The Performance Review Of Nokia 1.4/Cover By Zubair Ali

The Nokia 1.4 Review
The Nokia 1.4 Review

Hey guys, and this is my Nokia 1.4 unboxing and review. The package is pretty familiar with all the specs on the box it slides out to open. We have an intelligent phone wrapped in plastic. Let’s stick out the stick on the front. This is the charcoal color.

It comes in fjord and dusk tightly sealed separately. Hence, we have to get started to guide products and safety in multiple languages in the bottom compartment.

We can see all the 4 G. LTE band supported here a usual knock. I suppose the infamous blue 4 G. bands 28 we have a transparency P. U. case this case sucks they give it a tiny bit of reserve it’s in the front about messed it all up at the back.

You had 1 job. How is the camera bump still unprotected? You have a screen protector already applied to advise you to get out and use a glass 1; instead, talk to us is the 5 watts charger thanks to a micro USB cable.

And Nokia’s proprietary here phone, this 1 has no buttons or receive calls or pause and play music on the front. Instead, you have a 6.52 inch HD plus IPS LCD with a 20 by 9 aspect ratio on top of that display.

You have a waterdrop notch that houses a 5-megapixel camera on the back. You have an 8-megapixel dual camera set up with a flash fingerprint sensor on the backfiring speaker on the left. Finally, you have a dedicated Google Assistant button.

And a sim tray that houses 4 G. LTE nana Sam’s and an SD card on the right, you have the power button and volume rocker on the top you have a 3.5-millimeter headphone Jack and on the bottom.

You have a microphone and a micro USB port. The design of the Nokia 1.4 is pretty understated. Nakheel’s classic Sekolah camera bomb sticks out. It’s a plastic bag of the free method to give its India unibody design diagonal lines across.

The box that you can feel just out to the group won’t win design awards, but it is not ugly fight side. It’s not heavy, no lights on the front, you get that old school look with chubby bezels.

And H. and big enough to house that Nokia Lugo the display has average viewing angles, and you struggle to see anything under direct sunlight asides all of that, the colors don’t look all that crispy.

Or accurate, not all vast T. I. P. S. LCDs are the same.

But it is not something you would notice,

once you put it side by side with another phone. My review unit comes with 32 gigs of storage under 2 gigs of ram. You get about 3 to 6 gigs of available storage is shipped with Andre 10 go edition, you probably know.

We get tiny plots where all stock android on to the interface as clean as it gets only a few live versions A. K. A. go ops, but the rest of them, like YouTube files and full version tops 11, has not been pushed at the time of publishing this article.

But I’ll believe enough updates in my pinned comment when we do get an update on the downside. Some features like split-screen and swipe gesture navigation I’m missing on the go edition.

It shows this weird list of running apps right on using picture cards to keep things running smoothly in terms of performance. This uses the snapdragon 215 quad-core CPU clocked at 1.3 gigahertz.

It’s an entry-level chipset that takes a long time to open your everyday social media apps, and even point it is not a smooth experience doing stuff like stories straight from those be recording videos.

We’ve delayed or done you it is no suitable for tickets because people feel like they’ve given the system when the by snapdragon powered phone for cheap, but this is not 1 of those powerful processors this is the type of phone that requires.

You forget all about chrome browser and stick to operate many instead. Of course, chrome will be slower to use, but you will discover your tops never stay available fingerprint sensor is pretty accurate, but it is not all that fast for this price range.

I can’t complain. Face unlocking only works a dozen attempts outdoors. It never works and does, so don’t put us an adult, yes how the speaker compares side by side. Check on the spot 5 pros.

This phone is not ideal for games like pop G., and I played pop G. lights, thinking it would be better, but the gameplay and graphics look terrible. The good thing about playing Bob G. lights is that most people use low and entry-level phones.

And they will smoke you so quickly on the flip side, this will complete a full version of pop G. as good as the hell you $22 bought the beach, and I got was too disgraceful to share it is prone to heating under this kind of pressure.

So I guess in the end, it’s not powerful the head of the 22 cheaps Salem about the battery life. But, on the other hand, it comes with a 4000 media empire battery which is average for 2021 but long.

As you’re doing what this 1 is meant for like I did in my test, you’ll be fine for the whole day plate pop delights for only 30 minutes 3:00 hours on Instagram 2:00 hours on Facebook.

and YouTube 1 hour on Twitter at cetera give me 11:00 hours of screen on time with 8 percent left to spare does a respectable number.

But that’s only because I didn’t put you through our stand that test of up to 4:00 hours of park G. game please it took me 4:00 hours and 15 minutes for a full charge I tested it with a fast charger not sure.

The 1 that came in the box, I thought we are charging his phone 6 weeks along, and he does not support fast charging. The Nokia 1.4 comes with that new camera that grew up it’s default camera.






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