The iPhone Wireless Charging Test/Cover By Manha Awais

    The iPhone Wireless Charging Test
    The iPhone Wireless Charging Test

    What’s up, Today we’re going to do the ultimate iPhone wireless charging test.

    They know 399$ iPhone s e is out now, and some of you might not know that wireless charging is included in this more affordable iPhone. So it’s a perfect time to test it with the rest of the iPhone lineup.

    The only 1 not here is the iPhone TNR, but the iPhone 11 has a similar battery size.

    So we can use those numbers. If you have a 10 are all of these phones are currently drained at zero percent. And I’m going to put these on wireless chargers and start the timer now. He usually takes a little while to get these up and running during this test.

    I wanted to make sure that the phones were on. All of them were connected to Wi-Fi. All have SIM cards inside of them and getting notifications because this is how we charge phones in the real world.

    And I wanted the results to be accurate. The wireless chargers that I’m using for this test are from the video sponsor anchor. If you’re looking for a quality wireless charger that won’t break the bank. These are it.

    All of the Chargers used here will give these iPhone’s full charging speeds up to 7.5 watts super easy to use. Just lay your phone on top.

    And just like that, you’re topping up. Which is perfect for the bedside overnight with some air pods on the second side.

    The stand is nice for desk setups I like this one with two USP ports on the back so I can charge other devices at the same time.

    If you don’t use an iPhone, that’s OK too. These chargers are compatible with Android phones well. So I’ll leave a link down below for you if you’re interested.

    No reason to overpay for the convenience of wireless charging. After 15 minutes, we have 15 percent on the iPhone s e. We have 7 percent on the iPhone eleven pro-Permax, 10 percent on the iPhone 11 pro, which is not bad.

    And now 5$ on the iPhone. 11 after 30 minutes, the iPhone essy is at 25 percent. So based on this, it should take about two hours or so for a full charge. Let’s see if that’s true.

    We have 16 percent on the iPhone 11 pro max. So I’m wondering how long this will take to fully charge the iPhone 11 pro has 19 percent and the iPhone 11 is now up to 16 percent.

    So now you have an idea what a 30-minute wireless charging session will give you on these iPhones. Now, let’s go ahead and jump to every 30 minutes after one hour. 44 percent on the iPhone s e. Almost half.

    29 percent on the iPhone 11 pro max. IPhone 11 pros at 34 percent.

    And the iPhone 11 at 34 percent. Right around the hour and a half mark, the iPhone essy is at 64 percent. The iPhone 11 pro max is now at 43 percent. So that almost 4000 millionths, our battery is slow to replenish here wirelessly.

    The smaller iPhone 11 pro with the bit over 3000 million hours is now at 50 percent and now 51 percent on the iPhone 11, which has a slightly bigger battery.

    So it’s taking the lead here out of the 3 11 series phones at 2 hours.

    The iPhone Essy has a 77 percent charge. This is surprising with a very small. 1821 million. Our battery, 56 percent on the iPhone 11 pro Macs. 65 percent on the iPhone 11 pro. And 67 percent on the iPhone. 11.

    2 hours and 30 minutes in 88 percent still on the iPhone s. E. So that to our estimate that I had was totally wrong.

    68 percent on the iPhone, 11 pro Macs, 78 percent on the iPhone. 11 pros. So only 10 percent behind the S. E, which is interesting. And the iPhone 11 now at 84 percent, which is almost fast to the iPhone S e and has a much larger battery.

    So this is very weird but interesting. Three hours in, we have 98 percent on the iPhone, Essy.

    So we’re finished here. The iPhone 11, pro Macs at 81 percent, iPhone 11 at 90 percent. So all of these numbers are getting closer together.

    And the iPhone 11 at 94 percent. So we’re almost there. I kept checking every 5 minutes or so, but it took 3 hours and 18 minutes to fully get the iPhone essy to 100 percent. So that is the first iPhone to finish.

    So we can put this to the side now at about three hours and 32 minutes.

    The iPhone 11 finishes at 100 percent. This is not too bad for the size of the battery in comparison to the s. E.C. 3 hours and 43 minutes later, the iPhone 11 pro finishes to 100 percent charge that I checked back at 4 hours.

    And the iPhone 11 pro Macs are still at 98 percent.

    Then finally, at 4 hours and 11 minutes, the iPhone 11 pro Macs finally reaches 100 percent. So this test shows that no matter what the size of the battery is, the iPhone seems to charge at a consistent speed in the beginning and trickle charges at the end.

    Probably great for battery longevity, but surprised at the speed of the SC on this test.

    But I hope this video helped you out. Wireless charging on iPhones should be used bedside before bed. I think this is the best application. My opinion is not fast enough for a quick top-up but is still convenient regardless.

    I’m going to leave a link down below so you can pick up one of these anchor charges for your iPhone. There’s no need to overpay since you’ll get the full 7.5-watt speed out of these hits that button.

