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OnePlus 6T Gaming Mode Performance Test

OnePlus 6T Gaming Mode Performance Test
OnePlus 6T Gaming Mode Performance Test

What’s up, everybody? Today we’re gonna be testing out gaming performance on the one plus 60. I reached out on Twitter and asked what games I should try out that have the best graphics.

And I’ve got a lot of great suggestions. So thank you for that.

So I installed a ton of them and tested the performance with game bench software that allows you to test gaming performance without root.

Every one of the games that I’ve tested today is with the one Plus’s gaming mode. It’s in the utility section of the settings menu.

And what this does is give you the best gaming experience possible. By giving you the option of blocking all notifications that come in or choose how they show up while gaming.

You can disable automatic brightness for the best onscreen experience, give you a network boost by limiting other apps that take a bandwidth for the best Internet connection possible. And you can add your games that you want to take advantage of this mode to the list on the bottom.

So when you launch that game, it will automatically optimize the C.P.U, the GP and RAM, along with the settings that you customized.

All of these games are free to download. So let’s start with the less demanding titles that people want to me to try and end it with what everyone wants to see, and that is Pub G Mobile and fortnight.

The first game that I tested is Badland Brawl.

This is a very interesting game that was suggested to me by Daily Tech. So I had to check it out. It’s more of a physics based gameplay type of experience and it’s more simple in graphics, but it seems really fun.

If you look in the upper right corner, that’s where it’s going to show you the frames per second. It’s running in 60 frames per second.

So performance is great, which I expect in the second game that I tested was all Toe’s Odyssey. I remember playing the first one and I remember the graphics, but as soon as I started playing this one, I was hooked.

I love the colors and minimalism that this game represents.

It’s really weird how relaxing this game is to play because of a simple gameplay play, and I just love the artwork. It almost relaxes you in a weird way, but you can also see here that it’s running buttery, smooth with 60 frames per second the entire time.

The third game is Shadow Fight three. I saw this pop up more than a few times on that Twitter thread, so I had to check it out.

This title is definitely more graphically intensive. It’s a fighting game with RPG elements to it, with a storyline, and there’s weights to build your character with different gear.

But even with those nice textures in large detail characters, the one plus 60 is still staying steady at 60 frames per second. Let’s get to the most requested games now. Here is vainglory. I made sure that graphics were set to the highest setting possible.

I know this game takes a while to learn, but I’m just getting started and I know a ton of people play this game.

It’s one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena titles out there. I know battles can get way more intense than this, but the one plus 16 remains at 60 frames per second. I played this for a little over 20 minutes and you can see that it maintains 60 frames per second the entire time. The next one that I tested was asphalt.

Nine Legends. This is the newest title, A Drop in the racing series.

And this is one of the more demanding titles when it comes to graphics that’s out there right now. So I tested this on the high quality setting, which is the highest it can go.

And I also tested this with the U.S. ABC cable connection so I could see the performance metrics in real time. And the gameplay was extremely smooth during all my races. I tried the other most to add default and performance, and they all maintained at 30 frames per second. So that seems to be the cap.

So if you’re an asshole fan, you’re gonna be happy with the one plus 16. All right. So fortnight needs no introduction. It’s one of the most popular games out there right now.

And during testing, I made sure that the highest graphics quality was selected.

But I did have some problems with this game and the benchmarking software because it did not allow the actual match played to be benched with USP debugging on which the software requires. But in the waiting room is where it actually showed me the frames per second and it was on 30 frames per second consistently there.

So that’s what I experienced during gameplay. The game, though, takes two and a half gigs of RAM, which was really surprising, more than I’ve seen on all the other games that I’ve tested so far.

I really suck at this game, so don’t mind my wondering gameplay, but the performance was smooth the entire time. And what was nice is I played this game for about 30 minutes straight in the back of the phone was just warm to the touch.

So heat management is also good. Here’s a floor shot of the phone after playing again for 20 minutes. I felt the heat was manageable for sure. It does get warm, but I expected it to get much hotter than this after extended gameplay.

So we will end it with Pub G Mobile. I started out with the HDR setting.

Ultra HD is not available yet, so I will revisit this when it is. I had the frame rate set to Ultra here and the style on classic. I enabled a. liasing and I disable the auto adjusting to the graphics so I can make sure that I was pushing this as hard as I could.

I definitely like this game. I have to say it’s probably my favorite out of the bunch only because I could be. My underwear only. No weapons. And some one just ran right up on me immediately.

I own this player with my bare face and beat up a dude that had a gun, all staying consistent at 40 frames per second. This is pretty embarrassing. So I had to show this.

Next, I wanted to see what I could get for the smoothest game play. I changed the settings to smooth and the frame rates too extreme. And this is how I kept it for the rest of the day. The one plus 60 was consistently running as 60 frames per second.

The gameplay was so smooth. Excuse once again, my terrible gameplay.

After this session of benchmarking, I played this for hours and I know why people are so addicted to this game. I was actually getting kills and it’s so much easier to play than four at night. So here’s the benchmark.

After 10 minutes of gameplay, 60 frames per second with 100 percent stability. So this is what you can expect if you’re a pub G fan. On the one plus 60, if you’re a mobile gamer, I think I’m safe to say that you’ll have no problems with gaming.

On the one plus 60, and even though there are dedicated gaming phones like the Razr phone two that have a higher resolution and faster refresh display and support for higher frames per second.

But they do cost a lot more money. So for five hundred forty nine dollars, the one plus 60 is hard to beat, especially in this dope new thunder purple color.

So let me know what you think of the gaming performance of the one plus 60. Are you impressed or are you not impressed? And if you want to see more gaming tests like this on other phones, make sure let me know in the conversation below.

Skip the Galaxy Note 10- Buy the Note 9

Skip the Galaxy Note 10- Buy the Note 9
Skip the Galaxy Note 10- Buy the Note 9

This is the Galaxy Note ten end note ten plus, if you’re thinking about buying this little guy, I’m going to give you my thoughts on why you should probably buy the Galaxy Note nine instead. The smaller Galaxy No. 10 is getting a lot of heat and for a good reason.

It’s got a smaller attended P display. It doesn’t have a micro SD card slot. Nobody knows why.

Because look at that room. It makes no sense. It has no headphone jack. Even a smaller three thousand five hundred miles an hour battery.

And it almost cost one thousand dollars. It’s not all doom and gloom for the smaller No. 10, though this smaller model is absolutely perfect when it comes to size. I didn’t think I had an issue with the No. 10 plus size until I started using this. It fits in the hand.

Perfect. And I just love the form factor. It’s got the new updated design language, which is beautiful, by the way.

I don’t mind the single camera hole in the front for that near Basileus. Look, and it gets a faster processor with the Snapdragon eight. Fifty five has ultrasonic in display, fingerprint scanner you Feste 3.0 storage, which is a lot faster, faster wireless and twenty five watt wired charging and you get that really great triple camera system with that incredible wide angle camera.

