Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs LG V60

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs LG V60
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs LG V60

everyone is talking about the Galaxy S 20 and the s 20 ultra but today I want to compare with LG’s brand-new offering the v60 thin queue even though LG

hasn’t been killing it in mobile sales lately, this looks like a solid offering and I think it competes well for the price point so let’s take a quick comparison

look at the galaxy s 20 ultras versus the v60 thin queue the v60 I would say is more of an S 20 and an S 20 plus competitor but

I’ve had the galaxy s 20 ultras for over a week so this is the only one that I can share my experience with but if you want to see

a breakdown of the entire galaxy s 20 series lineup and which one to buy I will leave a link down below for you this is the absolute best from

Samsung and the best that LG has to offer so it makes sense both have that premium build quality the s20 ultra and the v6 t have that glass

and metal sandwich combo both of them being ip68 water-resistant the s20 ultra has the slightly larger 6.9-inch quad HD dynamic AMOLED display with 120 Hertz high refresh rate

which will be important to some once you experience this fluidity you’ll never want to go back it’s hard to show on camera because I shoot in 24 frames per

second but trust me it’s awesome especially for gaming with those stereo speakers but LG also has a fantastic 6.8 inches full HD OLED display and also has balanced stereo

speakers for a great multimedia experience and get this you still get a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack with the quad DAC the best audio experience that I’ve experienced on a

phone personally so I want to know from you is the headphone jack still important or have you moved on with wireless earbuds let me know in the comments LG

is also giving you the option of two 6.8 inch displays here this is their offering for a foldable phone at this moment both with a twenty point five by

nine aspect ratio I know it’s a little bit weird but this can also be awesome for gaming where one of the displays can become a gamepad some games

work better than others but there’s a new wide mode which lets apps take advantage of that second display merging them into one this works fairly well with the web

the browser and is pretty cool when you’re looking at your photo gallery you have an educated display just for viewing your photos and video which I think is neat the

the best part is is that you don’t have to use it because it can get a little bit bulky but it fits just like a case and you can just

remove it depending on the carrier and promotions you might even be able to get one of these dual displays for free so make sure you check promotions before you

Bible both of these phones are powered by the brand-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor so plenty of power here for no matter what you throw at it with built-in 5g

which is nice they both have in-display fingerprint scanners but the v40 s is optical while the s20 ultras are ultrasonic I’m surprised that v6 teeth in q

only has eight gigabytes of RAM I thought they would move to twelve gigabytes of RAM like what is standard on the s20 series but the s20 ultra goes all

the way up to 16 gigabytes of ram but that configuration will cost you because it is expensive I’m super happy that both of these companies are prioritizing battery life

in these new phones both with huge 5,000 milliamp hour batteries my week so far with the s20 ultra has been very surprising because even with 120 Hertz display enabled

at 1080p I’m getting incredible battery life so with the full HD display on the v60 the battery life should even be better on that so this is exciting

for battery life on both of these phones, the s20 ultra supports 45-watt fast charging which is a little bit faster than the quick charge 4.0 offered on the

v60 thin q which can go from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes but regardless both will charge up nice and quick and both support wireless charging as well which

is handy at this point both of these look very familiar but when we start talking about the cameras that’s when they start to differ the galaxy s 20 ultra

has a monster 108-megapixel camera for a super high-resolution shot that you can crop to your heart’s content it is mind-blowing or you can shoot 12 megapixels that bin 9 pixels into one for a smaller resolution shot but a more balanced one along with a

48-megapixel periscope lens with a 10x hybrid zoom and an insane 100 times digital zoom it doesn’t look very good but it’s awesome to have in your pocket and

Samsung also has one of the best Mega Pixel ultra whites on the market and the time-of-flight sensor to help with focus and depth information this is a stacked camera

cluster the v60 thank you have a smaller but also impressive 64-megapixel main camera that can shoot high res 64-megapixel shots with or you can choose a pixel

bin 16-megapixel shot that will give you better low-light performance there is no telephoto lens so you’ll have to zoom in digitally which goes up to 10x but there

is a 13 megapixel wide-angle which I am glad they kept because it’s the most useful additional lens that you can have in your pocket but LG sent you’re cutting

sensors please don’t cut this one okay there is also a time of flight sensor on the v60 as well for depth information they are doing a cool feature where

it can create a 3d photo effect you can tilt it and see more of the background and has a spatial effect I’m sure you’ve seen this on Facebook before

this is the same thing and there are some other effects too baked in for some cool outcomes what’s amazing is that both of these phones can shoot video

up to 8k resolution in 24 frames per second, this is just mind-blowing that we can shoot this type of resolution video and it fits in your pocket of course

both of these phones support 4k video up to 60 frames per second and that’s what most people will stick with but both also have 4k 60 frames per second

video recording from the front-facing camera too so that’s nice to have the s20 ultra in terms of resolution has a huge 40-megapixel front-facing camera where the v60 has

a 10-megapixel front-facing camera both have manual video modes which I’m a huge fan of I’m concerned about the bit rate on the v60 through 40 megabits per

second isn’t the greatest the Samsung shoots in a higher bitrate but both of these phones will be awesome for beginner creators to start their first videos with all

of these manual controls, the v60 even has a four-microphone array with built-in stereo recording and as many other modes like 3d surround ASMR and a cool new voice

bouquet feature where it can cut down ambient noise and separate your voice from the background noise levels you can adjust it here right on the screen so I can’t

wait to test this out even though the specifications of the v60 cameras are lower than the s20 ultra playing around with it for the afternoon I was in Press

that the images looking back at them on the phone, of course, that’s not a good way to see the image quality so make sure you subscribe because this

the phone will be out sometime in March and once I get it in I’ll do a full camera comparison which I’m looking forward to the biggest difference here is going

to be pricing LG didn’t officially announce pricing because they let the carriers do that but they said that it’s gonna come in less than the galaxy s 20 which

I’m assuming is going to be about eight hundred ninety-nine dollars or so don’t quote me on that but I’m thinking that’s where it’s gonna land the s20 ultra

starts at thirteen ninety-nine so let me know in the comments is the ultra worth five hundred dollars more than the LG v6 teeth in Q these phones compete

very closely closer than I thought so many of the same features are in the v6 teeth in Q and you can add that extra screen which is pretty

cool and I know that people are probably already writing LG off but you never know this could be a sleeper hit when I get this phone in I will

do a full test and give this a proper chance because we have to test it to see how it competes and this is a huge rivalry every single year

between LG and Samsung so let me know which team are you on Team Samsung or team LG but this is something to think about if the v60 performs as

well as the galaxy s 20 and it comes in at a lower price then this could mean something and where the consumers win is when both of these devices

go on sale you never know what you can pick these up for so this is exciting so let me know what you think about the LG be 60

in the comments section below and make sure you subscribe for a lot more videos on both of these phones hit that like button if you enjoyed


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