Tineco S12 Plus vs Dyson V11 Torque Drive!

Tineco S12 Plus vs Dyson V11 Torque Drive!
Tineco S12 Plus vs Dyson V11 Torque Drive!

What’s up everybody this is Danny and today is an exclusive video because I have a special guest with me today she never wants to be on these videos hold on hold on hold on.

What’s up everybody this is Holly and today my tent to be on camera like that hijacking up any way he what we’re going to do today is going to compare. Two of the best smart home vacuums out there are the typical S. 12 plus and the Dyson V. 11 torque.

So she does all of the cleaning this house. Thank goodness as he does because we have two kids too so. It’s a lot of cleaning right so. We’ve been using this for like two months now.

I think we’re going to do compare the tech all the good stuff that’s inside of these two vacuums and then we’re going to tell you which one that we think is a better value overall let’s do this.

When it comes to the ten colons the Dyson that roughly around the same price, the Dyson does give you quite a few accessories and tools that you need for every day cleaning the different says with the ten co you get so much more.

They’re even schools that you don’t even think that you need, but now I tend to use them daily too, so when we’re talking value for money you get so much more with the ten co versus the Dyson all right both of our teams in hand obviously that both.

When it comes to style a very sleek very modern they feel good in the hands if I give it one over the other, I would say that Tenco feels better well the dice is about a pound heavier okay just kind of noticeable but not this is not that the account is locked so yes.

I feel like the weight is distributed differently between the two, so I feel like this one is a lot easier to handle buses. I feel like this one ‘s a little bit more, maybe bottom heavy.

Hey, come the all-important sound test, so I’m going to do the ten co fast. And now comes the Dyson. The Dyson sounds like a jackhammer.

Okay, so at night which one would you go for when it comes to sound when the kids are asleep? If I don’t wake the kids up, I will take the ten co only because it has a little bit less of a high pitch.

The difference between the ten coal and other cordless vacuums I’ve used in the past is this right here. The removable battery is a game-changer because it gives you double the battery life, so the Dyson once it’s done their target yet, you have to wait for the charge.

This gets this extra one from the dock. It’s already charged put it right back in their bowl game changer my opinion, and the best part is at the end of the night.

When you’re done cleaning, you pop this back on the dock and automatically charges it for you, and they’ll charge the extra battery to the Dyson comes with a charging dock as well, but it’s very plain you just use the power adapter stick.

It on the wall that’s all you get, but with the ten coke, you get a docking station so you’re going to get a couple of places where you can put your favorite accessories, and the 2 of my favorite ones are the head itself.

There’s a light on the front of it so you can clean in between corners you can see all the third that’s in there good thing or bad thing and at night we clean a lot when the kids go to sleep.

So that’s perfect because when I turn on every light to clean soak the head is excellent and also filter system in here with the Dyson it’s very traditional you are going to pull off the back you going to pull that filter out of there.

You can have to clean it wash it, and you have to wait for it to dry with this one. You can remove the filter on the bottom. It comes with an extra filter, and then there’s a tool that auto cleans the screen for you, which is also another game-changer.

You’ll have to get built the doing it there’s an extra one on deck pop it back in there, and you’re ready to clean so you can see how efficient this is I’m not sure why a lot of these other vacuums don’t have this type of design I feel like this is one of the better modular designs.

It’s pretty credible actually when it comes to tech both of these are fully loaded this is the first Dyson to go with an LCD it is a little bit limited though you can see the different modes eco medium and Foust and you can see.

The battery life also that is left while you’re running sold 37 minutes here if you run it on medium at least you get some kind of an info display which I’ve been asking for dice in a very long time the V.

Ten wasn’t that good with a 3.indicator the temple has a much larger circular display. You see, all of that information on here battery life suction power you get a lot more information here on this display.

This is a nice one of the most practical uses for this display because it shows you filter condition brushed condition or any other type of malfunction you can troubleshoot directly to the screen. Hence, if no colors are lighting up, everything’s cool.
If you see colors start to change then, you know that you’re going to have to do a little maintenance, and there is a manual control for your section here.

It’s straightforward. So the Dyson. It’s a full trigger, so you have to hold us down while you’re vacuuming, but another game changer for me with the ten coal it is there is a trigger lock.

Now you don’t have to sit there and hold it down anymore so that the team that you might get from long cleans no more with the 10 Kerr.

They both have a high intelligent auto mode. All you have to do keep on auto in just our cleaning, but they do work a little bit differently than Tyson goes from hard surface to a carpet, and once the detects carpet in ramps up the suction.

But when it comes to the tentacle different, there are dirt sensors that detect the amount of dirt no matter what type of service.

You’re on, so what is going to do it is to ramp up that suction to clean that dirt, and after you’re done with it, it goes back to the reasonable aspiration to save battery life.

When it comes to the auto mode, the technical one-ups the dice when it comes to Ross section on the motor that Dyson is a little more powerful, but that’s something that you’re not going to notice day to day basis.

So we’re going to do see all this mess here to simulate what our kids do trust me is worse than this, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to clean one section with the Dyson one section with the ten calls when you get started right now.

You can hear that in Colorado ramping up. Home. Both fantastic vacuums no issue with either one of them. So that about does it for this comparison video, I think they are both high vacuums but me personally.

I think that the temple is a better value, and the tech side of it appeals to me more so I would choose a tent both amazing vacuums though you will not be disappointed the Dyson either I mean what’s your choice.

I’d say the Tenco just because of just everyday use I much prefer I I will reach that over this any day that’s all you have to say that’s it but for me mobile battery trigger lock filter clean the app as well which is pretty cool.

So I’m going to pick a tango, but both of these will be linked in the description section below, and there will be a coupon code for you to save a little bit of money, so make sure you check those links every time.

Because you never know when these things will go on sale, I’m not going to do the outro hit me with an outro. Suppose you want to see more of his face, probably if you’re going to see more of her face, not mine.

It was like comments on which one was your favorite. Yeah, which one would you choose already 2 were right now already we’ll see you guys in the next one hopefully you enjoyed this C. later.


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