It’s basically the best ultra wide on the market and I absolutely love having that in my pocket.

So it depends on how you look at it. It’s a nice upgrade from the previous. No, Samsung kind of shot themselves in the foot by making such a legendary note last year with the note nine.

I said this last year and I’m going to say this again. This could be the last Samsung phone with zero compromises. It still has a modern look, great glass and metal build. Yes, it does have larger bezels on the top and bottom, but the display is still gorgeous.

It’s big, bright. It’s sharp. Still one of the best displays out there. It still has a headphone jack.

This honestly could be the last one. Large 4000 million power battery, SD card slot, superfast fingerprint scanner on the back. Wireless charging, water resistance.

Still great performance with the Snapdragon eight forty five. And while you might get that occasional stutter here and there, for the most part, this phone has performed perfectly. This is the last Samsung phone that has the secure iris scanning facial recognition, which I really enjoyed.

And if you look now, you can get the note nine brand new for about six hundred bucks and the refurbished ones for way less than five hundred dollars, which is an insane deal for what you’re getting in this phone.

I’ve been using the note nine off and on for about a year, and I have to commend Samsung on how many updates that they note nine has gotten over that years time.

Right now, I’m on the latest security patch. And last update, Brotton dedicated night mode to the camera. And even though this only has a dual camera system on the back and you are going to miss that wide angle, it is very capable.

I just did a full camera comparison between the note nine and the No. 10 plus.

Yes, you do miss out on features like Portrait Mode video. But I was very surprised how well the note nine did even in the comments. A lot of people pointed out that they like the note. Nice images better. That’s a true testament of how well Samsung optimized the note.

Nice camera over the years time. So if you buy the note nine now, you’re still getting a great camera. I had a lot of fun making it. The only downside to the No.9 experience over a year is the battery life.

And even though it has a large 4000 million power battery, I was able to make it through the entire day, most times with 10 to 15 percent battery life left before I go to sleep.

But if I push this phone really hard during a day, sometimes it would run out of battery before I went to sleep.

So if you have a note nine, let me know if this is the same for you and the smaller No. 10 will probably be similar in battery life to the note nine. But you will be missing on some features like reverse wireless charging.

The Espin is everything and the experience is very similar between both of them.

You do get a unibody espin this year and you do get some new gesture based controls for the camera and other apps. That’s really great. But if you can live without it, I honestly don’t think that you will miss them too much since you can still use the No Nines Espin as a remote shutter button.

The note nine in twenty nineteen is still Obie’s. So if you still have one, you’re probably okay to skip on this generation and wait for the next one.

But if you decide to upgrade, I would definitely pick the bigger No. 10. Plus, it is the closest to the legacy of the note nine in terms of features just minus the headphone jack.

But this smaller No. 10, as much as I love the form, factor and size. If you don’t care about having the latest and greatest, I think you should buy the note nine instead. Because I think it’s a better overall phone.

Plus, you can get it for almost half the price right now if you get the smaller No. Ten, though, don’t worry.

You won’t be disappointed. Not everyone’s needs are the same. So if it fits you better, by all means, buy one and use it.

I just think the price is a little bit too high for what you’re getting. If they wanted to make a note for the masses, they would have made it cheaper. But Samsung is in a weird state right now because the S 10 E was seven hundred fifty dollars at launch.

So if this smaller note came in at that price, it would tear up the.So I’m not really sure where this belongs in the lineup. So let me know if you skip the No. 10 and kept your note nine or if you decided to buy a note nine instead of the note, tend to save some money.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts or if you just totally agree, let me know in the comments below. Don’t worry, I have my full thoughts coming on the bigger Galaxy Note 10 plus, which I think is one of the best so far in twenty nineteen.

Thank you for watching. Let me know what your opinion is and I will see you in the next one.

Samsung Galaxy A80- Best Smartphone You Shouldn’t Buy

Samsung Galaxy A80- Best Smartphone You Shouldn't Buy
Samsung Galaxy A80- Best Smartphone You Shouldn't Buy

This is the Samsung Galaxy 80. I was super excited about this phone when it was announced because flip cameras are a thing nowadays. And having that option of using the same high quality camera for the front facing camera is a great concept.

But does this mid tier effort from Samsung knock it out of the park, or is this the best Samsung phone that you shouldn’t buy?

So let me start with the things that I do like about this phone. The bill quality is very nice. It’s heavy. It feels substantial. And it feels really high quality in the hand.

The last six point seven inch Super Amila display is really nice. Since this is a Basils design, you really do get all of that screen. So watching content or playing games on here is a good experience. It’s 10 ATP.

So at this size I really would have liked to have seen Quad HD, but it’s not terrible by any means. I think most people be very happy with this display.

The new eight nanometer Snapdragon 730 brings a lot of the performance features from the Qualcomm 800 series chipsets. For instance, gaming performance of the Adreno six 18 does really well with most games and plays them smooth.

The Computer Vision ISP is built into this chipset as well. So combined with the time of flight sensor, you can do portrait mode video, which is only found on flagship phones like the Galaxy s 10 five G.

And this phone is also Wi-Fi six ready with that built in. So this phone is very capable.

I’ve really enjoyed Samsung’s approach to Android with one UI. I can’t wait to see this chipset on other mid tier phones this year. I think you can really bring that flagship type of performance and connectivity to cheaper phones.

And that’s a great thing for the consumer. So this is where the magic ends for me with this phone. This is a cool concept and I applaud Samsung for doing something new and something fresh. But here, a couple reasons why I’m disappointed with the execution of this phone.

I think this phone is a great idea, but it falls short for the price.

The biggest excitement for me was the camera. And it’s a good camera. Don’t get me wrong. The main 48 megapixel sensor with F 2.0 aperture can produce some nice looking shots.

But after looking through a bunch of photos that I’ve taken, there’s just nothing extraordinary about these pictures. I see a lot of over sharpening the HDR is pretty nice, but I expected more from this camera at this price.

The good thing is all of the features from the flagship camera experience are here, like the portrait mode. And of course you get four K video and that looks pretty good as well. But my biggest disappointment with this phone is the ultra wide camera.

This is a super wide angle camera, 12 millimeters, eight megapixels f two point two shooter and a can’t take some decent pictures in daylight.

But I will just let down by the image quality that it produces, especially for selfies.

You can really see this in indoor situations. Just look at the shot with the main lens and then take a look at it with the wide angle, the wide angle shot.

This has a lot more noise in it. It’s muddier, not as sharp. The color temperature changes, all kinds of funny stuff happening here where the wide angle just looks worse every time. I’m sure this can be improved with software updates, but that was the one thing that I was really looking forward to because having that wide angle on the front, I’m really a fan of wide angle selfie.

So I was just disappointed in the image quality there. And also the image quality with the main lens at night is really not that good either.

