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Microsoft Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Laptop 3 Hands On

Microsoft Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Laptop 3 Hands On
Microsoft Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Laptop 3 Hands On

What’s up, everybody, And Microsoft blew everyone away by announcing their future foldable lineup. The Surface Neo and the Android Power Surface duo.

I did not see a phone coming, but it looks incredible. But the catch is that these aren’t coming out until the end of 2020. Microsoft wanted to showcase it to get developers on board, which I think is a smart idea.

They announced a surface earbuds, which have some cool features but are kind of designed like a pop socket.

But besides all of that, they did announce the brand new surface lineup, the surface pro seven, the surface laptop, thirteen point five and 15 inch variance.

And these super thin arm powered surface pro X. If you’re in the market for any of these, let me break down the differences between them and compare their features. So you can pick the best surface product for your needs.

The first product is the Surface Pro seven. This is a routine spec upgrade.

The kickstand design is super familiar, has a same beautiful twelve point three inch pixel since touchscreen display with new studio mikes to help pick up voices better. Finally, we get a USP seaport. There is a USP there too as well, along with a headphone jack.

We also get 10th Gen Intel isolate processors, dual core i3 and quad core AI five and seven options with up to one terabyte of storage and upgraded with fast charging. That goes from zero to 80 percent in less than an hour.

So a decent spec bump if you’re a surface pro fan and some new type cover colors, too, which look very nice. These will start at seven hundred forty nine dollars.

The surface pro that I’m excited about this year is the arm powered surface pro X.

This is a full redesign that is extremely thin at seven point three millimeters, has much smaller bezels and has a larger 13 inch touchscreen pixel since display with the new studio mikes. Still, that three to two aspect ratio that makes this familiar to surface users.

You get to USGBC ports, which is great. I feel like one port isn’t enough, so I’m glad there are two here.

The approach on this is different because this surface is built to behave more like a smartphone. The arm chip inside is a modified version of the Qualcomm AC x chip that we saw announced earlier this year called the Microsoft Eskew.

One chip clocked at three gigahertz. This one is beefed up and engineered for performance with the Adreno six. Eighty five EPU and Windows 10 X there is built in gigabit LTE with Nantel SIM and Easom support.

So we’ll be always connected and the battery life will be much better with this model since the power consumption will be lower.

Microsoft is claiming up to 13 hours of battery life, but I can’t wait to get this one in and tested to see if that’s true.

This feels like the surface of the feature. They have a brand new slim pin as well for this model. It’s more like a flat carpenter’s pencil compared to the around existing surface pen.

I’m sure this will be a preference thing on which one will be more comfortable while sketching or planning. And check this out.

There is a hidden housing made for this pen in the new signature keyboard and it wirelessly charges. So that is a double win and that’s not it. There is a removable area in the back where you can remove the SSD so you can upgrade later.

I think this is game changing available in 128, 256 and 512 gigabyte variance when you pick one up.

This for sure is the surface that I’m most excited about, new design. It’s so clean with these beautiful edges. It’s light. It’s then bigger display.

It’s always on, always connected windows, 10x fast charging. So it’s loaded with features available only in matte black. But I think that’s OK. I can’t wait to try this one. I think this is gonna be the winner. This starts at nine hundred and ninety nine dollars.

The surface laptop gets a nice bump up this year. There’s now a choice of either a thirteen point five or fifteen inch models. So I’m glad that there’s a choice for the end user.

The design is updated with super clean lines. There are no breaks anywhere, not even an indent for opening the lid on the body.

There’s no rubber or plastic rim around. Display is so smooth when you open it up.

I think this might be the cleanest laptop designed to date. I love the way it looks. Both at the displays look great. Three by two aspect ratio. Different resolutions, but both 201 PBI. It’s available in four different colors for the thirteen point five inch model.

Platinum, cobalt, blue, black and the new sanshin Finnish. Or for the 15 inch, you get less choices, just the platinum or the black. But you do have a choice of either Alcantara or metal for the keyboard, which is nice.

And this keyboard has one point three millimeters of travel and it’s super comfortable.

So I can’t wait to type on this laptop. The trackpad is bigger this year for me. This is a welcome change. Much larger than the surface pro seven trackpad, which I find to still be a little too small for my taste.

You get one USP A and one USGBC port. I would love to see more ports here.

It would have been nice to have two like the surface pro x surface port on the other side for that quick charging in terms of power. The thirteen point five inch has the tenth generation Intel isolate processors ie five or seven with.

Until plus 950 graphics, up to 16 gigabytes of DDR for ex ram. But the 15 inch is the one that I’m interested in. These are powered by HMD, either Reisen five or Rising seven with either Veiga nine or Veiga eleven graphics, which should be interesting.

You should be able to casually game on this, which I can’t wait to try out.

