Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G/Cover By Manha Awais

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

    What’s up? I’ve been using these Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G for a couple of weeks.

    It’s a beautiful phone with premium bill Quality has a fantastic camera system that takes incredible photos and video to prove that this article is being shot with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. So you can experience what the video quality is like today.

    I partner with Samsung to show you the benefits of 5G connectivity that come standard on these phones.

    If you’ve always wondered what 5G can do for your phone, you’ve come to the right place.

    The world is changing. Staying connected more important than ever. And this reduction in latency and faster speed is going to impact the world of technology in many ways.

    But today, I’ll tell you 5 ways that 5G can change the way you and I use our phones and what it does to make your experience better. The first thing is clearly the speed benefits.

    Here’s a side-by-side comparison with the 4G LTE phone on the left and the 5G enabled Galaxy Note 20 ultra on the right.

    This is the best-case scenario with Verizon’s ultra-wideband 5G. But those speeds are incredible and faster than most people’s home internet. So think about this kind of power in your pocket. Faster speeds and lower latency are the biggest gain with 5G.

    And this is how it makes a difference in real life. The biggest change that you’ll notice is just saving time on the things that you do every day.

    So you can dramatically reduce the time that it takes to download a podcast or download an entire music album. Here’s a great example. If you want to download an entire season of your favorite show while you’re on the go, you can just see how fast episodes are downloading just in seconds.

    Basically, it’s mind-blowing, how fast it is when you first use it. Here it is next to 4G. So you can see how much longer it takes.

    So these are real, tangible speed differences that will impact your everyday experience if you have access to 5G.

    Next, gamers will be super happy with 5G. Mobile gaming is being revolutionized right now with cloud gaming and low latency. And super-fast speeds will be very important when you’re gaming on the go with Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft and X Box Game Pass.

    You can play X box games on the go. You aren’t just limited to your normal mobile games. I enjoy playing a couple of games outside, enjoying this beautiful weather and silkie gameplay from the cloud because of the speed and reduce the latency of five g no stutters or drops.

    Just awesome gameplay. So this is an amazing experience.

    This is the future of mobile gaming. There are still amazing games you can download. And here’s just how much faster 5G is at downloading.

    Large games like this one are just mind-blowing how fast this is. So again, save a ton of time, not waiting forever for a new game to download that you always wanted to try.

    Another big gain from 5G is from content creators like me. I’d like to go live on social media and having that fast and consistent connection makes a difference in a lot of people commented on how crisp the stream was.

    It never dropped connection or even slowed down once. Also, having this type of speed helps you share the creative content that you make right then and there.

    I can take crisp ACA video and if I feel like uploading it right then and there right from my phone, I can edit it quickly.

    On the note, with 20 ultra 5 GS built-in video editor and right from the app, I can upload it straight to my channel and just look at how fast this upload is.

    This is going to be amazing for content creators and to round things out the 5th way 5G changes my life and the way that I use my phone is when I’m on the go. I can’t say that I’ve had the best experience with Alltel Wi-Fi. Sometimes fast, sometimes as slow. You’re not sure if it’s secure or not. It’s expensive.

    It’s always a gamble. But when 5G is available with my Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5G, I was able to turn my phone into a 5G hotspot and these were the types of speeds that I was getting.

    This is so much faster than most hotel Wi-Fi. And this is much more secure. So this is something that I look forward to times change and 5G gets progressively more widespread.

    Are you looking forward to using this on your Samsung phone?

    And do you think it’s going to dramatically change the way that you use your phone? I’m happy that Samsung is offering and a lot of their phones.

    I believe 5G is going to dramatically improve customer experience, so I’m glad that they’re moving forward with it.

    So if you have a Samsung compatible 5G smartphone, let me know what your experiences like and if you’ve used it before. I’m curious to hear about it in the comment section below. Thank you to Samsung for partnering with me on this article.


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