    Thank you for watching and I will see you at the next 1.

    The Shami redmi note/Cover By Azba

    This sounds more like a real camera on the film heading down civil cation info mall.

    You can do anti-branding to save to the SD card because this phone does come with SD card support.

    And that’s about it on the camera settings going over the video a little bit disappointing that you can only do 4 K. 60 talked about that a provides can look pretty good in addition.

    You can go ahead and use the study mode. If you’re going to be taking a video, you know you can be a bit shaky, 1 of the things.

    I notice this phone because it’s kind of not the most study phone, so you want to study if you know your walking and taking video of it on a tripod.

    You can take it off of that. The only problem is when you’re going to study mode, and then we go back to our video settings.

    You’ll see an axis down to 1080, so you can’t do the study mode and 4 K. now if we go ahead and flip it over to the front.

    You’ll see our video resolution goes down to a maximum of 10 media 30 on the Shani Remme no temporal.

    So you can see we’re not getting the highest quality, but again I’m willing to make so many sacrifices. This thing is not you know much money to get your hands on 1 of these is going over here to photo. You’ll see right here backs way out.

    And you can start taking a lot more control of their front camera, and you can even do a palm shutter, so let’s bring it back here. Short poem 321 home takes the photo will quickly an easy forgives.

    A little timer, pretty lovely lines, and again, more timers up here 5 seconds 10 seconds let’s switch over to 10 seconds we’ll bring that palm back you could see it’ll switch to 10 seconds again on that front-facing camera you do have slender big guys.

    You can clear these out and reset them. You can beautify yourself of the pimples that are bothering you today. Go to filters right here sky blue that there’s a ton here like.

    Even on the front camera, lots of tweaking you can do now. Look this over to the back 1 more thing if we hold this down, it will take a burst right there, so pretty neat overall. Now I’m done talking about the software we covered.

    Everything you need to know but the Shami redmi note temporal camera, you know.

    It’s a pretty darn bother camera. I took over 90 photos with this thing because I was not happy with the results that I was getting in my full review, so I took over and hung the samples with this camera, and I’m let you guys go here.

    The video’s going to and after these results if you found it helpful, entertaining thumbs up before you guys leave and I’ll catch you on the next episode Nick here Peter Max Stier technology enjoy the samples I see you on the next one piece.

    So, what is the guy’s Nick helping you master your technology galaxy 852 for review now? My fiance is going to be filling in for the audio here just because.

    I have some dental surgery. So I’m not talking perfect. I don’t want to move my mouth too much while on the ceiling, so enjoy the video and let me know.

    If you’re going to be picking up the galaxy A. 52, enjoy. You are discussing the critical specifications of the Samsung galaxy A. 52.

    A 6.5 inch 1080 by 20400 super ammo led display 64 megapixels wide plus 12 megapixels ultra-wide plus 5-megapixel macro plus 5-megapixel depth camera 6 GB’s of ram a 40 500 milliamp-hour battery end snapdragon 732 G. chipset so a nice set of specifications on.

    The phone that is only priced around 350$ discussing the body first of all the back of this phone has given me a love-hate relationship what do I love number 1 the backs these nice and clean which is something.

    You can’t see about some flagship phones, and this is due to Sampson’s decision to go with a plastic mat feeling texture what do I wouldn’t say I like it feels cheap like cheaper than other phones in this price range & reminds you if you’re not using that you are using a budget.

    Samsung phone, let’s keep in mind that this phone is giving many features so this could be forgivable this phone in at only 189 grams so don’t be put off by it being too heavy & the sides of this phone. At the same time, plastic looks convincingly metal, and the front is nice with a nice flat gorilla glass 5 display and IP 67  water resistance so overall.

    You’re looking at an adorable modern-looking Samsung phone that looks similar to the galaxy S. 21 line but feels cheap like prepaid Samsung phones. The sacrifices will be overlooked because of the software and the brand for many.

    I don’t blame them for moving on to the display of this phone we are talking E. 90 hertz super am. A led display up to 800 nits and yes before you start seeing new.

    It’s 120 heard that is for the 5 G. version. This is the 4 G. version after using this for over a week. I have to say do it doesn’t have the best lead at 6.5 inches.

    It feels plenty large and feels great for this price. The density is good a floral 7 PP I, which makes reading pretty easy, and watching articles on here is the joys while.

    In addition to all that, you have display modes that make this super, adjustable smoothness David mauled and even the more adaptive blue light.

    I comfort shield & hi comfort shield with adjustable, so the conclusion is that this phone has a bright, colorful Smoove premium looking display without being the absolute best on the market.

    But discussing the software of the Sampson galaxy A. 52, we have enjoyed 11 couples with the wind.

    You’ll find and what does this mean good week. Hence, you get a charming Polish feature pack experience even on this mid-range features like split-screen mode with plenty of apps support along with pop view modes. As well friendly translucent notification area & if we go into settings and scroll down to the latest features.


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