If you take a look at this picture right here, just in a queue at Universal, you can just see it’s not super dark here, but you can just see a lot of compression artifacts and just I don’t know, I just thought it would be a lot better at this price if Samsung got anything right about this phone.

It should have been the camera because that’s what they’re marketing, this flip camera.

So maybe that’s the reason why I feel the way I do about this phone, because I really expected this camera to knock it out of the park. And with this camera mechanism, you don’t really have a chance of getting any kind of water resistance. And that’s understood. But this is also not the fastest camera mechanism.

It’s not the fastest, but it’s also not the quietest. Can you hear this?

It’s pretty loud. I do think it’s really nice that in this price point, they included it in display fingerprint scanner. But I do have to say this is one of the most inconsistent fingerprint scanners that I’ve used this year.

I’m sure an update can be applied to make us more responsive. But I’ve had a lot of fails more than usual during my testing phase and also did not see a face unlock lock option.

It’s either this or this. This is a big phone and it does have a decent battery to match three thousand seven hundred million hours. But with this bulk, I would have expected a little bit larger capacity despite having a Tenet display and an efficient chipset. I expected a little bit more out of this battery.

I do end up lasting to the entire day, like I said, and I end up about 15, 20 percent at the end of the day. So don’t expect legendary battery life. Just expect good battery life.

The nail in the coffin for me was the lack of dual speakers. You only get a single firing downward speaker. And I know that some will say it’s bezels. So where are you going to put this speaker?

But there are dual speaker systems on phones like the one plus seven pro and the open Reno Teneycke Zune. It might not be a big deal to you, but when I watch content on the phone, I use the phone speakers a lot.

And it would have been cool if there was a headphone jack here, but there is no headphone jack. Now they do include a pair of USGBC headphones in a box, which is really nice, but I personally would have rather had stereo speakers.

So don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is a terrible phone.

It’s actually a decent middle tier option. But when you look at the price, that’s when things really don’t add up.

So if you want to import this phone, I think it costs almost six hundred dollars if you were an important in the U.S. So for this price point, you have a lot of other choices. Even in the U.S. you have the Pixel 3A, which is lot cheaper, has a better camera, and you also can spend just seventy five dollars or so more and buy the one plus seven pro.

And it’s literally better in every way you get a better display with faster refresh rate, bigger battery, better performance. And you also get a pop up camera.

And internationally you have phones like the K 20 pro and the MI 90. And then you also have phones like the Zen iPhone six, which is less money. And you’re still going to get that flip camera. And you’re also getting a much larger battery and you’re getting flagship performance.

So if you’re a Samsung fan and you want something more unique for a smartphone in the mid range price category, I would go ahead and buy this phone. I just think there are better choices out there for the money.

Maybe when this phone goes on sale. It’ll be a killer deal down the line.

But I think right now you’d have better choices than the Galaxy 80. Cool concept, bad execution. So let me know what you guys think about the Galaxy 80. Have you tried it before? Let me know if your experience is the same as mine.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Official FREE Screen Protector Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Official FREE Screen Protector Review
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Official FREE Screen Protector Review

Can you tell the difference between these two galaxies flips? Let me know what’s up, everybody. I hope everyone is staying safe and I have two galaxies.

Flip’s here and for a good reason before all of this madness happened. I got to check out something very cool for Galaxy Flip owners.

I know some people were concerned about the durability of the foldable glass, even though it is glass.

There is a polymer layer on top that makes it easier to scratch and it behaves like plastic. So I know some people are hesitant to make that purchase because of that. But I think there are two things that people don’t know about when they purchases.

He flip with the premier service that you get first is a reduced 119 dollar complete screamer replacement. If anything was to happen to it, which is nice, but I’m betting that people don’t know that there is an official galaxy flip screen protector that is absolutely free to zie flip owners.

And I got an exclusive look on how they install it. And I’ve been using it for about a month now. So let me share my experience with you.

What’s great is that you don’t even have to install this screen protector.

All you have to do is either contact a local Samsung experience store or a local you break.

I fix Samsung partners with them to repair their devices. And I even have one right by my house or to make things even easier.

You can just contact Samsung. You can send in your zie flip. They’ll have one of these screen protectors installed. And then they’ll ship it back to you and they’ll even cover the shipping costs. So there’s no cost to you.

This is much more appropriate with all of the stuff that’s happening right now.

Shout out to the team at the you break I fix in Plano, Texas, for letting me see how they do this. You can see that this is a thin plastic screen protector, perfectly designed for the zie flip. They have a custom holder jig and roller jig to make sure that the install is perfect.

First thing they do is wipe the screen down and make sure there’s no dust or dirt on the screen before applying. If you’ve ever applied a screen protector before and you aren’t in a dust free environment, you know the struggle.

This jig makes it easier to get that accurate install.

They just laid across the zie flip with the two cut outs that hold the screen protector in place.

Then they use the roller jig to get that bubble free application. Then they use a little squeegee to make sure all of the edges are down completely and no micro bubbles are present.

They really took their time to make sure everything was perfect, but it’s an efficient process, so it doesn’t take long at all. So the screen protector is on my Black Sea flip.

I’ve been using it with my D brand teardowns skin. It looks amazing on the black one. I highly recommend it. It’s not just because they are a channel sponsor, but it looks great and it feels so much better than that raw glass that gets super mucky.

So either get this or the official Samsung Leather case that ask some bulk, but it does feel luxurious. Sure. Why not just get both?

Both will be linked down below if you’re interested. Here they are side by side. The purple one does not have the screen protector and the black one does. And you really can’t tell the difference at all. The only way that you can tell is if you look at the camera cut out.

It does have a cut out around that. But that’s it. It looks the same. It feels the same.

It has no effect on clarity or touch response at all. I can’t even tell that it’s on there. It just basically gives you that extra thin layer of protection. So don’t expect crazy type of protection like you would from a glass screen protector.

But it should help you with small surface scratches and it’s free, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

But there is a caveat. Samsung does not want you to try to remove the screen, protect yourself so you don’t damage the screen. If you need to get the screen protector replace, you can get it professionally replaced and install for 20 bucks.

But in the one month time that I’ve used it, I don’t have any major damage to it.

So the first one is absolutely free. And then after that, it’s twenty dollars for a replacement. So that was a quick one. Let me know what you think about the Galaxy flip screen protector Downbelow. You don’t have to get this done.

It’s just a choice. But if you want to get it done, you know that the option is there.

So if you want to get it done. I believe a link downbelow for you where you can apply to have this done. You’ll have all the information.

I just wanted to share this information with everybody that owns as he flip. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below.

Protect your Apple iPhone 11 Pro, iPad, MacBook Pro and iMac

Protect your Apple iPhone 11 Pro, iPad, MacBook Pro and iMac
Protect your Apple iPhone 11 Pro, iPad, MacBook Pro and iMac

It’s no secret that I’m deep in the Apple ecosystem edit my videos on Final Cut Pro. I own a MacBook Pro I Mac Pro iPhone 11 Pro iPad Pro. That’s a lot of pros.

