iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera vs iPhone XS Camera

iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera vs iPhone XS Camera
iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera vs iPhone XS Camera

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’m excited about this camera comparison this is the iPhone 11 Pro Max versus the iPhone 10s max so I want to

see how good this triple camera system is and if it’s worth upgrading to or not because a lot of times it’s not worth it in a one year time

span to upgrade just because of the camera but this time you have a new triple camera system with the ultra wide-angle some video improvements you can already see that

I am much wider on the front-facing camera and I can shoot 4k 60 now through the front-facing camera which is really nice so let me know which one looks

better which one sounds better and then I’m gonna go out today and see if this camera is worth upgrading to or if you should just keep your 10s max

let’s do this let’s start with the daytime photos because this is when I take the most pictures and the test really didn’t surprise me much they both look very

similar in daylight the pictures are full of dynamic range the colors are nice and the white balance looks the same lots of details here so when it comes to

daylight pictures there aren’t major changes but here’s what I noticed after looking at over 200 pictures side-by-side the portrait mode pictures have a deeper background blur and these subjects

like my son here have better and brighter exposure on the face which is subtle but nice across-the-board I noticed that the iPhone 11 Pro is a bit sharper it’s

not night and day different but you can definitely see it I would almost say that the 11 pros processing is a bit on the over sharpen side where the

10s looks a little smoother and more natural almost in every case the new iPhone 11 pro takes the better shot dynamic range is slightly better in some shots highlight

preservation is noticeable and more highlight detail is noticeable as well the big reason to upgrade this year is the addition of the ultra wide-angle camera you can just get

so much more in the frame it’s been on other cameras for years but now having that option on the iPhone is huge for me I love ultra wide-angle and

once you have it you can’t live without it it’s awesome also this year you can take portrait mode pictures with the ultra wide-angle camera as well you can capture

much more in the scene like this family photo you can’t do that with the older iPhones if your selfie taker there are improvements here as well on the iPhone

11 series first of all you get a wider selphie which to me is a big deal and you can take slow-motion video with the front-facing camera and you also

get 4k 60 frames per second on the front-facing camera as well which is really cool the selfies are sharper this year on the iPhone 11 Pro more detail less

smoothening I like this a lot better but it depends if you like that slight beauty mode effect you might want to stick with the iPhone 10s but I like

the iPhone 11 pearl better for selfies they both shoot 4k video the best video in the business basically and the stabilization looks similar the new iPhone does have extended

dynamic range in 4k 60 frames per second this year so if you shoot a lot of video on your phone it might be worth the upgrade even though it’s

like there is an audio zoom feature on the iPhone 11 series where if you zoom in it isolates the noise and makes the voice louder is slight but noticeable

so here’s an example let me know what you think I should be able to hear me you let’s move to the low-light where you’re gonna see the biggest difference

while daytime improvements are there the night mode changes the game for iPhone photography it’s absolutely unreal how much better the nighttime shots are with the new iPhone I’m going

to let the pictures speak for themselves I mean look at this shot at Pandora at animal kingdom you can barely see the structure on the iPhone 10s max and

on the iPhone 11 Pro you can see everything way more detail punch your colors and you can even see the stars in the background and the noise reduction is

incredible basically every shot is better on the new iPhone even without night mode but the changes are drastic look at the cloud detail here on the iPhone 11 Pro

you can’t see anything with the iPhone Tenace max I really can’t stress enough how much of the difference this is if you’re going to upgrade at all you’re going

to upgrade for the improved low-light capabilities night mode is not new to the smartphone world at all other Android phones have had it forever now but I really like

what Apple is doing with night mode it’s really good I will have more comparisons with other cameras so make sure you subscribe for that and hit that notification bell

so you don’t miss it the nighttime video has also improved slightly more detail in the clouds better noise reduction it’s not as drastic as the photos but you do

get some slight improvements here which are totally welcome so here is my conclusion I never say that it’s worth upgrading your phonecomments


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