It does have slower DDR for RAM here at twenty four hundred megahertz, but it goes up to 32 gigs of RAM, so I can’t wait to see what this machine can do. I do appreciate that upgrading and repairing this laptop is gonna be much easier.

Looks like the keyboard plate on the top comes off so you can see all of the components. There should be much easier to repair and upgrade your SSD. It’s going to be pricey, though.

It looks like the highest end with 32 gigabytes of RAM and one terabyte SSD with Reisen goes up to twenty seven ninety nine. But the surface laptop, 13 and a half stars at nine ninety nine and the 15 and starts at eleven ninety nine.

So what do you think of the new surface lineup for twenty nineteen.

I think they are looking solid, the best lineup that they’ve had in a while. But I think the winner here is these surface projects.

This is the modern surface that I’ve been waiting for, but also that 15 inch surface laptop three is calling my name. I’m very curious about the Amidi partnership and their performance. So let me know which is your favorite in the conversation below?

And which one that you’re thinking about picking up. If you want to see more on the dual screen surfaces, the surface neo and the surface duel.

Let me know in the comments and I will do a separate article. These look incredible and I’m sure that we will see some slight changes to these designs before they drop in late 2020.

LG G7 ThinQ- Best New Features

LG G7 ThinQ- Best New Features
LG G7 ThinQ- Best New Features

What’s up, everybody? And today, let’s take a look at the LG G-7 thing. Q I got some early hands on time with it. So let’s talk about everything that you need to know before buying the G-7.

And if you already have a G six, is it worth upgrading or should you stick with what you have when it comes into design?

Not a lot has changed. Still have the metal frame and glass build that’s slightly curved on the back. It feels like any other premium phone out there. Nothing that stands out. Honestly, if I’m going to keep it one hundred here, there’s a fingerprint scanner on the back, which is nicely placed.

I’ve never had any issues with LG fingerprint scanners before.

There’s also a facial recognition mode now, which is also available. So this puts the G7 up to par with other flagships out there in terms of size. Here it is next to the iPhone 10.

It’s taller but narrower than the iPhone. It’s for sure bigger than the Galaxy s nine, but smaller than the Galaxy s nine plus.

So it fits in right in between. It’s very similar to the size of the WhiteWave P 20 pro.

So that should give you a good idea of what the form factor is like. If you plan to pick one of these up, one of the major improvements here is the larger six point one inch full vision display. The LG G six had a five point seven inch display. So that’s a nice bump up.

It is quite HD plus in resolution and it’s a really nice panel. It’s an LCD and not an O lead, but it does have a dedicated white pixel to give you plenty of brightness at 1000. And it’s excellent. Contrasts and colors are great.

The viewing angles are nice. So I’ll give you more of a breakdown when I get one of these in and spend some more time with it.

But yes, there is a notch at the top. They are calling it the new second display, which I’m not sure why there really isn’t any other functionality beyond the Android notification icons. But you can turn this notch off and you even have some flexibility here in Browning, the edges of the display or keeping it flat and even customize the look of the notch area with different colors.

Or just keep it black. So that’s nice. The software is Android eight point no orio. I wish it was eight point one, but it’s running algae’s UI on top.

Not much has changed here, but the one integration that I do like is this dedicated button here on the left side. This is the Google assistant button. So instead of trying to push their own assistant that you, Bixby LG is giving the people Google’s solution, which works perfect in my opinion.

We’ll have to see how many times this gets triggered while using it.

This button is not remarkable in the settings, just in case you were wondering. You get the latest and greatest chipset powering the G-7, the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon eight forty five, and that is paired with six gigabytes of RAM.

So this should make this phone buttery, smooth, and it comes with 128 gigabytes of internal storage. And yes, there is a micro SD card slot.

So you should have plenty of storage to use this as your daily driver with this beautiful screen, media consumption should be top notch, especially because, yes, there is a headphone jack still there with their stellar quad deck, which is an SS Saper deck. So headphone audio is going to be top of the line.

There’s also a single speaker down at the bottom, which they’re dubbing the boombox speaker because they are using the housing of the G7 like an echo chamber to amplify the sound and output of the audio.

When you’re playing audio, you can seriously feel the whole entire phone vibrating in your hand. It’s pretty wild. And it will also have TSX 3D surround sound support. Let me just stop talking. Here’s an example of what it sounds like.

Let’s talk about this plan, here’s I think it’s good, except it sucks. So let me do the plan and that way it might be really good. Wow.

The dual camera setup remains. But he gets a bump up to Deuel, 16 megapixel cameras this year instead of the 13 megapixels found in last year’s model.

The main camera is a 16 megapixel F one point six lens and the secondary is a 16 megapixel F one point nine aperture wide angle lens, which I really love, by the way.