I don’t want to be called a fanboy because I do own pieces. Everyone knows that gaming on a Mac is pretty terrible. So I own gaming laptops and the surface lineup is one of my favorite laptop lines. Period. In the end, I just like Mac os better. It’s just a personal preference.

You can at me if you want to, but I just want to clear up a big misconception that Macs are safer than pieces. They all need to be equally protected.

And one piece of software, a bit vendor 2020 can protect all of these devices.

The channel sponsored bit Defendor and I’ve teamed up to give you a chance to try this totally free for 90 days, no strings attached. Let me tell you what this software does and why you needed even for your Apple devices.

I think PCs get a bad rap for not being secure in viruses and malware running rampant. But you have to think about the number of pieces running windows in the world.

It’s staggering. So, of course, you have a higher chance of getting malware through Windows.

But as the popularity of Macs increase and the more Macs that are out there. Of course, now vulnerabilities are targeted towards the Mac is had more malware and threats come to it over the years.

In fact, Macs used the same Intel chipsets and were affected by the same spectra and meltdown vulnerabilities that PCs were plagued by. And while that debate of IOW being safer than Android was easier to prove before, Apple’s had its share of data leaks and vulnerabilities in the last couple of years.

And we all use Web browsers on these phones. So while some of this phishing and attacks can be prevented, if we are more cautious about what type of emails and what types of links that were clicking.

Having a security pact is still very important. So let me tell you my three favorite features of Bit Defendor Total Security 2020.

Number one, it is really easy to use. It works across Mac or P.C. You don’t have to be tech savvy. It runs seamlessly in the background.

If there are any problems, the software will let you know. I’ve been running this for about three months now and I’ve seen zero performances from it. So it’s business as usual.

You get a nice dashboard here that gives you all of your necessary information. You can run a manual scan if you want a quick one or a total system scan.

You can also protect important files right from this interface, which is nice.

And if for some reason someone steals or takes one of your devices, you can wipe that device right from the Web interface and also locate that device. When it connects to Wi-Fi. So this is especially great for devices that don’t have a service like find my iPhone or find my Mac.

So you can have this extension all across your devices, which is really, really great. Bid Defendor 2020 is called total security for a reason. You get real time data protection, ransomware protection, antifraud anti phishing and so much more. If I went over every feature, we’d be here all day.

So I’ma leave a link down below for you so you can find out more information and also try this out free for 90 days. Second, it comes with a VPN service included.

VPN is virtual private network if you don’t know what that is. If you’re not using a VPN, you’re making it easy for prying eyes to get all your sensitive information like your password, your banking info.

So that’s why it doesn’t matter if using IOW or Android Macro P.C. they are all vulnerable unless you protect yourself.

I really hate to admit this, but I wasn’t even using a VPN until this year.

And even as a tech person, I didn’t really know how important a VPN actually is. The more that started connecting to public Wi-Fi spots, traveling all over the world, editing videos, sending secure emails, things like that. I started becoming way more cautious about what I’m putting out there on public Wi-Fi. So a VPN is a must.

And it couldn’t be easier with Big Defendor every time that I connect to a new network.

It lets me know. And with just one tap, I can be on a secure VPN and I can browse on public networks without worrying about the threats of hackers.

Usually VPN are a separate service, so you have to pay for separately. So it’s nice that they bundle this with total security 20 so you can protect your computers, your laptops, your tablet and your phone and browse securely.

No matter where you’re at in the world with one total security account, you can protect up to five devices for you and your family. So no need to pay for every individual device.

The third thing that I love is even when I’m at home, Bit Defender helps me stay secure. So Chrome is my browser of choice. I can enable safe web browsing right from the desktop interface or right in the app.

If you’re on a smartphone, I can see a green check next to the safe and secure Web sites.

If you don’t see that, then you probably shouldn’t click on that link. You also get a anti tracking feature. So if you’re worried about sites collecting your data without you knowing, you don’t have to anymore.

Tons of privacy features. You get a microphone monitor. So you know exactly what has access to your microphone on your device. Safe banking. So you know, your money is going to be safe. I’m a father of two. And while they are a little too young to take full of. Vantage.

Of the new apparently features. I love the features that are built into total security 2020.

This service can help prevent and scan for cyberbullying and threats across the network and social media.

To what you do is you make a profile for your children and assign the devices to their name.

And then you download the bit Defendor parental app on their devices that they’re using. And you get a ton of features that help you keep your children safe online and will help detect threats on their social media accounts.

You can limit the time that they’re on that device, then get that same secure browsing protection that the adults get. You can monitor their calls and manage the apps that they use.

You can also use location tracking and geo fencing to see if your kids leave a certain area and there’s a check in feature on the app. So when they come home safe from school, they can check in on the app to let you know that they got home safe.

I’m going to do a follow up after I use the service even longer.

I’m really impressed with it. Just one service can protect all of your devices, including computers, laptops, phones and tablets. I love the fact you get all of this protection, but then you also get a built in VPN that will help you browse securely no matter where you’re at.

Especially if you’re on a public Wi-Fi network. You need a VPN.

So I want you to try it for yourself. It’s super easy to use is nonintrusive. So hit that link below and try it free for 90 days. And let me know in the comments what you think. I think you’re going to love it. If I didn’t use this product myself.

I wouldn’t recommend it to you. So go ahead and give it a download and let me know how it goes. Thank you for watching. There’s going to be

more from the channel sponsor, bid defender. And later,article.

OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Camera Comparison Test

OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Camera Comparison Test
OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Camera Comparison Test

What’s up, everybody,Today I’m going to be doing my first one plus six comparison, and that is with the iPhone 10. And this is really interesting because the iPhone 10 is about a thousand dollars, while the one plus six starts at five hundred twenty nine dollars.

So pretty much half the price. So we need to see how well the one plus six stacks up for half the price. So that crap on the one plus six still looks pretty huge.

So in terms of the front facing camera, you’re going to see that the one plus six has dual microphones. You should Bill to hear the difference in audio. So let me know which one is better.

And let me know which one is better on the stabilization. So I’m going to go out today. I got to spend a lot of time with the one plus six in London. You’re going to see a lot of shots from that.

And let’s see if double the price equals double the image quality.

First, let me start off by saying that all of these shots were taken in full auto mode. I feel like this represents the average consumer best. There is a full manual mode on the one plus six. So keep that in mind if you need that. But both of them look great in daylight.

Both sharp, full of detail and nice dynamic range. But what I noticed is that the one plus six tends to land warm, even warmer than the iPhone sometimes, which is known to land on the warmer side of white balance anyway.

