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OnePlus 7 Pro Camera vs OnePlus 8 Pro Camera

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera vs OnePlus 8 Pro Camera
OnePlus 7 Pro Camera vs OnePlus 8 Pro Camera

there’s a lot of people that are stacking up the 8 Pro versus the flagships out there and that’s cool and I have one coming too but I want to

show you guys if the 8 Pro is worth upgrading to over the 7 Pro when it comes to the cameras there are a lot of improvements when it

comes to the Pro in terms of hardware in the entire package but I want to see how good the pro camera is versus the older one so

let me know which one sounds better to let me know what video looks better and then we’re gonna test this in all types of lighting conditions to see if the

8 Pro is worth upgrading to let’s do this before we get started let’s talk about the testing process all of the photos were taken on auto mode with Auto

HDR on I know there is a pro mode on both of these phones so if you have the time to dial in that perfect shot you have that choice

but the auto mode is what most of the general public will use so I feel like this represents the averages are best one of the biggest differences I saw right

away is the white balance the new one plus a pro generally lands cool on white balance during the day while the 1 plus 7 Pro favors the warmer tones

so this will be a preference thing for sure most of the shots I prefer on the 8 Pro and then some I prefer on the 7 Pro but the

7 Pro heavily over saturate sometimes so I’m glad that that part has been toned down on the pro, for the most part, the white balance does go back

and forth so it’s not a golden rule but for the majority of the images that’s what I noticed next thing is the dynamic range the 1 8 Pro is showing

a nice improvement overall if you look at the sky in cloud detail the highlight control is better but what I’m surprised to see is that the sky color

is oversaturated on the pro versus the 7 Pro the older phone has the more accurate sky representation so I would like to see one fix this in a

future software update the 8 Pro has a larger sensor so you’ll notice a nice depth of field difference some shots you will love this there are some advantages

of the smaller sensor though if you look at this lock shot the 7 Pro gets a lot more of the subject in focus while the depth of field isn’t

as great it produced a better picture in this scenario in this flower shot you can see the depth of field difference but the seven pro gets more of

the plant in focus but the pro has that handy macro mode that the 70 has and you can look how close you can get it’s incredible there’s so

much detail up close a huge improvement overall is on the sharpness on these images side by side in most scenarios the 8 Pro creates the much sharper image

and is very noticeable especially in the portrait mode shots is not that the 7 Pro does a bad job there’s just more detail on the pro another

thing is that there’s an option of capturing a 48 megapixel shot in Auto without going to pro mode on the new 8 pros and if you crop in you

can see better detail all around some of the images the difference is very noticeable with less noise in much better detail while some of the images don’t show drastic

changes but the reason why I’m showing you one thousand percent scaled crops is to show you what improvements are happening not because I expect you to crop in this

heavy but it is an option for reframing and what’s great is that 48 megapixel is also available on the wide-angle as well on the pro where you

don’t have that on the 7 Pro so if you want pure resolution the 8 Pro is the way to go this is a nice upgrade in some shots you

can see a drastic improvement and the 8 Pro is a no-brainer upgrade but sometimes the 7 Pro just produced a better shot and it did have me scratching my

head while I was editing this I mean the contrast level might be a little bit too heavy on the 7 Pro for a lot of people but sometimes the

7 Pro just produced a sharper and more pleasing shot the good thing is that this isn’t the majority so I wouldn’t worry about it when it comes to the

skin tone overall in the front-facing camera it looks like the 8 pro is the one bumping up the skin brightness when it comes to brighter conditions like outdoors but

when we go inside the pro seems to have better balance overall where the 7 Pro seems to brighten the skin heavily so it depends on the scenario I

think the 8 Pro is a little too dark and I think that the 7 Pro is a little too bright especially on the hair so I would love to

see one plus update the cameras to give me something that’s in the middle of these two let’s talk video 4k 60 frames per second is the top end on

both of these phones which is fine aka is cool

but in rec 601 which is odd but it does fix the colors on the pro it’s way more natural with better balance all around and while it’s jerky

during recording, you do have the ability to change to the wide-angle camera and also to the telephoto camera for more flexibility where you have to choose the focal length

before you hit record on the 7 Pro also improvements in stabilization are noticeable as well on 4k video I didn’t realize how rocky the 4k video was on the

