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Tech Tour at CES 2020! Best Smart Home

Tech Tour at CES 2020! Best Smart Home
Tech Tour at CES 2020! Best Smart Home

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I want to show you the best smart home products here at CES 2020 there’s a lot here but I want to

show you the best and I want to thank Amazon for sponsoring my trip out to see yes so I can show you the best of the best of smart

home at CES 2020 let’s do it when it comes to voice assistance Amazon Alexa really just stole the show as you already know there’s so many products that they

release it refreshed a lot of their key line up already in 2019 but they’re really celebrating over 100,000 devices now being compatible with Amazon Alexa so I got to

do a lot of cool stuff here I even got to have a cocktail party with Shaq and Guy Fieri that was absolutely amazing and got to look at all

of the different products there some of the stuff that I haven’t seen or used personally like Amazon echo buds they had a smart microwave and all kinds of stuff

that I didn’t get to see before and then right behind me as you can see there is a coca-cola energy Amazon wall and this is really awesome because I’ve

been coming every day to get an energy drink and it’s really easy let me just show you how easy this is this is cool I want all my shopping

experiences to be like this alexa order coca-cola energy this stuff is like neil armstrong any can one small sip firm and one gelatin boost for mankind booyah oh yeah

that easy Alexa was also really big an automotive this year lots of partners it makes a lot of sense because when I’m driving home I can have all this

stuff automated for me I can open my garage door I can have my lights come on it makes a lot of practical sense for everyday life and there’s some

cars that I’ve never got to see before so there is Alexa built into a Lamborghini my first time ever being in a Lamborghini which is awesome and things I’ve

never seen before like Vivian the full electric truck I’ve never actually seen a ribbon in real life and it was there at the Amazon Alexa booth that was really

really cool to see so it’s nice to see what Amazon Alexa is doing how many partners that they have and how they are tying all of this smart home

together and pretty much everything I’m going to show you today pretty I almost guarantee it that is going to be Alexa compatible for voice assistance they’re really really pushing

forward the simple ease-of-use and just connecting your entire life so I’m really excited to switch back to Amazon Alexa in 2020 so stay tuned I’m here at the Koehler

booth and there are a lot of products that they dropped here at CES they have a touchless toilet and they also have some water filtration options for underneath your

sink which is really really cool but the big hit of the show definitely Moxie Voice showerhead speaker I got to see this a little bit early I feel proud

about a month early and this thing is amazing it has premium audio with Harman Kardon sound whenever you’re done you can actually just pull that off and use it

as a smart home speaker which is really cool the build quality absolutely phenomenal it feels good and all of the sound right now in this booth is being powered

by those Moxie speakers which is pretty incredible so can’t wait to get this into my home and I think you should definitely look into it if you’re into singing

in the shower who isn’t into that I found something really cool here at the lagron booth and actually the company name is in attack mode netatmo sorry if i’m

messing this up but this is a new kind of smart lock that I’ve never seen before it’s kind of like a weird hybrid but the big deal about this

is that it’s really small which I really like but the key itself is NFC based you know when you lose a key you have to go and change the

lock basically right but this has a unique code for every NFC key so basically if you lose this key you can just reprogram it and be totally fine I

really like this part of it and I think that’s the revolutionary part now it’s only compatible with home kit at launch it’s going to come out at the end

of 2020 but hopefully they said that it might add on Alexa a Google assistant later on which I hope they do there’s no motors inside of it so the

batteries last forever I think like four years basically if you were to unlock it by the app which you can and you can lock it by the app you

have to physically go there and actually turn it Lock and open which could be you know hit or miss for some people but I feel like if you want

the securest lock with a physical key if you’re into the physical key this is gonna be the ultimate smart home lock it’s been a while since ring released this

many products so that’s why I came to this wall over here there’s actually quite a bit to show so the biggest thing for me because I don’t have path

lights I think these smart lighting path lights are gonna work out really well so what they’re gonna do is turn on and work with other ring cameras and things

like that to detect motion and to light your pathway when you’re coming in which i think is really nice it’s battery-powered

sees if there’s a spill there or if there’s something that needs to be sanitized maybe like dog poop it can actually do that or initiate that which is

really really cool so I didn’t really get a full demo of it but it’s running around over there looks really cool and I’m more interested on how it’s gonna

integrate into the smart home segment because it’s supposed to connect the smart things so supposed to automate things and help do automations maybe the you didn’t set so if

you wanted maybe the windows open at a certain time and you do that all the time and you do it yourself then they could see that and automate that

I’m really interested in what this is gonna do I don’t think there’s any pricing or any kind of timing on that yet but I definitely want to try that

out I can’t believe how packed this is for the last day of CES but LG over there on the thank you home side has an amazing smart door so

it has different compartments for people dropping off packages there’s even a refrigerated portion where like hellofresh and stuff like that Amazon fresh can dump right there you can drop

off your groceries and they won’t go bad at all and there’s also bio authentication for the front door so facial recognition feigned recognition so safe to go in and

they also showed off what an interior panel door would look like with all types of graphics weather information all that stuff with your refrigerator and all just syncing up

with the smart home so that was really cool as well unfortunately since it’s the last day of CES there’s some booths that I wanted to visit but they’re no

longer there but I’m gonna talk about the product still because I think they’re exciting but for the first year we’re gonna go on an adventure because a lot of

people don’t give Eureka Park a chance and we’re gonna go see what smart home stuff is here let’s go I’ve been all around the world down here I’ve been

to Korea I’ve been to France and all the way to Israel and I still haven’t found anything Oh first lightsaber with Alexa so Eureka Park wasn’t much of a

success but there’s one thing here called Matteo and I think that this could kind of change how we look at smart home in smart scale smart bathroom type stuff

so this basically puts a scale inside of your bathroom mat which is kind of cool it can detect your posture it can detect weight and it can even determine

your shoe size instead of stepping on that mat every day and it’s gonna show you your actual weight they’re gonna show you the fluctuations in weight so like for

me that’s good because then I’ll just better myself because I don’t want to see the weight every day so this product is coming this year but it’s gonna go

on Kickstarter first which is kind of a bummer but the reason why I can’t get a demo of this cuz the CEO right now is pitching a shark tank

so you’re gonna see this probably again cuz I couldn’t find here anything at Eureka Park I want to talk about the highlights stuff that I couldn’t see but I

definitely want to try out so August luck I love their products I’ve been using them for a very long time but this year they’re finally gonna put out a

version that doesn’t look like a tank on the inside it’s pretty much half its size you don’t need a bridge anymore to get Wi-Fi connectivity it looks a lot

sleeker really looking forward to checking that out and also I think they have a cabinet door lock or a smart lock sensor thing that’s happening there it looks really

really cool too as well I think that’s gonna be really good for safety when it comes to smart locks I think lochley vision took it to the next level

because this thing has everything that you need it’s a $400 lock but there’s a lot going on I think also the big deal is that has integrated HD camera

so it allows for two-way talks so it’s basically taking the place of a video doorbell then of course you can unlock my fingerprint scan which is cool a digital

key or a code or the app so this lock is gonna pretty much be the ultimate lock a product that I did get to check out is C by

GE light switches and these things are next level because number one you can have light switches that don’t need any type of wiring at all and they work by