But I feel that the twelve megapixel sensor on the iPhone is producing higher contrasted images straight out of the camera, while the one plus six leans towards giving you more shadow detail. So this is a perfect thing for sure when it comes to any camera comparison.

But some shots on the iPhone just look more balanced with better overall image processing when it comes to dynamic range.

They do go back and forth sometimes worthy one plus does a better job with less clipping.

As seen here in this scenario. But consistently, I feel like the iPhone shows better balance with harsher lights like the sun, less haling like you see here on the one plus image. But it’s very impressive that the one plus this time around is competitive with the iPhone.

Images are very comparable, even though I feel like the one plus six is still oversaturating the sky to a more hyper blue where the colors remain more natural on the iPhone.

But once again, this is all preference to what you like. But during the day, I will give the slight edge to the iPhone. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. They are both great.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in either. They both have two X options, but the iPhone tens is optical where the one plus six uses a digital zoom.

So the iPhone two X tends to be a little sharper. I feel like the balance of colors and the white balance are more consistent with the iPhone. But they do go back and forth sometimes because in some shots the one plus six looks sharper.

They both have portrait modes on the rear cameras. The one advantage of the one plus six is that it has no crop on the camera.

When you go into portrait mode where the iPhone, you’ll definitely need to back up a little bit to get the portrait mode to trigger. They both do a great job with separation of the background.

But the iPhone does give you again a more contrasted image crushing of blacks, which can be good or bad. If you edit images before you share them.

But I personally think that the iPhone is more ready to share out of the camera. When it comes to daytime talk video, the one plus six gives you a slightly overexposed but flatter and brighter image. But the iPhone Ten’s colors are more accurate.

So it all depends if you want to take this work into post or not,the stabilization is great on both. But the one plus six uses electronic stabilization in Fourcade, 30 frames per second as seen here.

But it only uses oh, I guess when it’s in four k 60 frames per second, which both of these cameras can shoot. So if you want to know what they look like. I will leave some links below for you.

But I think the one plus six is smoother overall, almost like a gamble.

They both shoot slow motion at 240 frames per second intented DP. They both look great. They’re both smooth. That one plus six does look a little sharper to me, though.

And the one plus six also has a four hundred and eighty frames per second option in seven twenty P. And while it’s not the greatest quality, it’ll be a lot of fun to play with. And you can record up to one continuous minute of slow motion. Unlike other cameras.

So that’s nice. The iPhone ten has a seven megapixel front facing camera and the one plus six has a 16 megapixel front shooter. The one plus six still has that beauty filter. Look where its smoothness the skin and brightens it up.

I feel like the iPhone does a better job overall with skin tones more pleasing to me. In my opinion, at night they’re both pretty terrible. But the one plus six creates the brighter picture.

And even with the front facing flash feature, the one plus six produces the brighter image.

The iPhone ten has front facing portrait mode and the one plus six will add this in a feature software update. And if you care about this feature of the iPhone 10, it has portrait lighting mode where you can customize that portrait, selfie with a few different modes.

So keep that in mind. So let’s move to low light. My favorite part.

And from looking at a ton of these images, they are very similar in low light, which really impresses me considering the price point of the one plus six. What surprised me the most is that they one plus six is showing higher dynamic range on most shots. You can see here in the windows, and even though that the iPhone shots show more detail, especially in the shadows.

I personally like the one plus six shots more because I feel like the image is more balanced overall with less clipping of harsh light sources.

Better contrast. And while some might not like the warmer and more saturated image of the one plus six, I think it’s more ready to share out of the camera where the iPhone.

I feel like we need to add some contrast and some saturation and do a little editing to make the image ready to post. This caused quite a conversation on social media, where some prefer the iPhone because it does show better overall exposure.

But I prefer the overall color rendition of the one plus six. So I’m very curious to see what you guys think, because I think the one plus edges it. When it comes to video, though, it’s a little different because the iPhone 10 does a much better job at color replication and noise reduction.

The one plus lands really cool on the white balance, giving off some funky looking color sometimes. I prefer the iPhones.

You can see everything inside, but the video on the one plus is very hyper saturated in colors and it just looks unrealistic. Low light does go back and forth and in some situations, the iPhone does show better results. Look at the smearing here on their bed, CocaCola building on the one plus image.

But again, I’m genuinely impressed with a one plus six and being able to even stand toe to toe with the flagship like the iPhone 10, especially low light shows how far that one plus has come.

And finally, they created a phone with competitive imaging. So I hope this helped you out.

If you’re planning to pick up a one plus six, if I had to make the call, I think I was still pick the iPhone 10 because it has a more balanced camera appearance overall. So if I had to pick just one, I would pick the iPhone 10 due to the better video quality.

Slightly better image processing overall and the overall quality of the images on consistency.

But the one plus performs very closely at half the price, even beating the iPhone 10. In low light pictures, in my opinion. So feel confident in picking up a one plus six if you want to save a lot of money.

The iPhone 10 is better, but it’s not double the price better. So let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

New 8K and Wallpaper OLED 4K TVs You Don’t Know About

New 8K and Wallpaper OLED 4K TVs You Don't Know About
New 8K and Wallpaper OLED 4K TVs You Don't Know About

What’s up, everybody,I’m here at CBS 20/20, enjoying the incredible amount of tech that’s being announced.

And one of the biggest trends of CBS this year is AKCA. I feel like this is the year that ACA becomes important in the home.

So today I’ve partner with Skyworks to show you some of their incredible TV’s because this is a company that you should definitely get familiar with because this super thin four k o lead and this a.k.a. bad boy is coming to the United States with a very competitive price tag.

Sky Worth isn’t a household name in the U.S., but they have been strong in the Chinese market for a long time and they are finally making their splash into the U.S. market in 2020.

But before I get into the ACA, let’s look at the incredibly thin W 81 and W 81 pro.

This is a four point six millimeter thin wallpaper olad that is magnetically wall mounted and it looks seamless on the wall. It looks beautiful with four K resolution and Dolby Vision Support Skyworks made their own OLED basic modules this year and is the first to be used in the W 81 series.

This is a big deal because they are the first Chinese manufacturer to accomplish this.

You get all of the picture quality that you would expect from a premium old TV, vibrant colors and Inky Black’s amazing viewing angles and infinite contrast.

But this is something that you don’t see often. There is a secondary display that is built into the sound bar and that gives you all of your necessary information, like the date, the weather, your smart home status.

So it doesn’t distract you from your content on the TV. Both of these displays worked together for a better experience, so I’m totally digging this. The audio from the sound bar is premium as well, with support for Dolby at most two point one point two and creates multi-dimensional sound by firing audio from all angles with Skyworks Wonder Audio Sky Echo technology.

There’s also a twelve megapixel camera built in that reveals itself when you turn it on.

This is called the Trends A.I. 2.0 camera. This is a flagship Sony sensor with F one point eight aperture. So you gonna get some really nice quality here and some good low light performance. This is going to give you TV to TV.