1 7 Pro until I was editing this the pro has the newer optical image stabilization and electronic stabilization working together which makes a big difference as you can

see they do both have super stabilization mode so I enabled them both it does drop it at 1080p but it makes the footage so much more stable while running

the pro is noticeably better though way smoother all around so nice upgrades here in stabilization so let’s get to the low-light performance which is one of the things

that I wanted to 7 Pro to be better at and I’m happy to say that the low-light performance overall is better on the pro the biggest differences that

you will see here white balance and sharpness this whole thing does a flip-flop where the 7 Pro is now landing cooler and the 8 pros are now landing warmer

this will be a preference thing yet again but I’m going to say that the pro was more accurate when it comes to the actual environment but neither

of them nailed it I’m going to say this again if one plus gave us something in the middle of these two it would be perfect in almost every shot the

a pro is sharper and has more detail all around the nightscape shots on the 7 Pro helped with sharpness because the main shots are especially muddy outside

of the focus area when it gets even darker you can see how softly 1 7 Pro is and then when you crop in heavily you can see the

a pro has noise in much better detail also that extra detail doesn’t sacrifice on noise level either the 1 8 Pro does a great job of controlling noise in

comparison to the seven pro look at the difference here on the crop it’s a major jump look at the window to the dynamic range is so much better you

can even see the ceiling detail in the room there is that random occurrence where the seven pros will take a better shot but it’s 99% unlikely this is a

definitive upgrade when getting the 8 Pro Way more decisive than the daytime shots so I’m giving this a total win to the one plus a pro from landscape even

to the portrait mode shots in the dark the pro just crushes it you’re going to get a lot of that not enough light error on the 7 Crowe

where you don’t get that on the 8 Pro same goes for a nighttime 4k video the colors are just so saturated without color conversion on the 7 Pro where

you can see more natural colors right off the bat with the 8 Pro the bigger sensor shows here by letting in more light and capturing more detail dynamic

the range is better on the harsher lighting conditions and this end shot shows the improvement in light capture this is night and day while it’s not the sharpest video

that I’ve seen the 8 Pro is a huge improvement over the 7 Pro in a nighttime video the last thing to talk about is the night time selfies and the 1

plus 7 Pro does have an advantage because it is much wider I prefer that but when it comes to the images themselves I prefer the 1 plus 8

Pro I have to say they are not the best front-facing cameras out on the market right now some of them just look pretty terrible but on portrait mode and

regular shots the one plus a pro does look better so after all of that should you upgrade to the 8 Pro if you have a 7 Pro right now

on comparison alone with the improvements all-around in dynamic range sharpness and detail, I would say yes I think this is a nice upgrade from the 7 Pro the

70 might be a little bit different but if you have a 7 Pro now and one a better camera experience go for it I think this is a certified

win but on the flip side of that coin if you don’t have any complaints about the performance of your 7 Pro I will stick with it I think the

the biggest upgrade here is the night performance it’s big enough to call it a generational leap if you’re looking for a new one plus phone and can afford

iPhone 8 Camera Test & iPhone SE (2020) vs

iPhone 8 Camera Test & iPhone SE (2020) vs
iPhone 8 Camera Test & iPhone SE (2020) vs