Bluetooth connects to all C by GE lighting and it works all great together but the one light switch that they had is pretty much as Universal I think that

changes the game because this smart light switch does not need a neutral wire at all so all the questions that I get why can’t I use a smart light

switch because I don’t have a neutral wire it solves that problem you don’t have to do anything with this you’re gonna be able to wire it and it’s gonna

work it’s gonna be awesome so I’m gonna leave a link down below to the full video that I did with them it’s very informative if you want some more

information make sure you check that out so that about does it for smart home 2020 at CES let me know which product that you like best in this wrap-up

I know it’s a little bit traditional but I thought it was fun so subscribe for a lot more CES content and a lot more smart home content in general

in 2020 and I will see you guys in an expert

LightingEdition(2020):Ultimate Smart Home Tour

LightingEdition(2020):Ultimate Smart Home Tour
LightingEdition(2020):Ultimate Smart Home Tour

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’ve partnered with GE Lighting to show you their smart home setup here at CES 2020 I have Patrick with me here

from GE Lighting and he’s gonna give us a tour of the awesome stuff that they’re doing here in 2020 hi Patrick good to meet you so let me know

what’s going on here with GE what are they doing in 2020 yes so get Lighting’s come a long way we’ve been around for 130 years Edison invented the light

bulb hence GE we’ve decided to enter into the smart home category as well so a couple of years ago we started with smart bulbs and we’ve evolved quite a

bit since then so we’ve added a line of plug switches now wire-free products that’s really what we have set up here at CES so we’ve created an entire

the smart home that showcases our products and how they interact with each other and that’s what we’ll walk through this is a nice setup out here so what do we

have going on here so what we’ve got outside we have a number of our bulbs that are set up on the automatic schedule so that at sunset they turn on

at sunrise they turn offset it up once you never have to think about it again you’ve already added a lot of security to your home at that point

coming in here we walked in and our lights turned on in our entryway here so we have our new Wire-free motion sensor product that’s coming out in

q1 this year this gives you a ton of flexibility in how you mount it so the back of this is magnetic it’s a very small dot on the wall

I have total flexibility in how I and all that motion sensor so it detects just the motion that you want it to detect the size of this is

amazing that flexibility to put it anywhere this is something that I have a thing before this is cool yeah a lot of motion sensors historically have been really

bulky and you don’t have a lot of flexibility and where you mount them so you don’t get that control over what motion they’re detecting you’ve got a

a ton of range of motion with this you also have the ability to side motion response schedules so let’s say it’s in a hallway late at night and you don’t

want the lights to come on at full blast when you’re walking down the hall you can set this so that maybe after 9:00 p.m.

I only want the lights to turn on it let’s say 15% brightness so you have a ton of flexibility it can control our bulbs switches and plug so

it’s a really easy way to set it and forget it and now you’ve got the kind of lighting control that you want in your house and when what is

this here so these are new Wire-free switches from the front looks very much like a traditional light switch but if we turn it behind there’s nothing back there

but 3m tape to mount it to a wall so no wiring required this is powered by Bluetooth you can add this to a space in your home or maybe

you thought you should have had a switch you can add it into an existing junction box it has the right mounting points for that gives you a ton of

flexibility to also group products together so it doesn’t just have to control a single light like on a regular electrical circuit they can control again more plugs switches bulbs

from C by GE so you get to define what that plug controls this is set up to control our lights in the entryway here so I have easy off

control easily on the control I can go ahead and dim the lights down if I want to and what’s unique to C by GE is that we also have the

ability to control the temperature of lighting so these are all bulbs that are tunable white you can go from a very warm temperature to a very bright temperature if

I press a button here we can see that we’re at the warmest temperature and I can cycle through up to the brightest Wow so this is

an all-in-one solution I like this a lot because you don’t have to buy all these separate products it’s just right there on the wall, yeah it’s it gives you

tons of flexibility especially if you’re renting or you know if you’re in a dorm room or something like that you don’t have to do any wiring and if you

think about even our exterior lighting which is controlled by this switch most homes are gonna have you know garage lighting front porch lighting maybe a light off the back

a deck you’ve got multiple switches to control all of that if you put C by GE light bulbs in those enclosures

r the couch here I’ve got our different color lighting and these recessed cans and it creates the kind of mood that you want in the living room so you

have a ton of flexibility to initiate that from our app and you can initiate these scenes from Amazon Alexa or the google assistant so the other thing that

that I think is cool about c by g is that while our bulbs are Bluetooth all of our Wi-Fi enabled devices it should be our plugs and switches

they act as bridges to our Bluetooth devices you don’t have to go and buy a separate hub as you do with many other manufacturers it’s not something that

a typical consumer I think wants to have in their house it’s just a box that doesn’t seem to do anything we’re trying to make it simple for people

to come in and create an entire smart room without all of that extra equipment so our main focus is making it easy for someone to go to the store

buy these things they get home and they just work well that’s good because that’s pretty much to Barry or smart home right now is just because it’s complicated people

just want something easy and smart and looks like you guys are accomplishing that that’s nice so this is exciting tell people how awesome this product is yes we’re

excited about this so we originally launched with our four-wire smart switch which is what a lot of what you’ll see on the market today it requires that

white neutral wire in the back of the box that’s great if your home was built after 1980 for those who haven’t a little bit of older of a home

about 40% of homes in America were built before then you traditionally couldn’t install a smart switch because you don’t have that white neutral wire so we’ve spent the last

year developing a new kind of smart switch so this is our 3 wire no neutral switch that we have here you don’t need that neutral wire which means that

it opens this up to work in virtually any home in the United States and Canada we’ve got a much smaller form factor as well in the back of the

box here so older junction boxes tend to be much smaller than newer ones we’ve made it easy to install this it even as entered changeable line and loads so

you don’t need to do testing to see which is the line which loads the switch does that for you it literally could not be easier to install this yep

yeah we’re excited about that we won a CES Innovation Award this year for that switch there’s a lot of innovation that goes into that excited to launch

this in q1 it’s right around the corner so that’ll be hitting the market pretty quick here this is something that I get questions about all the time I

don’t have a neutral wire you know I cannot do this in my home and this solves that yes so this is the first smart switch that doesn’t

require a no nutri doesn’t require a neutral wire and it doesn’t require a hub so it’s sticking with our hubless strategy we don’t want to make this complicated for

people it has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio in the switch it’s the same kind of functionality you’d have with any of the traditional 4 wire smart switches yeah this

is very exciting so let’s go ahead and run over to the bedroom real quick and see what they got going on over there so the smart bedroom is

something I need to step up in 2020 so I’m looking forward to this what do you have here yes so this is the C by GE smart bedroom

so everyone has a little bit of a routine when they’re going to bed you know I like a little bit of background noise with the fan I like it

to be a much cooler temperature so you’ve got these steps that you go through and you have an opportunity using our products to automate all of those steps so

that when you get in bed you don’t have to realize oh I didn’t turn the fan out I gotta get back up there’s a light in the hallway on

that I should have turned off so just make it easy to get in bed relax and create that routine that’s perfect for you and what we’ve really

highlighted here is the ability for smart plugs to control other devices meaning maybe my fan my humidifier a heated blanket those kinds of things so I can build that

into my kind of nighttime routine just using C by GE smart plugs, okay so what we’ll do here is we’ll trigger our bedtime scenes so we’re gonna dim down

those lights we’re gonna go to a warmer color temperature that supports the circadian rhythm that’s telling your body you know there’s less blue light it’s time to rest and

relax and get ready for bed we’ve got our humidifier that’s pumping out some nice cooler and moist air we’ve got a fan that’s turned on up here we’ve got

a heated blanket running as well so with a single press in our app or you could do it via voice command I’ve got my entire nighttime routine automated and

