iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Note 10 Plus Camera Test!

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Note 10 Plus Camera Test!
iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Note 10 Plus Camera Test!

Everybody is standing today. You see, a highly anticipated camera comparison wants to see. That is the brand new iPhone 11 Promax versus the Samsung galaxy note ten plus, so they both shoot in 4 K.

What you see the Samsung galaxy note ten plus with portrait mode video, you can see that background blur looks pretty good to me, in my opinion, so I’m going to start walking around.

I’m going to switch the audio to see which audio sources better tell me which microphone picks up better. Let me know what the dynamic range looks like. I know this might not be a fair test comparison are when you switch out of.

To better mobile, you can see that there’s a crop now on the notes and but soon. There is ultra full on the iPhone, 11 as well, so that’s going to be cool to test out, and there is also one night.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 World Series saw him with a check that also let us go in testes cameras in all lighting conditions, and let’s see which camera system is. Let’s do this.

Before we get started, I want to talk about the settings both were left in pure auto mode seen optimizer is left on the No ten plus since it comes on by default remember the note ten plus does have a pro mode so if you want to fine-tune your photos before snapping.

You can do that in the Eiffel still does not offer a pro mode in the stock camera application, but I wanted to make this test as fair as possible, so I kept them both on auto in good lighting.

They’re both fantastic full of dynamic range beautiful colors and lots of detail you can’t go wrong with either, but let me break down the differences that I saw after reviewing over 350 images side by side.

They are both very similar, but you will notice that the no does favor the more substantial saturation and contrast is not in every shot, though, so it does go back and forth but the most significant difference.

I noticed across all the photos is the white balance in a lot of the shots; the iPhone favors the warmer tones, so that is a preference thing in the end but it does go back and forth so I can’t say it happens all the time, but that’s the most significant difference.

I noticed after looking at so many images generally didn’t know ten plus takes a brighter image, and it tends to overexpose by half a stopper, so in harsher lighting conditions, the iPhone tends to have a more balanced approach.

When it comes to highlighting preservation and, in some instances, shows a higher dynamic range, but once again, it keeps flip-flopping, so it’s hard to make a generalized statement like that here.

The no ten plus is brighter and has a better dynamic range and is a better overall balance shot, and here is the No ten plus. preserving blow out and balancing. The whole seem better than the iPhone; you can see why this was hard the two times the telephoto lens on both are celebrated in good lighting.

I had to call it though I think you know ten plus has the sharper telephoto lens. I’m sure that you can ask some sharpness on the iPhone shot to make them look similar, but this is an autotest a lot of the camera the no-look sharper.

This is the first year that the new iPhones get an ultrawide camera. It’s about time the images look great. I like how the shuttles aren’t crushed on the iPhone in the series of pictures better overall exposure here, but once again, it goes back and forth.

I can’t say it does this all the time the note is brighter and better expose here when it comes to detail on the ultra-wide shots and no ten plus is a little sharper when you punch in you’ll see that the I.

Phones are a little bit softer when it comes to portrait mode things are beautiful and fair because they both can shoot a portrait with the telephoto and ultra-wide lens, which is nice.

I like having that choice. I do like the colors better on the iPhone skin tone is generally more balance where the No ten plus tends to overexpose.

The skin, but once again, is a preference thing for sure, but I prefer the. iPhone here I think I’ll give the edge detection of winter the note though look here between the arms of the iPhone he missed that totally where the node nailed.

It so in most pictures, I like the edges better on the note.
I’m not a huge selfie taker, but both are very good. They both can shoot a full angle selfie but the I.

Phones a little bit wider both detail, but the iPhone has more information. The smoothening, especially on the portrait mode shots, is more noticeable on the No ten plus front-facing camera, but once again that’ll be preferred, they both do a great job with edge detection and background blur.

When it comes to video, it’s a little bit clearer cut. They both shoot 4 K. Up to 60 frames per second, the No ten plus has some of the best video quality when it comes to android devices.

The iPhone edges it here with a better dynamic range and better balance. They both have optical image stabilization in 4 K.

Both do an excellent job of stabilizing this handheld walkie footage, but if you look at the sky, the No 10 plus is wholly blown out. When you change the setting to 4 K. 60 frames per second, you lose stabilization on the No 10 plus.
The iPhone 11 pro has stabilization, so shooting video with the ultra-wide-angle is going to be smoother on the iPhone, but if you’re willing to go down to 1080 P.

There’s a mode on the No 10 plus call super steady it has a legendary stabilization this is me chasing by the sun after asking him to run as fast as he can I am jumping over bushes and all kinds of stuff and while.

The iPhone does all right. It’s not even close. When it comes to the super steady mode, it’s fantastic that No ten, plus can shoot portrait mode articles in certain conditions.
It can look great, just like this. They both have 240 frames per second slow motion in 1080 P.

Standard on most flagship phones if you look close enough though the iPhone slow motion looks smoother and sharper but on the No 10 plus.

You do have a super slow-motion option at 960 frames per second is not great looking, but you can capture some epic moments like this if you time it right.

They both have an audio zoom feature where if you zoom in on the video, the audio is amplified to listen.


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