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’m doing the camera comparison between the iPhone 8 then the new 20/20 I phone se so I know there’s gonna be
a lot of people out there that have an iPhone 8 and even though that the se 20/20 looks like the iPhone 8 there are some nice improvements especially in
the processor so I want to see what the 813 actually does for the SE and see if this camera is any better and worth an upgrade over the iPhone
8 series let’s go ahead and check this out and see how this camera stacks up pretty curious Wow what about that audio difference I forgot how much the audio
has been improved since the iPhone 8 series so that is noticeable right away doing this comparison test it made me realize how well the iPhone 8 held up overtime
during the day it keeps up well with the new iPhone se and this is what I expected but there are some key improvements so let’s go ahead and break
those down a first big noticeable difference in the picture quality is a dynamic range the 813 processor shows that leap with smart HDR consistently there is more cloud detail when you
are taking landscape shots the highlight preservation is better with less clipping and in direct sunlight, you can see how much better the new site is handling dynamic range so
this alone I think is a major leap between the two generally speaking after looking at about a hundred or so pictures side-by-side the iPhone 8 tends to process with
more contrast while the iPhone se 20/20 brightens up the image with more shadow detail this can make shots of greenery a little nicer out of the camera on the
iPhone 8 and this is going to be a preference thing for sure but I’d rather have extra dynamic range and detail coming out of the iPhone SE and add
some contrast later but this is a pure auto test so let me know what you think I don’t blame you at all for liking some of these iPhone 8
pictures better but even though sometimes I do prefer the iPhone 8 just look at how much sharper the s East pictures are looking at this rope here you can
see every fiber where on the 8th it’s nowhere near as detailed so the improved processing will sure give you the better shot over 90% of the time so
on this alone think it’s worth to jump with people and skin tones much haven’t changed again beside the contrast level but you do get an advantage with the SE
over the iPhone 8 because you can do portrait mode even with a single lens which I think is nice just like the iPhone 10 are done before sometimes it
can brighten a little too much like here but it does look good with decent edge detection it even got in between my son’s arms here in the shot
but just like the 10r, you can’t take portrait mode pictures of objects which is a bummer because with third-party apps you can do this so I hope Apple
adds this in with the future or software update same with the front-facing camera you can do portrait mode with selfies where you can’t do that with the iPhone
eight skin tones do go back and forth but overall I like the S II better on the balance with skin brightness and contrast their portrait mode isn’t bad either
so if you want this feature and you do have an iPhone 8 this is something to consider that is a quick breakdown but let me know what you guys
think of the daytime pictures overall sometimes the white balance does go back and forth but for the most part, they are both consistent for some it might not look
wildly different but when you do a 400% scale crop you can see the detail difference here just look at that leaf during the day the new iPhone SE
for sure takes the win when it comes to 4k video they can both shoot 4k 60 frames per second this is how far the iPhone 8 was it was
ahead of his time with this feature but this is 4k 30 frames per second that you’re seeing now you can see that extended dynamic range on the new
iPhone se 20/20 you do lose this feature when you go into 4k 60 frames per second and that is a bummer but look at that dynamic range difference in
the sky there but the Sun peeking through is night and day difference, in my opinion, another one on the video side is the stabilization you can see that
in this handheld walking shot that the iPhone se 20/20 is so much more stable, you can see the bounce in the iPhone 8 where these is less
pronounced and smoother all around and again you can see that nice improvement in dynamic range here let’s get to the low-light performance what I was most curious about and
let’s get this out of the way you don’t get night mode on the new iPhone SE and night mode recently only made it to the iPhone so you won’t
see this on the iPhone 8 but I am glad to say that there are some nice improvements even without night mode the same thing

Wireless Charging Speed Test iPhone SE (2020)

Wireless Charging Speed Test iPhone SE (2020)
Wireless Charging Speed Test iPhone SE (2020)

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today we’re going to do the ultimate iPhone wireless charging test the new $399 iPhone SE is out now and some of you
might not know that wireless charging is included in this more affordable iPhone so it’s a perfect time to test it with the rest of the iPhone lineup the only
one not here is the iPhone 10 R but the iPhone 11 has a similar battery size so we can use those numbers if you have a ten are all
of these phones are currently drained at 0% and I’m going to put these on the wireless chargers and start the timer now it usually takes a little while to
get these up and running during this test I wanted to make sure that the phones were on all of them were connected to Wi-Fi all have SIM cards inside
of them and also getting notifications because this is how we charge phones in the real world and I wanted the results to be accurate the Wireless charges that I’m
using for this test is from the video sponsor Ankur if you’re looking for a quality wireless charger that won’t break the bank these are it they’ve been making quality
wireless chargers for a very long time all of the charges used here will give any of these iPhones full charging speeds up to 7.5 watts super easy to use
just lay your phone on top and just like that you’re topping up anchor has a ton of wireless chargers to fit your needs from the simple single charger to
the dual charger you see here that can charge two devices at the same time which is perfect for the bedside overnight with some air pods on the second side
the stand is nice for desk setups and I like this one with two USB ports on the back so I can charge other devices at the same time if
you don’t use an iPhone that’s ok too these Chargers are compatible with Android phones as well so I’ll leave a link down below for you if you’re interested no
reason to overpay for the convenience of wireless charging after 15 minutes we have 15% on the iPhone so we have 7% on the iPhone 11 Promax 10% on the
iPhone 11 pro which is not bad and now 5% on the iPhone 11 after 30 minutes the iPhone SE is at 25% so based on this it should take
about two hours or so for a full charge let’s see if that’s true we have 16% on the iPhone 11 pro max so I’m wondering how long this will
take to fully charge the iPhone 11 Pro has 19 percent and the iPhone 11 is now up to 16 percent so now you have an idea what a 30
minute Wireless charging session will give you on these iPhones now let’s go ahead and jump to every 30 minutes after 1 hour 44 percent on the iPhone se almost
half 29 percent on the iPhone 11 Pro max iPhone 11 Pro at 34% and the iPhone 11 also at 34 percent right around the hour-and-a-half mark the iPhone SE
is at 64% the iPhone 11 Pro max is now at 43% so that almost four thousand milliamp-hour battery is slow to replenish here wirelessly the smaller iPhone 11
pro with the bid over 3000 milliamp hours is now at 50% and now 51% on the iPhone 11 which has a slightly bigger battery so it’s taking the lead
here out of the 311 series phones at two hours the iPhone SE has 77% charge this is surprising with a very small 1821 milliamp-hour battery 56% on the
iPhone 11 Pro max 65% on the iPhone 11 Pro and 67% on the iPhone 11 two hours and 30 minutes in 88 % still on the iPhone se so
that 2-hour estimate that I had was wrong 68% on the iPhone 11 Pro max 78 percent on the iPhone 11 Pro so only 10% behind the S
II which is interesting and the iPhone 11 now at 84% which is almost as fast as the iPhone SE and has a much larger battery so this is very
weird but interesting 3 hours in we have 98% on the iPhone se so we are almost finished here the iPhone 11 Pro max at 81% iPhone 11 at 90%
so all these numbers are getting closer together and the iPhone 11 at 94% so we’re almost there I kept checking every five minutes or so but it took three
hours and 18 minutes to fully get the iPhone set to 100% so that is the first iPhone to finish so we can put this to the side now at
about 3 hours and 32 minutes the iPhone 11 finishes to 100% this is not too bad for the size of the battery in comparison to the SE 3
hours and 43 minutes later the iPhone 11 Pro finishes to 100% charge and I checked back at four hours and the iPhone 11 pro max is still at 98%
then finally at four hours and 11 minutes the iPhone 11 Pro max reaches 100% so this test shows that no matter what the size of the battery is
the iPhone seems to charge at a consistent speed in the beginning and trickle charges at the end probably great for battery longevity but surprised at the speed of the

iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera &One Plus 8 Galaxy

iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera &One Plus 8 Galaxy
iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera &One Plus 8 Galaxy

what’s up everybody this is Danny and it’s a beautiful day I hope everyone is staying safe out there today I’m going to be doing a camera comparison between the

brand-new one plus a pro I’m gonna stack it up against the Samsung galaxy s 20 altra Samsung’s best and then we’re gonna throw the iPhone 11 Pro Macs in

the mix so let me know which video looks better it looks like the iPhone has the best crop out of all of them’s the widest but they all seem

to be looking pretty good right now let me know which microphone sounds better to let me know what looks better and then we’re gonna test out these cameras in all

different kind of lighting conditions I’m gonna limit in my time out so there’s not gonna be as many photos and videos but we’re gonna still get in-depth and we’re

gonna see if the one plus 8 pro is the camera to get this year so let’s get started all of these images were taken in auto mode because I think it

represents the average user best no edits made to the photos whatsoever the one plus and Samsung phones do have a pro mode built-in so if you have the time

to adjust for that perfect shot you can wear the iPhone does not do that without third-party software let’s start with the daytime pictures it’s no surprise but they all

take excellent photos during the day and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all in any of these phones all are sharp full of detail and dynamic range but

after looking at almost 200 pictures side-by-side here are some key differences that I noticed almost every shot shows the difference of the way that these cameras expose the overall

scene the iPhone 11 probe max usually ends up with the brightest overall image which I think a lot of people appreciate straight out of the camera but sometimes it

does backfire on the iPhone here it messed up the overall exposure but just like any other camera comparison this will be a preference thing for sure the dynamic

the range is great on all three but sometimes smart HDR on the iPhone handles the bright areas better with less clipping just look at my shoe and the detail here

on the toe box area, the other two cameras just completely clip this portion when it comes to things like greenery Samsung ends up with the more contrasty image which