We can also do TV to smartphone video calling, which is even more convenient, and you can take photos on your TV. So if you want to take a family picture real quick on the couch, you can do that. And then just scan a QR code and it will send it straight to your smartphone, which is nice. The camera can also be used for body recognition.

So the demo they had here is for exercise to help you improve your form.

And his camera can also be used for motion sensing games. So the possibilities are definitely there.

There’s also a separate SWAT panel, which is a supplement display that automatically syncs with the TV and the content that you’re watching on it. So you can switch seamlessly between them. You can control your smart home appliances from there as well.

It’s available in a four inch. So it’s more like a smartphone form factor or a ten point one inch version. So the bigger one is going to give you that tablet view.

So let’s get into what I’m most excited about. And that is the 75 inch cute 91 eight KTV.

The resolution is 76, 80 by 43, 20, which is four times the resolution of four. This is an impressive IPSC LCD panel and it looks fantastic. It’s sharp, has vibrant colors, is bright and has all of the features that you’d expect from a flagship TV like HDMI.

Two point one AK sixty frames per second decoding even AK. Hundred and twenty frames per second emulation with their AAIB software and of course, AK upscaling to make all content look as close to a case possible. Even if it’s tiny DP or Fourcade, it’ll look great on this.

I was concerned about the viewing angle since it’s not an old, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The viewing angles are ultra wide on this. I did not see a significant fall off at all here.

It has an impressive 576 local dimming zones and is powered by the brand new mediatheque AK s 900 chipset. This is going to give the TV the power of real AK concent playback, along with some awesome A.I. upscaling capabilities.

There is an API you built in specifically to handle the AK signal processing, which is able to analyze whatever’s on the screen and improve all parts of the picture, including contrast, color and clarity. So things look very promising for this panel. I also like the design of this TV is very different than what’s currently on the market.

It has this very interesting curved metal framed with decorative bronze colored lines. They went with Navy Blue, which I think is classic in terms of color. And you can see that on the built in sound bar, which is a part of the stand, which is very unique.

The Sound Bar also supports Dolby at most two point one point two. So you’re getting that premium audio. Other things I appreciate are the hidden chord base for cleaner cable management, and they school is backplate for the TV.

The best part about all this is the price. The retail pricing for these super thin W 81 OLAD is 35 99 NCW 81 pro with the secondary display will go for forty five ninety nine.

But the biggest surprise to me is the 75 inch AK model.

This will go for five thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars. To put this into perspective, this is coming in at about 50 hundred dollars less than what competitors did. Last year. So this is great, considering that you’re getting a premium sound bar with the TV and true AK. Playback. I totally get it. AK isn’t for you.

For most people, it still isn’t something that they’re thinking about quite yet. But competition is fantastic. And I welcome it with open arms because the more competition there is, the better it is for you and me.

The tech gets better and the tech is cheaper. So I’m excited to see a Kagle mainstreamed in the home. I have an AK TV at home right now and I absolutely love it, so I can’t wait to try this one out.

So let me know what you think about these TVs from Sky Worth. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

Minimal 49- ULTRAWIDE Desk Setup Tour 2019

Minimal 49- ULTRAWIDE Desk Setup Tour 2019
Minimal 49- ULTRAWIDE Desk Setup Tour 2019

What’s up, everybody? I teamed up with LG to show you the biggest setup that I’ve ever done. Is the perfect ultra wide setup when I’m at home for productivity. And a great large 17 inch display when I’m on the road.

Welcome to my ultimate forty nine inch ultra wide setup desk tour.

And I want to thank LG for sponsoring this episode. First, let’s start with the heart of this setup, and that is the LG Graham, 17, being a longtime Mac user.

I really miss the 17 inch display. And this laptop does it well because the footprint is so much smaller than you would expect for such a big display. It fits inside of my standard backpack perfectly and it only two point nine pounds.

I can’t even feel it in my bag. So with my camera and everything else that I need to put in my bag. This makes a huge difference.

The display is bright and vibrant with a twenty five sixty by sixteen hundred resolution.

So everything looks nice and sharp. Two windows side by side is no problem for the Graham 17. Lots of room for professional applications like the Adobe suite. I also appreciate the port selection.

There’s DC Power, USP 3.0, HDMI and USGBC with Thunderball three, which is a major win, which I’ll show you later on the other side to get two more USV 3.0 ports, a headphone jack and a micro SD card slot.

This laptop did come out earlier this year, but the eighth generation core ie seven processors still has plenty of power.

You can go up to one terabyte of SSD storage and 16 gigabytes of RAM. The keyboard is nice and comfortable and is also backlit and I know some of you will appreciate that number pad on the right hand side.

The track pad is also silky smooth uses precision driver, so it’s nice and responsive with a nice click.

And I also love the fingerprint scanner that’s on the power button, so it’s super easy to sign in with Windows. Hello. The best part is that you can get a great deal on this laptop right now since it’s been out for a little while. So I’ll leave some links down below for you.

You can pick one up at a bunch of different retailers and even at one of my favorite places in the world. Costco seriously is not a joke. Costco is life. If you’re there, check out how lightweight this thing is.

It will blow your mind when I am at home in the office.I want to make sure I have the most power I can get. And with that Thunderbolt report on the Graham 17, I can connect to my AGP you enclosure with the G.T. X 20 80.

Inside that one cable drives the ultra wide display and also charges the laptop at the same time. So it keeps things nice and clean.

This gives me a lot of flexibility because this gives me way more rendering power for video editing over the integrated graphics. Also, this gives me way more gaming power.

So if I want to enjoy ultra wide gaming, I can. This in itself, trust me, is an experience I’m still enjoying. Geer’s five in this setup comfortably lets me play at higher settings at 60 frames per second. I love it.

By the way, if you’re wondering what that stand that the Graham 17 is on, it is the 12th s curve, really solid laptop stand and I think it looks perfect with this setup.

If you’re wondering more about this ultra wide monitor, it’s also made by LG.

If you saw my last ultra wide tour, that was the thirty four inch model and I thought that was big. But this forty nine inch is next level. This has a nice resolution of 51, 20 by 14, 40 with HDR 10 support and it also has a nice curve to it.

So it does feel immersive on the desk. I can comfortably fit three windows side by side and even more if I want to.

Having all of that screen real estate is great because you can easily run multiple programs side by side. Perfect for productivity. With audio and video editing, the built in speakers are surprisingly good. So it works for me.

I usually use headphones when I edit audio, so it’s not a big deal, but I do feel like I need some type of a studio monitor setup.

So if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below so I can include those in my next setup tour.

If you saw my last setup tour, you might have seen this arm already by human scale with the mPower charging station. This monitor is heavy and this monitor arm has no problem holding it up. It has to USACA and a USB port to the desktop to easily charge my phone or peripherals.

