Minimal 6K Mac Pro/Cover By Manha Awais

    Minimal 6K Mac Pro
    Minimal 6K Mac Pro

    What’s up, Today I want to show you my 6 K Mac pro setup. I have the Nano Etch Pro Display XDR. I skipped the 1000 dollar stand and went with the Vaisse amount adapter. It’s a clean but powerful setup. I can’t wait to show it to you.

    Let’s go ahead and get started. My last setup had the 49-inch ultra-wide monitor.

    It’s a 32 inch 6 K display that can get up to 1600 nit peak brightness.

    This is perfect for content creation. It has a million to one contrast ratio and y color gamut. This is a nano edge. So this is Apple’s version of the antique layer. It works well. Here it is next to the glossy iMac pro.

    And you can see the difference here right away. It does a fantastic job at reducing glare.

    The only downside is that you do lose that color pop that you get from a glossy display and you do lose a bit of viewing angle because of this. But I’m really enjoying it so far and don’t regret going with the nanotech version.

    As I said earlier, I skipped the 1000 dollar stand. Apple’s Vaisse amount was super easy to install. The bill quality matches the display and its magnetic. He just clips on and you just turn it with the key that was included. And that is literally it.

    I love this display because it just takes 1 Thunderball, three cables. That’s all it takes. 3 more USGBC ports there well. I’m really thinking about getting a second display for a twin 6 K setup.

    If you have a 16 inch MacBook Pro and wondered if it can power the new pro display XDR, it can beautifully at full 6k resolution and gets that for 96 watts of power from the display. So this is a sweet, sweet setup.

    I’ve been using this monitor arm all year. Absolutely no problem holding this monitor up.

    I can flip it and put it into portrait rotation if I want to. And it switches automatically.

    So this is a nice feature and still, gives me options. I have the mPower charging station for the monitor arm. This is perfect for convenient charging on my desk. There are two USV ports and 1 USV seaport.

    Perfect for that braided USGBC the lightning cord that comes with a Mac pro to charge the keyboard and trackpad the keyboard and magic trackpad isn’t new in terms of design.

    But you do get a new color scheme, silver and black version of both. They come in the box with a Mac Pro if you can figure it that way.

    I do still have the space gray one from the iMac fro. But I like these well. It matches the new Mac pro well.

    This is for sure more of a luxury buy for me. A total of 1 over a need. But I’m going to tell you some of the reasons why I went for the new Mac Pro after a word from today’s sponsor.

    Whenever I buy a new Mac, the first thing I do is install a bit of Defender Total Security 20-20. There’s a big misconception that Macs don’t need protection against malware, and that’s not true.

    They’ve definitely been some decent vulnerabilities that have hit the Mac in the last few years.

    But Defenders Total Security 2020 will not only keep your computer safe with an easy-to-use interface, but you can scan anytime. It helps you safely browse the web with anti-phishing and protects your information for safe online transactions.

    What’s great is that I worked with Max PCs, laptops, smartphones. It’s an all-in-1 solution. I’ll leave a link down below for you. I think you’re gonna love it.

    So the reason why decided by the Mac Pro for the new office setup is basically this.

    This is the dream, Mac, that I’ve been wanting forever. The case just pops off and easily reveals all of the components inside 8 PCI Express expansion slots. Basically, everything is upgradable here, including the processor, the GP, you, the SSD, and RAM. So this machine should grow with me as the years go on. I ended up with a 16 Cawsey on W. Kept the ram at 32 gigs because I’m going to upgrade it myself.

    Bump the storage to 4 terabytes and got a single radion pro-Vega too.

    I skipped on the afterburner card because I don’t work with a raw workflow right now. So when I get into progress Rawle, I’ll look into it. It was expensive for sure, but I felt like this was the best thing for buck configuration.

    At lunch, I decided to keep it underneath the desk because this machine is large and while it is a showpiece.

    It is whisper-quiet even when it’s at full load. You can’t hear anything. And editing video on the setup is an absolute dream.

    So I can’t wait to use it more because this is a dream setup for a final cut pro editor. The one thing that I wished Apple included wasn’t the SD card slot at the top of the machine. There are 2 Thunderball, 3 ports at the top, which are super handy, but an SD card slot there would have been cool. So I don’t have to do this for those of you that are new to my setups.

    The desk is still the beady eyes. Central live. It’s a clean sit and stands desk that has a beautiful Saturn etched glass finish on top.

    I have the optional draw unit that I love in place, a nomad wireless charger in there to charge my phone while I’m working. I love this little hack. I use it every day.

    I love this desk because my cable management is so easy since it’s basically all built-in.

    There is a Phillips new life strip on the back, but I only use it when I want some ambient lighting. This is the Klamt version for a cleaner look.

    The chair is still the Fordice world by human scale love. The white frame and the mesh are comfortable and airy. It matches so well with the setup and the color scheme. I love it.

    Last but not least, I still have my headphones setup. Still, my 2 favorites are the bare dynamic DTV 990 Pro and the Sennheiser HD 800 s, and it’s powered by the Wu Audio W8 seven Firefly’s tube amplifier and on a few audio all metal headphones stand.

    I’ve been using this for years and it’s been a solid audio setup.

    I hope you enjoyed it. There’s one thing missing and that’s external audio. I really need some studio monitors, so please give me some suggestions in the comments below since the Mac pros internal speaker sucks.

    That will look good with the setup.

    You might see a modified version of this with dual pro XDR displays coming soon. I need to use the single display first to see if I even need a second display.


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