I still feel like that the wide angle lens is very underrated and the front facing camera is eight megapixels with F one point nine aperture. There are two major things with the camera that stand out this year. First, you have the portrait mode on the front and back cameras.

It’s nice that you can change the amount of background blur after you take the shot. And from playing around with it for a few hours, it looks like it’s pretty capable.

So I can’t wait to test this more, especially against other cameras. So thumbs up for a future camera. Comparisons on a channel. The second camera feature is the A.I. that’s built in. It will recognize up to 18 different scenarios and objects so it can take the best picture without you doing anything.

It tweaks the saturation and colors and everything on its own.

The most impressive is the super bright camera mode, where it basically uses super sampling to combine four pixels into one, giving you a brighter picture. In low light, I went into a super dark booth and this picture came out visible, which I couldn’t believe.

So all of these features work without data connection similar to what we always doing.

So I’m looking forward to testing all of this out. What’s also great is that you get all the manual mode features that you loved with the V 30.

So this phone is going to be a beast for beginner content creators. Also, it looks like you can shoot HDR 10 video here as well. So that’s really nice.

The G7 thankyou looks promising with his muted but premium design since his glass of course, will get support for wireless charging and you get IP 68 water resistance.

So everything that you would need from a flagship device. My only major concern is the smaller three thousand million power battery. I hope the optimizations in the chipset and software are enough because I’m afraid that this might be the weak point of the G7, but I will let you know for sure in the full review.

So what do you guys think of the G7 thing? Q I mean, is there enough improvements here? I think if you have a GS six, I think you should be good for another year.

The G7 will be available soon in four colors. The new platinum gray or black Moroccan blue and raspberry rose. It all depends on the carrier.

And there should also be a full on lock virgin coming to the market as well. I hope this hands on gave you a good idea if you want the G7 as your next phone or not.

Huawei P40 Pro Plus 40W Wireless Charger Test and Review

Huawei P40 Pro Plus 40W Wireless Charger Test and Review
Huawei P40 Pro Plus 40W Wireless Charger Test and Review

What’s up, everybody? The long awaited Barway P forty pro plus is now here in my hands. And I know I know it’s all about the monster camera system with this incredible camera array and the true optical tenwick zoom.

And it will be my focus moving forward. But I really wanted to try out this new whiteway 40 watt wireless charger. So I ordered it from eBay. It came a little earlier than I thought.

So I wanted to see how this compares with the 30 watt wireless charging on the one plus apro and the Shadmi meet 10 pro five G. Nothing else comes in.

The pack is just the charger itself. It looks clean and minimal. A decent sized fan inside to dissipate the heat.

And the one thing that I do like about this charger is that looks like it has two main contact points. You can charge at full speed in landscape, which is really great, just in case you want to charge while you’re watching content.

And these other chargers that I’m testing today cannot do that.

So you have to stand it upright while charging all of these phones are draine to zero.

So I’m going to place them on their proprietary chargers to get that full speed. If you use other wireless chargers, you can not get these type of speeds.

Of course, my camera died at this moment, so I had to capture this on my phone. After 15 minutes, the P 40 pro plus has 30 percent, which is really impressive, 20 percent on the one plus a pro, which has been my speed leader in all my other tests.

And the jow me with twenty five percent, which is really great. OK, swap batteries on the camera and after 30 minutes we have fifty one percent on the whiteway, which is great.

So that’s nice. Top up speeds for wireless charging. The one plus apro only at thirty nine percent, which is weird because it’s been faster in my previous videos. But these tests do fluctuate and not every charge is going to be the same.

And on the ME 10 pro 5G, we have 42 percent. So very similar to the one plus when it comes to temperature.

All of these phones are pretty warm at this point, but the whiteway did seem a little bit hotter than the others. And I didn’t have anything to measure this with. So the next time I will definitely do this. But they’re all warm to the touch.

So. Forty five minutes into it, we have seventy five percent on the whiteway P forty pro plus. So is things steady? Maybe it will charge in one hour which would be awesome.

And we have sixty one percent on the one plus a pro so it’s catching up.

And on the meat ten pro we have 60 percent. So neck to neck on the 30 what side. So here we go. The one hour mark. Did the whiteway charge in one hour.

Nope, it did not. It’s really close though and 90 percent still good. Then we have eighty two percent on the one. Plus a proso is steadily catching up. And on the show me we have eighty two percent as well.

So now they are neck to neck. Ten minutes later. Ninety four percent on the Y way. So it’s slow down quite a bit. And on the one plus a pro it is a ninety three percent. So here we go. It’s a race to the finish. And on the meat ten pro we have ninety four percent.

So it has completely caught up to the wall way even with the bigger four thousand five hundred million power battery at one hour and 16 minutes.

Surprisingly, the show me is at one hundred percent full charge. So that is impressive.