I can just get in bed and relax that’s sweet I need this right so most importantly

OLED 4K TVs New 8K and Wallpaper

OLED 4K TVs New 8K and Wallpaper
OLED 4K TVs New 8K and Wallpaper

what’s up everybody this is Danny and I’m here at CES 2020 enjoying the incredible amount of tech that’s being announced and one of the biggest trends of CES this

the year is 8k I feel like this is the year that a Kay becomes important in the home so today I’ve partnered with skywards to show you some of their

incredible TVs because this is a company that you should get familiar with because this super-thin 4k OLED and this a K bad boy is coming to the

The United States with a very competitive price tag sky worth isn’t a household name in the US but they have been strong in the Chinese market for a long time

and they’re finally making their splash into the US market in 2020 but before I get into a Kay let’s look at the incredibly thin w81 and w81 Pro

this is a 4.6-millimeter thin wallpaper OLED that is magnetically wall-mounted and it looks seamless on the wall it looks beautiful with 4k resolution and Dolby vision support skywards

made their OLED basic modules this year and is the first to be used in the w81 series this is a big deal because they are the first Chinese

manufacturer to accomplish this to get all of the picture quality that you would expect from a premium OLED TV vibrant colors and inky blacks amazing viewing angles and infinite

contrast but this is something that you don’t see often there is a secondary display that is built into the soundbar and that gives you all of your necessary information

like the date the weather your smart home status so it doesn’t distract you from your content on the TV both of these displays work together for a better experience

so I’m digging this the audio from the soundbar is premium as well with support for Dolby Atmos two-point one point two and creates multi-dimensional sound by

firing audio from all angles with skyward wonder audio sky echo technology there’s also a 12-megapixel camera built-in that reveals itself when you turn it on this is called

the trends AAII 2.0 camera this is a flagship Sony sensor with F 1.8 aperture so you’re gonna get some nice quality here and some good low-light performance this

is going to give you TV the TV video calls which can come in handy for families we can also do TV to smartphone video calling which is even more

convenient and you can take photos on your TV so if you want to take a family picture real quick on the couch you can do that and then just

scan a Q our code and it will send it straight to your smartphone which is nice the camera can also be used for body recognition so the demo they

had here is for exercise to help you improve your form and this camera can also be used for motion sensing games so the possibilities are there there’s also

a separate swap panel which is a supplement display that automatically syncs with the TV and the content that you’re watching on it so you can switch seamlessly between them

you can control your smart home appliances from there as well it’s available in a four-inch so it’s more like a smartphone form factor or a 10.1-inch version

so the bigger one is going to give you that tablet feel so let’s get into what I’m most excited about and that is the 75-inch q 91 8k

TV the resolution is 76 80 by 4320 which is four times the resolution of 4k this is an impressive IPS LED panel and it looks fantastic it’s sharp has

vibrant colors it’s bright and has all of the features that you would expect from a flagship TV like HDMI 2.1 8k 60 frames per second encoding even ake a

hundred and twenty frames per second emulation with their AI-based software and of course a que upscaling to make all content look as close to a queue as possible

even if it’s 1080p or 4k it’ll look great on this I was concerned about the viewing angles since it’s not an OLED but I was pleasantly surprised the viewing

angles are ultra-wide on this I did not see a significant fall off at all here it has an impressive 576 local dimming zones and it’s powered by the

brand new media tech a KS 900 chipset this is going to give the TV the power of real a K constant playback along with some awesome AI upscaling capabilities

there’s an APU built-in specifically to handle the aka signal processing which can analyze whatever’s on the screen and improve all parts of the picture including contrast

color and clarity so things look very promising for this panel I also like the design of this TV it’s very different than what’s currently on the market it has

this very interesting curved metal framed with decorative bronze-colored lines they went with navy blue which I think is classic in terms of color and you can see that

on the built-in soundbar which is a part of the stand which is very unique the soundbar also supports the be at most two-point one point two

Top Tech Under $50 (2020)

Top Tech Under $50 (2020)
Top Tech Under $50 (2020)

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today let’s take a look at the tech that’s under $50 there’s gonna be some way below some right at $50 but there’s some
great products to show you so let’s go ahead and get started the first product that I’m going to show you is well below $50 and I partnered with Chamberlain
to show you their smart garage hub there’s a huge misconception that adding smart functionality to the existing garage door is expensive it’s not this add-on is compatible with most garage
door openers that are out there everything that you need come inside of the box all you need to do are Mount the hub and then plug it in you
just use 3m to stick on the door sensor and in just a few minutes you’ll have control over your garage door directly through the app no matter where you
are in the world the reason to get this add-on is the convenience and peace of mind there’s a lot of times where I second guess if my garage door
is open or not and then I can just check it with a voice assistant if it’s closed or not and then just close it by voice and if you
check this product out in the past they did use to charge for smart home functionality with voice assistance but that is now gone since free summer so
you no longer have to worry about a subscription if you’re worried about safety then don’t be I love that on my iPhone that I can use face ID to
authenticate before I open the door and I do appreciate that you can’t open the garage door by voice because if somebody is just yelling outside and catches that voice
assistant, they might field open your door but you can close the door by a voice which is nice if you buy from Amazon which is pretty much all of
us Chamberland partner with Amazon key to giving secure access to the garage door for package safety the delivery drivers are granted one-time access per delivery it’s never a
code they make sure that your garage door closes before they move on to the next delivery and you get a notification that that door is closed and the packages
are safe this is such a great add-on for the smart home once you have this convenience and functionality you’ll never want to go back so make sure you check
that link down below because you will not believe what this is priced at right now the price is insane so go ahead and pick one up you will not
regret it alright so here’s a fun gift that’s gonna bring a smile to your face yes you are seeing this right this is a torquing and bear the
bear itself is cheap it’s about ten dollars but if you have an Amazon echo you can link this up with Alexa music through Amazon music and it will just
start dancing automatically I love it when you say that a word the bear perks up and when you set a timer through your echo when the timer is up
the bear will shake it and let you know yeah I know it’s a novelty product but if you have kids they will love it you can get this and
an echo dot together as a package for less than 50 bucks so pick this up if you want a good laugh next up is the Roku premier this 4k
streaming stick is about 30 bucks right now and it’s a no-brainer this is great if you have a TV that doesn’t have smart features or if you don’t like
the interface that came with your TV it just plugs into an HDMI port it comes with the remote and the set up is incredibly easy you get access to
all the great streaming services like Netflix Hulu Disney Plus and what I like is that you can use your smartphone as the remote and also privately listen on
your headphones through the Roku app which is incredible for nighttime view the next thing is something that I’ve been using for years and this is something that I cannot
live without this is the Nomad universal cable and this solves a lot of problems for me especially when I travel because I own too much tech and while I
wish everything was USB see that is just not the case so that’s why this cable is so cool because it has all three micro USB USB C and Apple’s
lightning which makes your life a lot easier it’s tough the quality is nice and this is my travel court of choice because I can take one cable and not
worry if I need to charge something that has micro USB in 2019 and 2020 it doesn’t make sense but it’s still here if you don’t want to wire charge
your compatible device a good wireless charger is key I’ve been using this spigen one for a while now and it’s affordable

