Microsoft Surface X & Surface 7 & Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft Surface X & Surface 7 & Surface Laptop 3
Microsoft Surface X & Surface 7 & Surface Laptop 3

What’s up everybody this is Danny and Microsoft blew everyone away by announcing their future foldable line up the surface neo and the android power surface duo.

I did not see a phone coming, but it looks incredible, but the catch is that these are coming out until the end of 2020. Microsoft wanted to showcase it to get developers on board, which I think is a smart idea the announcer surface your buds.

Which have some cool features but are designed like a pop socket, but besides all of that, they did announce the brand new surface lineup the surface pro seven the surface laptop 13.5 in 15-inch variants and the super-thin arm-powered surface pro X.

If you’re in the market for any of these, let me break down the differences between them and compare their features so you can pick the best surface product for your needs the first product is the surface pro seven this is a routine spec upgrade the kickstand design is super.

Familiar has that same beautiful 12.3-inch pixel sense touch screen display with new studio mikes to help pick up voices better finally we get a USB C. port there is a U. S. B. A
There too as well along with the headphone Jack we also get temp Gen Intel ice lake processors dual-core I. 3 and quad-core I. 5 and I. 7 options with up to 1 terabyte of storage and I’m greeted with fast charging that goes from 0 to 80 percent in less than an hour so a decent spec bump.

If your surface pro fan and some new type cover colors that look very lovely, these will start at 700 $49 the service program I’m excited about this year is the arm-powered surface pro X.

This is a full redesign that is extremely thin at 7.3 millimeters has much smaller bezels and has a larger 13-inch touch screen pixel sense display with the new studio mikes still that 3 to 2 aspect ratio that makes.

This familiar to surface users you get 2 USB C. ports, which is excellent I feel like one port isn’t enough, so I’m glad there to hear the approach on this is different because this surface is built.

To behave more like a smartphone, the arm chip inside is a modified version of the Qualcomm AC X. chip that we saw announced earlier this year call the Microsoft S. Q. 1 chip clocked. At three gigahertz, this one is beefed up in engineered for performance with the Adreno 685 GPU and windows 10 X.

There is built-in gigabit LTE with nano sim, and ECM will always be connected, and the battery life will be much better with this model since the power consumption will be lower. Microsoft is claiming up to 13 hours of battery life.
I can’t wait to get this 1 in and tested to see if that’s true this feels like the surface of the future they have a brand new slim pen as well for this model it’s more like a flag carpenter’s pencil compared to the browned real surface pen.

I’m sure this will be a preferred thing on which one will be more comfortable while sketching or planning and checking this out there is a hidden housing made for this pain in the new signature keyboard.

It wirelessly charges so that is a double with, and that’s not it. There is a removable area in the back, or you can remove the SST so you can upgrade later I think this is game-changing available in 100 28 to 56 and 512-gigabyte variants.

When you pick one up, this for sure is the service that I’m most excited about new design it so clean with these decorative edges it’s light it’s been more prominent display it’s always on connected windows 10 X.

Fast charging, so it’s loaded with features available only in matte black, but I think that’s okay. I can’t wait to try this 1 I believe this is going to be the winner this starts at 900 $99 the surface laptop gets a nice bump up this year.

There’s now a choice of either. A 13.5 or 15-inch models, so I’m glad that there’s a choice for the end-user. The design is updated with super, clean lines. There are no breaks anywhere, not even an indent for opening the lid on the body.

There’s no rubber or plastic rim around the display is so smooth when you open it up. I think this might be the cleanest laptop designed to date hello. Of the way, it looks both the displays look great three by two aspect ratio different resolutions.

But both 201 PBI is available in 4 different colors for the 13.5-inch model platinum cobalt blue-black and the new sandstone finish or for the 15 inch you get fewer choices just the platinum or the black.

But you do have a choice of either alcon terra or metal for the keyboard, which is excellent, and this keyboard has 1.3 millimeters of travel. It’s super comfortable, so I can’t wait to type on this laptop the trackpad is more prominent this year for me.

This is a welcome change much more significant than the surface pro seven trackpads which I find to be still a little too small for my taste you get 1 U. S. B. A. and 1 USB C. port I would love to see more ports here it would have been nice to have to like the surface pro X.

Service port on the other side for that quick charging in terms of power the 13.5 inch has the tenth generation Intel ice lake processors I. 5 or I. 7 with Intel plus 950 graphics up to 16 gigabytes of DDR 4 X. ram but the 15 inch is the one that I’m interested in these are powered by AMD either Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 with either Vega 9 or Vega 11 graphics.

Which should be appealing, you should be able to casually game on this, which I can’t wait to try out, and video editing might also be decent on this, so stay tuned for the full review it does have slower DDR 4 ram here at 20 400 megahertz but.

It goes up to 32 gigs of ram, so I can’t wait to see what this machine can do. I do appreciate the upgrading, and repairing this laptop is going to be much more comfortable. There’s like to keep more plates on the top comes off so you can see all of the components there should be much easier to repair and upgrade your S. S. D.

It’s going to be pricey though it looks like the highest end with 32 gigabytes of ram and one terabyte SSD with Ryzen goes up to 2799. but the surface laptop 13.5 stars at 999 and the 15 and starts at 1199 so. What do you think of the new surface lineup for 2019? I think they are looking solid at the best list.

That they’ve had in a while, but I think the winner here is the surface pro X. this is the smooth surface that I’ve been waiting for, but also that 15-inch surface laptop three is calling my name inquisitive.

About the aim of the partnership and the performance, let me know which is your favorite. It is in the comments section below and which one you’re thinking about picking up.

If you want to see more on the dual-screen surfaces, the surface neo and the cover will let me know in the comments, and I’ll do a separate article; these look incredible, and I’m sure.

That we’ll see some slight changes to these designs before they drop in late 2020 but I am very excited about both of them thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next 1


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