Comparison Review Tecno Camon 16 Premier /Cover By Zubair Ali

Tecno Camon 16 Premier vs. Camon 15 Premier
Tecno Camon 16 Premier vs. Camon 15 Premier

Hey, guys, This is my complete comparison between the tackle come on 16 premieres, and it’s pretty so, so the standard 15 premieres I will be given away 100 K. to 10 lucky subscribers more details later.

We’ll start with the speed test full of body camera comparison and then all the features. Hopefully, this article helps you decide which to buy between them. They both have the same storage capacity,

but the 16 premier uses 8 gigs of ram while the 15 premier uses 6 gigs of ram. There are 13000 Iraqi friends between them.

Which converts to about 30 US dollars which isn’t a lot anyway, just so we’re clear. This isn’t a scientific test. Let’s begin with the bootup test.

The couple 16 printable set up first and 20 seconds while the 15 permeable locations up 19 seconds later assisted the fingerprint sensors on both a manty times and 10 out of 10 times the 16 premia unlocks faster.

I closed all the running apps before this test. So let’s begin with sweeter. Instagram. Facebook. Slapshot. Play store. You too you. Defense. We get higher single and multi-core scores on the come-on 16 premier answers to benchmarks.

We get much higher until the scores on the standard 16 premier skip in the games room for now Snapseed. Camera. Messages.

Sentence. Lights room. Speed test. I tested both on the same that’s what I would get higher download speeds on the 16 premieres on high rates on the expected 15 premieres, and now let’s open up some games. Let’s begin with smash hits.

G.. Subway so. Temple run 2. Let’s move on to the camera, the standard 16 premiership videos in 4 K. from its primary secondary cameras,

while the 15 premiums shoot in 1080 P. from both.

So I am currently recording from the technical 16 premieres on the come on 15 premieres. This is a good time to plug our sponsors for this video transferable, so transferred go is an easy-to-use international money transfer platform with low fees, no Hassel, and is highly safe now.

Your friends and family can send money home from anywhere in Europe, including the UK. But, unfortunately, that’s a process which we what program you could and 10 pounds withdrawal will crash soon.

As you sign up and send 50 pounds to anyone, I will be given at least 100000 Iraq’s defense stand people who signed up using my referral link in the description and send 50 pounds home.

So hurry tell your generous family and friends and brought see full details in my pain comments. Now let’s jump right back into this comparison.

On the stabilized image of one of his guys, let me show human subjects, now we can see. It looks like skin tone all. I find it to be it’s a bit reddish. After anything, you guys let me know if it looks good on the promise of thing for me.

I think that’s the reg one, and now we are on the Tennessee P. at 30 FPS on both of these devices, and are now we have the analysis resolution, so you can tell if the image on the upcoming 16 premium is stable.

Because that’s the only one double stuff you missed the glaciation, so does it work? In the comments looking at photography, the results are pretty similar in terms of dynamic range,

with a 16 Primula being slightly better.

I think the focus on the 15 Primat is on point.

it appears the trees were moving around when this was taken.

Throughout this test, you will notice that the standard 16 premier has a broader field of view for both the primary secondary.

Let’s hold these 64-megapixel lenses but not the same tech; every day 16 criminal looks very natural. However, the time of his temperament looks over-processed. You can see more details on the 16 premise shots.

When you cross over the weekend, the dispatch always about 20 megabytes compared to the 12 megabytes on the 15th, with the human subjects,

we can see that the 16 premiers full to looks more saturated and contrast. See most people would prefer in terms of details.

They look just about the same portrait mode the book, not my face reasonably with the same margin for error. Even though these were instructed to portrait mode, we get the $0.9 of debt.

He would come in 16 premiers retaining its warmth song with the greens. This may come down to personal preference, but I think the standard 15 pin mail has a better focus. There were a few movements.

When these were taken, I prefer the blocks on rates on the standard 15 premieres. The colors look to reach out to me. This doesn’t even look like the same stock looks much better on the 15 premiers using wide-angle mode. We see the usual quality deep on both what a, 16 prim as comprehensive I’m more detailed or should I see less blurry.

Using the selfie camera, we can see that both are pretty susceptible to overexposure,

but the 15 a bit more than the 16, we get better contrast and skin tones on the 16 premiers using portrait mode, taking a closer look at my hair and beard.

We can see slightly better depth sensing on the regular 16 premiums shots. Let’s go in. He’s on the selfie camera indoors. The pair 15 premia are brighter, more detailed, and seem to be 100 little lights better.

Then the common 16 print man isn’t the first camera. Yeah the, 60 premier outshines its predecessor delivery charge short to live tunes a lot more detail in simple. Most mid-range cameras are not as good indoors with portrait mode. They both have the same sense of death.

And neither one is impressive with indoor lights, and I think the 2 are facing flash and screen flash both make the subject look on debt the pair 16 Primera con combine its moment with the super night mode for the selfie camera.




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