Huawei P40 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro & Galaxy S20

Huawei P40 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro & Galaxy S20
Huawei P40 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro & Galaxy S20

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’m gonna be doing one big camera comparison between the brand new Huawei p40 Pro the iPhone 11 Pro Max and also

the Samsung galaxy s 20 altra so there’s not gonna be as many shots this time because I’m trying to stay safe I’m limiting my time out so I just

want to do this for about a half an hour so while I’m going for a walk I’m gonna take some pictures to let me know which video looks better to let

I know which audio sounds better and then we’re gonna see which one of these three cameras are gonna be the king of cameras in 2020 everybody stays safe to let’s

start with the daytime pictures all of these images were captured in auto mode to make things fair the p40 Pro and the s20 ultra both have promos built-in

so if you have time to tune for that perfect shot you definitely can this comparison is neat because all three cameras do a fantastic job with colors dynamic range

and sharpness so you can’t go wrong with any of these but they do have different characteristics so let me break those down after looking at all these pictures side-by-side

I think a lot of this will be a personal preference in some shots these three will produce very similar pictures where the differences are negligible but in some shots you

can tell the difference when it comes to blue sky rendition and colors they do vary on which one hits with the most accuracy but most of the time

the Huawei p40 Pro does the better job this is how I was seeing it with my own eyes so I’m glad that Huawei improved this on the last several

releases the biggest difference that you might see is the white balance between them sometimes they just land different depending on the situation the iPhone does a better

a job with translating the warmer tones that are naturally there where the two others land toward the cooler tones so in some situations, I like the iPhone better but if

I had to generally speaking I think that the p40 Pro does the best with the overall white balance and color rendition which is a big leap for while way

in there processing when it comes to dynamic range it does go back and forth smart HDR on the iPhone does a great job with harsh lighting like the Sun

here but look at the galaxy s 20 altra handling the Sun like a boss creating the best-looking photo in this scenario so like I said I think out

of this will be a personal preference in macro shots you can see the sensor size difference right away with the amount of depth of field look at the Huawei and

the Samsung it shows it’s a mix up how I feel about this because I love the insane depth of field but it shots like this smaller sensors can keep

more of the subject in focus so once again it depends on what you like but I do have to say that the latest s20 ultra software has improved this

quite a bit so kudos to Samsung on this I think here in this difficult shot the ultra took the best picture with the most depth of field so I

would love to keep seeing improvements on this as sensor sizes increase when it comes to portrait mode shots they are excellent with edge detection and background blur here’s a

a good example of the white balance and contrast differences between a3 the iPhone and the ultra crop in heavily using this mode but the Huawei uses the wider angle by

default but you can zoom in if you like to get a different focal length here in this shot you can see the iPhone just missing the pattern inside altogether

where the other two got it no problem but I do like the way that the Huawei looks in this scenario the background blur isn’t as heavy but it’s more

realistic here’s a portrait mode shot where it’s a good example of overall balance all three shots look great but look at the harsher lighting that is present on my

shirt it’s handled worse by the s20 ultra where the iPhone is somewhere in the middle but the Huawei it’s perfectly balanced impressed here the p40 pro and the

s20 ultra both have super high-resolution camera sensors but surprisingly the iPhone holds up extremely well with just a straight-up 12 megapixel shot in some cases with the texture

it even beats out the Huawei in certain scenarios this is a 10x crop test but looks at the ultra here just razor-sharp with the most detail when looking

at the shot I was very impressed by the iPhone when you crop in 10 times the fence looks surprisingly clear when it comes to landscape shots here is a

great example look at how far I was away from this building 50 megapixels on the Huawei 100 megapixels on the s20 ultra when cropping into this balcony 20

times you can see that the image is sharper on the s20 altra there is some over-sharpening happening here look at the chair where the Huawei has a uniform color

and processing across the chair this is very impressive and I know that you won’t be cropping in this bar but this is just for the sake of showing you

the difference in a camera processing all three of these smartphones have a different skin tone rendition the iPhone surprisingly has the most saturated and unrealistic skin tone rendition out