I know some people will love but in some scenarios, the one plus eight ends up with the heavy contrast so let me know which one that you think looks better

a noticeable difference between the one plus and Samsung phones and the iPhone 11 pro max is the natural depth of field that you get without special modes due to

their much larger sensors look at the building behind the tree the win those are much more visible with the iPhone one plus and Samsung I would say are closer

in terms of processing style but after the new updates on d1 plus a pro I like the shots better in a lot of scenarios compared to the s20 ultra

even with the bigger sensor I like the focusing better take a look here it’s blurry with the s20 ultra from the same distance it does go back and forth

though look at the edge of this flower on the ultras image it’s sharper from this distance

but when you get closer the one plus does a better job with fringing the iPhone having that smaller sensor though just handles this like a boss with the best edge

the detail and even though you don’t get that insane background separation it doesn’t suffer from the same issues here’s another example I would say the iPhone 11 pro has the

the best shot here which is incredible because this is the oldest phone out of the bunch the closer you get the fringing gets worse on the one plus and Samsung but

one plus does have that excellent macro mode so you can get super close and look at how much detail there is there so with one plus you have that option the

colors are generally great on all three phones but the one thing that I noticed is that the one plus is still suffering from the magenta or pink cast over the

picture in certain scenarios if you look you can see it in the whites like the clouds here in certain scenarios it’s noticeable like here where there is actually

pink in the building itself it’s not a deal-breaker because in a lot of scenarios it is nowhere near as pronounced or you don’t even see it at all

but I hope they improve this with more software updates in the future when it comes to straight detail out of the auto mode they are all extremely sharp and

full of detail even when cropping in with 400% scale and then moving on to 1000% scale the detail is great on all three but the one plus 8 pro

has a 48-megapixel mode on the main and wide-angle camera which is fantastic it is not as wide as the other two cameras I wish it was a little

a bit wider but then when you crop in you can see the difference that the 48 megapixel makes just look at the building the doors are still clearly visible

on the one plus a pro, they all have nice wide-angle cameras though which I love but the Samsung is the best in the business in my opinion here is a

comparison of the galaxy s 20 ultras monster 108-megapixel mode on the main sensor versus the one Plus is 48 megapixel and the apples 12 megapixels the one plus holds

a fairly well but it’s no match for the Samsung we’re in the trees and the water the details are incredible so for high-resolution shots Samsung is still boss

in this picture look at the skater shot, of course, I didn’t want to get too close but that 108 megapixel shows the details of the Gator it’s incredible

all three phones have zoom options but they are all different the iPhone is limited to 2x telephoto and 10x digital zoom where the one plus has 3x telephoto and 30x

digital zoom which looks pretty terrible in my opinion the galaxy s 20 ultra does have up to a hundred times zoom which I wouldn’t use because it looks like

an oil painting but here’s a case scenario where the very usable 5x zoom shines on the ultra look at the amount of detail here just so good the zoom

goes to the ultra because even the 10x is very very usable portrait mode is nice on all three but here the iPhone miss where my daughter decided that

she wanted to use her middle finger to point at something not sure where she gets those tendencies from the iPhone here again messed up the shots so not sure

what happened here I took this picture a few times to make sure it wasn’t user error the background separation and edge detection is great on all three but with

the galaxy s 20 ultras if you don’t tap to focus before taking a live focus shot sometimes this can happen where the subject is soft and exposure is off

but I like the one plus a pro best here best overall exposure with the best balance for the scenario with the rear camera I like the skin tones and

exposure on the one plus better but when it comes to the front-facing camera I love the galaxy s 20 ultras at the best Samsung stepped it up this

the year I might go out on a limb and say that I think Samsung flagships have the best overall front-facing camera so far I’m not a huge selfie taker

so I wish I didn’t have to take them as much but I do this for you guys because I know selfies are super important to a lot of people

so I’m curious to see which one that you guys prefer in the comments section below

I’m running as fast as I can and you can see how smooth the one plus and s20 altra is and the iPhone is just a bouncy mess so I hope

we see something from Apple side on this very soon let’s jump into the low-light performance this one is a little bit tough because this one is going to

be a preference based but the one thing that is clear in low-light is dealing nighttime selfies the s20 ultra showing that it has the best front-facing camera even at

the night mode is something else and even though it can over exaggerate like this the sharpness and detail just cannot be overlooked here is another example of

just super terrible lighting but when that night mode kicks in to look at that sharpness it just doesn’t even compare so the ultra takes this one for sure when it

comes to the nonnight mode shots besides the white balance changes it doesn’t look too different until you start cropping in to see what’s going on the iPhone has

the noisiest shot which makes sense because it has the smallest sensor and sometimes the ultra does produce the cleaner and sharper shot but most of the time the one plus

a pro is the one creating the cleanest shot with the best noise reduction in detail at 4 times crop they don’t look super different besides the iPhone but at

