Samsung Galaxy S20+ vs S10+ Camera

Samsung Galaxy S20+ vs S10+ Camera
Samsung Galaxy S20+ vs S10+ Camera

what’s up everybody this is Danny and I’m doing something very cool today I am here and a Dallas Mavericks game but I’m here also to do a camera comparison

between the Samsung galaxy s 20 plus and the Samsung galaxy s 10 Plus this is very highly requested so let me know which microphone sounds better to let me know

which video looks better and I’m gonna take a bunch of pictures and we’re gonna see if the s 20 plus is a big upgrade over the s 10 plus

was doing there are a new sensor in the galaxy s 20 and the s 20 plus this year so I wanted to see exactly how much the camera has

improved over the s 10 plus I shot all of this in Auto to keep things fair and turned off the seen optimizer I took about 300 pictures total and

looking at them side-by-side here are the major differences just as expected in the daytime the images look very similar but one of the big reasons to upgrade is the

zoom the s 20 plus can zoom up to 30 times and in the day it looks legit where the s 10 plus tops off at 10 X digital zoom

I posted this on Twitter and a lot of you are praising how this is a perfect example of real-world use of the zoom and I agree on I

was sitting way up in the suite and having that useable 10x zoom was awesome the 30x shots are okay too but nowhere near is usable but the 10x is

for sure legit here’s a side by side of the ultra-wide the main the 2x on the s10 plus in the 3x on the S 20 plus and the

10x hybrid on the S 20 plus which for sure looks sharper than the s tens 10x digital zoom and here’s that 30x shot just to let you know what

it looks like you can see what’s going on but I will stick to the 10x ooh the next big feature is the video and the s 20 plus

can shoot a ke video but I wouldn’t upgrade just because of that the 4k video is still great and uses the main sensor so it has better autofocus

at first glance, I wouldn’t blame you if you liked the S 10 plus 4k video better because has more contrast and has a cooler white balance but if you

look a little further and look at the skin tones they’re much better on the S 20 plus that magenta or red skin tone is controlled much better no dramatic

changes when switching to the telephoto lens at all the colors look the same in the exposure but when switching to the ultra-wide the s20 plus now all of

a sudden get more contrasting not sure what happened there but if you want to see what that 3x zoom – 2 X zoom difference is like here’s a realistic

the example I like having that little bit of extra zoom range native so the s20 plus is perfect for sporting events I had a great time at the game but

when I got home I wanted to make sure that I tested the two a little bit more and in doing that it made me appreciate the galaxy s

10 plus a lot more Samsung has done a fantastic job of updating this camera and making a lineup consistent with one UI so the processing is very similar first

the thing that I noticed is a skin balance is so much better with the rear camera and even with the front-facing camera in my previous camera comparisons I did complain

about how Samsung would over brighten the skin I know it’s all personal preference but I am glad to see Samsung doing something better with more natural colors when it

comes to people even though the s20 Plus here is brighter it is the best balance of the two and represents the more realistic skin tone and exposure so I’m

happy about this second is the improvements in dynamic range while it’s not a huge leap there are some scenarios where HDR processing shows improvement with better balance in

highlights and shadow details without clipping but don’t get me wrong it does go back and forth where the s10 plus sometimes just looks better which is weird but generally

you will see an improvement in the HDR processing third is the natural depth of field you’ll see better bouquet or background separation without any special modes in some shots

is subtle and the difference isn’t huge and some like this flower shot you can tell so I welcome this improvement the only downside is that I think the

s10 Plus is sharper on most macro shots look at the squirrel here it’s just much sharper on the s10 Plus same with the close-up of this fake turtle it’s

sharper with the details but to be honest I rather have that amazing background separation and add a little bit of sharpness when I edit the photo but let me

know what you think this picture s 20 plus but in my testing, I didn’t see a huge difference but here’s one part where it made a

look at the water the s 20 plus was able to cut this out while the s 10 missed it and just blurted the s 20 plus looks sharper here

as well but I really wouldn’t worry about the time of flight sensor because in this instance the s 20 plus just failed where the s 10 plus did better

and I took that shot multiple times to make sure it wasn’t user error the last thing during the day I need to talk about is the 64 megapixel secondary

a camera that’s in the s 20 plus and during the day I like it when you look at them side-by-side it doesn’t look that different but when you

start cropping in you can see the detail difference here so if you like to reframe or recrop a lot then the s 20 plus is definitely for you

so overall there are some notable improvements in the s 20 plus for sure during the day but the s 10 plus keeps up extremely well and the processing sometimes

even produces a better shot than the s 20 plus while remaining sharper so let me know what you guys think is this enough or are you sticking with the

S 10 plus so let’s move on to the low-light what everyone wants to know about and I have to admit when I first started editing this I thought

man is the s 10 plus doing better than the s 20 plus but after looking at more of these images the biggest flaw in the s 20 plus

is the metering the S 10 plus has more aggressive metering where the brighter areas are better controlled in the sky is processed as pure black so I can see

some of you liking this better and I don’t blame you but in the end, the s 20 plus is capturing more information it just needs some software updates

to better balance that dynamic range in certain situations for instance here on this boat if you bring down the exposure slightly on the s 20 plus you can get

that it looks super clean but this is an autotest so the s10 plus wins in this aspect I’m not gonna lie I was worried but that is basically

where it ends because the larger microns in the new sensor make a difference in almost all of the shots are generally brighter with better dynamic range

better white balance and most notably it’s much sharper and has less noise cropping in just look at the detail on the trees and look at the noise reduction all

around is much better on the s20 plus when I was looking at them on their displays it didn’t look that much different but when I started editing these on

the computer the differences were very apparent the s10 plus isn’t doing bad at all but when looking at them side-by-side this is the reason to upgrade because of the

better low-light performance in night mode though the s10 plus does a much better job with detail and better dynamic range so it competes much better with the s 20

plus but I still think in night mode that the s 20 plus has better detail and richer color the s 20 plus does slightly over-sharpening though so I

would like to see that tone down but it’s impressive what the night mode can do the 4k video in moderate low-light they both look very similar the colors and

the sharpness does look to be very comparable here in this situation but as the lighting gets worst like here in this firework scenario the noise is pretty terrible on

the s10 plus you can see it the results from the bigger microns on the s20 plus shows here with superior noise reduction and even though there still

is noise don’t get me wrong the improvement is there just look at the smoke the s10 plus is falling apart so if you shoot a lot of low-light videos

then the s20 plus seems like a no-brainer upgrade the zoom works the same as it does during the day surprisingly the 10x digital zoom on the s10 plus keeps

up well but that’s about it low light beside the metering on the neon lights and harsher lights the s20 plus is a better camera in almost every way the

day time differences aren’t as major as the low-light but there are improvements here if you’re wondering if you should upgrade or not let’s say this though the 10-plus is

still impressive and is still a great camera but if you want to justify an upgrade here are all the improvements that you needed to see to make an informed

buying decision thank you for watching this let me know if you’re upgrading or if you’ve already upgraded or if you’re keeping your S 10 plus another year I hope

you enjoyed this thumbs up if you did subscribe for a lot more content just like this and I will see you in the next one


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