The Sony A8F 4K OLED TV Review

    The Sony A8F 4K OLED TV Review
    The Sony A8F 4K OLED TV Review

    What’s up, everybody? This is the Sony AAF. Sixty five inch OLED TV. I’ve been using this for about two months now, almost three.

    So I want to share my experience with you guys. And yes, I know the master series has been announced and the A nine F and they look absolutely incredible. And I can’t wait to get my hands on those, but they will be in a different price category.

    So I know a lot of people still be looking at this one, the successor to the A one E. So I want to talk about all the things that this TV does extremely well and maybe some of the things that Sony could improve on as well in the next generation.

    So let’s go ahead and get started. First, let’s go ahead and talk about design. It is absolutely gorgeous. And the panel is super thin.

    And the one thing noticeably different from the A one E is the back design.

    This is a much thinner approach. No large kickstand. It is slightly tilted back, but it does not affect the viewing experience.

    And it looks great on my body elements, media cabinet, but I like the minimum gap. It’s a simple but very clean look with thin bezels. So I think you’ll appreciate the design as much as I do. You do get good port selection on this TV.

    You get four HDMI ports with support for HD, DCP two point two. And you do have to go into the options to enable this.

    Then you also have your audio options and USV and even one arrest to 32 sea port. If you need that, the most important thing on a TV is the picture quality. And this is where I feel like the eight F definitely excels. With one exception.

    And I’ll talk about that in just a little bit. But of course, this is an old.

    So you get those deep, incredible blacks, vibrant colors with incredible viewing angles, even at extreme angles.

    This panel is exceptionally sharp with the processing being handled by the X1 extreme processor. I notice that the motion is being handled very well by this TV. Much better than my 2017 LG O led.

    But I have not tried the 2018 LG old yet, so when I get one in, I’ll definitely do a comparison.

    One of the things that stood out to me right away is how well this TV upscaled in this house. My kids watch a lot of tennis content, lot of all DVD and non Fourcade Netflix streaming.

    And sometimes I just have to double check because it looks like Fourcade to me. That’s how sharp it looks. So I’ve tested out a ton of TV’s this year, but this is definitely one of the best TV shows at upscaling that I’ve tested.

    I also liked how easy it was to get this TV to look great. I just had to do a few tweaks.

    I said it into Cinema Pro and then just adjusted a few things for more vibrant color and it was already looking fantastic. The colors are punchy, but not overwhelming. The sharpness is there. The contrast is there.

    So this is how I’ve been enjoying this TV for the last few months now.

    But of course, you can calibrate to your liking. Of course you have support for HDR, so you have HDR 10 support HMG and you do have Dobi visual support on here now.

    They got pushed through a firmware update in my time of testing so I can confirm that Dolby vision works on the AAF. The dynamic backlight control does well to preserve highlights.

    In high contrast, it seems to give you a really balanced image without crushing tumor shadow detail and will look incredible in most rooms.

    But the one downside that I was talking about earlier is whatever algorithm that they’re using to protect, burn in or to balance this picture is affecting the overall brightness of the panel. I notice it when I go back to the 2017. LG Olad is significantly brighter.

    And even though that this panel can reach seven hundred nitz and it’s not as prevalent when you’re playing back Fourcade Blu ray, I definitely notice that this panel is much dimmer than some of the other outlets that I’ve tested before.

    So if you have a big open space with lots of natural light, then you may want to go take a look at this before you purchase it to make sure that it fits. But if you’re in a more controlled environment, like if this is going into a bedroom or if it’s going into a theater room, then you probably don’t need to worry about it at all.

    But I thought I would mention it because it is noticeable. If you’re not familiar with Sonis acoustics surface technology, then you should be, because this sound output is different than what I’ve experienced the first time that I’ve experienced this.

    There’s actuators behind this panel and that means that the entire TV panel is a speaker.

    And I can confirm with that built in subwoofer in the back and the TV surface that this is one of the best built in speakers sets that I’ve tried so far. There’s plenty of bass. There’s plenty of clarity here. And for most people, I can say you probably do not need a sound bar.

    Now, if you’re an audio file, you’re probably going to want something else but out of the box.

    This is one of the best speaker systems that I’ve heard built into a TV. If you are a heavy gamer, you might be a little bit disappointed with this TV because while I didn’t measure the actual input lag, it was definitely noticeable and especially compared to the LG Olad that I have and dequeue nine F from Samsung that I tested early this year.

    The input lag on there was indistinguishable, but I. We felt it on here. Now, not as bad on the X box when X with four K, 60 frames per second gaming and the gaming, though, on the panel looks absolutely phenomenal. By the way.

    But it was more noticeable when I switched back to something like the Nintendo switch on 10 P. I felt like the lag was even greater on there.

    So if you’re a gamer, then you might not be happy with this one. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I hope they can improve this with a software update on gaming mode.

    This next topic is probably not going to be a big deal to some. And that’s why when you watch other TV reviewers, they’re probably not going to bring this up as much.

    But when it comes to Android TV being on the TV experience on Sony, I feel like it could be a hindrance because it’s not that Android TV doesn’t offer a lot of awesome stuff to the Sony TV is like being able to access the App Store, even being able to game on here, which is pretty cool.

    If you have a Bluetooth controller, which I have actually tried and I can confirm that works really well for me. Experience is very important.

    So Android TV did get bogged down for me when I had things running in the background. So let’s say that you had three or four apps in the background. It could get a little bit sluggish and you can exit out and close out all your apps like you would do on a cell phone.

    But I feel like it doesn’t work as well on a TV set. So I felt like dedicated Owens’s that don’t have this issue.

    I feel like this is something that Sony definitely could improve on. And another thing is they’re remote. Some people might not care about the remote, but I feel like there’s a lot of buttons on this remote.

    I feel like simplicity to the remote can bring a better experience to Sony TV. So it’s not just this panel in general, just Sony TV’s in general.

    So hoping to see an improvement there on the remote and also move away from the eye.

    Ah, method. Because then I won’t have to see here worry about if I’m pointing it directly at the TV front, pointing it right. Hopefully they move to Bluetooth or some like that to make it a lot easier like some of the other manufacturers have done.

    So yes, I’m nit picking here, but this is just my experience that I wanted to share.

    Overall, my experience with the ADF has been a great one and I definitely recommend this. If you’re looking for an old panel this year that definitely keep it on your shopping list. It’s got a fantastic looking panel. Awesome thin design, which I really dig.

    I think it’s one of the nicest looking all LEDs that are out there. And with the acoustic surface technology and that built in subwoofer is definitely some of the best sound that I’ve heard as well, coming from a built in speaker system. It also upscaled very well.

    And I know that’s important to a lot of people and it also handles motion well.

    So for people that love sports. This is a great TV for that. There are some downsides like any other TV, but you never know.

    They could be fixed to a software update like the gaming lag and the overall brightness. So you never know about that. But I think a lot of people will be happy with this TV.

    This TV has been out for a little bit now, so if you can scoop it up on sale, then this would definitely be worth it. But if you’re looking for the newest newest, the A nine F is going to be out soon and so is the master series.

    But those will be very expensive and I’m sure they’ll be amazing. But I would definitely keep this one on the list.

    If you’re looking for an O lead in 2018, so let me know what you think about it. And if you own one, let me know if you’re having the same type of experiences that I am.

    And if not, then definite, let me know in the comments, because for other people, experiences are totally personal. So if you want me to take a look at some other TV’s, let me know what TV you want me to do next in the reviews. There’s some budget ones in the pipeline. So for budget people, I definitely got you.


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