iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Pixel 4 XL Low Light


what’s up everybody this is Danny and it is a surprisingly cold night here in Florida but I’m here doing the low-light test between the Samsung Galaxy S 20 altra

the pixel 4 XL and the iPhone 11 Pro max so I want to know which one of these has the best low-light we’re gonna test video we’re test photos

and just try to get every kind of scenario that we get and then see if the Galaxy S 20 ultra is the new low-light cake let’s go ahead and

get started the iPhone and the pixel 4 XL both have 12 megapixel main cameras but the s20 ultra has a monster 108 megapixel camera but in low-light I use

the 12 megapixel bin mode to make things fair and also because it gives the best balanced shots with highlights overall detail and noise reduction all of these pictures are

shot in auto mode with the built-in night modes on their respective stock camera apps I’ve taken a lot of these shots without night mode and then with night mode

to see which one does it best it will be listed down below which mode it is so you don’t get confused after looking at a ton of images side

by side here’s what I noticed these are arguably some of the best low-light shooters on the market right now and they are all great but here are some general

characteristics that I noticed during my testing the larger sensor and the 9 pixels – one binning really shows on the s20 ultra by producing the brightest shot in most

scenarios the pixel for excel and iPhone do a great job of keeping up though one thing that you will notice is that all of these cameras produce a different

look and choose different white balance priorities generally the pixel for excel lands extremely warm on the normal shot but then when you use knife sight it totally does the

opposite on white balance landing it on the cool side you end up getting two totally different shots this for sure will be a preference thing and I’m guaranteeing it

will be a mix up in the comment section but let’s talk about some of the technical differences between these cameras for example here on this boat and water shot

you could argue that the iPhone 11 Pro max has the more natural replication with colors look and feel but the shadows are crushed to produce those inky blacks the

pixel lands warmer with more saturation giving it a more pleasing look but brightening this guy to a more blue tone and notably with the most noise in the sky

you can really see it the s20 ultra does produce the brightest shot so I can see a lot of people choosing this in a blind test but technically it

has the worst highlight control blowing out the lights on the top of the boat and over accentuating the lights on the water but the noise is well controlled with

a good mixture of shadow detail when we go into night mode though the ultra just turns that scene into daytime and I guess that’s the goal of night modes

so that just shows you how good this night mode can be in certain scenarios with the s20 ultra and it did trigger the longest exposure time but in my

opinion I still think that the iPhone crease the more natural night mode scenario with plenty of dynamic range in detail and the pixel for Excel land somewhere in the

middle like I said this is gonna trigger some debate which one do you like better in terms of details and sharpness they are all great impressive even without night

mode but when night mode kicks in it’s noticeable how detailed and sharpen the s20 ultras images are and in this scenario it really works to its advantage but under

trickier lighting conditions it can be a little bit different you can see over sharpening on the image processing and sometimes when it hits night mode its accentuated even more

look at the street food lettering halo effects with uneven colors where the pixel for excel and the iPhone 11 Pro max handle the red lettering best with clarity and

balance all have really great colors for the most part and this is another example where even without night mode the s20 ultra creates the brighter picture capturing great details

the pixel for excel comes in with the most saturated picture I’m really surprised that the pixel was over saturating in most of this testing

but see here with nitesite how the pixel literally turn the scene to cool it looks better in my opinion but that is a drastic change the ultra at night

mode tends to also change it turns the images warm but the detail and highlight preservation is great here but what I noticed is that the preservation can be too

aggressive in night mode so see how nicely exposed this balloon is here when it switches to night mode the picture looks much dimmer with a significant color temperature change

so I hope this can be improved in a future software up but damn is there no denying the amount of detail that’s captured here it looks significantly sharper than

the other two cameras it just needs a little bit of tuning but long story short if you want that ultra sharpness go with the s20 ultra here are some

examples of shots in different scenarios and different lighting and generally speaking the characteristics are repeated but when it comes to red color replication the Samsung still falls behind here

the pixel and the iPhone are nearly identical skin tones at night are also brightest with the ultra but the iPhone is the most natural in my opinion with the

best handling of the red color in the background because you can see it’s nice and even but look at the amount of background separation the ultra is giving off

the natural bouquet is incredible you can really see it here on this macro shot look at the bouquet it’s significantly better than the other two cameras but it does

produce the softest shot where the iPhone takes the sharpest and best exposure on the flower in this scenario when it comes to dynamic range a lot of shots show

the s20 ultra being better because of that bidding structure look at the windows all of the details are retained inside of the shop where they pixel does the second-best

and the iPhone is coming up short here regardless of which one is technically better mobile cameras have come a long way I mean look at this shot without night

mode this image would have been terrible a few years ago when you kick on night mode you do get a different interpretation on each camera I’m surprised that the

pixel actually did the worst here what the water color is just not accurate at all I guess I can’t do this video without mentioning the zoom capabilities of the

s20 ultra you can zoom up to 100 times but at night I would stick to the 10x zoom when it comes to low-light selfies the ultra and the pixel

are the ones to go for there is a night mode on the front-facing camera for both the ultra and the pixel and look at the difference that it makes

the detail in the ultra front-facing camera is insane there is no skin smoothing in night mode you can see it a little bit in the regular shots for sure

but all of these have different skin tone replication but I’m really digging the pixels and even though it’s not the most accurate it is definitely the most pleasing shot

but there is absolutely no denying that the all has the most detail with that 40 megapixel sensor bending down I do notice that the galaxy’s picking up the green

tone on the skin a lot more than the other two so let me know which one that you like the most the iPhone really needs a selfie night mode

because it is the worst year with the most noise in the darker conditions so let’s talk about the 4k video the s20 ultra can shoot in 8k which is

really cool but at night it doesn’t make a difference and you’ll see why in a minute the ultras video creates the noisiest video out of all three with the

worst detail and the pixel isn’t much better but it’s really no contest here when it comes to the iPhone video it takes it clearly with the best noise reduction

and clarity here it is in another scenario with the band playing the pixel actually has the worst video here the exposure in colors and contrasts are just non-existent if

you crop into the sky you can really see how noisy the video is on the ultra and the pixel the iPhone has the best noise reduction contrast and sharpness

and all of this could change with a software update to the s20 ultra but with the physical restriction of the 0.8 micron pixel size on the main sensor I’m

not sure if that’s possible but let’s see what Samsung responds with with major software updates coming out in the near future so after looking at these images let me

know which camera did the nighttime shots the best for me I think the iPhone has the most natural nighttime color replication and also has the best video out of

the three but the ultra has the most detail literally turning night into day with the improved night mode it’s impressive and the pixel for excel is the pixel just

keeping up extremely well with that computational photography it is still impressive regardless of which one you pick they are all good but I hope this video helped you make

a decision when it comes to preference of nighttime photography and video the real winner here is us the consumer because nighttime photos are getting better and better and that’s

something that I can appreciate so thank you for watching thumbs up if you enjoyed this and I will see you in the next one


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