So on this test, we will call that the winner and then we will put that down. Check the one plus and it is at ninety eight percent and on the Y way it’s at ninety seven percent.

One hour and twenty one minutes later the one plus eight pro finishes charging and at one hour and twenty eight minutes the P forty pro plus finishes with this four thousand two hundred million up our battery.

And it just didn’t seem right that it would take this long. So what I did is I drain the battery overnight and then I tried the test again in the morning and here is the second run.

After 15 minutes we have thirty one percent. Thirty minutes later we have fifty three percent. Seventy eight percent after forty five minutes. So it’s very similar to the test yesterday. Ninety three percent after one hour. So this run is a little faster.

Checking again at one hour and eleven minutes we have ninety nine percent.

So this is for sure faster than last night’s run. And at one hour and 14 minutes it charges to one hundred percent. So like I said, it varies. This is 14 minutes faster than the first time. So I thought I would include this.

Even though this is not wildly different from the 30 watt charging from the competitors or even their own twenty seven watt charger. I tested with the P forty pro. This is still one of the fastest wireless chargers out there right now.

Let me know if you think the 40 watt wireless charger is worth it. There is a good chance that software will optimize wireless charging with updates so it can improve.

But at this time, it doesn’t look like that extra 10 watts makes a huge difference. But regardless, the wireless charging has progressed so much. And to put it all into perspective, these chargers are faster than the wire charging on the iPhone 11 pro.

So that is a win for a wireless charging. I think we can clearly say that wireless charging is worth it in 2020.

HP Omen 15 Review- Best Gaming Laptop Refresh

HP Omen 15 Review- Best Gaming Laptop Refresh
HP Omen 15 Review- Best Gaming Laptop Refresh

What’s up, everybody? Today I want to share with you my experience of the Ohman 15 gaming laptop when I first saw the pictures earlier this year.

I was really dig in the redesign. Couldn’t wait to check it out. So I’ve been using this for about a week. So let me tell you everything that you need to know if you’re thinking about picking one of these up. If you’re into unboxing, that’s a simple and clean box.

You get some paperwork and some warranty info. You get the 200 watt power break.

I like the rounded design. And of course, you get the laptop itself. Here are the specs of the review unit I have here. I have the tenth generation until I seven model, 16 gigabytes of RAM and an Invidia 2060 for you.

And the display is a 10 ATP three hundred hertz panel. Don’t worry, there are amd the options. I know AMD is kicking a lot of but right now. But for graphics it looks like the 16 60 t’ai is the highest option available. Where would the intel models. You can go up to a 20 70 super.

So keep that in mind if you want the best graphics performance you’re going to have to go into. So let’s start with the hardware.

I really like the minimal look on this redesign and it doesn’t screen gamer laptop, which I appreciate. It’s a matte finish with the new Ohman logo.

This doesn’t light up or anything, but I dig the way that it looks. It’s a combo build. So the top lid portion is plastic and the bottom plate cover is plastic, but the rest is made of metal, so it helps keep it rigid.

So while there is flex on the screen, the keyboard and palm rest feel more robust when it’s closed.

You’ll see that there’s a gap and you can feel the screen flex here and also you can feel it push down on the back. But for those of you that are concerned about this being an issue, I haven’t had any problems with it since.

The screen is not glass. I don’t see it getting damaged at all. And for people that are using this as their only gaming computer and playing on a monitor in clamshell fashion, this gap does allow for better airflow, which makes cooling better, which we will talk about a little bit later.

Plenty of ports here on the left, you have a power port, Ethernet, USP, full size HDMI 2.0, a headphone jack and a full size SD card slot, which is awesome for creators.

Thunderbolt three port on the other side, but you can’t charge with this port. I tried mini display port and two more USV ports to round things out.

The keyboard I have is a four zone RGV, but it is a twenty dollar option to get this and I highly recommend it. The precision trackpad is nice and responsive. And while it’s not the biggest trackpad, I feel like it’s big enough.

The keyboard has plenty of travel and I think a lot of people will be OK with it.

It’s a little mushy for my liking, but it definitely does the job. There is a web cam on the front, which is nice, but I wish there was support for Windows. Hello. That’s my favorite way to sign into a laptop, so hopefully they can add this in the future.

The display is a really nice one. This is a three hundred hertz matte eyepiece panel. I can’t speak on the other display area, but this one is fantastic with nice color accuracy and good viewing angles.

Three hundred hertz is probably overkill, especially with the graphics options that are available, but it makes the gaming experience really smooth. So I highly recommend you upgrading the panel if you have the extra budget.

So let’s get to what you want to know. If you’re into Benchmark’s, here is the Geek Bench five C.P.U score and here is the geek bench compute score. So the twenty 60 does very well here.

