OnePlus 6T Gaming Performance/Cover By Manha Awais

    OnePlus 6T Gaming Performance
    OnePlus 6T Gaming Performance

    What’s up? Today we’re gonna be testing out gaming performance on the 1 plus 60. I reached out on Twitter and asked what games I should try out that have the best graphics.

    And I’ve got a lot of great suggestions. So thank you for that.

    So I installed a ton of them and tested the performance with game bench software that allows you to test gaming performance without root.

    All of the games that I’ve tested today are with the 1Plus’s gaming mode. It’s in the utility section of the settings menu.

    And what this does is give you the best gaming experience possible.

    You can disable automatic brightness for the best onscreen experience, give you a network boost by limiting other apps that take bandwidth for the best Internet connection possible. And you can add the games that you want to take advantage of this mode to the list on the bottom.

    So when you launch that game, it will automatically optimize the C.P.U, the GP, and RAM, along with the settings that you customized.

    All of these games are free to download. So let’s start with the less demanding titles that people want me to try and end it with what everyone wants to see, and that is Pub G Mobile and fortnight.

    The first game that I tested is Badland Brawl.

    This is a very interesting game that was suggested to me by Daily Tech. So I had to check it out. It’s more of a physics-based gameplay type of experience and it’s more simple in graphics, but it seems really fun.

    If you look in the upper right corner, that’s where it’s going to show you the frames per second. It’s running in 60 frames per second.

    So performance is great, which I expect in the second game that I tested was all Toe’s Odyssey. I remember playing the first 1 and I remember the graphics, but soon I started playing this 1, I was hooked.

    I love the colors and minimalism that this game represents.

    It’s really weird how relaxing this game is to play because of a simple gameplay play, and I just love the artwork. It almost relaxes you in a weird way, but you can see here that it’s running buttery, smooth with 60 frames per second the entire time.

    The 3rd game is Shadow Fight 3. I saw this pop up more than a few times on that Twitter thread, so I had to check it out.

    This title is definitely more graphically intensive. It’s a fighting game with RPG elements to it, with a storyline, and there are weights to build your character with different gear.

    But even with those nice textures in large detail characters, the one plus 60 is still staying steady at 60 frames per second. Let’s get to the most requested games now. Here is vainglory. I made sure that graphics were set to the highest setting possible.

    I know this game takes a while to learn, but I’m just getting started and I know a ton of people play this game.

    It’s 1 of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena titles out there. I know battles can get way more intense than this, but the 1 plus 16 remains at 60 frames per second. I played this for a little over 20 minutes and you can see that it maintains 60 frames per second the entire time. The next that I tested was asphalt.

    Nine Legends. This is the newest title, A Drop in the racing series.

    So I tested this on the high-quality setting, which is the highest it can go.

    And I tested this with the U.S. ABC cable connection so I could see the performance metrics in real-time. And the gameplay was smooth during all my races. I tried the other most to add default and performance, and they all maintained at 30 frames per second. So that seems to be the cap.

    So if you’re an asshole fan, you’re gonna be happy with the 1plus 16. All right. So fortnight needs no introduction.

    And during testing, I made sure that the highest graphics quality was selected.

    But I did have some problems with this game and the benchmarking software because it did not allow the actual match played to be benched with USP debugging on which the software requires. But in the waiting room is where it showed me the frames per second and it was on 30 frames per second consistently there.

    So that’s what I experienced during gameplay. The game, though, takes 2 and a half gigs of RAM, which was really surprising, more than I’ve seen on all the other games that I’ve tested so far.

    I really suck at this game, so don’t mind my wondering gameplay, but the performance was smooth the entire time. And what was nice is I played this game for about 30 minutes straight in the back of the phone was just warm to the touch.

    So heat management is good. Here’s a floor shot of the phone after playing again for 20 minutes. I felt the heat was manageable for sure.

    So we will end it with Pub G Mobile. I started out with the HDR setting.

    Ultra HD is not available yet, I will revisit this when it is. I had the frame rate set to Ultra here and the style on a classic. I enabled a. liasing and I disable the auto-adjusting to the graphics so I can make sure that I was pushing this hard as I could.

    I definitely like this game. I have to say it’s probably my favorite out of the bunch only because I could be. My underwear only. No weapons. And someone just ran right up on me immediately.

    I own this player with my bare face and beat up a dude that had a gun, all staying consistent at 40 frames per second. This is pretty embarrassing. So I had to show this.

    Next, I wanted to see what I could get for the smoothest gameplay. I changed the settings to smooth and the frame rates too extreme. And this is how I kept it for the rest of the day. The 1 plus 60 was consistently running as 60 frames per second.

    The gameplay was so smooth. Excuse once again, my terrible gameplay.

    After this session of benchmarking, I played this for hours and I know why people are so addicted to this game. I was getting kills and it’s so much easier to play than 4 at night. So here’s the benchmark.

    After 10 minutes of gameplay, 60 frames per second with 100 percent stability. So this is what you can expect if you’re a pub G fan. On the 1plus 60, if you’re a mobile gamer, I think I’m safe to say that you’ll have no problems with gaming.

    On the 1plus 60, and even though there are dedicated gaming phones like the Razr phone 2 that have a higher resolution and faster refresh display and support for higher frames per second.

    But they do cost a lot more money. So for 549$, the 1plus 60 is hard to beat, especially in this dope new thunder purple color.

    So let me know what you think of the gaming performance of the 1 plus 60. Are you impressed or are you not impressed? And if you want to see more gaming tests like this on other phones, make sure to let me know in the conversation below.


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