of the three the s20 ultra still seems to be brightening the skin the most

I know some people prefer this and I don’t blame you at all but I think the p40 pro has the best overall balance of actual skin tone and brightness

on the rear camera but then when you switch it over to the front-facing camera it changes to be the opposite the skin is brightened to give you a more

vibrant look so in terms of overall balance I like the s20 ultras front-facing camera shots the best so let me know which one that you like better in the

the comments section below but damn the iPhone shots just consistently look the worst, in my opinion, I’m very surprised by this test the iPhone 11 Pro max doesn’t have crazy

zoom features but the p40 pro in the s20 ultra both do I went to 10x zoom since that’s what the iPhone can do digitally and the results

are sharper on the s20 ultra on the edges but more detail on the p40 pro just look at the bird here but in this water fountain scenario the p40

took it to take a look at the trees in the overall image it’s much sharper and more detailed overall so that you go back and forth I had to

throw this one in there I was walking by a pond and I thought I saw a gator in there so this is a perfect scenario of the zoom at

10x zoom you really couldn’t tell but with the 30x zoom it’s confirmed that it is a gator but look at how impressive that 30x zoom is on the p40

Pro you can see the ridges on the back of that alligator the s20 ultra you can also see that it’s a gator as well it’s just not as

clear but the s20 ultra has a hundred x oom so here’s that oil painting I’ll compare the hundred x zoom when the p40 Pro Plus comes out later

this summer when it comes to the video they all can shoot 4k up to 60 frames per second I think that’s a first for a Huawei but the galaxy s

20 ultra can shoot up to 8k resolution so that is insane for a smartphone all of these again have different color renditions so let me know which one that

you like best but if I had to pick one I like the s20 ultras video the most in this scenario when it comes to stabilization they all have optical

image stabilization and do a great job but it looks like the Huawei is picking up more of the bounce in my walking but I think that has a lot

to do with the wider field of view since it uses the wide-angle camera the Huawei uses optical image stabilization and electronic stabilization at the same time dropping it to

1080p all three again with nice stabilization but the s20 ultra is the only one with super steady stabilization which is great if you don’t mind dropping the 1080p following

my son while running you can see just how smooth the s20 ultras video is it looks like it’s on a gimbal which is insane while the other two shake

quite a bit so this is a really impressive feature I usually don’t do autofocus tests but the Huawei even with the largest sensor out of the three has octa

PD autofocusing which does a great job with focusing on the sanitizer and locking on without pulsing and yes the ultra is running the brand new firmware for autofocus

fixes bug in my testing the video focusing got worse a lot of times I can’t get it to lock-on and if it does lock on it won’t refocus

back to the background sometimes it works it doesn’t and in this case, it didn’t work so I hope this is fixed soon I think the iPhone still has

the faster autofocus out of the three but the Huawei is impressive since it has the largest sensor and doesn’t show the AF problems that the Samsung exhibits so let’s

get to the low-light performance I took a lot of these shots one with and one without night modes you can see the difference the p40 Pro has the largest

sensor and it shows by letting in the most light it usually creates the brighter picture overall especially in just regular mode or single snap but I do want to

see better noise control overall on the Huawei shots the other two are much cleaner especially in the sky and I’m sure a lot of this can be fixed with

future software updates this would probably be my biggest complaint about the p40 pros processing this and the bias towards cool on white balance on the nonnight mode pictures

when you do night mode it does warm it up quite a bit you can see this trend basically in every scenario it gives the image a washed-out look but

if you do edit the picture you can lose a lot of that but this is a pure Autotest in terms of detail the s20 ultra NDP 40 Pro

captured the most detail in night mode but I know people always get upset about the statement but I still think that the iPhone creates the most natural night mode

shots it brightens the image add sharpness and pumps up the saturation but I still feel like it has the best balance if anything the ultra oversaturates the most

and in some scenarios, it just comes out way too warm and way too saturated for my liking the other two cameras have an advantage


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