Tech Under $100 (2020) Best Cool

Tech Under $100 (2020) Best Cool
Tech Under $100 (2020) Best Cool

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today we’re gonna kick things off with top tech under $100 I feel like this is a perfect price point where you can

start really getting some quality products I got a lot to show you let’s not waste any time let’s just get right into it the first set of products that

I want to show you is something you’re definitely going to want from our channel sponsor lagron I’m gonna show you some fresh new outlets from their radiant collection but

first I want to talk about their smart light switches you might have already seen this on a channel but I’ve moved houses since then so I definitely had to

get these for the new house there are a ton of smart switches out there on the market but I can tell you off of using these switches all last

year they are solid there is no hub required which is awesome and you have support for Amazon Alexa and Google assistant so you have choices if you decide to

change up voice assistance later this switch should grow with your smart home these switches are well below $100 but I figure that most people will pick up more than

one they are easy to install you do need to make sure that you have a neutral wire setup in your home to make this work some simple wiring is

all it takes and I absolutely love this screwless plate system it gives a switch such a clean and modern look it’s a really simple thing but they look so

much better than the switches that came with the house so I love the way it fits my modern home I’m really happy with it my favorite in the kitchen

is the smart dimmer switch this gives my pendant lights with Edison bulbs the ability to dim and also have smart control and just one of these switches controls six

can lights in the ceiling so if you’re looking for a more affordable approach to building a smart home this is definitely it let’s just be generous and say that

one of these be our 30 bulbs cost between twenty and twenty-five dollars a piece you know it can cost more than that but if you add that up times

six that’s going to be a lot more money than just buying one smart switch after setup the LeBron app will give you smart control of your lighting you can

turn them on and off with just one tap from anywhere in the world you can group lights for a convenient control create scenes to automate your daily lighting like

having your lights come on 10 minutes before you come home and you can make this lighting a part of your normal smart home routines with your favorite voice assistant

I’m gonna leave a link down below so you can check out the entire radiant collection to see which products fit your smart home best but I want to show

you something that is one of the coolest add-on to my kitchen and that is the wireless charging outlet that lagron makes not only does it have a USB port

for easy wire charging but then there’s a built-in qi wireless charger I use this every single day it has that clean design language it just keeps my kitchen counter

nice and power brick free I also changed out all of my kitchen outlets to these built with USB ports I opted for a few combo with the USB a

and USB C but I did get brave and installed most of them with just pure USB C because I’m hoping everything will be USB C in the next few

years these are loaded with six amp charging so the charging times are great I will also leave these link down below so you can check them out next up

is the Sega Genesis mini and this is bringing back all kinds of memories I’ve seen this go as low as 50 dollars on Amazon so make sure you check

that link because I’m not sure what’s gonna be going for when you pick one up but if you’re a retro gamer you should definitely check this out this console

is so tiny but has all those little details that I remember it’s got the on and off switch it even has the volume slider there’s a nice selection of

games – there’s 40 included classics like Ecco the Dolphin sonic shinobi 3 Earthworm Jim Streets of Rage Street Fighter 2 special Championship Edition there are a few games missing

that I wish were included but this is a great start man I remember playing altered

beast in the arcade man this just brings back so many memories but it does come with two controllers but only with the three button configuration so if you’re gonna

play a lot of Street Fighter I would probably get the six button configuration controller it’s about 20 bucks add-on but that’ll still keep you way under $100 this is

a definite yes a lot of people who want active noise-cancelling on a budget but they also wanted to sound good and is portable and comfortable so here’s my recommendation

these are the sennheiser HD 4.50 bt NC for noise cancelling and I’ve been using a variant of disc for the last couple of years this is just a newer

version for 99 bucks you get a simple carrying case the headphones themselves and a 3.5 millimeter audio cable so you can listen to them wired if you want to

but the battery is decent on this you get 25 hours of music playback so that should be good for an entire trip the cushions are nice and soft they

are around the ear headphones but they’re extremely comfy I wouldn’t say that the active noise-cancelling is as good as some of the higher-end models out there but they definitely

do the job and has NFC OneTouch pairing which makes it easy for setup so for $99 these are a great pick up when it comes to fully wireless earbuds

I still like the air Potts Pro the best that’s just my opinion they don’t sound the greatest but for the convenience and connectivity I do like them better but

you can also pick up a pair of galaxy buds these are obviously not regular galaxy buds because these are color wear custom painted but you can pick up the

regular versions for about 99 bucks or even less these days and they sound pretty good as well but if you like this next craft type design then I would

definitely pick up these these are the one plus Bullets wireless – when it comes to sound in my opinion I think these sound better than the galaxy buzz and

the most expensive air pods and what I like is that there’s quick charging built in 10 minutes charge from these 10 hours of music playback which is really awesome

and I love this magnetic design once you’re listening all you have to do is clip them together pauses the music and it turns them off and then when you

take these back apart again the music resumes plus I’m digging the design on these is nice and shiny on the actual ear bus themselves but a nice matte finish

here on the rubberized portion and this green is incredible I would definitely say go for the green when it comes to a fun Bluetooth speaker I really like this

one from LG I’ve had a variant of this speaker for the last three or four years and I love this white color the price is great it’s portable it

sounds much better than you can imagine with a nice amount of bass and come on RGB while the music plays that’s a nice touch my kids love this speaker

we use it every single night for an hour or so and I only have to charge this thing once every couple weeks so the battery life is legit but

the good thing is when you need to charge it it charges by USB see so thank you LG for that USB see everything this last one is a little

bit overkill but I like it this is the ember temperature control mug and I did skip it on the first round because I just didn’t think it was necessary

they were a little bit pricier but now it’s under $100 but what this does is it keeps your coffee or tea or any liquid hot while it’s in the

mug so I really appreciate this because when I’m drinking coffee it usually takes me about 20 to 30 minutes and you know after about 10 minutes or so it

gets cold so this here solves that problem for me it comes with a disc that you can place the mug onto to charge it it has a built in

battery when you turn it on it defaults to 135 degrees Fahrenheit or 57 degrees Celsius but you connect this to the app and control that temperature manually if you

want to customize it I love the quality of this it feels very premium so I guess it all depends on how much coffee or tea that you drink it’s

actually perfect for the holidays because this is perfect for a hot chocolate and that sounds good right about now one last bonus item this is not even close to

hundred dollars this is super cheap but this is not tech but it’s for your tech this power perch goes right on to an outlet and what it is is

this perfect for something like an Amazon echo or a Google Nest hub it just basically makes a little shelf that goes right above the outlet all you have to

do is take the faceplate off and then just screw the faceplate back on right over this and you can put anything on top of there if you want to

looks really clean you can tuck the wires underneath

Ultimate Smart : Beginner’s Edition (2020)

