Wireless Fast Charger

    Wireless Fast Charger
    Wireless Fast Charger

    What’s up, everybody,Today we have an exciting article, wireless charging has come a long way and these are some of the best phones that money can buy right now.

    So let’s see which one charge is faster. All of these charges, unfortunately, are proprietary, which means you just can’t use any wireless charger.

    You have to buy these particular chargers to get these type of speeds. The reason is that all of these phones charge superfast wirelessly, unlike iPhones, where they only use seven point five watts regardless of the charger. So you’re okay with using something like this anchor charger and you will still get that full charging speed.

    But I will leave a link to all of these wireless charges that you’ve seen as video Downbelow.

    Today, we’re testing out the Jammey Meet 10 pro five G with the factory, 30 watt wireless charger, the one plus a pro with this 30 watt warped wireless charger. The Wiley P 40 pro with the whiteway. Twenty seven watt wireless charger.

    The Pro plus we’ll use a different charger and the Galaxy s 20 ultra with the Samsung 15 Watt wireless charger.

    All of these phones are draine to zero where they shut off completely.

    So I’m going to place them on the charger and start the timer. And also going to turn all of them back on. So they will receive notifications and cellular signal, just like we would charge in the real world.

    After five minutes, we have six percent on the meet, 10 pro five G, then we have nine percent on the one plus eight pro 10 percent here on the whiteway P forty pro and three percent on the galaxy. S twenty ultra 15 minutes and we have 22 percent already on the mi 10 pro five G. That’s really good.

    Then we have 26 percent on the one plus a pro so that’s even better.

    And on the Y way P forty pro we now have twenty seven percent. So taking the lead in on the galaxy s twenty ultra we have 15 percent.

    So not bad at all for having the biggest battery out of the bunch. Checking back in at the thirty minute mark. And this is an important mark for marketing purposes. So let’s see if they live up to the hype. They meet 10 pro has 42 percent.

    So almost half the one plus a pro has forty nine percent. So basically living up to the claims of their marketing, the Y way P 40 pro now has 46 percent, which is faster than the Jammey, which is surprising at 30 minutes and the Galaxy s 20 ultra has thirty one percent, which again is not bad for the five thousand amp our battery.

    Forty five minutes in we have sixty two percent on the meat.

    Ten pro five G on the one plus a pro we are at sixty eight percent so we’re starting to take that lead.

    Checking in on the Y way P forty pro we are at sixty one percent and on the galaxy s twenty ultra we are at forty four percent at the one hour check in we are at eighty six percent on the ten pro on the one plus eight pro we are at eighty eight percent.

    So the show me and the one plus almost neck to neck on the P forty pro we are now at seventy four percent. So we’re starting to slow down a little bit here and on the S twenty ultra we are at sixty percent.

    So checking back ten minutes later we are at ninety nine percent on the one plus.

    So we’re almost done and on the show me we are at ninety seven percent so only a few percent off. Just a few minutes later at the one hour and twelve minute mark. The first one to finish is the one plus eight pro with this four thousand five hundred and ten million up our batteries. So very impressive. This is faster than the iPhone.

    Eleven pro max is wired charging which is really awesome. Two minutes later, at one hour and fourteen minutes, the show me is now finished with this four thousand five hundred million up our battery.

    So basically those two are the same with the thirty watt wireless charging.

    I think these times make wireless charging usable during the day for a quick top up. So kudos to these two companies continuing on one hour and sixteen minutes. We are at eighty nine percent on the wall we p forty pro one hour and thirty minutes in the P forty pro is at ninety seven percent so it’s almost finished.

    The Galaxy s twenty ultra we have eighty eight percent. So it’s really starting to catch up, which is really impressive for only 15 watts of wireless charging at one hour and thirty seven minutes.

    The Whiteway P forty pro finishes with this. Forty two hundred million our battery.

    Also not bad at all but I really want to test the forty watt wireless charging on the P forty pro plus.

    I hope I can get one of those to test out soon. What’s impressive is the ultra is at ninety three percent so really catching up and about ten minutes later it is now finished at one hour and forty eight minutes. So wow.

    Samsung with the five thousand millionth our battery and wireless charging in less than two hours. That is really great. This in my opinion is totally usable. So kudos to Samsung on this.

    If you haven’t seen the forty five watt wired charging, it takes the ultra from zero to one hundred and fifty one minutes. So really nice numbers here across the board. Wired and wireless, so. You know what you think about these times?

    I appreciate these manufacturers pushing wireless charging tech forward.

    This proves that wireless charging is awesome in 2020, just over an hour is totally usable in any situation. It’s only going to get better. And I’m looking forward to it. So thank you for watching.


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