1000% scale you can see the noise and detail difference the one plus is better here’s a street shot of a car and from first glance, it doesn’t look much

different but 400% scale look at the light source and the windshield and you can see how much cleaner the one plus shot is and then at 1000% scale you can

see it now so kudos to one plus on this improvement in-camera processing where the iPhone takes a hit is in wide-angle camera at night in moderate

low-light it isn’t terrible but when you get into low-light situations it is awful it’s soft and full of noise there’s no night mode on the iPhone wide-angle camera so

it hurts because you don’t get a chance to get a better shot like you do on these other cameras the galaxy s 20 ultra has the best performing wide-angle

even without night mode is sharper and has more detail and then you kick in that night mode and you can see the detail difference in the ultra shot

a lot of these shots I took one with night mode and one without the biggest thing is the way that they handled the changes in between sometimes there’s a

huge white balance change and saturation levels just go wild especially on the galaxy s 20 ultra one of my complaints about the s 20 alters night mode is sometimes

it processes with the heavy green tint it doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it looks weird I get flack for this all the time and I’m

sure I’ll get it again but I still think that the iPhone has the more natural approach to night mode all of it looks fake to a certain extent but

I think that one plus does a better job then the ultra most of the time when it comes to temperature change difference and saturation levels a lot of times

the ultra tends to over saturate too much and lean towards the warm side the one plus does this too don’t get me wrong but the ultra does this a lot

more and when it happens it can be a little too much but let me know which one that you think looks better in the comment section below because they

all have their funky traits so none of them are perfect when it comes to nighttime video the dynamic range looks to be higher on the iPhone but the green

tint on the iPhone is picking up way too heavy and it’s fairly noisy the Galaxy S 20 ultra has the right color but the video is also super soft

and is the noisiest out of the three the one plus has the best detail and contrast out of all three here you can see it on the tree impressive

the nighttime video even walking you can see a clear difference so the nighttime video is a go on the one plus a pro so that’s about it all of these camera comparisons

are just nitpicking the differences at this point because they’re all so good but here are a few takeaways the iPhone keeps up extremely well for being older but it

needs a night mode for its wide-angle camera the ultra is getting better with software updates but the night mode needs tweaking and the night video also really needs

some work the one plus a pro has gotten so many software updates to prove the camera and it’s working big-time I would love to see a reduction in that magenta

cast in the photos but it’s the best camera that one plus is ever released and it’s impressive so if you’re worried about the one plus a pro not having a good

camera don’t be because they improve this year and when you consider the price of the one plus it’s the cheapest out of the bunch so to me it’s the

the best deal in terms of the camera out of the three thank you for watching I hope this helped you make a buying decision let me know if this is

enough to buy a one plus a pro or are you sticking with the

Wireless Charger Review Huawei P40 Pro Plus 40W

Wireless Charger Review Huawei P40 Pro Plus 40W
Wireless Charger Review Huawei P40 Pro Plus 40W

