LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Plus Camera Match:

LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Plus Camera Match:
LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Plus Camera Match:

what’s up everybody this is Danny I hope everyone is staying safe out there today I’m bringing you the camera comparisons between the LG v60 thin queue and the Samsung

galaxy s 20 plus so I didn’t want to stack it up with the ultra because the v6 D comes in at a much lower price so this just made

more sense let me know what video looks better to let me know what stabilization looks like and also let me know which microphone sounds better and then I’m gonna test

out all the different conditions and let you know if the v60 can knock out the s 20 plus in a camera comparison let’s do this before we get started

let’s talk about the testing process all of these pictures were taken on auto mode with HDR enabled scene optimizer off and all Beauty modes were disabled both of these

cameras do have a manual mode so if you have time to tweak the settings to get that perfect shot you can but to keep things fair I do it

this way because I think it represents the average user best let’s start with the daytime shots as expected any flagship device these days can take great pictures during the

day and no exceptions here colors are rich dynamic range is great sharpness and detail are both there so for the most part both of these cameras will produce a

a nice image in good lighting but after looking at over 200 images side-by-side here are the major differences that I noticed the color replication is a little bit different the

v60 tends to lean towards the lighter blue in the sky neither of these cameras nailed it I would say the realistic color is somewhere in between but this is

all personal preference also, in general, the s20 plus tends to create more contrast to pictures I prefer this in a lot of the cases the highlights are controlled better

on the s20 plus and the overall pictures are just better balanced as a whole there is less clipping on the brighter areas like this plant here and if you

just compare HDR to HDR time and time again the s 20 plus just ends up capturing the brighter overall scene with more vibrant colors and uniform exposure of course

you can just edit the v60 photo to make it look comparable but straight out of the camera I feel that the S 20 plus has an edge in a

a lot of the scenarios if I had to pick one fault with the v60 during the day is the triggering of the auto HDR sometimes it’s just the and activate

when it should so you end up getting blown out backgrounds so after this happened a bunch of times I just forced the HDR to always-on I hope LG

fixes this in a future software update you might be thinking that the v60 shots in some scenarios look washed out and that’s because it tends to process with more

shadow detail you can just bring down the shadows if you edit your photos and you can get it looking close to the s20 plus but straight out of the

the camera doesn’t have the same balance as the s20 plus does looking at the depth of field both do a great job because they both have larger sensors this

the year the difference is that the v60 uses a main 64-megapixel sensor with no secondary lens besides the ultra-wide plus the time of flight where the s 20

plus uses the 12 megapixels as the main sensor has a secondary 64-megapixel camera for a digital telephoto and an ultra-wide plus the time flight so the s

20 plus does have an extra sensor when comparing the high-resolution 64 megapixel captures they both look great with lots of detail this is going to allow you to

crop to your heart’s content without much quality loss look at the amount of cropping here you can still see a lot of the detail even at 1000% crop but

after comparing the s 20 plus does have the more detailed 64-megapixel capture it’s slightly sharper with a little bit more detail it’s not crazy different but noticeable when

cropping and heavy but regardless they are both great when it comes to portrait mode on the v60 uses the wide-angle camera and in some instances, it can be advantageous

so you can get that background blur even if you’re farther away from the subject but in most cases, you do have to get way too close to that subject

to get that desired focal length I’m hoping that LG allows a user to use the main sensor for portrait mode in the future because I think it’s a better

look overall you do have to get close to the subject to take that portrait shot when doing this comparison it was pretty difficult to let me know what you

think in the comments about the natural roll-off in the background separation which one has the better natural bouquet they do have a different look so I think it’s

gonna be a personal preference when it comes to macro photography both of them do not have the best minimum focusing distance so you can’t get as close as you can

on previous generations do a larger sensor you do get the incredible depth of field but the sacrifice is the narrow point of focus the v60 does have a worse minimum focusing

if you don’t want it to look like this they both do shoot an HDR 10 plus but here’s what it looks like when you take it off of

the phone looks flat with no color but when you work with it add a lot and make some adjustments the video can look incredible if you want to

see what the v6 tak camera can do make sure you check out my full video I’ll leave a link to it you’ll be impressed the average consumer isn’t

going to be able to do this conversion and video editing so I’m going to give the video into the galaxy s 20 plus the last thing is the

daytime selfies LG and Samsung both do a nice job but the LG tends to land on the warm side but also has nice detail I like the wider field

of view on the S 20 plus front-facing camera better it allows more to be in the frame the 60 prioritizes skin for exposure where I feel the s 20

plus is trying to balance the entire picture so the dynamic range looks better on the s 20 plus sometimes it goes back and forth but overall I prefer the

the cooler tone in the contrast of the s 20 plus so let’s get to that low-light performance this is the test that I was looking forward to my s 20

plus is the Korean unlocked Snapdragon model and has the latest software running on it and the images have gotten a lot better since launch in general again the v60

tends to land warmer on the white balance sometimes to warm and as more saturation so this will be a preference thing on which one that you like better but

if you look at all the pictures you’ll notice that the v60 shoots at a higher ISO which makes for more shadow detail you can see it especially in the

clouds so some might like that better but that does come at an expense of more noise when you punch in you can see that noise pretty clearly but look

at the detail, the v60 is significantly sharper than the s 20 plus which I was really surprised with taking a look at the shot the color temperature and saturation

do look different but at 400% crop the people and the steps look much clearer on the v60 so kudos to LG on this the good thing is that the

noise pattern is uniform on the v60 so just like the daytime pictures where the shadow detail is bumped you can just adjust the shadows when you edit the picture

and you can lose most of that noise without affecting the overall picture so I wouldn’t call this a deal-breaker at all because I believe this can be fixed

in the firmware update I just hope that LG gets better with software updates they have not been the most reliable the v60 also picks up a lot more of

the green tones take a look at the clouds here that’s not nice-looking the night mode does help it but I think the s20 plus looks better on the

night mode scenarios there is a slider on the v60 but don’t go all the way up because then you’ll get this the wide-angle can also shoot in night mode

and they both look good but I prefer the s20 plus as nighttime color and processing here the images may be more detailed on the v60 but overall the

balance of highlights and exposure is better on the s20 plus, for the most part, take a look at this light source here but it wouldn’t be a camera comparison

if it didn’t go back and forth it’s extremely saturated and warm on the shot but the dynamic range is handled better just look at the store windows and look

at the amount of detail difference here it’s noticeable both of them don’t handle Reds well the more accurate color I guess would be the v60 but the processing

is weird on both of them this white angle is the best representation that I got from both of them when it comes to the nighttime photos I think it

will come down to preference but when we start looking at the video the LG is looking weird when the stabilization is happening so movement can make it look smeared

but when you don’t move as much it clears up the video on the s20 plus is more colorful and also sharper if you look closely but I do

have to give it to the LGV 60 on the noise reduction it is much better and zooming into that sky you can see the difference but that noise

the reduction does come at a cost for slightly softer video so let me know which one you prefer finally the night time selfies they both have nice detail with the

beauty modes off the portrait mode also work pretty well in moderate low-light but they get soft when they go into darker conditions the difference with the s20 plus

is that it has night load for the front-facing camera this makes a huge difference in the V 60s again landing worn with more saturation but that night mode is

a game-changer they look like two different pictures but overall the s20 plus ends up being sharper in most shots the v60 just totally missed it here on this

portrait shot but once again the detail and sharpness on night mode front-facing camera is undeniable so this camera comparison was made to help you make a buying decision


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