Ultimate Smart : Beginner’s Edition (2020)
Ultimate Smart : Beginner’s Edition (2020)

what’s up everybody this is Danny and welcome back to another episode of ultimate smart home and today it’s all about the beginners if you have no idea on how

to build or even start a smart home you’ve come to the right place we’re gonna talk about some of the products used to start with and I’m gonna give

you a few recommendations along the way and you’re gonna see that a lot of these products are budget-friendly so let’s just go ahead and jump in the first and

the most popular thing you should probably pick up is a voice assistant so you have voice assistants built into your phone already but these are way more convenient because they

have far-field mics built-in and they’re always available to listen to your command there are more but the three most popular are google assistant Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri

or home kit platform which one you should pick is a whole another video on its own so if you want me to do that comparison I will let me know

in the comments below, they’re all intuitive and easy to use I started on the Amazon Alexa platform and now I’m using the Google assistant to run my smart

home a lot of it is personal preference when picking one up the choice that you need to make is if you want a screen to display your information or

if you just want a smart speaker I prefer the display so I’m using the nest hub max it’s a great speaker it has a large display and a camera

built-in but it’s not cheap there are cheaper options like the Amazon echo 5 it’s a perfect size and looks great or you can go with something like the Lenovo

smart clock more than likely you own more than one of these there is just so much to choose from you should have no issue finding one for your knees for controlling smart lights with motion sensing that possibilities are endless and I’ll leave a few more that I like in a description section below if you’ve never owned one

of these it can make your life so much easier you can go as simple as asking what the weather is simple facts setting timers and getting recipes but you

can get as complicated as running your entire smart home with chained voice commands and full routines so stay tuned for the next episode where we’ll get a little bit

more advanced where I’ll show you how to build these routines and how to run your entire smart home with these so a lot of people ask me to do you

need to buy a hub when I first start and the answer is no because most people can just use the voice assistant as a and I think a lot

of people will just be happy with that but the further that you get in smart home hubs do have an advantage a must-have smart home product that you

need to consider is smart lighting so there are two different ways to get this Smart Switches and smart bulbs and there are advantages to both with either you can

control your lighting from anywhere in the world either through a respective app or a new voice assistant that you just picked up but first let’s talk about smart switches

because this can be the most cost-effective in a lot of scenarios there are a ton of choices out there but the smart lighting switches that I use are

from the channel sponsor lagoon, I’ve been using the radiant collection now for over a year and they have been solid design is very important to me and as you

do your research you’ll notice that not every Smart Switch looks this nice the screwless play gives us such a clean look and fits in perfectly with my modern home

the switches are high-quality and have a nice subtle click to them when you press them and they’re really easy to install and set up so it’s not intimidating so

here’s an example of how going the Smart Switch route will save you a lot of money in my kitchen I have 6 BR 30 bulbs so in a situation

like this, if I pay 20 to 30 dollars per bulb it can get pricey real quick or I can just get one Smart Switch & gain smart control of

all six bulbs for a fraction of the price this is great because you can just use it as a normal switch so you don’t have to change your daily

routine if you don’t want to but the LaGrant lights app gives you many options like operating your lights with a single tap grouping the light so you can mass

control rooms to make things easier and you even have the power to set scenes I have a good morning routine where all of my lights downstairs turn on before

I wake up so when I come downstairs I’m ready for the day the smart switches can be controlled by Google Assistant or Alexa so when I first started building

you may want to consider ecosystem when you start picking up these smart home products like for example for my cameras I use nest cam IQ indoor and I use

the nest hub max so I can access these cameras by voice directly to the hub at any time I can use this for two-way talks so even on my

smaller nest hub I can do the same from my office to the kitchen and I also have a nest hello video doorbell so as soon as someone rings that

doorbell I can see it right through the max hub immediately Danny is that front door then I can speak to them if I want to I don’t have to

have my phone it’s convenient unfortunately that’s what I think is one of the biggest problems with smart home is that not all products work this seamlessly together because

if you pick up different manufacturers they may not all speak to each other correctly even though you can tie them in through the hub it’s not the same experience

as in say nest which I just showed you so just think about the ecosystem when you’re purchasing sometimes buying the same brand can give you some advantages especially if they’re

from the big tech giants like Google and Amazon continuing with doorbells the most popular is the ring video doorbell I used one for 3 to 4 years and it

worked well I love the ring community feature I switched over to the nest hello when it launched and I love the way it works with my Google ecosystem

and the 24/7 video recording is why I keep using it it does cost money but it treats the doorbell as a security camera which I like but this is

one of the more expensive offerings but there’s still some solid ones that are much cheaper from our low euphony August remo there’s a ton of them so I’ll leave

a few link down below that I like I tell the same story about video doorbells to everyone it is your first frontline security product on your home and it’s

the perfect example of what smart home is supposed to do it solves a problem and it gives you convenience because of the popularity of these things you no longer

have this problem where you’re gonna miss a delivery worker or if somebody steals your package then at least you have some footage that you can give to the

police a smart video doorbell is something that you should add and look into when you’re building a smartphone a smart lock is something that you should also

consider if you want that convenience of not carrying a key around I know a lot of people don’t think this is safe because I get comments about it all

the time but think about if you lose your keys you’re kind of under the same predicament and a lot of people use their phones to open or lock their

doors and if you’re trusting your bank account to your phone with all the security you have there with biometrics face ID then I think you could probably trust your

front door access to it and let’s just keep it real if somebody wants to get into your house they’re gonna get in they’re just gonna throw a rock in

your window was that too much but if you want to use a physical key there are still choices with smart locks like auguste lock and the new level lock

I have experienced with the August lock so you only change the interior part of your lock so on the outside it looks like a normal lock but you still

have all of that functionality of smart control I use the nest Yale lock which is super simple with just a number pad on the outside and before that I

used a slake neck lock which has the number pad and the key so it has the best of both worlds smart locks in my opinion also are a big

problem solver a perfect example of a smart home because there’s a lot of times where you leave your home and you think did I forget to lock that back door

and you don’t know so you end up driving back around to check if that door is locked or not but with a smart lock you can just check on

your app and if it’s unlocked then you can just lock it right through the app and not have to worry about it the last thing I want to talk

about is the most expensive but worth it is the smart thermostat again I also think this is a problem solver and a convenience piece because the last house that

I had had the thermostat upstairs so every time that we want to tell you the temperature we had to go upstairs I know first of all problems but there

are other advantages this level of control is especially great for vacations and saving energy because there’s no reason to heat and cool to certain levels when you aren’t home

and when you come back in the temperatures change you can just heat or cool your house right from the airport before you get home so you greeted with a

the comfortable temperature which is awesome again there are a ton of them I use the nest thermostat but also had great experiences with ecobee and I’ll also leave a

few down in the description that I recommend alright one bonus product and that is a smart garage door opener and why I like this is solely

Modern Minimal Desk Setup Home Office

Modern Minimal Desk Setup Home Office
Modern Minimal Desk Setup Home Office

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’ve partnered with Qualcomm to show you my updated desk and office setup tour for 2020 I made a few modifications because