what’s up everybody this is Danny and the long-awaited Huawei P 40 Pro plus is nowhere in my hands and I know I know it’s all about the monster
camera system with this incredible camera ray and the true optical 10x zoom and it will be my focus moving forward but I wanted to try out this new
Huawei 40 watt wireless charger so I ordered it from eBay it came a little earlier than I thought so I wanted to see how this compares with the 30
watt wireless charging on the one plus 8 Pro and the Xiaomi me 10 pro 5g nothing else comes in the package just the charger itself it looks clean and minimal
a decent sized fan inside to dissipate the heat and the one thing that I do like about this charger is that it looks like it has two main contact
points so you can charge at full-speed in a landscape which is great just in case you want to charge while you are watching content and these other chargers that
I’m testing today cannot do that so you have to stand it upright while charging all of these phones are drained to zero so I’m going to place them on
their proprietary chargers to get that full speed if you use other wireless chargers you cannot get these type of speeds, of course, my camera died at this moment so
I had to capture this on my phone after 15 minutes the p40 Pro Plus has 30% which is impressive 20% on the one plus a pro which has been
my speed leader in all my other tests and the Xiaomi with 25% which is great okay swap batteries on the camera and after 30 minutes we have 51
percent on the Huawei which is great so that’s nice top-up speeds for wireless charging the one plus a pro only at 39% which is weird because it’s been faster in
my previous videos but these tests do fluctuate and not every charge is going to be the same and on me 10 pro 5g we have 42 percent so
very similar to the one plus when it comes to temperature all of these phones are pretty warm at this point but the Huawei did seem a little bit hotter than
the others and I didn’t have anything to measure this with so the next time I will do this but they’re all warm to the touch so 45 minutes
into it, we have 75% on the Huawei P 40 pro plus so it’s staying steady maybe it will charge in one hour which would be awesome and we have
61% on the one plus a pro so it’s catching up and on the meet 10 Pro we have 60% so neck-to-neck on the 30-watt side so here we go
the one hour mark did the Huawei charge in one hour nope it did not it’s close though at 90 percent still good then we have 82% on the
1 plus a pro so is steadily catching up and on the Xiaomi, we have 82% as well so now they are neck to neck 10 minutes later 94% on
the Huawei so it’s slowed down quite a bit and on the one plus a pro it is at 93% so here we go it’s a race to the finish and
on me 10 Pro we have 94% so it has completely caught up to the Huawei even with the bigger 4500 milliamp-hour battery at 1 hour and 16
minutes surprisingly the Xiaomi is at 100% full charge so that is impressive so on this test we will call that the winner and then we will put that down
check the one plus and it is at 98% and on the Huawei, it’s at 97% one hour and 21 minutes later the one plus 8 pro finishes charging and at 1
the hour and 28 minutes the p40 pro plus finishes with this 4200 milliamp-hour battery and it just didn’t seem right that it would take this long so what I
did is I drain the battery overnight and then I tried the test again in the morning and here is the second run after 15 minutes we have 31% thirty
minutes later we have 53% 78 percent after 45 minutes so it’s very similar to the test yesterday 93% after one hour so this run is a little faster checking
again at 1 hour and 11 minutes, we have 99 percent so this is for sure faster than last night’s run and at 1 hour and 14 minutes it charges
to 100% so like I said it varies this is 14 minutes faster than the first time so I thought I would include this even though this is not wildly
different from the 30 watts charging from the competitors or even their 27-watt charger I tested with the p40 Pro this is still one of the fastest wireless
chargers out there right now let me know if you think the 40-watt wireless charger is worth it there is a good chance that software will optimize wireless charging
with updates the wake and proof but at this time it doesn’t look like that extra 10 watts makes a huge difference but regardless wireless charging has progressed so much
and to put it all into perspective these chargers are faster than the wired charging on the iPhone 11 Pro so that is a win for a wireless charging I
think we can clearly say that wireless charging is worth it in 2020

Apple iPhone After two Months SE 2020

Apple iPhone After two Months SE 2020
Apple iPhone After two Months SE 2020

I’ve been using this iPhone SC 2020 is my primary phone since it launched about two months ago then I thought it would be the best way to get a

feel of what a $400 iPhone feels like versus the $1100 iPhone 11 pro max that I was using before this I want to talk about all of the

things that impressed me about the iPhone SE and one major downfall that made me regret the switch and why I’m so glad to be back on this let’s get

right into it okay so the biggest thing that I had to get used to is the size of the phone and the size of the display it’s refreshing in

away because it’s so much lighter and more compact in your pocket but I find the screen to be a little too small for my liking now if you

come in from an iPhone 8 this is exactly what you’re used to and after I used it for a couple of days I got used to it but this

thick forehead and chin combo is showing its age but gets the job done even after two months I still find it harder to type since I’m so

used to a bigger display but it’s easier to use with one hand so it depends how you look at it when you’re indoors the display is perfectly fine but

viewing in bright sunlight is a bit of an issue the more expensive iPhones have a brighter screen the dual speakers are surprisingly good and get nice and loud

but at the maximum volume it does get a little bit tinny but besides that, it’s really solid going back to the fingerprint scanner for me wasn’t that bad actually

it’s still relatively quick once you get used to it but it did make me appreciate how good face ideas it’s a lot quicker in most instances and it’s

more intuitive but I have to admit it’s so much easier with touch ID when wearing a mask I didn’t appreciate this until all this madness happened what’s great

is I didn’t find my daily experience to be much different and that largely has to do with the power that’s inside of the iPhone so this has the same