Here is the Cinnabon score as well. You can see this is a capable laptop. I have a 512 gigabyte SSD and here are the read and write speeds that might not be enough storage for some of you.

So you can just configure one with a bigger drive or you can upgraded yourself down the line. There’s also an option for a two MDMA rate, zero setup.

So you do have choices. Next, let’s talk about gaming performance. It’s very solid. I like to test Shadow of the Tomb Raider because I feel like this is a great starting point.

Playing this game on the Ohman fifteen is a solid experience. I ran the benchmark on the highest settings and is still getting 80 frames per second average, which is really great.

Would do maternal. I’m getting over 120 frames per second dipping at its lowest around 100. This is a really solid experience on Ultra that 2016 can’t go beyond this setting. But this is very enjoyable on the Ohman fifteen. Last but not least, if you are a call of duty warzone fan, then you will get decent gaming experience on this as well. Here are some of the metrics that I was getting.

I really need to put some more time into this game, but I know once I get into it, I’m not getting out. So I’m trying to be careful when it comes to power.

You do have options through the Ohman command center. When I’m gaming, I use the performance setting. This setting will push the laptop to his limits so the fans will get louder and the laptop will run hotter.

But let me say, I’m really impressed with the cooling system. The fans are large and move a lot of air and the system is robust. So it does cool the system properly.

If you want your experience to be a little quieter, you can use the balance mode. I think a lot of people like this mode.

There is one thing about the fan. It is constantly running.

There’s no way to turn it off completely. You can feel airflow coming out. You put your hands near the laptop and it is on right now is slightly audible. Can you hear it? I mean, it is minor, but it didn’t bother me. But that is something that you need to know about.

So the last thing I wanna talk about is battery life. This has a seventy point nine what hour battery.

I wish the battery was a little bit bigger in this model. I was getting about three hours before he was dying. I would like to see it pushed to four. That would be a little bit better. But a lot of people are just gonna have this plugged in any way when they game to get the maximum performance.

So I’m not sure how much that matters to you. But I’ve definitely seen better battery life on gaming laptops. So overall, I think this is a really solid refresh.

I think Olman is going in the right direction with their laptops. The redesign is clean and minimal, which I appreciate. There are plenty of power choices. And even though that the fans are a little louder, it does cool the laptop properly, which is a big deal for maximum performance.

The Bangin Ohlson speaker system is decent, but the two speakers are actually at the bottom. I always think that the grill is a part of the speaker system, but it’s not.

It’s for airflow. So I would love to see them put a little bit more emphasis on the external audio. But I think if you’re looking for a solid gaming laptop at a competitive price, I think the Ohman 15 is a great choice. I think you’re gonna be impressed.

Let me know what you think about the Ohman fifteen gaming laptop in the comment section below where if you have any questions about it, ask me there and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I’ll leave a link down below so you can play with the configuration.

Galaxy S20 vs S20 Plus Unboxing + Camera Test with TOF

Galaxy S20 vs S20 Plus Unboxing + Camera Test with TOF
Galaxy S20 vs S20 Plus Unboxing + Camera Test with TOF

What’s up, everybody? everyone is talking about the Galaxy s 20 Ultra. But I feel like there isn’t enough talk about the S 20 and the S 20 plus.

So what I’m going to do today is unbox both of these phones, give you a quick breakdown of what’s different and give you a camera comparison between these two.

Because for some reason, it’s highly requested in the comment section of my last article.

So let’s go ahead and get started. The box will show you in the s 20 lettering what color you purchase.

Which is nice, but I’m going to unbox the Galaxy s twenty plus first because this one is special. This is the cloud. White Korean unlocks Snapdragon model. I love this color and I’m not really sure why this wasn’t available worldwide.

You get a white charging brake that matches the color of the phone. And again, like my S 20 ultra unboxing, which you can check out if you want to.

You don’t get a USP A to C transfer adapter. The USP see to see cable is also white standard stuff, but you get white AKG USGBC headphones, which look really nice in my opinion. This version in the top sleeve also came with a nice, thin and clear case. I really, really like this case. It keeps the phone slim and gives it a lip on the top and bottom to slightly protect a screen. When you put it on a surface, face down.

But I wouldn’t expect crazy protection from this case. I’m probably going to use the speaking liquid air case like I’ve been using on my ultra. The S twenty is the same unboxing experience. Nothing new here at all.

In my preorder, though, I was able to request that the transfer adapter for free, which is cool black accessories like we’ve seen for the last couple of years with the 25 watt fast charging brick, but no case included in this top sleeve.

I wish they would have included one, but I do like this baby blue color.

It is a little too muted in my opinion, but is the nicest color that you can get in the U.S.. Before I get to the camera comparison.

Let’s talk about a few things that are different. The most visible is the screen size. The S 20 has the smallest display at six point two inches and the S 20 plus has a six point seven inch display. They are both dynamic and led and also have that awesome 120 hertz refresh rate.