I’m working from home every day and before all of this madness happened I was traveling quite a bit so most of my content was being produced and edited on

the road but I’m enjoying this setup and while it’s different I love being home if you haven’t seen my previous setup tour the heart of the setup hasn’t

changed this is still the dream setup the desk is the BDI central lift with a beautiful sudden edge glass top I added a wireless charger inside of my desk

drawer unit one of my favorite things I use everyday computer power comes from the very overkill Mac Pro which gives me plenty of power for video editing is

the 16 core version the monitor is Apple 6k Pro display XDR I added eight Logitech magnetic 4k camera for video chats since it feels like I’m in a meeting

every other day in my previous setup tour I had the Nano edge matte version of this display and I want to talk about why I switched to the glossy

a version later on in this video and why I decided to go with the infamous $1,000 Apple stand overall it’s a beautiful and minimal setup with incredible cable management I

know a few of you asked what this wire cover is and I will leave a link below it’s cheap and effective and the chair is still human scale this

is an awesome chair so airy and comfortable there is no doubt that the biggest adjustment working from home is having my family in the same space and I know

a lot of you can relate I have two young children at home and with school being canceled and distance learning I’m just learning to adapt to the ever-increasing noise

the level that’s in my house I’m not sure where they get all this energy from so I was super excited when Bose reached out to let me try their noise

canceling headphones 700 and here are some reasons why those have become a permanent part of my setup I don’t know about your kids but mine are loud and these

make it so much easier for me to concentrate because the noise cancellation on the Bose 700 headphones are fantastic I love how easy it is to customize the level

of noise cancellation so you are in full control that you’ve called number ten kids mode or you can go down to zero that allows transparency mode so if I

am working but I want to hear what’s going on this is perfect for it it’s great because I can conveniently toggle noise-canceling directly from the headphones it’s

hard to demonstrate what the experience sounds like but I’ll do my best so here is an extreme test of what it can be like in my house so I

have my kids back there cue music this is what it sounds like for real okay cube at you [Music] pretty incredible isn’t it also if you’re anything like me

music helps me stay motivated and helps me power through these edits so sound quality is extremely important to me and the Bose 700 headphones sound great the vocals are

nice and crisp it’s a nice balanced sound I like the more neutral approach to sound compared to their previous noise-canceling headphones and I love that they recently added

an equalizer to customize the sound to your liking I think this is important because of Qualcomm’s connectivity tech built inside the connection is reliable every time Qualcomm doesn’t

just make incredible chips that power the majority of smartphones today they’re also making another everyday tech better with their technology like these headphones I’ve had zero drops or

choppy connections which are a personal pet peeve a Bluetooth headphone and they are extremely comfortable look at how plush the ear cups are it’s like clouds on your ears

I wear these for hours and I just forget that they’re on when I saw these in pictures I wasn’t sure about the design but the more I use them

the more I like the modern and clean look the design just flows and the lines are beautiful the adjustability is easy the touch-sensitive sides are intuitive for stopping

skipping tracks and you can also control the volume from here so I don’t even have to touch my phone when it comes to noise-canceling headphones

these are one of the best on the market it is lightweight it’s durable and it just checks off all the marks up to 20 hours of battery life don’t

just take my word for it we’re going to give one of you a chance to try them out for yourself so leave a comment to let me know what your

a favorite feature of the Bose headphones 700 are and hit that like button if you want to see more giveaways on the channel a random person will be selected and

contacted and I’ll pin it in the comment section below if you’re interested in picking these up I’ll leave a link down below for you you never know when they’re

gonna go on sale so make sure you check current pricing I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with these are a certified win this next edition was a good

one because I’m in my office more than ever this is my new mini fridge this is an insignia I believe I picked it up at Best Buy I picked

this up for two reasons number one it’s quiet it’s on right now and there’s not branding all over the front so just nice clean and minimal and also my

office doubles as a movie room so this is perfect to get a drink while taking a break from creating content right over there I made a little coffee station

I’ve gotten so lazy with coffee I’m sure a lot of people will be disappointed in me but I just use a Nespresso machine with a milk frother and also

the Ember connected coffee mug which keeps the coffee hot it isn’t cheap but I’ve grown to love it throughout the time I added a nest hub to my desk because

I could control all of the smart lighting and temperature in the office but I loved it because if someone rings the doorbell I can see an immediate feed this

is essential so I don’t miss important packages and communication with the family is really easy my wife can just let me know when dinner is ready with an announcement

and I can keep an eye on the kids if I need to then I can stream every camera that I have in the house right through this so I’m

glad I added this to my desk I’m still using the same Apple keyboard and trackpad combo I know some people think I’m crazy not using a mouse but I

love the trackpad for editing let me know if you do the same thing or you just think I’m crazy cuz I don’t use a mouse to edit I wouldn’t

blame you if you want to see in more detail what the entire setup looks like make sure you check out the Mac Pro test setup tour and I appreciate

the support on that but I want to talk about why I took the monitor arm off that I had in the setup and why I switched to the glossy

a version of the pro display XDR from the Nano etched mat version I’m gonna be 100% truthful the Apple monitor stand was a complete impulse buy I wanted to see

what all the hype was about and I’m gonna tell you right now it is not worth $1000 but I do enjoy its minimal and clean look and the functionality

it does keep the monitor still so I have zero movements while I’m typing and it’s very easy for me to adjust it when I stand up once in a

while to edit I started standing up a couple of times during the day while editing and it does make a difference and having that easy tilt on the monitor

and movement on their monitor helps but it is completely unnecessary there was absolutely nothing wrong with the monitor arm I just wanted to switch it up but when it

comes to the display it’s a little bit different so the Nano edge version I love the anti-glare properties on the matte display it was good but

I just couldn’t get used to the fact that the images looked soft I’m not used to the matte display so when I’m editing video it just looked soft overall

so what I did was I went to the store I looked at them side by side and notice how much of a sharpness difference there was on the glossy

version so I swapped them out and I couldn’t be happier it just looks so much sharper it’s exactly what I’m used to with using the MacBook Pro and the

reflections on the glossy version are not bad at all it’s quite good unless you’re just surrounded by a glass cage then I would go for this so

if you’re looking to buy a pro display XDR go to the store look at the two side-by-side before you decide because that’s what I did and now

I’m team glossy don’t hate me if you want to see a full office tour let me know the reason why I haven’t posted one yet because this could be

getting completely rearranged into a movie theater room so make sure you stay tuned for that but I do want to answer a few questions that I always get when

I post pictures of my office on social media the shoe wall a lot of people are interested in that these are on IKEA lack shelves they aren’t expensive and

easy to put together and I’m sure you’ve seen these before but I just get asked constantly what they are so IKEA lack the TV Media Console is the BDI

Ola, I’ve had this for four to five years already and I love

Macbook Pro 16 Review vs 2020 Macbook Pro 13

Macbook Pro 16 Review vs 2020 Macbook Pro 13
Macbook Pro 16 Review vs 2020 Macbook Pro 13

what’s up everybody this is danny and this is the new 13-inch macbook pro but this is the super specked out version with the 10th generation quad-core i7 32 gigabytes

of ram what i want to do is take that and compare it with my 16-inch macbook pro this is a core i9 a core 64 gigabytes of ram and

let’s be real we all wanted that 14 inch macbook pro but it didn’t happen and with all the leaks it looks like it might not even happen until next

year so let’s take a look at the most powerful macbook 13 inch that you can buy versus the most powerful 16 inch that you can buy i want to

help you make a buying decision between the two if you were thinking about wanting a smaller form factor let’s take a look at all the major differences that you

need to know about and then we’ll have some fun with some performance testing the obvious difference here is size you think that they wouldn’t be this different but is

definitely noticeable they are both made of the same beautiful aluminum but there’s a huge difference in size and weight 3.1 pounds versus 4.3 pounds thank goodness that the keyboards

are improved on both of them the 13-inch now has the improved magic keyboard that the 16 got last year so much better you get the inverted arrow keys the

escape key is back the travel is better tactility is there so the keyboards on both are excellent with touch id and the love it or hate it touch bar

the bigger size on the 16 inch gives you two major advantages on day to day use both track pads are oversized and basically the best in the business but

the 16 inch is noticeably bigger and the size of the speakers on a 16 inch are also much larger and the 13 inch does have improved speakers and they

sound great but take a listen when you compare them you can definitely tell the difference especially on depth [Music] when it comes to ports they both have four thunderbolt

