The Home Security SAFEST Smart Camera

    The Home Security SAFEST Smart Camera
    The Home Security SAFEST Smart Camera

    picture this you’re on vacation enjoying that time at that amazing destination that you’ve always wanted to go to and in that Lohmann your security cameras are trying to tell

    you that someone is in your home and going through your personal belongings going from room to room quickly to grab what they want they know you aren’t home your

    alarm is going off notifications are going wild but your phone is on vibrate because you are embracing that moment and by the time that you check your phone and

    realize what happened that intruder is already gone with your valuables but this is not how it needs to play out what if we can rewind all of this back

    and stop this intruder before it even happens this is the security camera system that could have prevented that today I’ve partnered with deep sentinel to show you that preventing

    the crime is the best possible outcome and this camera has a feature that no other camera that I’ve use has and that is people I know it sounds weird

    but let me explain there are live guards that are always looking at your cameras detection they’re analyzed by a real person immediately and if a threat is there they

    will intervene to let them know they need to step off the property so if that intruder doesn’t listen then deep-set know to react immediately and call law enforcement as

    an active crime in progress so think about deep sentinel is an extra set of eyes on your house 24/7 and i want to give you a chance to try

    it out for yourself so stick around into the end of the video to find out how you can win one i’ll show you exactly how this works in just

    a little bit but let’s talk about what you get when you pick one of these systems up the package comes with everything that you need you get three wireless

    cameras and a hub to connect them all together you get everything in the box to set all of this up including the batteries to the cameras and one extra

    so you get four altogether the power adapter and Ethernet cable for the hub and even a screw driver believe it or not that’s all I use to install my

    cameras some might disagree but I love that these cameras are wireless it makes it extremely easy to put them wherever you want the batteries are rechargeable and takes literally

    seconds to swap out really clever design in the hub where you can charge a battery right in the hub so when it’s ready to swap out you know exactly

    where it is and you know that it’s 100% charged these are large 9600 milliamp hour batteries so you should be good for about three months of use which is

    nice setup is super easy and fast one of the easiest that I’ve come across all you need to do is download the app and it just steps you through

    the rest the cameras were detected right away it will even tell you if the hub is in an optimal place I got it working in just a few minutes

    once everything is set up you’ll see a verified feed these are all the clips that a live agent has approved with a nice thumbnail image of the event at

    any time you can click on these to watch them or you can live stream you can talk to that delivery driver if you need to wit two-way audio you

    can even share this event or you can download this directly to your phone if you need to AI being built into this camera is really important because there are

    some notifications that I don’t need like if a bird was to come flying on my porch or when cars turn on the corner and shine their light on my

    porch I don’t need those notifications the AI works to give you only the notifications that you need at first when I set it up I was getting all the

    notifications but as I set up the zones correctly and the time went on after about a week the notifications cut down and you only see the important notifications on

    this feed and I love the fact that it gives you notification when a package is delivered it recognizes that nest just got this feature I think last week but

    I’ve had this ever since I’ve been using this deep sentinel system and I’ve been using it for over a month instead of talking about it I just want to

    give you a live demo I think that a lot of people would think that a wireless camera would be slow

    but I’m gonna step right onto my porch and right away I’m getting a notification and a live agent is looking at this right now identifying if this is a

    threat or not this is really fast a feature that I think is overlooked in most security cameras is the audio and I’m happy to say that the deep’ Sentinel

    camera has incredible audio it’s loud it’s clear so what happens if there is an actual threat well I made sure that I called deep-set know ahead of time so

    they wouldn’t actually call the cops but I had my friend John dress up and also try to steal a package and do some suspicious stuff around my front porch

    and this is what happened hello this is deep sentinel security is there anything I can help you with sir you in the black sweatshirt is there anything I can

    help you with this is extremely powerful if you have one of these cameras and every one of your major entry points in the house having an active scan on

    all of those entry points is really important so think about this there are a lot of applications where if you’re self monitoring you’re not gonna have a chance to

    check those notifications so let’s say that you’re a traveler and you’re on an international flight and you don’t have Wi-Fi you don’t have any control over the notifications that

    are happening in your house let’s say that you’re a teacher and you don’t have time to check your phone for hours or if you’re in an important business meeting

    and you can’t keep looking at your phone or you might even have to turn that off because you don’t want to miss an important presentation and most importantly at

    some point you have to sleep unless you’re extra special and when you’re sleeping you can’t check your notifications so having the second set of eyes around your entire house

    you do feel safer ever since I’ve been using this I sleep just a little bit better because I know that somebody is watching the perimeter of my house and

    all times and that is something that is intangible this peace of mind and functionality comes at a cost though you’ll need a subscription it’s about four hundred ninety dollars

    per year about 41 dollars a month and I understand if you don’t need this the system will work without it you just won’t have that live agent on the

    other side so think about this if using a DT or Vivint or many of the other security companies out there you may be paying the same per month or

    even more and I will give it to you you will be saving some money on the equipment side but the monitoring side is nowhere near as robust as deep

    sentinel if someone breaks in there are so many protocols to go through they usually give you 60 seconds or so to enter the code then the panel calls the

    company then a company calls you to verify they might not even reach you on the first try then they call the police and then the burglars are probably already

    gone by the time that police are called and law enforcement won’t be as quick to respond because a crime is already over versus deep sentinel calling it in while

    the crime is happening they are describing the intruder they’re gonna come in as a crime in progress so that’s different it all depends on what your security needs are

    but I feel like there’s a product made for every type of security level and this camera has something different to offer if the cost and subscription makes sense to

    you then go for it I think you’ll be very happy with it there are a few things that I would love to see deep-set will do in the future

    maybe bring out an LTE or cellular connected model so when the power goes out then we’ll be able to have that functionality with some maybe intelligent power switching for

    saving battery life that would be awesome and I would love to see some smart home integration with maybe Amazon Alexa or Google home or home kids I think that

    would also be great for this camera system you never know this could already be in the works this is just my wish list so let me know what you

    think about the Deep Sentinel camera is having that live agent on the other side in that 24/7 monitoring worth it to you to pay for monthly to have that

    peace of mind let me know in the comment section below I cannot wait to read these and I did not forget you can win one of these don’t just

    take my word for it you can try it out for yourself all you need to do is follow Deep Sentinel on their social networks I will leave all of

    those listed in the description section and then leave a comment let me know what your favorite feature of the deep-set no camera is and why you need it that’s

    it so easy and then we will randomly pick one randomly pick one person and you will be the winner you will be notified and then you get to try

    this cool system out for yourself so let me know what you think subscribe for more cool videos like this thumbs up if you liked it and I will see


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