813 processor that is in the more expensive iPhone so I found the performance to be a very good day today I do have to say I think it’s a

little bit snappier on the iPhone 11 Pro I did experience a few hiccups here and there and a little bit of stuttering on the iPhone SE and I think

that has to do maybe with the limited amount of RAM but for the most part, nothing changed I was still able to use Apple pay which I’m doing a

a lot more of these days and the smaller size iPhone as made me appreciate the classic cases like the slim Armour CS from the channel sponsor spigen I love

using this convenient card holder built into the case so I don’t have to worry about bringing my wallet with me most of the time this type of case would

add a little too much bulk for me but this is not the case at all I found myself using this combo a lot especially when exercising or going for

a bike ride it just made me fall in love with the case all over again and the red color just complements the product red so well but you know

me my go-to for almost every phone is the ultra hybrid because I love clear cases especially when they show off such a stunning color it adds the right amount

of grip and gives me the protection I need with the four to five corners in a nice lip around the screen and thankfully I have not dropped this phone

into two months that I’ve used it that’s a record because usually, I drop it within the first two weeks almost every time so I’m really happy about that the

the most exciting part is the perfect match for my air Potts Pro yes there is an ultra hybrid for these now I was super stoked to see these released this

is a beautiful pairing let me know what you think about this combo if you’re interested in picking these up for your iPhone so I will leave a link down

below for you right now I’m using the Neo Hybrid this was my go-to case back in the day I don’t know if you remember the ones a while ago

with the metal frames those were the absolute favorites I love the texture clash with the grip but the smooth corners this red pops I dig it so follow

me on social and I’ll let you know how these cases hold up over time but so far so good

when you look at the big picture the iPhone SE looks too good to be true you get the same power inside as the bigger and more expensive phone great

build quality with nice materials like you would expect on an Apple device ip68 water resistance a solid camera on the back with the best 4k video on the market

that is a lot for a $400 phone so what are you sacrificing when you’re using the cheaper iPhone so let’s talk about the things that I miss the

most about going from the best that Apple has to offer to the best value that they have I have to admit I missed having the extra lenses on the

back especially the wide-angle sometimes I just wanted that wider field of view or I wanted that extra reach with the 2x and I found myself missing it the

digital zoom just isn’t great but I guess that if you’re used to just one camera then you’ll never know what you’re missing because you never had those cameras so

I guess this complaint is moot I am going to say that there’s only one camera on the back but it’s a damn good one and I think most people

will be very happy with it the images are full of dynamic range with Smart HDR you even get portrait mode with just one lens even though it’s limited to

just people but at least you get that option and you get pretty much the best 4k video that you get on a smartphone still with up to 4k 60

frames per second which is great but you do lose that extended dynamic range where on the more expensive iPhones they have that but I’m betting a lot of you

will not care in this price point if you’re wondering how the latest SC compares to the iPhone 8 in photos I did a full camera comparison between the two

so make sure you watch that it shows how much the processor and image processing makes a difference since the camera is the same hardware as the iPhone

8 the low-light though suffers because it doesn’t have a built-in night mode I wish that Apple would have included this but overall for a budget iPhone camera it

delivers above the quality that you would expect so the camera is solid so I said at the beginning of the video that there was one major downfall with my

experience and that unfortunately his battery life this phone regardless of optimization has a small 1821 million power battery because of the small size I no battery life is subjective

and everyone uses their phone differently but here is the breakdown of my experience with the battery with the iPhone SE in the last two months I wirelessly charged every

a super convenient night got to give credit for that being in there for a budget phone if I use the phone moderately I could make it through the

entire day phone would die around 8 or 9 p.m.

and I think a lot of that has to do with the screen brightness most of the time I had to keep this phone on 100% brightness for me

to enjoy it I did some tests where I lowered the screen brightness to 50% and while that wasn’t a great experience I did get much better battery life where

I struggled it was on days where I was on social media more because I released a video or using that camera more that day because I went out with

the family in these cases the phone would die around 3 or 4 p.m.

and since I’m a heavy user this affected my experience so I ended up topping up a lot of times during the day where I was conscious

on what my battery life was like before I left the house wherewith my iPhone 11 pro max I didn’t have to and some days it was just really

frustrating to be fair this is not a good comparison because the iPhone SE is so much cheaper than the iPhone 11 pro max but even other Android phones

within this $400 price point have a better battery life so if you’re going to buy this phone just make sure you carry around a battery pack with you, hey it

might not be a big deal for some because you’re used to doing this on your current phone but for me ultimately this is what made me regret switching to

the iPhone se even though I had to for the two months I was dedicated to sticking to this phone but it was a really big deal for me so

I want to know is battery life a deal-breaker or do all of the other awesome features make up for the lack of battery life let me know in a

the comment section below I’m really curious so in the end, the iPhone SE 2020 is the best value Apple has period and yes you have an older rehash design

and it does look outdated for smartphones today but the core stuff for the most part outside of the battery life is met with a fantastic camera that creates

great photos that have the best 4k video on the market and the fact that you will get software