Camera Test and Unboxing Huawei P40 Pro

Camera Test and Unboxing Huawei P40 Pro
Camera Test and Unboxing Huawei P40 Pro

what’s up everybody this is Danny and this is the Huawei P 40 Pro and I’ve been using it for about 48 hours so I want to unbox it show

you what comes inside of the box and share a little bit what it’s like to use this phone and my first impressions and then I’m gonna give you some

samples from this new camera system it’s a beast the box is very familiar it keeps a tradition going with the clean aesthetic, of course, you’re greeted with the phone

first, we will put that to the side and see what else comes with the phone you get a sim ejector tool on top of the smaller box and what’s

awesome is that inside of this box you get a clear case it’s a thin and flexible case I will show you what it looks like on in just a

the little bit you get a USB a 2 USB Secord standard affair you also get some USB C headphones included since this phone does not have a headphone jack sad

to say but I think we can officially retire that Jack in 2020 and finally you get a Huawei supercharged 40-watt power break this charge is incredibly fast so

I’ll be comparing some of the other phones in a charging comparison soon so stay tuned for that this is the p40 pro there is a p40 and also a

p40 Pro Plus which do have some differences I have the matte gray version this glass is beautiful it has a nice subtle gradient to its light refraction I love

the finish the p40 plus has a new ceramic finish which I can’t wait to test out but I think that’s coming out in June so I can’t wait to

get that soon I’m gonna put this case on before I drop it I’m known to break phones right away but the fit is very very nice if even

protects the corner so if you do lay this flat on the surface you will get some screen protection and it protects the camera system and flushes out that

the camera bump the display is a quad curved six points five eight-inch 20 640 by 1200 OLED with 90 Hertz refresh rate I know it does not translate to

video well since I shoot in 24 frames per second but is very responsive and fluid and supports DCI p3 HDR with a 19 by 8 by 9 aspect ratio

if you end up buying the smaller P 40 you will get a 6.1-inch display the display itself looks good I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all

it’s bright sharp and colorful if you’re you can run 90 Hertz at full resolution or you can run it at 60 Hertz and you can put it on smart

the resolution, where it will bump up the resolution when it sees fit the quad curve, is very interesting it swoops up here on the four corners and it’s unique

the thing that I had to get used to are the corners where the keyboard pops up it does obstruct things a little bit but I got used to it

pretty quickly let me know what you think about this there is an in-display fingerprint scanner just as fast as the previous models if not a little bit faster

and there’s also super fast face unlock this phone is very powerful but I appreciate the size of the phone here it is next to the p30 pro it’s very

similar in size so you can get a good idea and here it is next to the May 30 Pro also very similar in size the p40 Pro is slightly

wider though which I think feels nicer in the hand here is the iPhone 11 Pro max just for fun just in case you own one of these and want

to see the difference in size the closest I would say in size to another Android phone is the galaxy s 20 plus the camera system is for sure larger

on the Huawei but the S 20 plus is a little bit taller so that’s a good reference for size but the s 20 ultra is just huge in

comparison’s bigger in every way and it’s also much much heavier the chipset inside is the Kiran 990 paired with eight gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of internal

storage I’m surprised they went with 8 gigabytes of RAM but I have not seen any issues in performance so far it’s been super quick and responsive but I do

need to use this a little bit more to make that determination so make sure you hit that notification bell for the full review coming up shortly

the operating system is Android 10 open-source but there is no Google Play Store support here as expected there is the Huawei app gallery

pre-installed so there are some apps here like Snapchat Amazon tik-tok and telegram so the library is growing my immediate workaround is the Amazon App Store there are some choices

here that can fill in the gap there are some more games here too I was able to install Twitter and Instagram so my social media apps are good I

can’t live without those or share pictures and I was also able to get Spotify on there so I’m able to listen to music so for everyday stuff I’m pretty

good I was also able to cite low Chrome with no issues so that gave me the browser I wanted I’m just missing the YouTube app I tried it and

it doesn’t work for now but you can use Chrome to watch YouTube so I will give some updates along the way on social media and my follow-up video

I was also able to sideload Nova Launcher and customize my layout emui 10 is cleaning up very well and has some great new features but I do this –

most of my Android phone so no offense here Huawei the camera system gets a nice upgrade on the p40 pro the 32-megapixel front-facing camera looks very similar to

the s10 plusses dual cutout from before but there is a secondary IR and depth sensor in between the two sensors that are an ambient and proximity sensor to work together

for the face unlock at night and gesture-based navigation also the depth sensor works well from what I have tested nice bouquet and edge detection the back camera array

is where it gets serious it has one of the biggest but most elegant camera bumps and will affect lay on the table ability if that’s a word but there

is a reason why trust me the main sensor is an F 1.9 50 megapixel one over one point two eight-inch sensors this is the biggest size sensor in

a smartphone at this moment there is also a 12 megapixel 5x optical zoom telephoto lens 40 megapixel F 1.8 ultra-wide-angle cine lens and also a time of flight

sensor the p40 Pro Plus that’s coming out later will end up having I think of world’s first dual zoom lenses it will have a 10x optical zoom and also

a 3x optical zoom and will also be able to zoom up to 100 times to compete with the ultra so I can’t wait to try that one there is

a 4200 milliamp-hour battery inside and while it’s too early for me to talk about battery I need to use this a little bit more it has been solid

so far this phone also supports 40-watt wireless charging which I don’t think any other phone does right now if it does let me know in the comments below

I’m pretty sure I have to buy the official while we charger for that so as soon as I get it in I’ll let you know how fast this charges

I got a chance to take a walk with this camera and I got so pictures and video very impressive the OIS Andy is super stabilization is very impressive for

a handheld video I hate to keep pressing this narrative ever since the ban in the whole situation this is probably one of the best phones that you probably can’t

buy especially if you live in the United States I wish it wasn’t this way in terms of pricing they announce it in Euros as usual so p40 will go

for 799 euros the p40 plus we’ll go for 999 euros available in early April and then the p40 Pro Plus some alpha will go for 13.99 euros so that

is expensive but it’s meant to compete at the very very top but if I heard correctly that will not be available until June so I will be doing a

a lot more on this phone especially a lot more camera comparisons when I can get out more I know everybody’s trying to stay safe right now and I’m not gonna

risk public health to go out there and do a ton of camera comparisons


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