the inconsistent the experience has me a little bit confused hear me out the pixel for doesn’t have an alter my camera.

This can be found on popular phones like the iPhone 11 and the galaxy note ten, and Google was visible on stating that the ultrawide was not as crucial as the telephoto. I could see that from a personal preference standpoint, but there are some things in the software.

That doesn’t match up to this philosophy; if the telephoto was more critical, it doesn’t. Seem like it in the app because there isn’t even a button to take it to 2 X. you have to zoom in to get there.
I’m sure since I’m saying this on camera goals, probably pushing out a software update right now to add that to X.

The button I’m assuming that the telephoto camera was placed there to get better portrait photos, but when you put it into portrait mode, it does crop in. However, it doesn’t even use the 2 X. lens if you cover it still works, so it looks like that second lens only to gain extra depth information.

But does it need to be there second if zoom was more important there is a feature called super resume that already works fantastic when you go above 2 X. even into 8 X. and you take that picture. Some Google magic is happening there to keep the photo sharper than a standard digital.

Zoom would look like on other smartphones that feature already existed. Why couldn’t they put an ultrawide camera here to give the pixel users the most flexibility?

Yes, I know you can do a panorama. Still, there’s nothing faster than just switching to the ultra-wide lens in taking that shot, so I have to treat Google like any other manufacturer can you imagine if the iPhone 11 series didn’t come with an ultralight Campbell.

This year the internet would be burning up right now from all the keyboard warriors. Smoke in that keyboard, regardless of how. You feel about that topic. The images are still some of the best out there.

You can rely on this camera to give you a great shot almost every time I feel like this is something that’s not going to change with Google; the portrait mode is excellent, but I’ve made extensive comparisons with other flagships the iPhone 11 pro.

Which you can watch it, I’ll leave a link to that or card will come flying out of the corner, but where Google used to lead in the space with night time photography in the past is no longer the case here. Because eventually, other companies caught up in arguably can say that.

They are very similar or even better, but as I showed in my night mode shots compared to the iPhone 11 pro, I found night sight shots may be slightly sharper but also found the noise to be worse in most cases, so these tests show that Google’s lead is no.

Nowhere near as drastic as used to be if you take account video capture maybe the argument can be even worse because Google needs to work on this during the day it’s not too bad there are some improvements. However, there are things like a dynamic range of colors that still need work, but at night is where it just falls apart for me. The video is noisy on the pixel, for the details aren’t there.

It is just doesn’t look good when you digitally crop in; you can see what’s happening here, so I’m hoping that video to prove it is a huge focus for Google in the future. After using this phone for two weeks, what’s the verdict? Would I recommend this phone and thinking about it.

It’s harder than ever this year. I do like the minimal design, and the 90 hurts a LED display great camera the update latest and most significant android software experience with the radar sensor’s potential.
We can’t forget that awesome face unlock, but I can’t ignore the fact that none of this is what we hadn’t seen from other manufacturers in 2019 and when you consider the price point.

The pixel for starting at $800 in the bigger excel version starting at $900 this is a pretty hard sell the competition has gotten pretty crazy this year phones like the OnePlus 70 and the iPhone 11 are cheaper and provide you with the same or even more features so at this current state.
I really can’t recommend this phone but if history repeats itself.

We’re going to see some discounts soon on the pixel. When that happens, then we can reconsider this. Does that mean the pixel for is a lousy phone not? It’s a good phone. It’s just not a great phone, and with Google being who they are, the expectations were way up here. They didn’t meet that expectation.

Simple as that don’t count Google out though because they are a software company at heart in a lot of these problems can be fixed with software updates, and this phone is the only way to get the latest and greatest with Google so if your heart for Google and enjoy fan.

This phone won’t be a wrong choice at all, but for the average smartphone consumer I think there’s better out on the market right now so there’s a truth on the pixel for in the pixel for excel after using this for a couple of weeks let me know if you agree in the comments.

If you don’t agree, everybody’s going to have a different outlook, so totally understandable here makes you go into the description section and make sure.

That you can enter to win that pixel for excel and all those goodies, then you can try it out for yourself and let me know to subscribe for a lot more videos like this.

I’ll make sure I follow up with the pixel for excel if he gets any software updates because you never know what’s going to happen. Even if you enjoyed this and I’ll see you guys in the next one.


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