So that all depends on preference on the size. But the S when has the smallest battery at 4000 million hours. But even then, that is a huge battery for a device.

The small and the ESC twenty plus has the bigger four thousand five hundred million power battery.

Both of the ones I have here are powered with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon eight sixty five processor and 12 gigabytes of RAM. They both have five G built in.

But the S 20 only has the port for sub six gigahertz 5G where the ESC twenty plus has support for both sub six and millimeter wave five G. Not a huge problem in my opinion, since 5G is still in its infancy.

Thank goodness I have the Snapdragon models because I have not heard good stuff about the X and those models.

The camera setup is exactly the same on both of these. Besides the time of flight sensor on the S 20 plus model. Both have the 12 megapixel Sony IMX 555 sensor with one point eight microns and f one point eight aperture. Also, there’s a 64 megapixel secondary sensor which will give you a nice high resolution shots if you want to see how this does against the Galaxy s 20 Ultra.

Make sure you watch this video I made because it is a full head to head comparison with all of the images that you’ll ever need to make a buying decision.

Besides that, the cameras really have all of the same features, So no real differences here.

Here are some images that I took side by side. And just like I expected, shots from the main camera look pretty much identical.

I think most people had the question, does the time of flight sensor actually make a difference? And I took a lot of close up shots and life focused shots as well.

And I don’t see enough of a difference to say that you’ll miss it if you’re really into a that time of flight could make a difference. But when it comes to raw image quality, I’m not seeing a huge difference.

I only saw one result where the ESC 20 plus did much better on the life focused shot.

You can see here where it blurred out in between the holes. Very impressive. Where the S 20 miss that there might be some minor differences. So let me know if you see any. But I don’t think it’s enough to worry. I did notice that the metering was different on the S 20 more aggressive when tapping into focus.

It gives way more attention to the brighter lights crushing everything else around it. The shots look the same if you don’t have to focus, though, so no worries. I just didn’t know why the S 20 plus didn’t have the exact same results.

And you can always just adjust the exposure to achieve the same results on both cameras.

So it’s no big deal. So what I’m gonna do is just show you all the remaining camera sample side by side, including night most shots, and let me know if you can see a difference. I hope this article helped you make a buying decision.

Best Budget 4K HDR Projector

Best Budget 4K HDR Projector
Best Budget 4K HDR Projector

What’s up, everybody? I’ve teamed up with Viewsonic to show you their new four KUAR HD projector. And the problem with Fourcade projection right now is that it’s pretty expensive. But this one comes in at a surprising budget price.

So I believe it linked down below for you. So you can check it out and take a look at current pricing. So it’s really nice to see that Fourcade projection is coming down.

And it’s more affordable. I am pretty excited to watch some content on this in four K since it’s four times the resolution of 10 ATP.

So should make a big difference when it comes to projections like this. But what I’m most interested in is how does games? And Falke says we have the X box one X now. And we also have the PlayStation four pro.

So we’re definitely gonna get into some Fourcade gaming.

And this can project up to three hundred inches, which is pretty crazy. I even tried it on my garage wall outside and just projected as big as I can. It definitely works.

So before I get into some gameplay, let me show you some of the features that comes with this budget for a projector. So besides the Fourcade resolution, which is a big deal, this is one of the brightest Falke projectors out right now at thirty five hundred lumens.

So you should be good for daytime use and nighttime use.

But I’m going to demo it here in this room where I think I’m going to set this projector up.

And another great thing is that this has HDR support. So if you’re playing back HDR content, you should get vibrant colors, more contrast and even more detail. This is a DLP projector and you can get up to fifteen hundred hours of lamp life on this.

And while this doesn’t have Wi-Fi built in, it does have a pretty good amount of connectivity on the back. So you have your audio in an audio out.

You have your computer in. You have two HDMI ports, one supporting HD, DCP two point two, and also a HDMI two that supports a DCP one point four.

So you should be all good here. You have a mini USB port and you also have an arrest, two 32 port, which I’m not sure if anybody uses that anymore.

You have a USP five volt one point five amps out and also a 12 volt out and also a Kensington lock on the top. You do have a zoom ring that gives you one point, two optical zoom. And then you have a focus ring here at the top.

Then you have your big power button right here to turn on the projector.

And then you have a bunch of buttons up here if you want to navigate from the projector itself. It does come with a remote included. It’s not the prettiest remote I’ve ever seen, but it definitely works.

And it’s backlit. So let’s go ahead and play some games on it here in four K. I would hook up the X box when X first. Let’s do this.

All right, so I have the X box one X hooked up right now. We’re going to play a little bit of forcer. All right. So right away, I can tell the difference in four K. And actually this 10 what speakers really loud. Let me go and turn this down.