This is especially handy when my keyboards and mice need charging just so much easier to do it directly on the desk.

The keyboard that I’m using is the key. Chron key to this compact mechanical keyboard is something that I wanted to try and I’m digging it so far.

I’ve only been using this for about a week. I have the RGV version.

There are a ton of different lighting options which I like. You can just cycle through them to see which one that you like. I did out for the red switches.

I like the way it sounds and feels, but it’s available with the blue and brown switches as well. The layout is nice and I think that this is the best compact mechanical keyboard that I’ve used so far.

I’m using it wirelessly while you can connect to three different computers if you want to, and just switch easily between them with the function. Plus the one, two or three keys. But you can also use it wired and it connects to be a USGBC. So that’s another win.

There’s a four thousand million empowered battery inside, so that’s nice.

It’s a little thick, but I really like it if you are a Mac and P.C. user like I am. They do provide Mac specific key caps in the box. So if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard, then definitely check this out. The mouse that I’m using is the older imex master.

I don’t. Think I need to go over this mouse, since I’m sure that you’re not new to this.

The Imex Master three is out. But these older models are so affordable and I think they’re still great. I may upgrade later, but I’ll stick to this for now. The mouse is great for editing because you can custom map these buttons, control two computers with the same mouse, has great battery life.

I highly recommend it. The desk that I’m using is still the beady eyes central lift.

It hasn’t changed all year because I love this motorized desk. It has that clean white finished with a Saturn etched matte glass top. If you want to know more about this desk, I’ll link my first setup tour of the year so you can check it out because I go into more detail there.

But still, one of my favorite features is the Jaw unit. It has that nomad wireless charger inside the charge, my iPhone eleven pro. This is definitely a feature that I use every single day.

I know a lot of people want to me to do something different besides a Mac setup. So here it is.

I know it’s not a huge change up. I’m still using that awesome human scale nova lamp that’s in the corner. Also, the chair is the same, but I think this is my favorite setup yet.

I want to know what you think about it. I mean, would you use this or would you change it up and go back to the last setup that I had? Let me know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for a lot more setup content like this. And let me know what computer and display combo that you want me to check out next.

HP Envy x360 15- Review- Affordable and Versatile

HP Envy x360 15- Review- Affordable and Versatile
HP Envy x360 15- Review- Affordable and Versatile

What’s up, everybody? Today I partner with HP to share with you my experience of the 15 inch and the X 360 laptop.

This is a two and one convertible, perfect for business and everyday use.

It’s available in a ton of different configurations and starts under six hundred dollars. But you never know when sales happen. So make sure you hit that link down below to check current pricing and configuration options.

Let’s start with the build of the 15 inch N.V. X 360 laptop. It’s a nice metal build.

It feels really solid. It’s easy to open with one finger, so that’s always welcome due to its larger size is a little heavier at slightly under five pounds. But I’ve had no problem putting it in my backpack. So even for students, it’s definitely portable.

The hinges are solid on this laptop. I love the design touches on the back.

The best thing about the two and one form factor is that you can use it like a regular laptop that you contented to watch movies and catch up on your favorite content.

Or you can just lay it flat and use it like a tablet. So the flexibility is awesome, especially if you get the compatible pen. I love that this is a full HD touchscreen, IPN display. It looks nice in laptop mode. There is some wobble when you touch the screen.

So if you want the best touch screen experience, I would suggest a tent mode or using it in tablet mode is not a deal breaker whatsoever.

I don’t use the touchscreen that much, but when I do, I didn’t notice it. The display is brighter than a 13 inch envy that I’ve reviewed earlier this year. So that’s nice to see.

But you still might have a problem seeing this screen outside with the laptop due to the glossy display and the overall brightness. But if you’re primarily using this inside at the office or coffee shops, it definitely does the job.

I watched a few movies on this laptop and looks good for the price point, and it’s nice to have a larger 15 inch display instances eyepiece.

You do get better viewing angles. If you like watching content on your laptop, you’ll be happy with the speakers tuned by being and Olafsson. They are loud. They sound chryst nice and clear highs and mids.

I wish it was a little bit more rounded with some more bass, but I think I’m gonna be really happy with the speakers on the 15 inch x 360 when it comes to ports. You get a nice selection on the left side.

You get a DC in for charging. I do love how HP has slimmed down the power.

Brick is a sixty five watt charger, but it’s nice and portable, which I like. Get a USB three point one port, a power button, ventilation grille and a headphone jack and also a full size SD card slot, which is awesome for content creators on the right side.

You get an HDMI port, another USP three point one port, a USV sea port, which is awesome.

And yes, you can charge the laptop with the USB port and with the USGA and you SBC ports from that side. You can’t charge other devices such as laptops and phones.

There’s also a fingerprint scanner on this model that I have so you can securely log in. It does take getting some use, too, with the positioning, but it works perfectly fine. And there’s also a volume rocker there.

And on some models you might see a webcam kill switch, which is a cool option for privacy.

The keyboard layout includes the number pad on the right side. This is great for business professionals that need this or if you just prefer to have it there. The keyboard is nice and comfortable with soft keys and lots of travel.

It’s a little too soft for my preference, but it’s a comfortable keyboard and trackpad is fairly responsive.

Scrolling works well for everyday use. I do wish it was a tad larger and wider, but I think a lot of people will be happy with this trackpad. There are plenty of power options for the extra 60 lineup. You can go all the way up to the tenth generation Intel processors.

They are HMD rise and options as well. And you can get dedicated graphics up to the imex to 50. So you gonna have to take a look and see which configuration works best for you.

The back is removable with some screws that are hidden behind these rubber bumpers.

But I wouldn’t because most things are not upgradable like RAM. But in terms of performance, I can only talk about the model that I have. And this is configured with the Intel quad core ie seven eighty five sixty five you processor with eight gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabyte M2 SSD, which has nice speed by the way.

So opening applications and overall performance is nice. Everyday use like web browsing or normal computing is no problem. So. Office Suite will work perfectly on here.

This is not meant for gaming, but you can also casually game on the Intel. Six integrated graphics like titles like Overwatched play surprisingly well on this laptop, but don’t expect it to play anything demanding in my testing with everyday use, the laptop has stayed very cool. So heat management is good on this. When you do play games, the fans do ramp up.

It does get a little bit warm, but I’ve never had it to the point where it gets too warm to put on my lap or anything like that.

I haven’t done a lot of demanding things like video editing on here because honestly, for the type of work you’ll need to bump up to a better GP, you. But if you want to do some photo editing or Photoshop or Lightroom on, this is definitely doable in this laptop.

So let’s round this out with battery life. The 15 inch and the X 60 has a fifty six one hour battery and is rated up to ten hours. But I was getting between five to seven hours of usage on mixed usage. Depends on what I had to display at.

So if I kept the display at between 60 and 70 percent, I was able to get about six hours of usage. But the good thing is the laptop charge is very fast.