3 ports two on each side so you aren’t missing out when it comes to connectivity for the most part i’ve moved to usbc but i still use a usbc

hub every single day the one i’ve been using lately is from the channel sponsor anchor the power expand direct does take up two ports but it’s totally worth it

you get seven total ports including thunderbolt 3 that can charge up to 100 watts so you’re completely fine for the 16-inch macbook pro that demands more power 2 usb

3.0 an additional usb-c port a micro sd card and a full-size sd card slot which is much needed for us content creators there’s also an hdmi port just in

case you need it on the road or even at home the build quality is great and it matches so well with the space gray finish on the macbook if

you need that ethernet port go with the power expand plus you get three usb 3.0 ports and an hdmi port with a dongle design so between these two you

got everything you need for either of these macbooks so i’ll leave a link down below for you so you can pick one of these up i highly recommend it

if you’re gonna buy one of these macbooks besides the screen sizes being different they’re roughly about the same density so they’re going to look pretty much the same the

16 inch does have smaller bezels on the side it exhibits a more modern design language and also just has a much bigger display they both cover the wide color

p3 color gamut and both are 500 nits in brightness so they get plenty bright and both have true tone where the screen adapts to the environment around you which

i personally turn off but some might appreciate it but only on the 16 inch do you get the customization of refresh rate they both have a 60 hertz refresh

rate but on the 16 inch you get some custom choices which can be good for video editing to exactly match the frame rate that you’re working on unfortunately both

of these still have the 720p webcam the new studio mics i think really do sound good but the quality is still classified potato so i hope we see better

cameras on the next iterations of the macbook pro so let’s talk about power the new 13 inch macbook pro is more powerful this year with a 10th generation core

i7 quad core but it’s nowhere near as powerful as the core i98 core on the 16 inch macbook pro the core i9 is an hk processor which draws more

power but the differences in battery sizes make up for that we are looking at a 58.2 watt hour battery on the 13 inch versus a 100 watt hour battery

on the 16 inch this is pretty much the biggest battery that you can fit in a laptop to take on an airplane when we used to fly and the

power brick itself is 96 watts so not every charger will work here but the 13 inch is less power hungry at 61 watts on the brakes so you can

charge this with some power banks if you want so that’s a bonus if you didn’t know out of these two the 16 inch macbook pro is the only one

that you can get with a dedicated gpu and at this time the most powerful is the amd radeon pro 5500m there could be a more powerful option and it

happened now there is a 5600 m option by amd which uses eight gigabytes of hbm2 memory which is going to be a lot faster than the performance test that

which will cost you heavy and the 13 inch also goes up to a 4 terabyte option which will be very pricey as well but you do have options the

speed of these discs are about the same so both really fast storage and you will have no issues with speed but if you look at pricing as a whole

even when you deck them out the maxed out 13 inch version comes in at about 3 500 and the maxed out 16 inch is over 6 000 so almost

half the price here that’s a big difference so the big question is is the performance of the 16 inch worth the money over the performance of the 13 inch

well if you’re into benchmarks you’re going to see a pretty big difference geekbench 5 shows a much higher multi-core score over 6400 on the macbook pro 16-inch as expected

compared to the macbook pro 13-inch which does have a very respectable 4770 but the 13 inch has a much better single core score of 1321 over the 16 inches

can make a difference let’s do cinebench first the eight cores really help here on the 16 inch macbook pro with the score of 3360 while the quad core i7

on the 13 inch gets 1900 so that again shows a significant bump in cpu capability so that is something to consider having a dedicated gpu also helps in performance

the opencl score of the improved graphics on the 13-inch is 8635 which is a huge jump over the previous generation but no match for the 16-inch with the amd

radeon pro 5500m that’s 25964 that’s three times the potential performance nobody really games on a mac but here’s unigine heaven to test the gpu performance and you can see

just how much smoother the 16 inch is so when it comes to graphically intensive tasks the 16 inch is still the way to go so what about real world

performance while i don’t do a lot of photography work max tech did an awesome video on photoshop testing and also goes into more depth of the test that i’m

doing right now so i’ll leave a link to that video go watch it it looks like it didn’t have much impact on photo editing because most photo editors use

the cpu more than the gpu so if you’re a photographer and you want something powerful but in a smaller form factor then the 13-inch macbook pro is probably the

way to go but what i do know is video editing so can you edit video on the 13 inch macbook pro and the short answer is yes it just

depends on what you’re doing with it if you’re editing 4k footage then the 13 inch is going to be a decent choice the scrubbing and playback of 4k footage

is really smooth so i think a lot of people will actually be happy with this but adding on some effects stabilization and working with plugins like tracking you will

notice that it takes longer to render the bruisex benchmark is a decent way to measure performance on final cut pro 10.

on the 13 inch it took 40 seconds to complete and the 16 inch only took 10 seconds so that is a dramatic difference let’s do a quick export

test of a 3 minute and 8 second 4k clip with just color correction applied this is pre-rendered with background rendering on and surprisingly they are only a few seconds

apart so super impressive for the 13-inch macbook pro but here’s that same test with background rendering off and you can see the difference better here the 16 inch finishes

at 1 minute and 20 seconds and the 13 inch finishes at 1 minute and 51 seconds but this is still impressive where i see the major differences where it

involves more gpu intensive processes like adding stabilization this is a 12 and a half second 4k clip from my iphone 11 pro and it takes seven seconds on the

16 inch macbook pro and almost 19 seconds on the 13 inch macbook pro and that doesn’t seem like a lot in a short clip but for fun i took

that same 3 minute and 8 second 4k clip and added stabilization to that and the 16 inch macbook pro finished at 2 minutes and 7 seconds but the 13

inch took 5 minutes and 36 seconds which shows that clear gap i think this is pretty self-explanatory but if you’re editing anything above 4k then definitely go for the

16-inch macbook pro just for fun here is a short ak red raw clip with 7-1 compression and with high quality playback both don’t do a great job but at

least the 16 inch is playing it back with skipping instead of just locking up on the 13 inch it eventually does play back but it’s not usable if you

drop it to lower quality though it is a much better experience on the 13 but it’s still stuttering like crazy but the 16 inch is actually playing back like

a boss so it’s very impressive okay so super outlandish test to differentiate the power between both of them i decided to take this ak clip with seven to one

compression and stretch it out to 35 seconds and exported it to h.2.64 i know this is brutal and took a long time but this also gave me a chance

to monitor what the computers were doing during export both of the fans were cranked up and sounded pretty loud take a listen the 13 inch looks like

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Screen Protector Review!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Screen Protector Review!
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Screen Protector Review!

can you tell the difference between these two galaxies Eclipse let me know what’s up everybody this is Danny I hope everyone is staying safe and I have two galaxies

eclipse here and for a good reason before all of this madness happened I got to check out something very cool for galas easy flip owners I know some people

were concerned about the durability of the foldable glass even though it is glass there is a polymer layer on top that makes it easier to scratch and it behaves

like plastic so I know some people are hesitant to make that purchase because of that but I think there are two things that people don’t know about when they

purchase as he flipped with the premier service that you get first is a reduced $119 complete screen replacement if anything was to happen to it which is nice but