There is a built in speaker here. So let’s go ahead and play a little bit of us a real quick.

All right. I do shoot in 24 frames per second, so you can’t really see what this looks like, but the X box one X supports four K, 60 frames per second. And this is looking buttery, smooth right now. And I don’t really feel a big noticeable gaming input lag at all. While I’m crashing and messing up here, let me see if I can recover. Oh, like a boss. But this is looking really good and it’s feeling really good as well.

So the X box one X test is working here. And I can definitely tell the resolution difference here, though. The four K, I can tell for sure. I did a little bit of tweaking on this profile and I can get a lot of color off of it now. I thought it was a little bit flat before, but now it’s really starting.

Look punchy and you can see the detail on here for sure. So the X box one, X and four is a test. Definitely a go on this.

All right. So I have God of war loaded up right now on the P.S. for Pro. And this is looking stunning on here, man.

Wow, this looks really good. So right now, what I have this out to be is I think that we measured it. It’s about eighty four inches right now on a projection. So for a lot of people, you’re going to meet in here and in one hundred inches.

So this is looking really crispy in four K. This is 10 year old son. You can’t use that built in 10 watt speaker if you want. It actually sounds pretty good, but what the audio inputs back there, I’d probably go with something else. OK. No one I got from you.

Cross this bridge. So here’s an idea of what God of war looks like on this projector, so I think this is also a major go.

All right, guys, so what do you think about the Viewsonic for K, you HD budget projector?

I definitely did spend a little bit more time on this. Watch some more movies on it. Mess around the calibration a little bit more to make a final decision on this. So if you want to see a full review on this projector, let me know in the comments section below or if you have any questions on it.

Also, leave those in the comments section below as well, and I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ll leave a link down below if you want more information on this projector.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 After 2 Months- I Regret Switching

Apple iPhone SE 2020 After 2 Months- I Regret Switching
Apple iPhone SE 2020 After 2 Months- I Regret Switching

I’ve been using this iPhone SC 20 as my primary phone since it launched about two months ago. Then I thought it would be the best way to get a feel of what a 400 dollar iPhone feels like versus the eleven hundred dollar iPhone eleven pro max that I was using prior to this.

I want to talk about all the things that impressed me about the iPhone, Essy, and one major downfall that made me regret the switch and why I’m so glad to be back on this.

Let’s get right into it. OK.

So the biggest thing that I had to get used to is the size of the phone and the size of the display.

It’s refreshing in a way, because it’s so much lighter and more compact in your pocket.

But I find the screen to be a little too small for my liking. Now, if you’re coming from an iPhone eight, this is exactly what you’re used to. And after I used it for a couple of days, I got used to it. But this thick four head and chin combo is really showing its age, but definitely gets the job done even after two months.

I still find it harder to type since I’m so used to a bigger display, but it’s easier to use with one hand. So it depends how you look at it.

When you’re indoors, the display is perfectly fine, but doing in bright sunlight is a bit of an issue. The more expensive iPhones definitely have a brighter screen. The dual speakers are surprisingly good and get nice and loud. But at the maximum volume, it does get a little bit tinny.

But besides that, it’s really solid. Going back to the fingerprint scanner for me wasn’t that bad, actually. It’s still relatively quick once you get used to it, but it did make me appreciate how good face ideas. It’s actually a lot quicker in most instances, and it’s more intuitive.

But I have to admit, it’s so much easier with touch I.D. when wearing a mask.

I really didn’t appreciate this until all this madness happened. What’s great is I didn’t find my daily experience to be much different, and that largely has to do with the power that’s inside of the iPhone s. E.

This has the same A13 processor that is in the more expensive iPhone.

So I found a performance to be very good day to day. I do have to say I think it’s a little bit snappier on the iPhone 11 pro. I did experience a few hiccups here and there and a little bit of stuttering on the iPhone s.E.C.

And I think that has to do maybe with the limited amount of RAM, but for the most part, nothing change.

I was still able to use Apple Pay, which I’m doing a lot more of these days. And the smaller size iPhone S-E made me really appreciate the classic cases like these slim armer see as from the channel sponsors speargun. I loved using this convenient cardholder built into the case, so I don’t have to worry about bringing my wallet with me.

Most of the time this type of case would add a little too much book for me, but this is not the case at all. I found myself using this combo a lot, especially when exercising or going for a bike ride. It just made me fall in love with the case all over again. And the red color just compliments the product red so well.

But you know me, my go to for almost every phone is the ultra hybrid because I’d love clear cases, especially when they show off such a stunning color and as the right amount of grip and gives me the protection I need with the four to five corners and then nice lip around the screen.

And thankfully I’ve not dropped this phone in the two months that I’ve used it.