Would that include a charger? So you’ll be happy with that. So if you’re looking for an affordable two and one and you want that larger fifteen inch display, the HP X 360 lineup could be a good fit.

Make sure you check that link below, because certain configurations make this a really good deal, especially for the performance that you’re getting for that price.

So make sure you scroll through and see if it makes sense for you. And then pick one up if it does. Let me know what you think about this laptop.

And let me know which other laptops that you may take a look at next. And I will see you in the next one.

Huawei Matebook X Pro After 5 Months- Still one of the Best

Huawei Matebook X Pro After 5 Months- Still one of the Best
Huawei Matebook X Pro After 5 Months- Still one of the Best

Today, I want to share with you my long term experience with the war way mate Book X Pro, and I feel like this was a really slept on laptop. It came out in the summer of 2018 and even laptops that came way later in the year.

I just feel I could match the super screen to body ratio. The plenty of power for the form factor. It was also priced competitively for both the entry level in the high end model.

I wish that more people could actually try this laptop because if you tried it, you would absolutely love it.

And the last time that I was at an event with my good friend Joshua Vergara, we talked about the best tech and the best laptop to 2018 and the walkway maple Gex pro came up plenty of times.

So we both got an amazing opportunity to team up together and also to partner with Y way to give you a chance to win a meet for your mate. So there’s got to be two of these up for grabs.

One on my channel and one on his channel. And we both use it for different purposes.

So make sure you go out and check out his perspective. But you definitely need to watch mine first. Stick around it to the end to find out how to win after using this for an extended period of time. I really appreciate just how balanced this laptop is.

First of all, the hardware is incredible. It’s really well-built. It’s compact. It’s portable.

The all metal bill feels really premium. I love that there is a fingerprint scanner and power button combo all in one. And when you started up, it just read your fingerprint at that same time. So when it boots up, you are right and you really don’t appreciate the small things until you just use it again and again and again.

You actually get a USP aiport on the right hand side, which makes things a little bit easier.

And on the left you get to USGBC ports. It also charges through USP and one of the ports is a venerable three ports. So that opens up the possibility with AGP use.

So if you want to play some more Grauwe with the intensive games or you want to crunch out a huge Fourcade edit and not render for days, you can definitely do that with this couple, with that eight generation core ie seven quark or processor.

You can definitely get pro work done and that’s how Josh is using his right now. That’s his workflow. He’s using it for his everyday edits so makes you check out his article and that if you’re interested in this type of form factor in that you could actually extend the power if you want to when you need it.

Definitely. Check out his video. My favorite really is this display.

I mean, look at the bezels or lack thereof. Really the screen a body ratio is crazy at ninety one percent. It’s a really stunning view in this thirteen point nine inch, three thousand by two thousand display is nice and bright at 450 NYTs.

It covers 100 percent of our GDP and I even like that three to two aspect ratio.

And even though I don’t use the touch screen that much, I think it’s really handy to have some time. So it’s nice that it’s there. And this hinges nice and sturdy, too, which really makes the touch experience nice. The Quartz speaker is also really nice.

There’s two on the sides and there’s also two here at the bottom, and it supports Dolby Atmos.

I’m not sure how effective Atlas’s in this type of scenario, but let me tell you, the speakers sound fantastic. Using a laptop is not my first choice when it comes to watching content, but with a screen like this and speakers that have nice range and clarity.

It makes me watch a lot more videos on this. So the overall multimedia experience with the Maple Gex pro is really nice.

I use this laptop mostly for productivity. I write a lot of scripts on this. I do a lot of research on this and I do a lot of typing. So I’m happy to say that this laptop has a nice backlit keyboard on it. Typing is easy. There’s plenty of key travel.

I do like the feedback from me, but if I had one tiny complaint about it is that the keys are a little bit on the mushy side, but overall it’s a nice typing experience.

There is one odd thing about the keyboard, though. On the function key role, you’ll find a little hidden Pop-Up camera in the middle and that is awesome for security and privacy. And I really like the super secret location.

But I do have to say that the one megapixel webcam isn’t the clearest in the view of the camera is kind of unflattering, but it will work when you need to in a clutch situation.

I’m also happy to say that the trackpad has been fantastic. It’s a precision trackpad. It’s really responsive. So that’s my biggest complaint about most Windows laptops is the inconsistency between the track pads.

But this one’s been fantastic so far. Precision for the win when it comes to specs, you’re gonna want to configure how you want it.

I have the higher in a generation core ie seven model here with 16 gigabytes of data or three ram and a 512 gigabyte SSD and the two gigabyte Invidia Imex 150 g.p you.

There is an entry model with the four five eight gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabyte SSD and the Integrated Intel 620 graphics. And that should work for a lot of people. But if you have the money, I would definitely bump up to the higher end model.

There is a fifty seven point four one hour battery and has done extremely well in my usage since I’m not doing a lot of processor intensive or GraphicLy intensive work.

I’m easily getting eight to nine hours everyday from this. So no problem when it comes to battery life. So I feel like the together. I feel like the make look explode.

Nails it when it comes to the ultrabook form factor. When it comes to power, I feel like there’ll be plenty of it for people who are looking for this type of form factor.

I’m glad that while Way was one of the first to go with the Amex 150 for the GP, you, while it’s not the most powerful, dedicated GP you, you can play some light to moderate titles when it comes to gaming.

And if you’re editing easier and less intensive for K video or if you’re strictly editing Tinti P, then you’re gonna be just fine with this.

Gonna be buttery, smooth. And if you’re a photographer and use Lightroom and use Photoshop a lot to edit your photos, then you can definitely going to be fine with this as well, because it’s plain powerful for that.

There will get little warm here on the top. But overall experience on this laptop as a whole has been great. I’ve used plenty of laptops in twenty eighteen, but this is one of the machines that stood out to me is so balanced and ahead of its time. Like I said earlier, it came out in the summer of twenty eighteen and I feel like it’s still a fantastic buy in twenty nineteen specs wise is plenty powerful.

The display is great with super thin bezels. It’s even a touch screen, the keyboard and trackpad or nice. The speakers complement the user experience.

There’s a clean version of Windows here with no bloatware fast Orridge Thunderball three great bill quality and a great price too.

So when you compare this to the competition, the make books process still looks pretty good. I’ll leave a link down below for you to check current pricing because now that it’s been out for a while, you could probably get it at a discount and that’s even more of a win.

And you should definitely pick it up for a discount because this is still a great laptop.

I’m pretty sure this is not the first time they’ve heard good things about this laptop. There’s plenty of other article out there to validate this, and other reviewers love this laptop as well.

So don’t just take my word for it or Joshes word for it even.

We’re gonna give you a chance to try it for yourself. So all the directions for the giveaway will be listed in the comments section below. So good luck. Let me know what you think about the while we make Book X Pro and I’m getting text here.