Top Cool Tech In Mid- Range

    Top Cool Tech In Mid- Range
    Top Cool Tech In Mid- Range

    What’s up, everybody, And today we’re gonna kick things off with top tech under one hundred dollars. I feel like this is a perfect price point where you can start really getting some quality products. I got a lot to show you. Let’s not waste any time.

    Let’s just get right into it. The first set of products that I want to show you is something you’re definitely going to want from our channel sponsor, LaBron.

    I’m going to show you some fresh new Allard’s from their radiant collection.

    But first, I want to talk about their smart lifes, which is you might have already seen this on a channel, but I’ve moved houses since then, so I definitely had to get these for the new house.

    There are a ton of smart switches out there on the market, but I can tell you off of using these switches all last year. They are solid. There is no hub required, which is awesome.

    And you have support for Amazon, Alexa and Google assistant. So you have choices. If you decide to change up voices later, this switch should grow with your smartphone.

    These switches are well below one hundred dollars. But I figure that most people will pick up more than one. They are easy to install.

    You duty to make sure that you have a neutral wire setup in your home to make this work.

    Some simple wiring is all it takes, and I absolutely love this crewless plate system. It gives a switch such a clean and modern look. It’s a really simple thing, but they look so much better than the switches that came with the house.

    So I love the way it fits my modern home. I’m really happy with it. My favorite in the kitchen is the smart dimmer switch. This gives my pendant lights with Edison bulbs, the ability to dim and also have smart control.

    And just one of these switches control six can lights in the ceiling. So if you’re looking for a more affordable approach to building a smart home, this is definitely it.

    Let’s just be generous and say that one of these B-R 30 bulbs cost between 20 and 25 dollars apiece. You know, it can cost more than that.

    But if you had enough time, six, that’s going to be a lot more money than just buying one smart switch after setup.

    The LeBron app will give you smart control of your lighting. You can turn them on and off with just one tap from anywhere in the world. You can group lights for convenient control, create seems to automate your daily lighting like having your lights come on 10 minutes before you come home and you can make this lighting a part of your normal smart home routines with your favorite voice assistant.

    I’m going to leave a link down below so you can check out the entire radiant collection to see which products fit your smartphone best.

    But I want to show you something that is one of the coolest add ons to my kitchen, and that is the wireless charging outlet that Lagrand makes. Not only does it have a USD four for easy wire charging, but then there’s a built in cheap wireless charger.

    I use this every single day. It has that clean design language. It just keeps my kitchen counter nice and power brick free.

    I also changed out all of my kitchen outlets to these built with USP ports. I opted for a few combo with the USP a tenuous B c, but I did get brave and installed most of them with just pure USGBC because I’m hoping everything will be USGBC in the next few years. These are loaded with six AMP charging, so the charging times are great.

    I will also leave these link down below so you can check them out.

    Next up is the Sega Genesis Mini and this is bringing back all kinds of memories. I’ve seen this go as low as fifty dollars on Amazon, so make sure you check that link because I’m not sure what’s gonna be going for when you pick one up.

    But if you’re a retro gamer, you should definitely check this out. This console is so tiny but has all those little details that I remember. It’s got the on and off switch. It even has the volume slider. There’s a nice selection of games, too.

    There’s 40 included classics like Echo, the Dolphin, Sonic, Shinobi, Three Earthworm Jim, Streets of Rage, Streetfighter to Special Championship Edition. There are few games missing that I wish were included, but this is a great start, man.

    I remember playing Altered Beast in the arcade. Man, this just brings back so many memories. But it does come with two controllers, but only with the three button configuration.

    So if you’re gonna play a lot of streetfighter, I would probably get the six button configuration controller. It’s about 20 bucks add on, but that’ll still keep you way under a hundred dollars. This is a definite yes.

    A lot of people want active noise canceling on a budget, but they also want it to sound good and it’s portable and comfortable.

    So here’s my recommendation. These are the Sennheiser HD 4.0 50 BEATTIES NC for noise canceling.

    And I’ve been using a variant of this for the last couple of years. This is just the newer version. For 99 bucks, you get a simple carrying case, the headphones themselves and a three point five millimeter audio cable. So you can listen to them wired if you want to.