I’m betting that people don’t know that there is an official galaxy siii flip screen protector that is absolutely free to Z flip owners and I got an exclusive look

on how they install it and I’ve been using it for about a month now so let me share my experience with you what’s great is that you don’t even

have to install this screen protector all you have to do is either contact a local Samsung experienced store or a local you break I fix Samsung partners with them

to repair their devices and I even have one right by my house or to make things even easier you can just contact Samsung you can send in your Z

flip they’ll have one of these screen protectors installed and then they’ll ship it back to you and they’ll even cover the shipping cost so there’s no cost to you

this is much more appropriate with all of the stuff that’s happening right now shout out to the team after you break I fix in Plano Texas for letting me

see how they do this you can see that this is a thin plastic screen protector perfectly designed for the Z flip they have a custom holder jig and roller

jig to make sure that the install is perfect first thing they do is wipe the screen down and make sure there is no dust or dirt on the screen

before applying if you’ve ever applied a screen protector before and you aren’t in a dust free environment you know the struggle this jig makes it easier to get that

accurate install they just lay it across the Z flip with the two cutouts that hold the screen protector in place then they use the roller jig to get that

bubble free application then they use a little squeegee to make sure all of the edges are down completely and no micro bubbles are present they really took their time

to make sure everything was perfect but it’s an efficient process so it doesn’t take long at all so the screen protector is on my Black Sea flip I’ve been

using it with my deep brand tear down skin it looks amazing on the black one I highly recommend it it’s not just because they are a channel sponsor but

it looks great and it feels so much better than that raw glass that gets super mucky so either get this or the official Samsung leather case it has some

bulk but it does feel luxurious shoot why not just get both and both will be linked down below if you’re interested here they are side by side the purple

one does not have the screen protector and the black one does and you really can’t tell the difference at all the only way that you can tell is if

you look at the camera cut out it does have a cutout around that but that’s it it looks the same it feels the same it has no effect on

clarity or touch response at all I can’t even tell that it’s on there it just basically gives you that extra thin layer of protection so don’t expect crazy type

of protection like you would from a glass screen protector but it should help you with small surface scratches and it’s free so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try

it but there is a caveat Samsung does not want you to try to remove the screen protector yourself so you don’t damage the screen if you need to get

this screen protector replace you can get it professionally replaced and install for 20 bucks but in the one month time that I’ve used it I don’t have any major

damage to it so the first one is absolutely free and then after that it’s $20 for a replacement so that was a quick one let me know what you

think about the Galaxy SIII flip screen protector down below you don’t have to get this done it’s just a choice but if you want to get it done you

know that the option is there so if you want to get it done I’m gonna leave a link down below for you where you can apply to have this

done they’ll have all the information I just wanted to share this information with everybody that owns the Z flip if you have any questions let me know in the

comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer them subscribe for more videos like this hit that like button if you enjoyed it and I will see you

Warp 30 Wireless vs WIRED Charging Test

Warp 30 Wireless vs WIRED Charging Test
Warp 30 Wireless vs WIRED Charging Test

it finally happened guys wireless charging on the new one plus eight pro and while I wish they would have given this to us earlier I’m glad they waited because

their version of wireless charging is called warp 30 charge and it charges at 30 watts which is among some of the fastest wireless charging out there and I think

that’s why a lot of people don’t use wireless charging because it is so much slower than wire charging but this looks serious ventilation is proper and it looks like

a nice sized fan on the back so even though that this charger is proprietary it looks solid we’re gonna do something interesting instead of putting it up against other

wireless chargers I’m going to see how fast this new warp charge 30 wireless charging is against the iPhone 11 Pro max is wire charging with the 18 watt charger

that comes in the box and then we’ll stack it up against the galaxy s 20 ultra with this massive 45 watt charger that you can buy separately just for

fun just for point of reference on a faster charging Android phone all of these phones are completely drained as you can see I’m leaving all of the normal functions

on with connectivity on notifications on and everything because this is how you would charge the phone of course a ton of notifications come flooding in as I turn them

on because I want them to be on since that’s how most people top-up their phones including myself so after 5 minutes the iPhone is at 6 percent not bad

at all and the Galaxy S 20 ultra is at an impressive 14% and it says super fast charging 2.0 which I’m not sure I’ve seen that before and the

oneplus 8 pro is at 8 percent so already ahead of the iPhones wire charging at 15 minutes the iPhone is at 23 percent which is very respectable but the

Galaxy S 20 ultra already at a whopping 40 percent I don’t remember it being as fast before so that’s awesome and the oneplus 8 pro at 26 percent so

that is also very impressive for wireless charging so far so good at 30 minutes the iPhone is at 44 percent which is a pretty good pace for 18 watt

charging the s20 ultra is at 71 percent so that much charge in a half an hour is incredible the oneplus 8 pro is at 40 7% so almost hitting

that claim to 50% in 30 minutes I’m sure it varies with each test but absolutely fantastic for wireless charging at 45 minutes the iPhone is at 66% charge so

keeping up at a good pace but the ultra Dam is at 96% charge which I’m really blown away by I don’t think I’ve ever had it charged this quick

and on the oneplus 8 Pro we have 70 percent now so just ahead of the iPhones wire charging which again is impressive at 51 minutes the galaxy s 20

ultra finishes at 100% this is a huge surprise because I’ve seen other tests that take much longer and the phone is relatively cool I expected it to be a

lot hotter than this this is the largest battery at five thousand milliamp hours but this is wired and that one plus is Wireless so think about how impressive that

is after one hour the iPhone 11 pro max has 78 percent charge so it looks like it’s slowing down the oneplus 8 pro is now at 91% so it

takes a commanding lead over the iPhones wire charging and even has a larger battery at four thousand five hundred and ten milliamp hours while the iPhone 11 pro max

has a 3969 milliamp hour battery so that shows you what a leap this is in wireless charging 10 minutes later the iPhone has 84 percent charge so it’s literally

crawl charging now and the oneplus a pro is almost done at 99 percent so it’s going to finish at any time now it gave me no indication that it

was done so it could have finished faster so we could call it a full charge at 1 hour and 11 minutes which is really impressive most of the time

you would need at least twice the time to get other smartphones to 100% with wireless charging the phone is slightly warmed but not hot whatsoever so heat management is

done right I’m glad that oneplus waited to bring this level of wireless charging to their customers the only downside is that this Warp charging is proprietary so you have

to buy this charger to take advantages of these speeds but it’s an awesome option nevertheless the iPhone is still charging at 91% after an hour and a half thirty

minutes later at two hours it still at 95% and usually it’s finished by now I’ve done this test before we’re finishes is right around this time or a little

bit earlier so I’m not sure why this is happening in fact I checked again at 2 hours and 16 minutes and it still wasn’t done it finally finished at

2 hours and 23 minutes so that took a lot longer than usual but even if the iPhone took 2 hours to complete charge the oneplus a pro warp 30

wireless charging is basically twice as fast to 100 then the iPhone 11 pros wire charging and this is what I’m happy to see 20/20 looks like the year to

bring fast beats to wireless charging truly making wireless charging convenient kudos to oneplus on this one let me know what you think about the oneplus a pros wireless charging

in the comments below hit that like button for the camera comparisons dropping right after this subscribe for a lot more 1 8 series content and I will see you