That’s a record because usually I drop it within the first two weeks, almost every time. So I’m really happy about that. The most exciting part is the perfect match for my airports.

Pro Yes, there is an ultra hybrid for these now. I was super stoked to see these released. This is a beautiful pairing. Let me know what you think about this combo. If you’re interested in picking these up for your iPhone SC, I will leave a link down below for you.

Right now I’m using the neo hybrid. This was my go to case back in the day.

I don’t know if you remember the ones a while ago with the metal frames. Those are my absolute favorites. I love the texture, clash with the grip, but the smooth corners.

This red pops. I really dig it. So follow me on social and I’ll let you know how these cases hold up over time. But so far, so good.

When you look at the big picture, the iPhone SC looks too good to be true.

You get the same power inside as the bigger and more expensive phone. Great bill quality with nice materials like you would expect on an Apple device. I’d be 68. Water resistance. A solid camera on the back with the best Fourcade video on the market.

That is a lot for a four hundred dollar phone. So what are you really sacrificing when you’re using the cheaper iPhone? So let’s talk about the things that I miss the most about going from the best that Apple has to offer to the best value that they have.

I have to admit, I missed having the extra lenses on the back, especially the wide angle.

Sometimes I just wanted that wider field of view or I wanted that extra reach with the two X, and I really found myself missing it.

The digital zoom just isn’t great. But I guess that if you’re used to just one camera, then you’ll never know what you’re missing because you never had those cameras.

So I guess this complaint is moot. I am going to say that there’s only one camera on the back, but it’s a damn good one.

And I think most people will be very happy with it. The images are full of dynamic range with smart HDR. You even get portrait mode with just one lens. Even though it’s limited to just people. But at least you get that option and you get pretty much the best for K video.

You get on a smartphone still with up to four case 60 frames per second, which is great, but you do lose that extended dynamic range where on the more expensive iPhones, they have that.

But I’m betting a lot of you will not care in this price point. If you’re wondering how the latest SC compares to the iPhone eight in photos, I did a full camera comparison between the two. So make sure you watch that.

It really shows how much the processor and image processing makes a difference since the camera is basically the same hardware as the iPhone eight. The low light, though, suffers because it doesn’t have a built in nite mode. I really wish that Apple would have included this, but overall for a budget iPhone camera, it delivers above the quality that you would expect. So the camera is solid.

So I said in the beginning of the video that there was one major downfall with my experience and that unfortunately is battery life.

This phone, regardless of optimization, has a small eighteen hundred and twenty one million power battery because of the small size. I know battery life is subjective and everyone uses their phone differently.

But here is my breakdown of my experience with the battery with the iPhone essy in the last two months. I wirelessly charge it every night, which was super convenient. Got to give credit for that being in there for a budget phone.

If I use the phone moderately, I can make it through the entire day.

Phone would die around eight or nine p.m.. I think a lot of that has to do with the screen brightness. Most of the time I had to keep this phone on 100 percent brightness for me to enjoy it. I did some tests where I lowered the screen brightness to 50 percent. And while that wasn’t a great experience, I did get much better.

Battery life. Where I struggled was on days where I was on social media more because I released a video or using a camera more that day because I went out with the family.

In these cases, the phone would die around three or four p.m.. And since I’m a heavy user.

This really affected my experience. So I ended up topping up a lot of times during the day where I was really conscious on what my battery life was like before I left the house where with my iPhone 11 pro Max, I didn’t have to.

And some days it was just really frustrating. To be fair, this is not really a good comparison because the iPhone SC is so much cheaper than the iPhone eleven pro Macs, but even other Android phones within this 400 dollar price point have better battery life.

So if you’re going to buy this phone, just make sure you carry around a battery pack with you.

Hey, it might not be a big deal for some because you’re used to doing this on your current phone. But for me, ultimately, this is what made me regret switching to the iPhone AC, even though I had to for the two months I was dedicated to sticking to this phone.

But it was a really big deal for me. So I want to know, is battery life a deal breaker or do all of the other awesome features make up for the lack of battery life? Let me know in the comment section below. I’m really curious.

So in the end, the iPhone essy 2020 is literally the best value Apple has. Period.

And yes, you have an older rehashed design. And it does look outdated for smartphones today. But the core stuff, for the most part outside of the battery life is met with a fantastic camera that creates great photos, that has the best Fourcade video on the market.

And the fact that you will get software updates probably for the next three to four years or even beyond is crazy, especially with the newly announced Iowas 14. This phone will even get all of those features. The appeal of this phone is real.

This is perfect for your kid’s first phone. This is also a great budget option for the entire family, or this is the perfect smartphone for a person that doesn’t want all the bells and whistles, but just wants their phone to work well. So let me know.

Do you have an iPhone S.E? And what is your experience like? And has it been similar to mine or is it totally different? Let me know in the comment section below.