    But the battery is decent on this. You get twenty five hours of music playback, so that should be good for an entire trip.

    The cushions are nice and soft. They are around that year headphones, but they are extremely comfy. I wouldn’t say that the act of noise canceling is as good as some of the Hyorin models out there, but they definitely do the job and has NFC one touch pairing, which makes it easy for setup.

    So for ninety nine dollars, these are a great pickup when it comes to fully wireless earbuds.

    I still like the air pods pro the best. That’s just my opinion. They don’t sound the greatest, but for the convenience of connectivity, I do like them better.

    But you can also pick up a pair of Galaxie buds. These are obviously not regular galaxy bugs because these are Cullowhee. Custom painted, but you can pick up the regular versions for about ninety nine bucks or even less these days.

    And they sound pretty good as well. But if you like this next scrap type design, then I would definitely pick up these. These are the one plus bullets wireless too.

    When it comes to sound, in my opinion, I think they sound better than the Galaxy buzz and the most expensive air pods.

    And what I like is that there’s quick charging built in 10 minutes charge from these 10 hours of music playback, which is really awesome. And I love this magnetic design. Once you’re listening, all you have to do is clip them together. Pauses the music and it turns them off.

    And then when you take these back apart again, the music resumes. Plus, I’m digging the design on these is nice and shiny on the actual earbuds themselves. But a nice matte finish here on the rubberized portion. And this green is incredible.

    I would definitely say go for the green when it comes to a fun Bluetooth speaker.

    I really like this one from LG. I’ve had a variant of this speaker for the last three or four years, and I love this white color. The price is great. It’s portable.

    It sounds much better than you can imagine with a nice amount of bass and come on RGV while the music plays. That’s a nice touch. My kids love this speaker. We use it every single night for an hour or so. And I only have to charge this thing once every couple weeks.

    So the battery life is legit. But the good thing is when you need to charge it, it charges by USGBC. So thank you LG for that. USGBC everything.

    This last one is a little bit overkill, but I like it. This is the Emberg temperature control mug and I did skip it on the first round because I just didn’t think it was necessary. They were a little bit pricier, but now it’s under a hundred dollars.

    But what this does is it keeps your coffee or tea or any liquid hot while it’s in the mug.

    So I really appreciate this because when I’m drinking coffee, it usually takes me about 20 to 30 minutes. And, you know, after about 10 minutes or so, it gets cold.

    So this here solves that problem for me. It comes with a disk that you can place the mug on two to charge it. It has a built in battery. When you turn it on, it defaults to one hundred thirty five degrees Fahrenheit or fifty seven degrees Celsius. But you connect this to the app and control that temperature manually if you want to customize it. I love the quality of this.

    It feels very premium. So I guess it all depends on how much coffee or tea that you drink.

    It’s actually perfect for the holidays because this is perfect for a hot chocolate. And that sounds good right about now. One last bonus item. This is not even close to a hundred dollars is a super cheap. But this is not tech, but it’s for your tech.

    This power, perche, goes right on to an outlet. And what it is, is is perfect for something like an Amazon Hecho or a Google Nest hub. It just basically makes a little shelf that goes right above the outlet.

    All you have to do is take the face plate off and and just screw the face plate back on.

    Right over this. And you can put anything on top of there if we want to. Looks really clean. You can tuck the wires underneath there if you want to. I really, really like this.

    So anything toothbrushes, whatever you want to put on top of here, you can do that. I just thought I’d throw that in there because it’s interesting. So that about does it for this episode of Best Tech under one hundred.

    I wanted to really throw in that IKEA and Sotos collaboration that I have going, but I did not want to fight that holiday traffic to go down there.

    So I’ll probably include that in a smart home wrap up somewhere. So let me know what price point that you want me to hit next or what I missed under a hundred dollars. Leave that in the comment section below and I’ll definitely follow up on my second one coming up in twenty twenty. So subscribe for more content like this.

    And also make sure you follow me on social because I really don’t need all of this stuff, so I’ll definitely be giving some of the stuff away.


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